Author: 0 Democrats are destroying health care in US

U.S. President Donald Trump (C), flanked by the families of business people he says were harmed by Obamacare, high-fives a young boy as he arrives to deliver remarks on the U.S. It has proposed funding the improvements with $200 billion in tax breaks over nine years that would - in theory - leverage $1 trillion worth of construction.

USA President Trump's tweets are official statements, White House
Author: 0 President Trump's tweets are official statements, White House

Conway said Monday on NBC's " Today " show. "He's not going to take an attack by James Comey laying down", teased Roger Stone, Trump's former political adviser. "I said yeah, I can do that while my kids are sleeping", Neiss said. The next poll may indicate even higher disenchantment with Trump's tweets. I understand it's a very narrow road I'm talking about.

USA Supermarket shooter kills 3 co-workers, self
Author: 0 Supermarket shooter kills 3 co-workers, self

The posts included a 37-minute video detailing his plans to carry out the supermarket massacre. It happened after the store closed for the night. A fourth co-worker escaped unharmed and called police. WNEP said it notified state police about what it discovered online this morning. Two state troopers who investigated the death of a MA teenager prosecutors say was coaxed into killing himself through dozens of text messages from his girlfriend testified Thursday that the couple often ...

USA House Intelligence Committee asks White House for any Comey tapes
Author: 0 House Intelligence Committee asks White House for any Comey tapes

Coats and Rogers have so far refused to respond to Congress on whether they , at Trump's request, asked Comey to curtail the investigation of ousted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Trump, who had not posted on his Twitter account Thursday as Comey accused the administration of spreading "lies", struck back with an early morning tweet in which he said, "Wow, Comey is a leaker".

Author: 0 Sean Spicer taking on 'extra' White House duties

Spicer responded that Trump is President, he is the official President and that the tweets are official statements. And in a White House where you don't often have news conferences or opportunities to talk with the president either one-on-one or in a group setting, the tweets are really important to reflect his thinking.

Author: 0 White House Communications Director Resigns After 3 Months

Lewandowski did not say if he has been contacted by Trump or anyone on his staff about returning. But numerous people close to the president and his team are expecting further changes this time. A senior administration official said Kushner was keeping his head down and focusing on work after the foreign trip. Trump aides had been hoping to get through the trip before making staffing decisions.

USA Sessions Fires Back at Comey, Amid Recusal Questions
Author: 0 Sessions Fires Back at Comey, Amid Recusal Questions

On the surface, former FBI Director James Comey's long-awaited Senate Intelligence Committee hearing was underwhelming, failing to turn up a clear smoking gun. inexperienced". "I can definitively say the president's not a liar", she said. In the most eagerly anticipated USA congressional hearing in years, Comey told lawmakers the Trump administration had lied and defamed him and the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the president dismissed him on May 9.

USA Cohn says approval process reform part of infrastructure plan
Author: 0 Cohn says approval process reform part of infrastructure plan

Yahoo News' Mike Isikoff reports that the White House recently reached out to some of America's top lawyers to see if they would work for Trump on the Russian Federation investigation, including Brendan Sullivan of Williams & Connolly; Ted Olson of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher; Paul Clement and Mark Filip of Kirkland & Ellis; and Robert Giuffra of Sullivan & Cromwell.

USA India rejects Trump charge that it linked Paris climate accord for aid
Author: 0 India rejects Trump charge that it linked Paris climate accord for aid

Trump cast his decision as one that puts the United States first, a central theme of his presidency. "That is where we are". There has been widespread protests in U.S. "But we will do it under our own terms", she said. Trump named India and China among the reasons he called the Paris climate change deal, agreed by more than 190 nations, unfair to the US.

Author: 0 Comey: Lynch directed me to downplay Clinton email probe

That was public knowledge and drew criticism at the time, but Comey also revealed that Lynch had previously given him instructions on the investigation into the use of a private server by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - which "concerned" him.

Author: 0 Warriors vs. Cavaliers 2017

The Cavs have played two great games in three tries, and have come up short each time. "After looking at the video, I did not verbalize (that) to the table and looking at video, I should have done a better job of making sure that the table knew the technical foul as on Coach Kerr".

Author: 0 Intel officials refuse to answer questions on Trump and Russia

Pressed by King for the legal basis for his refusal, Coats said: "I'm not sure I have a legal basis ". " Most of the information I've shared with the President, obviously, is directed toward intelligence matters during our oval briefings every morning at the White House, or most mornings when both the president and I'm in town", Coats said.

Author: 0 Three men arrested in London on terror charges

The fallout from the attack has eclipsed other issues in the political campaign ahead of Thursday's parliamentary election, with both the ruling Conservatives and opposition Labour Party battling to defend their records on security. The first of the dead to be named were Canadian Christine Archibald and Britons James McMullan and Kirsty Boden. The attack left 48 injured, of whom 29 were still in hospital on Wednesday.

