USA Sean Spicer Apologizes After Comparing Syrian President to Adolf Hitler
Author: 0 Sean Spicer Apologizes After Comparing Syrian President to Adolf Hitler

Spicer apologized today for his comments during Tuesday's White House press briefing where he attempted to compare Assad's actions with those of Hitler. "By coming to the defense of Sean Spicer and calling his comments valid, Rep. Kevin Cramer is complicit in this administration's record of Holocaust denial", Irwin said.

Author: 0 Top cop completes marathon for 1st time since 2013 bombings

Led by Galen Rupp's second place finish in the men's race and Jordan Hasay's third-place finish in the women's race, former OR standouts were well-represented in Monday's Boston Marathon. Kiplagat added Boston to her New York, London and Los Angeles marathon victories. "Manuela Schar of Switzerland finished in 1 hour, 28 minutes, 17 seconds - shattering the world best by more than five minutes".

USA Teen retailer Rue 21 shutting Everett, Renton stores among 400 closures
Author: 0 Teen retailer Rue 21 shutting Everett, Renton stores among 400 closures

Those designated as closing will have a "closing store" label. SNJ Today is a Southern New Jersey news and information source that is dedicated to providing current stories related specifically to South Jersey . The stores in Medford, Mankato, Elk River, Alexandria, Eden Prairie and Coon Rapids are the ones shutting down. The Cranberry, Pa . -based company has about 1,200 stores in 48 states.

Author: 0 Bernie Sanders kicks off cross-country tour, wants change

The visit is part of their "Come Together and Fight Back" tour, in which they are visiting "red" and "purple" states - including Arizona, Nevada and Utah - to try and unite Democrats in opposition to Republican President Donald Trump. "We did robo-calls at their request". They're beginning to fight back. Pointing to the 20-point swing toward Democrats, Perez said that "if we replicate that success everywhere, we will flip the House in 2018".

USA Trump hits back at tax protests, asks 'who paid' for rallies
Author: 0 Trump hits back at tax protests, asks 'who paid' for rallies

A man named Phil from Jericho said that he just wanted to see "what a phony" Mr. Trump really is, CBS New York reports. He shrugs the issue away by once again lying about his Electoral College victory, writing in a typo-riddled tweet that he managed to do "what was an nearly an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College!" Some wore shirts with an image of President Donald Trump as the Monopoly mascot hauling a bag of money.

USA Trump's Supreme Court Justice sworn
Author: 0 Trump's Supreme Court Justice sworn

During a private ceremony Monday, Gorsuch was sworn in by Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom he clerked years ago. Markey mentioned how Trump had promised during the presidential campaign that anyone he nominated to the Court would be anti-abortion and pro-gun rights, what the senator described as litmus tests.

Author: 0 Anti-Trump sentiment, ad blitz motivate Georgia voters

On the show, Estes discussed his recent victory in winning a special congressional election in Kansas to take over the seat vacated by Mike Pompeo, who is now serving as President Trump's Central Intelligence Agency director. According to recent polls, Ossoff holds a commanding lead ahead of Tuesday's crowded open primary. Some analysts see Georgia's 6th District as a new model for Democratic success in House races, thanks to a bloc of well-educated, rich suburban voters who once were ...

USA Manhunt expanded for suspect in Facebook video killing
Author: 0 Manhunt expanded for suspect in Facebook video killing

They said Stephens and Godwin didn't know each other. "We're asking the public to remain vigilant", Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams said. With the city on high alert, the social streets of those who have friends or family in Cleveland are in a state of emergency while police are swarming the area trying to find Steve Stephens before he takes more lives.

USA Cuomo's Excelsior Scholarship will only benefit some
Author: 0 Cuomo's Excelsior Scholarship will only benefit some

It would do this by providing enough state grant aid to offset tuition costs after other aid such as Pell Grants has been taken into account. The legislation passed in NY does have several catches, one of the worst being that you would have to live in NY for up to two years after attaining an associate's degree and up to four years post bachelor's degree.

USA Immigration arrests rise in first months of Trump administration
Author: 0 Immigration arrests rise in first months of Trump administration

According to a Washington Post report , U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement agents arrested 21,362 immigrants from January 20 to March 13 of this year compared to just 16,104 during the same period in 2016. That represents almost a 33 percent increase under Trump compared to former President Barack Obama. Opponents of Trump's aggressive immigration push have argued that his policies have created harmful fear in immigrant communities, where many individuals have U.S.

