How to Protect Home Decoration during Monsoons

How to Protect Home Decoration during Monsoons img

The interiors of the home are protected by the exterior walls from the different elements of nature such as rain, storms, etc. It affects the overall health of homes. So, homeowners must take care of the safety of the exterior walls for their overall home decoration during monsoon.

Two Important Things to Protect Exteriors

During house construction, it is important to take care of two things. One is stopping rainwater from damaging the exterior walls. It can be best prevented by an overhanging roof to disperse rainwater away from the wall.  The second necessary thing is an adequate slope, to make sure the drainage system for preventing water leakage. These two things protect the exterior walls and thereby defend your home decoration from being damaged in the monsoon.

Lime Plaster: A Good alternative to Cement for Exterior

Lime plaster is a good alternative to cement for the construction walls of the exterior parts. It hardens the wall more slowly than cement. It is less prone to brittle cracks and thereby allows it from being protected by rainwater. The quality of workmanship matters but not enough attention is paid to this in the building industry.

Waterproofing Solutions for Home Decoration During Monsoon

Exterior walls are open to a number of calamities like high humidity, rainwater, and moisture. These travel through the layers and influence the interior walls.  So, the wall develops into breeding grounds for mold and mildew, and they cause damage beyond repair and water leakage. The best way to prevent this is to make your house water-proofing at the time of preliminary construction. Or you can choose a wall paint that provides the best resistance to water damage.

Waterproof Paints to Enhance Home Decoration

This is the type of paint that is chosen to keep buildings durable in the external part. The high-gloss paint shouldn’t be used for the external walls.  While choosing paints for external walls one should consider the following points:

  • Matte and eggshell paints are the two best choices to select for painting the exterior walls because of their high power of resilience and easier to spark. Additionally, these types of finishes enhance the natural color of the paint.
  • These paints are primer-based color technology that cut down costs in addition to saving time.
  • The heat-ban technology of the paint reduces the surface temperatures and cools the interiors widely and shields the home decoration for a long duration.
  • Select the exterior paints that pass on a rich shine finish and have anti-algal properties, for keeping the exterior walls new for a longer period.

Exterior paints have a longer lifespan if the painting is done during the summer, as the temperature will be enough for the paint to dry properly and the time needed to adhere to the wall will be minimum. Home decoration requires proper care.

Painting the exterior wall during winter causes the coming of flakes over time because of the moisture. Also, it is suggested not to coat in windy or unfavorable weather conditions as the paint may draw dirt, in addition to failing to hold properly.

Bottom Line:

The Exterior walls must not be dull. Many hard stones offer outstanding resilience in ruthless weather conditions. These are great options for external walls, as stones possess longer life than paint. Preservation of the exterior wall is an important aspect of safeguarding the home decoration for a longer period.

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