How Often Would You Need to Painting Your House?

How Often Would You Need to Painting Your House? img

There is no other way to freshen and brighten up the walls like paint. But when you consider giving your walls a new look, the best option is painting your house at regular intervals.

Nothing brightens up a house faster than a fresh coat of wall paint. However, while you would like to give your walls a fresh lease of life, painting is no doubt a wonderful option, but it is quite an expensive affair. So, before you go for repainting, several things need to be considered. Naturally, homeowners should wonder how often their house needs repainting.

Here is some of the important information explained by the experts at Interior Design Future that will help you to get out of the dilemma of wall painting.

Exterior vs. Interior

As said by the expert, both interior and exterior paints stay fresh for 5 years, if they are of average quality. However, most often, the decision to repaint is related to visual sensibilities instead of a real need.

It is a common belief that exterior paints wear off faster than interior paints because they are exposed to all kinds of adverse weather conditions. However, this is a misnomer. Exterior paints are more durable because of their weather-resistant features.   In seaside regions like Mumbai that have high saltiness or are prone to heavy rainfall, the exterior paints tend to wear out faster. In such cases, painting your house is a great way to protect your walls against mold and mildew.

Basic Plastering

While figuring out how often you should paint your house, you must know that painting is done over putty layers and plastering.  Hence, the quality of layering and plastering is also responsible for how durable the painting would be. The smoother the plastering is, the longer the paint of your last will be.

Part of The House

The most obvious way to know how often you should paint your house depends upon how much area is in your living space home. The wear and tear of the paint are proportional to the use of the area. That is the amount of touching or using the walls.  This explains the reasons why ceiling paint endures double that of wall paint. There is hardly any occasion to touch the ceiling. Hence, wall painting got worse faster in these highly used areas. The adults’ bedrooms remain clean and in good shape. It needs repainting beyond the 5-year mark.

Kid-Friendly Wall Paints

The easy solution for those families with kids is to pick the paint with high washability. This ensures an easy wash of dirty walls without fading out the color. The houses with toddlers or growing children, have the chance of dribbling and scribbling by the little ones. This turns the wall dirty. When you try to wash it out, the paint wears off.

The Color

When it comes to wall painting colors, it is believed that darker colors last longer, but it tends to deteriorate as it requires more coatings which increases the cost of home painting per sq. ft. More is that the darker color needs lighter as it absorbs light, but the lighter color reflects light. So, painting your house needs the right selection of colors.

If you have decided to paint your home, then find out the right cost of painting per sq. ft. Contact us for the best suggestion. Color your home with our experts and get satisfied.

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