USA Fired officers had previously arrested same man
Author: 0 Fired officers had previously arrested same man

Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni, a 19-year veteran, was then fired when another video emerged showing him pull the suspect out of a vehicle and punch him. "The actions by this former officer do not represent the officers of this department who dedicate their lives to serving the community on a daily basis".

USA Army says 1 dead, 2 injured in helicopter crash
Author: 0 Army says 1 dead, 2 injured in helicopter crash

The cause of the crash was under investigation. "We are deeply saddened by this loss within our community", said Maj. Fort Belvoir referred further questions to the U.S. The helicopter crash occurred in St. Mary's County, just south of Prince George's. "I saw pieces actually falling off the helicopter", she said. He said he wasn't sure where the aircraft originated from, but a military official later confirmed it came from Fort Belvoir in Virginia.

Author: 0 Manhunt for man who broadcasted shooting on Facebook live in Cleveland

A video posted prior to the shooting showed this man holding an ID card bearing the name Steve Stephens. Godwin's son said he could not watch the video of his father getting shot. This individual is armed and risky ... Williams said Stephens may be driving a newer model white Ford Fusion with temporary OH license plate E363630.

Author: 0 Trump Flips on NATO, China, Russia and More

Trump then: "When her time is up, I would most likely replace her", Trump said past year. "I don't know Putin", Trump said Wednesday at the joint press conference with Stoltenberg . Russian Federation is refusing to work with the United States to remove Bashar Assad from power, not even acknowledging that the dictator used poison gas to kill his own people last week .

Author: 0 North Korea Rolls Out Missiles at Annual Parade

As tensions between North Korea and the US rose in recent days, speculation had grown that Kim Jong Un would conduct a nuclear test or other major military test. China on Friday again called for talks to defuse the crisis. What has the North Korean response been? "US Pacific Command is fully committed to working closely with our allies in the Republic of Korea and in Japan to maintain security", he said.

USA Gallup Poll: Fewer Voters Think Trump Will Deliver On His Campaign Promises
Author: 0 Gallup Poll: Fewer Voters Think Trump Will Deliver On His Campaign Promises

Only 16 percent of Democrats think the president keeps his promises and 81 percent of Republicans agree. In February, almost two-thirds said they thought the president keeps his promises and now only 40 percent believe he does. There is evidence, however, that the Rasmussen result may have been an outlier, as President Trump had lower job approval ratings in other recent polls.

USA AAA Michigan: Statewide average gas prices fall 6 cents
Author: 0 AAA Michigan: Statewide average gas prices fall 6 cents

Including the change in gas prices in Pennsylvania during the past week, prices yesterday were 34.1 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 14.5 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. While average prices are far below their five-year average, they remain notably higher than last year. Thousands of people swarmed onto the airstrip at the National Museum of the U.S.

Author: 0 North Korea warns Trump: 'We're ready to launch nuclear strike'

Kim Jong Un has engaged in a war of words with President Trump amid recent missile tests. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un chairs an emergency meeting of the Korean Worker's Party Central Military Commission in 2015. That, however, did not stop a North Korean army official from warning the United States that any provocation would be met with retaliation. Moreover, the North has taken the recent deployment of a US naval strike group to the region as grounds for its continued testing of ...

USA 'Infowars' host Jones disputes persona in custody dispute
Author: 0 'Infowars' host Jones disputes persona in custody dispute

Her legal team got permission from the judge to play certain clips from the show during the trial as part of their argument that he's not fit to be a parent. Jones promotes the theory that "globalist" forces, including politicians and big business, are out to rob the US of its sovereignty, and that Trump will save the nation from this conspiracy.

Author: 0 Only 1 victim linked to Facebook murder suspect

Late Sunday, police issued an aggravated murder warrant for Stephens. Local, state and federal law enforcement are involved in the search, said Anthony. He's identified as 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. In the separate video, Stephens said: "I killed 13, so I'm working on 14 as we speak". Williams said police have not verified any other shootings or deaths.

Author: 0 Lawyers: Don't rush Arkansas executions decision

The governor says the rapid pace of executions is necessary because one of the drugs that will be used to kill them will soon reach its expiry date. The Arkansas Supreme Court has reissued its order that halted the execution of one of the first inmates facing lethal injection under the state's multiple execution plan.

Author: 0 Who won the 2017 Boston Marathon? Mens and womens results

In the women's race, 25-year-old Jordan Hasay ran her first-ever marathon in 2:23:00 to place third. In the Wheelchair division, it was a Switzerland who took both titles. "I certainly was not in the fitness I was going into Rio", he says. "So I tried to push a little bit to test myself". "And I was just blindsided by this".

