USA In video, girl begs mother for quiet after Castile shooting
Author: 0 In video, girl begs mother for quiet after Castile shooting

Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a statement discussing the social media platform's role in the tragedy's publicity. Now authorities have released a police dashboard camera video showing the seconds of the shooting itself. In the video, Reynold's four-year-old daughter could be heard trying to comfort her mother. The video then shows help arriving at the scene. "I'm too scared", she says stressing to her mom not to try to take the handcuffs off so she doesn't get shot.

Author: 0 Jury deliberations begin in police shooting

Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown had faced up to 60 years in prison on the charge of first-degree reckless homicide for his role in the death of Sylville Smith . Heaggan-Brown shot Smith twice on August 13 after a routine traffic stop. As they exited their squad auto, Mr. Smith , who was armed with a handgun, darted away and ran into a yard with a chain-link fence.

USA Rep. Steve Scalise's Condition Upgraded To 'Fair' After Baseball Field Shooting
Author: 0 Rep. Steve Scalise's Condition Upgraded To 'Fair' After Baseball Field Shooting

Great news. We continue to pray for Rep. Scalise and his family. Patient is acutely ill. "The round fragmented, and caused significant damage to bones, internal organs and blood vessels". The Capitol Police officers were present because Scalise is a member of the congressional leadership. Scott DesJarlais, Trent Franks , Mo Brooks, Morgan Griffith, Jim Jordan and Jeff Duncan, among others - were intended targets of 66-year-old James Hodgkinson's rampage at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in ...

USA Winning $447.8M Powerball ticket purchased in Sun City, officials say
Author: 0 Winning $447.8M Powerball ticket purchased in Sun City, officials say

Saturday's jackpot is the seventh largest jackpot in Powerball history, according to California Lottery . The numbers drawn were 32, 26, 20, 38 and 58. Alberre says he and his father own the store in Sun City. The jackpot figures are based on the victor choosing to take an annuity that pays out each year for 29 years.

Author: 0 Gergen: Special election victories show Trump could beat Dems in 2020

His campaign has attracted more supporters than some expected. Despite the string of losses in special elections , some Democrats said there were reasons to be encouraged. Moulton acknowledged there was no candidate at the moment challenging the party leadership. I know you're smiling. And the worst part is people still vote for them! Rep.

USA Georgia Dems search for upsides in House loss
Author: 0 Georgia Dems search for upsides in House loss

Thus, the perceived opening for the Democrats who came to the conclusion that the affluent suburban district could be flipped from red to blue. She had handled Trump delicately throughout a primary and runoff election to fill the congressional seat vacated by Tom Price to take a spot in Trump's cabinet.

USA Some Flights Canceled Out Of Phoenix Due To Heat
Author: 0 Some Flights Canceled Out Of Phoenix Due To Heat

A worker wears a large hat, wet with water, to shield from the sun while cleaning the seats at Dodger Stadium, Monday, June 19, 2017, in Los Angeles. In Phoenix , temperatures were expected to top out around 120 degrees. The weather forecast for the U.S. city suggests temperatures could reach 120F (49C) on Tuesday. The weather comes as new research found that almost one in three people now experience 20 days a year when the heat reaches deadly levels.

Author: 0 Newt Gingrich says Trump has a 'compulsion to counterattack'

Comey has said three times, there is no evidence of collusion with Trump ". "One of them is a person who defended the Clinton Foundation". Despite the fact that the investigators, including Special Counsel Robert Mueller , are planning to follow the growing amount of evidence that shows possible presidential obstruction of justice and questionable ties between Trump's team and Russia, Gingrich offered the ludicrous conspiracy theory that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will only ...

Author: 0 "No Nexus to Terrorism" in Congressional Baseball Shooting

Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Washington Field Office, Timothy Slater (L) and Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Washington Field Office, Andrew Vale (R) participate in a press conference in Washington to share the investigative findings of last week's shooting in an Alexandria park, Virginia, U.S.

Author: 0 Kansas Supreme Court sets deadlines for arguments on school finance law

In a 2004 case , Justice Anthony Kennedy suggested that instead of focusing on the equal protection clause in considering gerrymandering, courts should perhaps stress "the 1st Amendment interest of not burdening or penalizing citizens because of their participation in the electoral process, their voting history, their association with a political party, or their expression of political views".

Author: 0 After weeks of secrecy, Senate to unveil healthcare bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., pauses as he speaks following a closed-door strategy session at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, June 20, 2017. And another conservative, Sen. "I think it helps when he speaks to the specifics of what we're trying to accomplish here", said Sen. But he promised voters he would seek full repeal of Obamacare, and "everything I hear (about the Senate draft) sounds like Obamacare light".