Author: 0 White House: No endorsement for Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Spicer responded: "I said I have not had a discussion with him on the question". On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey , whom Trump recently fired, is set to speak publicly about the president's alleged request he drop an investigation into his ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn.

USA Donald Trump sons defend his criticism of London mayor
Author: 0 Donald Trump sons defend his criticism of London mayor

Khan, a human rights lawyer and practicing Muslim hails from Pakistan, has challenged repeatedly Trump's calls to ban Muslims or people from Muslim countries from entering the U.S, saying the president has a "rude view of Islam". Deputy White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters on Monday that she did not think it was correct to characterize Trump's tweets as "picking a fight" with Khan.

Author: 0 Former FBI chief due to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee

Trump has offered contradictory accounts of his relationship with Putin over time but has also said the two never met. "We've known since Watergate that rules of the road were, you know, a president shouldn't intervene in an ongoing investigation, particularly the case if it involves individuals that are close to that president", said Warner.

Author: 0 Nebraska soccer association apologizes to girl

Mili helped her team advance to the finals only to be told they couldn't play prior to the final match. The team, which is mostly comprised of 11-year-olds, initially added Mili to their roster due to her unbelievable talent. The soccer organization said it has suspended its sanction of the Springfield Invitational tournament pending a review of the incident. Mili's story made it all the way to United States soccer star Abby Wambach .

USA US intelligence chiefs decline to discuss Trump contacts
Author: 0 US intelligence chiefs decline to discuss Trump contacts

News reports have said Trump sought to pressure Comey to back off his investigation of Flynn, who was sacked in February after he misled White House officials about his communications with Russian officials, including Moscow's ambassador in Washington .

Author: 0 Hawaii law aligns state with Paris climate pact

Donald Trump may have turned his back on the Paris Climate Agreement, but a huge number of tech firms, including Google, Facebook , Apple, and Amazon, have signed an open letter pledging their support for climate action that meets the targets set out by the accord.

USA Joe Biden encourages Mitt Romney to run for Senate
Author: 0 Joe Biden encourages Mitt Romney to run for Senate

Romney, who is also the former governor of MA, made the comments at his annual political summit in Park City, Utah. The two men were on opposite sides of the 2012 election - Biden as the running mate of President Barack Obama and Romney as the Republican presidential candidate.

USA Vacation Bible School for June 10, 2017
Author: 0 Vacation Bible School for June 10, 2017

For children age 3 to 12. Chico Friends Meeting (Quakers): 1601 Hemlock St.: Adult Education, 9 a.m.; Inter-generational singing at 9:45 a.m., followed by unprogrammed Quaker meeting for worship and youth program, 10:30 a.m. Waynesfield Baptist Church is hosting Vacation Bible School , "It's All About Jesus", from 6:15 to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, July 10 through July 14, at the church, 512 N.

USA Consider Trump's Tweets 'Official Statements,' Spicer Says
Author: 0 Consider Trump's Tweets 'Official Statements,' Spicer Says

George Conway, husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway , criticized the tweets for potentially undermining the president's own agenda. DAVID FOLKENFLIK, BYLINE: Trump today revealed his pick to be the new Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

Author: 0 4 takeaways from James Comey's testimony

While Comey repeatedly declined to get into specifics about the Russia investigation, he said : "The Russians interfered in our election during the 2016 cycle". The challenge - I'm not picking on reporters about writing stories about classified information... Again and again, as he responded to senators' questions, Comey returned to these points.

USA Michelle Carter's lawyers aiming for acquittal Friday, before they call any witnesses
Author: 0 Michelle Carter's lawyers aiming for acquittal Friday, before they call any witnesses

Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Michael Bates, right, passes defendant Michelle Carter , seated, while approaching the witness stand during the trial of Carter at Taunton District Court in Taunton , Mass ., Thursday, June 8. His death was deemed a suicide, but prosecutors say Ms Carter was to blame. "It was his choice", Cataldo told the judge in his opening statement.

USA Longmont weather: Here come the 90-degree days
Author: 0 Longmont weather: Here come the 90-degree days

Forecasters haven't issued heat advisories or warnings just yet, but heat index values could reach the mid-90s on Sunday and Monday , the National Weather Service said. On Thursday night , skies will be partly cloudy with seasonably cool lows in the mid- to upper 50s. Northeast wind 6 to 9 miles per hour. 27 Storm Track meteorologist Branden Borremans said highs will be slightly above normal Thursday and Friday , reaching 79 and 80 respectively.

