The Color of the Ceiling Matters in Interior Design


Homeowners today don’t wish to have ceilings and walls in the same color. Presently, using different paint for walls and the roof has become so regular that, interior design is unthinkable without the bi-color of ceilings and walls.
The ceiling is the fifth wall of your home. Just like your four interior walls, complete care is necessary for your ceiling also. It might be difficult to choose a color for your ceiling, especially when you are going to paint it for the first time.
But there are some advantages of Painting the Ceiling in the same color as the walls.
However, choosing a paint color while decorating a home can be tough and confusing, especially if it’s your first time doing so. The ceiling is often seen as the fifth wall in the building, meaning that just as you take complete care of your wall, the ceiling should not be left behind.
Therefore, the question of the benefits of painting the ceiling in the same color as the walls arise.
Here are the advantages of using the same paint color for both ceilings and walls.
1. It Will Hide the Angles in The Bathroom or Room
Using the same paint color for your ceilings and walls can hide the angles in either your room. The same color paint makes the shift from the wall to the ceiling less noticeable. This is one of the reasons why people use the same paint for both ceiling and the walls.
2. It Supplies A Consistent Monochromatic Look
If you are the kind of person that prefers an ideal monochromatic look, using the same color for both walls and ceilings is perfect for you. Imagine painting your bathroom or living room all white without any color combination. It will give the room a uniform monochromatic look which matters a lot in the case of interior design and decoration. If you wish to get it, then you should go for light colors, never dark colors.
3. It Helps Interior Design More Attractive
It has been proven beyond doubt that using the same Painting the Ceiling virtually makes a room bigger. It will hide all the angles and make the room look bigger than it uses to be. However, the lighter color appears the space bigger.
4. It Induces a Calming Mood
The bedroom is the place for giving your mind and body rest at the end of your busy day. Painting the ceiling along with the four interior walls of your house gives you a calming effect that you get just by looking at it.
5. It Speeds Up the Painting Process
Using the same color for the ceilings and walls expedites the painting process because, with the same color, no masking is necessary. Therefore, it makes the painting process faster and more useful, particularly when you are running out of time. You can make use of similar paint colors to fasten up the process. The use of the same color puts off color swapping.
One last note —painting the ceiling in the same color makes the ceiling disappear by hiding the angles and thereby makes the room bigger. This will make interior design more interesting without having to find different shades.

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