USA Johnson says revealing hacking carefully weighed
Author: 0 Johnson says revealing hacking carefully weighed

Liles' remarks add some clarity to the breadth of the Kremlin's cyber mischief. Officials in Arizona and IL had previously confirmed that hackers targeted their voter registration system, though news reports suggested the Russian effort was much broader.

USA Tropical storm Cindy threatens Gulf Coast
Author: 0 Tropical storm Cindy threatens Gulf Coast

Less than an inch of rain is expected in Brazosport, though it could be more in spots where thunderstorms kick up. "The deep convection is well-removed to the north and northeast of an exposed low-level center, and there is a rather linear north-south band of convection several hundred miles east of the center".

USA Video captures woman beaten outside Planet Fitness in Rochester
Author: 0 Video captures woman beaten outside Planet Fitness in Rochester

The department released the video Monday, June 19, which shows the man park his auto while the 18-year-old attempts to get in her vehicle and leave. Police are counting on the public to help track him down. McCarthy said her assailant could be a Planet Fitness gym member with a grudge against her, CBS Boston reported.

USA Vermont marijuana legalization rests in hands of House Republicans
Author: 0 Vermont marijuana legalization rests in hands of House Republicans

Retail marijuana stores could begin opening in cities and towns in the second half of 2018, but local governing bodies could move to ban or limit pot shops without first asking voters. Linda Dorcena Forry of Boston . With recreational marijuana now legal in eight states and medicinal marijuana in almost 30 states, there have been calls nationwide for policies that benefit communities that historically have experienced disproportionately high rates of arrests and convictions for ...

USA Kansans travel to hear President Trump speak in Iowa
Author: 0 Kansans travel to hear President Trump speak in Iowa

Trump opened his speech by congratulating the Republican , Karen Handel , on her victory. At the raucous events, Trump often riffs on the events of the day or lambastes his political opponents or the news media. Mr Trump also said he would pursue legislation that would bar immigrants to the USA from being eligible for welfare for at least five years - though most already are.

USA Senate Republicans Push to Reach Health Deal
Author: 0 Senate Republicans Push to Reach Health Deal

The remarks were a surprising critique of a Republican-written House measure whose passage Trump fought for and embraced. The sources say the president did not specify what aspects of the bill he was characterizing. "Trump also complained that there are no Democrats who support the GOP health care bill ", added Meyers. "There was a robust discussion involving the Senate's current work to rescue the American people from the failures of Obamacare", said Hatch spokesman Matt Whitlock.

Author: 0 Trump says 'we have a great relationship with China' after critical tweet

Before the rally, Trump appeared at a community college here at an event billed as an opportunity to talk about agricultural innovation. And he wasted little time taking credit for the win. It's his first visit to the state since a November 6 stop in Sioux City, two days before the election. The President Tweeted about the race before and after it was called.

Author: 0 Senate backs legislation to slap new sanctions on Russia

Even the president's staunchest supporters voted in lockstep with his sharpest critics Wednesday to endorse the Russian Federation sanctions measure, applying what Banking Committee chairman Mike Crapo referred to as "a correct amount of pressure" on Russian Federation that will "ensure Congress exerts proper oversight over the use of these powerful sanctions".

Author: 0 S Korea's Moon urges North Korea to return detainees swiftly

The tweet puzzled even Trump's own aides. He's tells The Associated Press that "It puts us in a really precarious situation when Americans are detained" in North Korea . In a sign that US. The message comes just a day after the death of Otto Warmbier , a 22-year-old American university student who fell into a coma during his internment in North Korea by the local communist regime .

USA Vegas Golden Knights create first roster during T-Mobile event
Author: 0 Vegas Golden Knights create first roster during T-Mobile event

But Vegas' hometown team is in the spotlight for the first time this year, reaching a major milestone in its process of becoming the NHL's 31st franchise - and doing it during a heat wave. With three of the first 13 picks in this weekend's draft, it's about the players they hope to add in the future. "For it to finally happen, it's fantastic".

Author: 0 MI airport evacuated after officer stabbed

Authorities say a police officer injured at the airport in Flint, Michigan, was stabbed in the neck and his condition is improving. Amor Ftouhi's Facebook page says he is from Tunis, Tunisia and lives in Montreal. There may be evidence that Ftouhi wanted to launch a larger attack. The FBI is looking into terrorism as a possible motive, but there is no indication that the attack was part of a wider plot.

