What to Know Before You Start Home Interior Designing

What to Know Before You Start Home Interior Designing img

Wall painting is the easiest and quickest way to do Home Interior Designing. Whether it is a painting project by you or hiring someone for painting, it is important to equip yourself with a few useful basics of Home Interior Designing to prevent any wrong. Here are a few pointers to consider before you pick up the paintbrush.

Know the Basics of Home Interior Designing

Knowing the basics of interiors is to take the right decisions regarding decorating and designing that suit your requirements. Is it water-based paint or oil-based paint that is best for your interior?  Normally water-based paints are convenient to apply as it dries faster and resists UV rays strongly.  Though glossier, oil-based paints are difficult to apply as they are finished with a hard enamel finish.  These paints for Home Interior Designing are more

resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and stains than water-based colors.

Do the Right Finish for The Wall Painting  

Choosing the right finish for the wall painting for Home Interior Designing depends on how much shine you require along with the permanence. Resistance to stain and cleaning depends on the amount of gloss applied to the painting. For living rooms and bedrooms, an eggshell finish is fine. Semi-gloss can be used for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Test the Color of the Wall Painting Before Use    

Test the color before you buy. The paint may look different under different conditions. So it is advisable to bring home samples and try them on any small portions of the wall to see if the colors look as you intended them. If you are hesitant to do so, use a poster board to test the paint for Home Interior Designing. This is one of the ways that can help you to test the color before purchase.

Determine the Amount of Paint

It is important to determine the correct amount of paint. Fortunately, most of the stores these days help with making the approximate right calculation of the required amount of paint. It has made it easy for people to start Home Interior Designing only after budgeting for color purchases. Always know the rule of thumb for painting. Normally the rule is to buy one liter of paint for 400 sq, ft. for the first coat. In the case of a second coat, it is wise to buy an extra little amount for compensating minor mishaps as well as for final touch-ups.

Always Go for the Best Quality Paints

It is imperative to go for only quality paints for Home Interior Designing.  High-quality paints might be expensive, but wall painting is a fairly long time investment. So it can’t be done whenever necessary. Certain additives in the paints give them a larger covering together with durability. These paints continue to shine and good resistant to fading.

The Right Use of Tools for Painting

If the work of wall painting for Home Interior Designing is done by yourself, then the use of nylon-brush for water-based is to be used. But in the case of oil-based paint, Nylon, and polyester bristles are better for water-based color. In the same way, natural bristles are good for oil-based paints as they hold paint better than natural bristles.

Remember important accessories like tape, sand paper, buckets, drop cloth, paint thinner, putty knives, sponges, and clean rags while painting.

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