False Ceiling


False ceiling is for a more aesthetic look of your home. A false ceiling is the portion of the ceiling that hangs below the real roof. Even though a roof’s primary job is to keep the house dry, some homeowners decorate it to make it more attractive to look. The ceiling is a significant part of the interior design of a space, as it defines its aesthetics. The false ceiling may be of Gypsum Board, Plywood, Plaster of Paris, or Metal Panels. Needless to say, every material has its different look, duration, advantages, and disadvantages.

Why did you install a false ceiling?

It appeals to the eye, hides electric conduits, keeps the room soundproof and cool, reduces the height of the ceiling, and saves money on energy bills.

With interior decoration services, you will find a range of false ceiling designs to choose from. Apart from enhancing the style, the benefits are worth mentioning. Only the proper installation by a professional designer and decorator makes the false ceiling an outstanding option for the real ceiling.

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