USA Senate steers toward showdown vote next week on health bill
Author: 0 Senate steers toward showdown vote next week on health bill

Among those left out of the room where it happens: Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), the only Black Republican senator; and Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) who have previously split with their party with regard to health care for women.

USA Defiant Trump accuses Comey of being a liar
Author: 0 Defiant Trump accuses Comey of being a liar

But he declined to comment Friday about his tweets , leaving unanswered questions as to whether they were urged by the White House as it opted to outsource its Comey response to the Republican National Committee and the president's personal lawyer.

USA President Trump's Approval Rating Holds Steady in Pew Survey
Author: 0 President Trump's Approval Rating Holds Steady in Pew Survey

About one-third said Trump's approach on the process has left them thinking less of the president. Voters in the most recent tracking poll said that Trump hasn't healed the divisions in the country, with 59 percent saying the country has become more divided while just 10 percent say it has become less divided.

Author: 0 Rep. Steve Scalise is now in 'fair' condition after shooting

He's now expected to recover. When Scalise was shot last week, a bullet punctured his left hip and traveled across to the other hip, causing "substantial damage" to his blood vessels, bones and some internal organs, Dr. Capitol Police officers took him down. He received multiple units of blood and required additional operations, his office said. His condition has been upgraded to serious.

USA 'Much Feared' Supervolcano Hit With 464 Earthquakes In One Week
Author: 0 'Much Feared' Supervolcano Hit With 464 Earthquakes In One Week

The strongest of the quakes was a 4.4 tremor which hit on Thursday, June 15. A total of 464 quakes have been recorded over the past week at Yellowstone, which sits above one of the world's most risky supervolcanoes. "Yellowstone hasn't erupted for 70,000 years, so it's going to take some impressive earthquakes and ground uplift to get things started". Seismic activity could be a sign of an impending eruption of the supervolcano, although this is now impossible to predict exactly.

Author: 0 Seattle police shoot dead pregnant black woman

Distraught and teary-eyed, Lyles' family members told police that the mother of three was several months pregnant and had been struggling with mental health issues over the past year. Within 10 seconds, there are sounds of a possible scuffle or rapid movement, and the officers shout "Get back!" After the conversation, dashcam footage from the squad vehicle shows the officers walking into the building.

Author: 0 Unseen No Longer: Senate Health Care Bill To Be Unveiled Thursday

Organizing For Action, an activist group tied to former President Barack Obama , blasted the GOP bill, claiming Republicans want to "take health care from working families" - even as news continued to spread that more health insurance companies are pulling out of state Obamacare health exchanges.

USA Tropical Storm Cindy: Drenching rains, flood threat on coast
Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy: Drenching rains, flood threat on coast

The state said the Federal Emergency Management Agency also was moving 125,000 meals and 200,000 liters of water into Louisiana. Some places may see a couple inches of rain! Cindy was located about 265 km south of Morgan City, Louisiana, early on Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 95 km per hour, the NHC said.

Author: 0 Otto Warmbier's family declines autopsy

Otto Frederick Warmbier, a University of Virginia student, attends a news conference in Pyongyang, North Korea , on February 29, 2016. He was returned home in a coma last week after 17 months. "While Otto Warmbier's memory will always be a blessing to his loved ones, it will also serve as indelible reminder to us of the barbaric nature of the North Korean dictatorship".

Author: 0 Local group travels to Virginia vigil for death of Muslim teen

Why were Nabra Hassanen and her teenage friends out walking at 3:40 a.m. Sunday? "We're confident that they are doing the best they can to make sure they don't leave any stones unturned". District police told the news outlet that a 24-year-old SC man was detained over the incident. ADAMS is one of the largest mosques in the D.C.

Author: 0 Philando Castile verdict draws hundreds to rally in Washington Park

The event was initially planned to be a Father's Day celebration, but that changed when the officer was acquitted of manslaughter in Castile's death, according to organizers. The shooting happened just seconds after Castile informed the officer that he had a gun, which he was licensed to carry. Motorist Philando Castile was fatally wounded by Jeronimo Yanez after he was stopped in his vehicle in Falcon Heights, St Paul, in 2016.

USA Gunman acted alone in shooting of congressman
Author: 0 Gunman acted alone in shooting of congressman

Hodgkinson did not search out the baseball game or the practices. Hodgkinson had reportedly been in Alexandria, Virginia, where the shooting took place, since March 2017, the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed. There are new details about the gunman who attacked members of Congress on a wide-open field last week. Five people were shot at a morning practice about five miles from the Capitol, the police said.