Author: 0 Macron explains tense handshake with Trump

Macron has also acknowledged the importance of dialogue with Russian Federation in resolving certain global problems, such as Syria and Ukraine, which he plans to discuss during his meeting with Putin. In the viral clip, the French leader's mouth seemed to clench while his eyes were firmly fixed at Trump's stare. Putin was quick to congratulate Macron on his election, urging him to "overcome mutual distrust" and "join forces to ensure worldwide stability and security".

Author: 0 Eighth person arrested in connection with deadly Manchester terror attack

And late on Wednesday, The New York Times published photos of items "found on the scene in Manchester ", including possible switches and power sources for the bomb. One of the men was detained following searches of an address in the Withington area of the city, while another was arrested in a part of Greater Manchester that was not disclosed.

USA Clapper: US government 'under assault' by Trump after Comey firing
Author: 0 Clapper: US government 'under assault' by Trump after Comey firing

Clapper said America's founding fathers had created three co-equal branches of government with checks and balances, but with Trump as president, that was now "under assault and is eroding". In earlier press releases, the Indian-American Congressman denounced President Trump's firing of FBI Director Comey, calling it is "a almost unprecedented action by an American president", and describing it as "extremely disturbing" that the Chief Executive "is interfering with an ongoing investigation into ...

USA Not going to comment on Kushner: Trump's NSA
Author: 0 Not going to comment on Kushner: Trump's NSA

On Saturday, Trump's national security adviser, H.R. McMaster told the Washington Post that he "would not be concerned" about the existence of a clandestine communication line between Trump's team and Russian Federation, though he refused to comment specifically on the developing allegations against Kushner.

Author: 0 France's Macron: Hopes Trump Will Finally Back Climate Deal

Macron, who became France's president earlier this month, added: "We need to show that we won't make small concessions, even symbolic ones, while not overdoing things either". "I don't believe in diplomacy by public abuse, but in my bilateral dialogues I won't let anything pass." . Nearly like an arm wrestling match, theirs lasted 5.2 seconds with Trump, surprisingly wanting to pull out first.

USA To many Americans, Memorial Day has lost its meaning
Author: 0 To many Americans, Memorial Day has lost its meaning

Another veteran, Bennie Williams, commander of American Legion Post 9 in Brunswick, served more than 28 years in the Air Force. Many more, including soldiers who fought in the Civil War, rest in its oldest sections. Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veteran's Day. In the event of rain the parade will be cancelled and the ceremony will be held at the Cushing Center.

USA Hannity Will Return to Show After Memorial Day Vacation
Author: 0 Hannity Will Return to Show After Memorial Day Vacation

Doesn't he get it? The United Services Automobile Association ( USAA ) tweeted on Wednesday that it pulled advertising from Hannity's show. "To all my friends". Hannity said Tuesday in a tweet. But yesterday he changed course. Hannity appeared ready to refuse to stop covering the story on his 10 PM Fox News show, but he acquiesced this week after, he says, he spoke with his attorneys.

Author: 0 Democrats see hope for 2018 in thin GOP victory in Montana

He campaigned last weekend with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who won the state's 2016 Democratic presidential primary against Hillary Clinton. Obviously, he had an edge to start with since voters normally elect GOP candidates in Montana. He's been charged with misdemeanor assault. It's unclear how Wednesday's events might affect the outcome of the race, but 250,000 of Montana's 699,000 registered voters have already mailed in their votes, leaving just one-third to be cast on ...

Author: 0 Deadlocked over the Bathroom Bill

The breakdown comes just three days before the Texas Legislature is set to adjourn until 2019. Who should compromise in the future or in the event of a special session? Van Taylor, R-Plano, added the fix the House sent the Senate doesn't work.

Author: 0 Trump team brush off Kushner 'secret Russian Federation line' questions

Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said Sunday the allegation that a key Trump campaign figure sought secret communications with a country that intervened in a USA election was serious. Those contacts included two phone calls between April and November previous year, two sources told Reuters. He instead called for a review to determine whether Kushner was being truthful when he applied for his clearance to serve in the White House.

Author: 0 Trump budget faces Dem opposition, GOP doubts about math

For his part, U.S. Sen. The 2016 Republican presidential candidate said Congress falls short on helping people get off of government assistance and acquire skills needed to become gainfully employed. "We can agree the CBO puts out bad data", he said. Sanford told Mulvaney that the budget "assumes that the stars perfectly align" by promising an economic growth rate of 3 percent but that such an economic surge wouldn't increase inflation and bond yields.

Author: 0 United Kingdom interior minister says terror threat remains at highest level

He went on to say They were a grave threat to national security and he pledged to get to the bottom of them. British Prime Minister Theresa May is likely to meet with US President Donald Trump during Thursday's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit amid the stern reaction from United Kingdom authorities to the regular leaks.

Author: 0 DHS chief says reported Russian back-channel not a 'big deal'

Kushner, the son-in-law and senior adviser of President Trump , talked with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December, prior to Trump's taking office, about establishing a back channel for communications about Syria and other policy matters, sources told ABC News .

