Author: 0 Hundreds attend vigil for slain muslim teen Nabra Hassanen

Her family said all the girls in the group were wearing Muslim headscarves and robes. A SC man has been arrested after a memorial for Nabra Hassanen , a 17-year-old Virginian who was killed while walking home from a mosque with her friends on Sunday, was set on fire, a Fox News affiliate reports .

USA Justices take on fight over partisan electoral maps
Author: 0 Justices take on fight over partisan electoral maps

The Supreme Court case comes as a result of a decision by a court in Wisconsin , which found that the state's Republican lawmakers had violated the Constitution's First Amendment as well as equal rights protections for citizens through partisan gerrymandering .

USA Paul Ryan's Opponent Unveils Campaign With AHCA Misquote
Author: 0 Paul Ryan's Opponent Unveils Campaign With AHCA Misquote

Can Bryce actually do what Ossoff and other Democratic candidates so far have failed to do: win a Republican district in the Trump era? Bryce is a pretty unbelievable challenger for Ryan: he's an ironworker and "a cancer survivor, Army veteran, political coordinator for his union, and member of the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce's board of directors".

USA Pilot ejects after fiery F-16 crash at Ellington Airport
Author: 0 Pilot ejects after fiery F-16 crash at Ellington Airport

Ellington Field is under evacuation after an F-16 crashed. "The pilot ejected and was taken to the hospital by military transport", the statement added. local time, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Ellington Field was closed as a result of the crash. Residents are urged to avoid the area, which is expected to have increased traffic due to emergency vehicles.

USA Colorado Springs' Triple-A team moving to San Antonio
Author: 0 Colorado Springs' Triple-A team moving to San Antonio

The San Antonio Missions have played for 112 seasons in the Alamo City. " San Antonio was a great partner, and I'm sure Amarillo will be a great partner as well", Hoppel said. Amarillo is expected to build a $45.5 million downtown stadium for the new team, which is yet to be named. All of the moves are still subject to the approval of the league commissioners, the president of Minor League Baseball and the Commissioner's Office.

Author: 0 House of Burgess: Philando Castile a good guy with a gun

Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds , streamed the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook Live , helping the case earn national attention. The video , which is graphic and hard to watch , shows Yanez walking over to Castile's auto and alerting him that his brake light is broken.

USA Tropical Storm Cindy weakens; child dies from log in surf
Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy weakens; child dies from log in surf

Around four inches of rainfall was reported across Orleans Parish yesterday, Landrieu said, causing some flooding in Venetian Isles and Lake Catherine when combined with already rising tides. Rainfall amounts of 6-to-9 inches with isolated amounts of more than 12 inches are expected through Thursday over parts of southeastern Louisiana, southern MS, southern Alabama and the Florida panhandle through Thursday.

Author: 0 Memorial for Nabra Hassanen burned in Virginia

The Council on American-Islamic Affairs has urged police to "conduct a thorough investigation of possible bias motive in [Hassanen's] case, coming as it does at a time of rising Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate attacks nationwide". Joining the mourners was Lamia Sarver of McLean, who said she does not usually attend ADAMS, but wanted to support the Hassanen family. Hassanen was beaten and killed early Sunday morning as she walked back to her mosque after a pre-dawn meal with friends.

USA Man, woman found dead with gunshot wounds on Chicago Skyway
Author: 0 Man, woman found dead with gunshot wounds on Chicago Skyway

Wednesday. The vehicle crashed into a wall further along the Skyway, police said, and an officer responding to the incident saw the man running toward his auto. The auto crashed near the site of the shooting. A man and woman are dead after an apparent murder-suicide on the skyway. Their identities have not been released.

USA Tropical Storm Cindy strengthens in Gulf; warning area grows
Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy strengthens in Gulf; warning area grows

Tropical Storm Cindy is slowly moving away from the Tampa Bay area. With the Weather Channel broadcasting from New Orleans , residents of Southern Louisiana are paying attention to Tropical Storm Cindy . On the MS coast, a waterspout came ashore in Biloxi even as heavy rains slackened early Wednesday. A Tropical Storm Watch has been issued for west of High Island, TX, to San Louis Pass, TX.

Author: 0 Heavy rain causes coastal flooding along the Gulf

Instead, the storm was not expected to strengthen much more before weakening on Thursday . Tropical storm conditions are affecting portions of the northern Gulf of Mexico coast over the eastern part of the warning area. Current satellite imagery shows vigorous shower and thunderstorm activity in the eastern Gulf of Mexico in association with this system. Heavy rains are expected in southeast Texas, Louisiana, and southern areas of Mississippi, Alabama and the western Florida Panhandle ...

USA Tropical Storm Warning Lifted For New Orleans, But Threats Remain
Author: 0 Tropical Storm Warning Lifted For New Orleans, But Threats Remain

Tropical Storm Cindy is located just over 200 miles southeast of Galveston and continues to move northwest toward the Texas and Louisiana coasts. At worst, the storm could flood neighborhoods outside the city's levee system and cause flash flooding even in protected areas.

