How to Make Exterior House Painting Easier

How to Make Exterior House Painting Easier img

The easier way of doing anything doesn’t always mean inferior results. This is equally true of the concept of house painting. If you like to paint your house without hiring a professional painter, you will definitely be benefitted from the time-saving tips from painting experts like Skypaint.  These tips and recommendations will help you to paint your house with less effort, and that even in an efficient manner.


Wash your House Quickly

Most houses need washing prior to house painting. Wipe across the sides of your house to drive out the mounted-up gray soot and dust. Even in the most frantic of painting projects, washing is still suggested.  Manual washing is no doubt a work-intensive method to get the house clean, but you can use a pressure washer to spray down the house twice. First, cleaning with a soapy solution and the second is rinsing it with clean water. In any of the cases, the main goal is to wash away the dirt from the compound.


Paint Your House Darker Color or the Same Color

It is better not to decide to change the color of your house if you do, you’ll create a lot of problems. It considerably increases the volume of work if the new coat is lighter than before. Even after the first quote of the painting, the previous color often still shows through in some areas of the walls.  The house painting in the same color covers those areas. The paint store like Asian paints usually can match the existing color. Using a similar color or a darker color makes it easier to hide with just one coat.


Use Primer When Needed

Does your house need a coat of primer before painting? No, not always. If you are repainting your house in almost new condition, there should need no primer coating. Apply primer only in the unpainted and unprimed areas with primer, not the whole house.


Minimize Scrapping

Scrap painting is generally unloved. After scraping paint for two hours, you will long for the relatively easier jobs of brushing, rolling, or spraying. One problem with scraping in house painting is that one part always seems to lead to another. If the edges of the paint stay down, it can probably be left it alone. The new paint will seal the limits and help keep them in place. Scrape until you reach a relatively solid edge.


Paint Flat Surfaces Rolled

Paint rolling of house painting lets you cover up the large stretch of the wall fast. The catch is that many types of siding do not lend themselves to rolling. Shiplap siding, for example, is hard to paint with a paint roller. If your house is with flat siding or has bigger flat sections, the use of a paint roller is suggested, a paint roller and an extension pole are useful to cover those sections promptly.

Following the aforesaid tips, it is possible to finish the house painting very easily and quickly. House painting is easier than you think. What you need is to follow what you should follow.

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