USA Congressional report shows how premiums could change under 'Trumpcare'
Author: 0 Congressional report shows how premiums could change under 'Trumpcare'

Even young, healthy people in these states paying lower premiums under the AHCA could face rising health care costs if they have medical issues that may not be covered by their policies. GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC also said the CBO report showed the "Collapse and Replace" of Obamacare "may prove to be the most effective path forward".

Author: 0 House intel Dem would review Kushner's clearance

Kushner was a trusted Trump adviser past year, overseeing the campaign's digital strategy, and remains an influential confidant within the White House as does his wife, Ivanka Trump. "If American policy was going to change for the wrong reason, that is, as a "thank you" to their intervention in the campaign, obviously that's very problematic", he said.

USA Child Thrown From Waterslide at Opening of Brand New California Water Park
Author: 0 Child Thrown From Waterslide at Opening of Brand New California Water Park

The boy managed to walk away with only a few scrapes on his back and shoulder. The slide was immediately closed, KRON reported . "I was anxious if he was mentally OK, but physically he just had some scrapes", she tells the paper. The description of the Riptide Rider slide on the park's website reads: "Get ready to fly and swirl down seven stories of fun". It does not appear the boy's legs are spread when he pops outside the slide.

Author: 0 Trump hits out at 'fake news' following Kushner reports

Schiff also said that even if the topic of Kushner's secret communication was about how best to resolve the years-long conflict in Syria, that doesn't mitigate the situation because Russia's objectives are different from those of the USA - especially given the intelligence on Russia's interference in the election.

USA Woman 'locked her children in auto boot' while she shopped
Author: 0 Woman 'locked her children in auto boot' while she shopped

Casey Warren, of the Riverdale police, told the Deseret News . When Castillo eventually emerged from the store, her excuse that her babysitter hadn't shown up mattered little. "And there's two kids there, tears coming down their face". When the children were finally freed, they were crying, she said. Castillo was arrested and charged with four counts of child abuse with physical injury and one charge of theft.

USA Brush fire on Los Angeles hillside sparked by weed whacker
Author: 0 Brush fire on Los Angeles hillside sparked by weed whacker

The smoke extending over Brentwood . Conditions for brush fires have been developing due to hot and dry weather across Southern California. The fire broke out at C&S Towing Yard in Black Canyon City, and people first began calling 911 reporting flames at about 11:20pm Saturday night.

Author: 0 Bomb-making workshop reportedly found in Manchester bomber's home

A woman was arrested late Wednesday but was later released without charge. The official threat level in Britain was raised after the attack to "critical", its highest level, meaning a further attack could be imminent. Abedi's father has denied that his son was part of any such terror network. They still trying to piece together what led Manchester-born Abedi, born to Libyan parents, to carry out the atrocity.

USA Graham: It's 'stunning' Comey never told Congress about fake email
Author: 0 Graham: It's 'stunning' Comey never told Congress about fake email

Graham confirmed Comey told Senate and House select committees on intelligence about the email but he never indicated it was fake. Trump fired Comey May 9, with the White House initially saying that the Federal Bureau of Investigation rank and file had lost confidence in the director's leadership and citing a memo from the deputy attorney general about Comey's work.

Author: 0 US official mulling greatly expanding airplane laptop ban

The latest in the series of leaks from the White House are "outrageous", according to Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly . The US homeland security chief said terrorists are " obsessed " with the idea of "knocking down an airplane in flight - particularly a US carrier, if it's full of mostly US folks".

USA 8th graders from New Jersey refuse to be photographed with Paul Ryan
Author: 0 8th graders from New Jersey refuse to be photographed with Paul Ryan

Matthew Malespina, one student who sat out, called it "much more than a picture". It didn't matter that Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, or that he is third-in-line to the presidency. Malespina's mother, on the other hand, said she was "proud" of her son's decision to sit out of the picture. "I don't like to take a picture with somebody that I can't associate with".

USA Liberals React to Dem Loss in Montana
Author: 0 Liberals React to Dem Loss in Montana

Before a ballroom full of cheering supporters at the Hilton Garden Inn in his hometown of Bozeman, Gianforte said late Thursday night he's going to Washington , D.C., to "drain the swamp and fight for Montana families". " Ben Jacobs ", said Gianforte. Jacobs, a reporter from The Guardian , was grilling Gianforte about the Republican health care bill. He ignored calls by national Republicans to apologize to the reporter before his victory speech.

Author: 0 Notre Dame Students Walk Out On Pence's Graduation Speech

The students who walked out did so quietly and did not disrupt Pence's talk. According to The Telegraph , around 150 students stood up and walked out of their own graduation ceremony in protest over the vice president's speech, which lauded the leadership of President Trump.

USA Uncertainty grows as Trump delays a health care decision
Author: 0 Uncertainty grows as Trump delays a health care decision

Cutting off these payments to insurers could be catastrophic for the market for people who buy their health insurance directly from insurers or via exchange marketplaces like and Covered California , as opposed to getting coverage from an employer or a government program like Medicare or Medicaid.