USA Cheering 1st day of summer? Not in Phoenix when 120 expected
Author: 0 Cheering 1st day of summer? Not in Phoenix when 120 expected

In fact, temperatures at that mark or higher have only been reached 15 times since record-keeping started in 1896. The Big Bear City Airport is now closed due to a brush fire nearby. Las Vegas was forecast to hit 117 (47 Celsius) on Tuesday and excessive heat warnings cover nearly all of California. The highest temperature ever in Palm Springs is 123, which has happened four times, the last time in 1995.

Author: 0 What To Make Of Philando Castile's Death, One Year Later

Officer Jeronimo Yanez can be heard on video saying , " Don't reach for it ". The video shows Yanez following Castile's vehicle, then pulling it over. Philando Castile very clearly said he had a firearm. Castile , an elementary school cafeteria worker, had a permit to carry the weapon. Ms Reynolds screams as her four-year-old daughter is seen running from the vehicle after witnessing the horrific killing.

Author: 0 Tropical storm Cindy strengthens over central Gulf of Mexico: NHC

The latest track continues to have Cindy making landfall early Thursday morning just west of the Sabine Pass in east Texas, but the track and landfall is nearly inconsequential as the major impacts will be removed from the center so please don't focus exclusively on the forecast cone.

Author: 0 Natural disaster: 3.3 quake strikes near El Cerrito, Calif.

Geological Service. The USGS sent out the alert about a 6.8-magnitude tremor near Santa Barbara on Wednesday afternoon - but turns out it was a false alarm. The Santa Barbara natural disaster resulted in 13 deaths and some $8 million in damage. The changes prompted the system to send an alert as if the quake had just struck.

Author: 0 GOP eyes Senate health care vote next week, amid grumbling

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has faced backlash for the perceived lack of transparency behind the health care bill negotiations, but insisted that there will be "plenty of time" for discussion. The sources said that in some instances, the documents McConnell planned to release might suggest optional approaches for issues that remain in dispute among Republicans.

Author: 0 Prison escapees busted by elderly couple

According to the FBI, Ricky Dubose , 24, and Donnie Rowe , 43, who were on the run since Tuesday, were spotted in Shelbyville, Tennessee on Thursday morning. After their vehicle was stolen by the fleeing killers, the couple were able to free themselves and call the police. The escape of the armed men prompted a manhunt that lasted almost three days, spanned several states and put the region on edge.

Author: 0 Local radio club to participate in Amateur Radio "Field Day"

The public is welcome to ask questions, watch the operating of equipment from 2 p.m. Saturday until 2 p.m. Sunday, get on the air and operate ham radio during or take a ham radio license exam at 10 a.m. - Want to know how to communicate across town or around the world when cell phones, phone lines and power lines are out? "There are people who work from their homes on emergency power".

Author: 0 Cosby arrives for Day 3 of jury deliberations

The sequestered group returned to the courtroom four times with questions. They asked the judge to repeat two parts of Cosby's statements to authorities, asked the court to define "without her knowledge" in one of the harges and asked to hear repeat testimony from the Canadian detective that interviewed Cosby's alleged victim.

USA Father killed children then hanged himself in Santa Rosa
Author: 0 Father killed children then hanged himself in Santa Rosa

Neighbors told the news station that Camara had recently moved in to the apartment since his separation from his wife, and appeared to be a loving father. Firefighters found her body near a bathroom in the back of the residence. Anyone with information regarding the investigation is encouraged to call the Santa Rosa Police Department Violent Crime Investigation Team Sergeant Josh Ludtke at 707-543-3695.

Author: 0 President Trump Has Advice for Democrats After GOP's Special-Election Victories

Handel, an establishment Republican and former state secretary of state, defeated Democratic challenger and political novice Jon Ossoff by about five percentage points, U.S. But Handel defeated Ossoff with a 5% margin - so much for the Democrats' blustering about "narrowing victory margins". Now is not the time, they said, to move even further left in picking Democratic nominees from the so-called Sanders wing of the party.

Author: 0 Family urges calm after Milwaukee ex-cop's acquittal

Body camera footage, which was publicly released and shown in court, pointed toward the possible discrepancy in Heaggan-Brown's self-defense claim . Heaggan-Brown's acquittal came less than a week after a Minnesota officer, Jeronimo Yanez, was acquitted in the shooting death of a black motorist seconds after the motorist informed him he had a gun.

USA Congressional Black Caucus Expected to Reject Meeting With Trump
Author: 0 Congressional Black Caucus Expected to Reject Meeting With Trump

The caucus said it's open to "discussion and debate about policies", but Chairman Cedric Richmond said: "I fail to see how a social gathering would benefit the policies we advocate for". Some of the disconcerting actions Richmond cited include proposed Pell grant cuts, Attorney General Jeff Sessions's acceleration of the war on drugs, and budget cuts to HBCUs.