USA Doctors: 4-year-old died of 'dry drowning'
Author: 0 Doctors: 4-year-old died of 'dry drowning'

It can occur hours or days after a person inhales water, often involving young children. A 4-year-old avid Mets fan from Texas went swimming with his family over Memorial Day weekend. All it takes is inhaling water through the mouth or nose, and it can be hard to know it's happening unless a child starts to cough or seems to be in distress.

USA Trump tweets response to Comey testimony
Author: 0 Trump tweets response to Comey testimony

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief, who started writing memos of all his conversations with President Trump, said that in a February 14 meeting at the Oval Office, Trump asked him to let former NSA Michael Flynn off the hook.

Author: 0 Kushner plans to meet with Senate intel staff

A date has not yet been set, the sources said. A source familiar with the matter on Thursday confirmed the meeting to CNN , adding it is unclear when Kushner would meet panel members, though top committee member Sen. There is no indication of a hearing at this point but Kushner in March said he would testify if called upon to do so. This comes as reports revealed Kushner tried to set up a line of communication with Russian officials during President Trump's transition in January.

USA Anti-Sharia rallies this weekend worry Muslim leaders
Author: 0 Anti-Sharia rallies this weekend worry Muslim leaders

They employ fear tactics centered on a prejudiced mischaracterization of "Sharia Law" to stigmatize the Islamic religion as uniquely prone to violence, and tar all Muslims as actual or potential terrorists. A national nonprofit aimed at combating Islamic extremism but considered anti-Muslim by some will face off with Muslim supporters Saturday in dueling South Bay rallies.

USA Gulf rivals not seeking Qatar 'regime change'
Author: 0 Gulf rivals not seeking Qatar 'regime change'

The Arab states accuse Qatar of supporting extremism, a charge Doha firmly denies. Gargash said Qatar "definitely" should expel members of Hamas, stop its support of terror groups "with al-Qaida DNA" around the world and rein in the many media outlets it funds, chief among them the Doha-based satellite news network Al-Jazeera.

Author: 0 Trump's social media director admonished for political tweet

CREW complained about the threat to the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), noting that Scavino's Twitter account showed him in the Oval Office next to the presidential flag and showed Trump at a lectern with the presidential seal. The tweet was sent on a Saturday, and from a personal account , muddying whether it was sent in an official White House capacity. Amash replied to Scavino's tweet by challenging the former caddie to bring on the electoral challenge.

Author: 0 Two US intel chiefs say were never pressured by White House

Mr Coats echoed Mr Rogers' statements as senators pressed the pair on their interactions with the president. "In the three-plus years that I've been director of NSA, I have never been directed to do anything I believe illegal ", he said .

USA Matthews: Trump-Russia Collusion Theory 'Came Apart' With Comey Testimony
Author: 0 Matthews: Trump-Russia Collusion Theory 'Came Apart' With Comey Testimony

Following Comey's testimony , Trump's personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz sharply criticised Comey for leaking what he called "privileged communications" between the president and the then-FBI director. Below is NPR's annotated examination of Comey's opening statement . Several legal experts said the conversation could be construed as an act of obstruction.

Author: 0 Twitter Reacts To News Of A Hung Parliament

However, May and her allies have questioned the EU's negotiating proposals.May's reappointment and determination to soldier on without a clear majority has muted talk of a different ruling coalition taking power with a mission to seek a "softer" Brexit than May is pursuing, possibly seeking to remain in the single market.While the other 27 states would quite possibly be willing to extend to Britain the same kind of access to EU markets they offer to Norway or Switzerland, they have made ...

Author: 0 Post Tehran twin attacks, Iran arrests 41 ISIS suspects

Attacks are highly rare in Tehran and other major Iranian cities, although a Sunni militant group named Jundallah and its splinter group, Ansar al Furqan, have been waging a deadly insurgency, mostly in more remote areas, for nearly a decade.

USA Woman distracted by phone falls into basement
Author: 0 Woman distracted by phone falls into basement

Texting while walking was a big mistake for this woman in Plainfield, New Jersey. "It was painful to watch". Right before she reaches the doors and falls, she looks down and flips over. The son also told CBS that the woman has trouble seeing blended colors, and that he wishes workers put cones or a sign to alert passersby to the open doors.

USA Trial's key isn't whether gun was seen
Author: 0 Trial's key isn't whether gun was seen

He says he clearly saw the metal of the gun before he fired seven shots, hitting Castile five times. Reynolds pulled out her cellphone and began live-streaming the shooting's aftermath on Facebook as Castile bled to death. He told the jury that Castile stared straight ahead and had "total disregard" for the officer's commands to stop reaching for the firearm Castile had just seconds before disclosed he was carrying in the auto.