Author: 0 'Challenging' talks expected as Trump, other G7 leaders meet

Despite disagreements on the climate goals, G7 leaders has demonstrated unity on the issues of global trade and security . The internal G7 divisions and a suicide bombing in Britain on Monday, that killed 22, overshadowed the Italian agenda, but on Saturday five African leaders joined the world power leaders to discuss their continent's potential.

Author: 0 One dead after tornado touches down near Elk City

One person was killed after a tornado ripped through parts of Barron County . Governor Scott Walker has declared a state of emergency in three northwest Wisconsin counties damaged by a strong tornado on Tuesday, which killed on person and left dozens more homeless.

USA Trump faces G7 squeeze on climate change, trade at Sicily summit
Author: 0 Trump faces G7 squeeze on climate change, trade at Sicily summit

He also predicted "fairly robust" talks on whether Trump should honor a USA commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the 2015 Paris Agreement. However, it was kicked out in 2014 over the annexation of Crimea . With Mrs May and Mr Trump among four new faces in the club of the world's major democracies, the gathering in Italy was billed as a key test of how serious the new USA administration is about implementing its radical policy agenda, particularly on climate change .

USA Trump's views on Paris climate agreement 'evolving,' top adviser says
Author: 0 Trump's views on Paris climate agreement 'evolving,' top adviser says

Despite that and despite repeated criticism that Trump has turned his back on science, the US insisted that the President had gone to listen and learn to the other world leaders. The G-7 leaders also cut a compromise deal to acknowledge Trump's stance on trade. It is unclear what Trump might decide about the Paris agreement, and White House officials have signaled that he might strike a compromise that involves lowering the USA emissions targets that some industries see as constraining ...

Author: 0 Celtics FaceTimed with Isaiah Thomas after Game 3 victory

After back-to-back humiliations at home, the Boston Celtics went to Cleveland-without top scorer Isaiah Thomas-and ended the Cavs' flawless playoff run with a 111-108 win in Game 3. Love continued to knock down shots from the outside, Irving sliced his way into the lane to the rim and James got free for several of his one-handed, tomahawk dunks.

Author: 0 Mattis says Trump "wide open" on Paris climate accord

The person spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the matter before the formal announcement. The other six members of the G7 - Canada, France, Germany, Italy , Japan and the United Kingdom - reaffirmed "strong commitment" to the agreement, which Barack Obama signed in 2015.

USA Very close to naming an Federal Bureau of Investigation director: Donald Trump
Author: 0 Very close to naming an Federal Bureau of Investigation director: Donald Trump

Asked how close he is to making an announcement, Trump said, "soon". He also has said he could name a candidate by the end of the week, before he departs Friday afternoon on his first overseas trip as president. Lieberman was a Democrat before changing party affiliations to Independent. Not because we don't respect Joe Lieberman . "Lieberman lacks the conventional qualifications for an FBI director, never having served as a law enforcement agent or federal prosecutor", Vox reports , ...

USA Trump gives pledge to deliver peace to Israel
Author: 0 Trump gives pledge to deliver peace to Israel

The US president dedicated less than an hour to meet with Abbas in Bethlehem, during a two-day visit to Israel . Which is precisely why duringTrump's visit to Bethlehem, he communicated a loud and clear message to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and to the Palestinian people concerning the necessary change that must transpire within Palestinian culture, in order to achieve genuine, lasting peace, "Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded or ...

USA Biden Denounces Trump, Calls for 'Unity and Purpose' in Speech to Grads
Author: 0 Biden Denounces Trump, Calls for 'Unity and Purpose' in Speech to Grads

Though he said the rise of populism was "disorienting" and "disheartening", Biden argued that it was just a "temporary state of affairs". "Speaking at Cornell University's Convocation ceremony, Biden conceded that "globalization has cost some" people their livelihoods" and that is why the last election proved that "playing to their fears rather than their hopes and better angels" can still be a "powerful political tool".

Author: 0 Gregg Allman of The Allman Brothers Band dead at 69

After years of fluctuating health, including many canceled gigs, Allman died Saturday at age 69. He was married seven times , including, famously, to Cher , and spawned a generation of musicians - sons Devon and Elijah and daughter Layla all went into the family business, as did his estranged son Michael in Pasco County.

USA Trump to decide next week on Paris climate accord
Author: 0 Trump to decide next week on Paris climate accord

In a final communique , the Group of Seven industrialized countries said that the United States "is not in a position to join the consensus". Trump also was impressed by their arguments about how crucial US leadership is in supporting global efforts.

Author: 0 Fox News Founder Roger Ailes Dies Aged 77

Ailes changed the face of 24-hour news when he accepted a challenge from media titan Rupert Murdoch to build a network from scratch to compete with CNN and other TV outlets they deemed left-leaning. Stay with WWAY for more on this developing story. "Beth, you are in our thoughts and prayers", co-host Ainsley Earhardt said, "and so is Zachary , their handsome son".

Author: 0 Trout Beats Fish With 16th Homer

Christian Yelich started a two-out rally with a single. Stanton, though, was the star. Miami's feast or starvation offense entered the series with wins in two of the previous nine games while posting double-digit runs in the two wins and topping out at three runs in the seven setbacks.