USA Video of Philando Castile's girlfriend released
Author: 0 Video of Philando Castile's girlfriend released

Mr Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds , testified that she, too, feared for her life. The heartrending in-squad video, which captures Reynolds and her daughter in the minutes after they witnessed Yanez shoot Castile, was released as part of the massive case file authorities collected following the shooting.

Author: 0 Is Donald Trump Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice?

While the White House was still denying that Trump himself was under any investigation last week, the Washington Post reported that Mueller and company were looking at him for obstruction after all. But that's the thing with Trump and his hangers-on: They will say and do anything, even if it directly contradicts what they said or did moments earlier.

Author: 0 Winning Powerball ticket sold in California

The numbers drawn were 32, 26, 20, 38, 58 . According to CNN , the chances of winning Powerball are about one in 292 million, which translates to 0.0000003 percent. Powerball is played in 44 states, plus Washington, DC; Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. This big score will come in handy for Alberee's family, after his was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis earlier this year.

Author: 0 Chelsea Clinton: Steve Bannon of 'fat shamed' Spicer in text

Spicer's preference is to step away from the press briefings entirely, though other configurations have also been discussed. Once more freewheeling exchanges, White House press briefings have been shrinking both in length and content as Trump's senior aides clamp down on information and contend with the president's own lack of message discipline and preference for speaking directly to his fan base.

USA Hodgkinson took target practice in Belleville before leaving, neighbor says
Author: 0 Hodgkinson took target practice in Belleville before leaving, neighbor says

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said in a floor speech Wednesday afternoon that he learned that Hodgkinson had volunteered for his progressive campaign for president, which focused on economic equality and almost toppled Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations and threatened to derail the Democratic Convention last summer.

Author: 0 Climate change split with U.S. still wide: G-7

Presenting the report , Italy's environment minister, Gian Luca Galletti, called the Paris accord "irreversible, non-negotiable and the only instrument possible to combat climate change ". The United States gave up no sovereignty in being part of the Accord. "As their statement makes clear, there is no appetite to "renegotiate" the Paris agreement , and the drive towards a global economy based on clean, renewable energy will continue full speed ahead despite the efforts of ...

Author: 0 Republicans to unveil revised Senate GOP health care bill on Thursday

A loss would be a major blow for Trump and congressional Republicans , but it would let GOP senators take a definitive stance on the issue and let Republicans move on to other priorities like tax cuts. Under the Senate rules, Republicans need only 51 votes to pass the bill , and don't need to face a Democratic filibuster - and a 60-vote threshold - that would kill it.

USA A look at Illinois' budget mess as lawmakers head to Capitol
Author: 0 A look at Illinois' budget mess as lawmakers head to Capitol

Bruce Rauner is calling on state lawmakers to approve his preferred budget plan during a 10-day special session that begins at noon Wednesday. The Governor defended the deal. The spending plan passed by Senate Democrats after bipartisan grand bargain negotiations broke down last month looked to spend $37.3 billion in fiscal year 2018.

USA 4 more Los Angeles youth police cadets arrested in scandal
Author: 0 4 more Los Angeles youth police cadets arrested in scandal

Investigators are trying to determine what the teens were doing with the vehicles as well as where they went. After all three were arrested, it emerged that a third vehicle had also been stolen, and had been kept for over two weeks. He says there's no evidence the teens issued summonses, handcuffed the drivers or used any force. In a statement Sunday, the department said it will inspect all cadet work areas for sensitive materials and unauthorized computer access.

Author: 0 3 teen police volunteers steal patrol cars, stun guns

Beck says the three cadets used their inside knowledge to sign out the vehicles in the name of a vacationing sergeant. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said the department first became aware the cruisers had gone missing on Wednesday around 5 p.m.

USA US Senate Overwhelmingly Backs Stronger Sanctions Against Russia, Iran
Author: 0 US Senate Overwhelmingly Backs Stronger Sanctions Against Russia, Iran

Sens. Rand Paul, R-Ky., joined Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., as the only two legislators voting against the new bill. House Republicans are expected to review the Senate-passed sanctions bill in the coming weeks, an aide told Politico . "I think we struck a very good balance". But the Senate moved forward anyway. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and Ben Cardin, D-Md., of the Foreign Relations panel.

USA U.S. lawmaker shot by anti-Trump gunman showing improvement
Author: 0 U.S. lawmaker shot by anti-Trump gunman showing improvement

The annual GOP-Democrats baseball game raises money for charity . Bailey was spotted on Friday in the Capitol, on crutches and out of uniform, accepting congratulations from fellow officers. The president said that because of the "tremendous pain and suffering he's now enduring. our country will perhaps become closer, more unified". Leaders decided the game would go on as scheduled at Nationals Park in Washington , home of the city's professional baseball team, and the Democrats won, 11 to ...