Author: 0 Trump Son-In-Law Kushner Expresses Confidence In Iraqi Fight For Mosul

After arriving, Kushner joined Dunford for meetings with the USA ambassador to Baghdad and the senior American commander in Iraq , Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend. BuzzFeed said that Kushner, who is Jewish and is an unpaid adviser tasked with an array of assignments, including advancing Middle East peace, remains the conduit for Muslim contacts with the administration.

Author: 0 During border visit, Sessions outlines immigration plan

It is here on this very sliver of land-on this border-that we take our stand". US Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered prosecutors and judges to take a tougher line on undocumented immigrants on Tuesday, saying more severe punishment could deter illegal border crossers.

Author: 0 Bannon threatened to quit if removed from National Security Council role

A White House official said that Bannon was placed on the committee in part to monitor Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and never attended a meeting. Multiple White House officials, including Pence, insisted that Bannon's removal from the NSC was not a demotion. "But now we've got McMaster in here, and he philosophically is going to do that".

Author: 0 Judge approves plan to reform Baltimore police

Baltimore solicitor David Ralph said that when the city, police department and federal government negotiated the plan, it was created to fight crime, protect civil rights and fix community trust with officers. Two of the first speakers were mothers that lost sons to police shootings. He also says better public safety and increased security and training for police officers were all considered as it was being assembled.

USA Alabama Governor Resigns After Being Arrested
Author: 0 Alabama Governor Resigns After Being Arrested

Would you join us by making a donation today to this important work? DEBBIE ELLIOTT, BYLINE: Republican Kay Ivey is a longtime political figure in Montgomery. He believes it is instead a partnership between the governor's office and other state and local partners. Boring is not a bad thing. He led Ivey through her first oath of office in 2003.

Author: 0 Appearance of Trump helicopter at Mar-a-Lago raises questions

Trump added when pressed on his schedule. Trump had been briefly visiting in the clubhouse with fellow club member Patrick Park, who he has nominated to be US ambassador to Austria when he revealed his travel plans. He has spent 17 days at a golf course during the first 12 weeks of his presidency, according to a report by The New York Times . The White House didn't respond to questions about why is was there.

USA Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick, confirmed by Senate
Author: 0 Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick, confirmed by Senate

In this case, it allows the Senate to change the number of votes needed to confirm a Supreme Court nominee to a simple majority of 51 instead of a super majority of 60 . The Senate change will apply to all future Supreme Court candidates as well, thus affecting how many votes a nominee needs to advance to a final confirmation vote.

Author: 0 North Korea nuclear crisis 'coming to a head', USA warns

The North Korean missile blew up nearly immediately after its test launch on Sunday, the US Pacific Command said. Vice President Mike Pence, who arrived in Seoul on Sunday, assailed the missile test as a "provocation" and assured South Korea of Washington's full support against the threat from its volatile neighbor.

USA 20 arrested in California pro and anti-Trump rallies
Author: 0 20 arrested in California pro and anti-Trump rallies

There were terrifying scuffles between protesters and counter-protesters. Registered nurse Pam Craig, of Greensboro, North Carolina, says she'd like to ask Trump how much he "contributed to this country". Daryl Tempesta (52), who said he served in the US Air Force near the end of the Cold War, went to the rally to show his support for Trump. Trump, a billionaire property tycoon, released a financial statement but has kept his tax returns private, both during the election campaign and since ...

USA Democrats Block Trump's Supreme Court Pick
Author: 0 Democrats Block Trump's Supreme Court Pick

Only three Democrats backed the judge, as did all 51 Republicans who were in the chamber voting. Sen. Democrats blocked US President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee with a historic filibuster on the Senate floor on Thursday, but their victory was short-lived.

USA Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court
Author: 0 Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court

Democrats had been filibustering Gorsuch's nomination for several days before the GOP voted to change the confirmation rules. Gorsuch is "going to make an incredible addition to the court", McConnell said . "The Senate did its job and I look forward now to seeing Judge Gorsuch on the court". Gorsuch is expected to be sworn in Monday, in time to hear the final cases of the term.

USA Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch to US Supreme Court
Author: 0 Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch to US Supreme Court

On Thursday, after Democrats waged a filibuster against Judge Gorsuch, denying him the 60 votes required to advance to a final vote, Republicans invoked the so-called nuclear option: lowering the threshold on Supreme Court nominations to a simple majority vote.

USA Congratulations to Justice Neil Gorsuch
Author: 0 Congratulations to Justice Neil Gorsuch

On Thursday, Democrats successfully filibustered Gorsuch using a long-standing 60-vote cloture rule that prompted Republicans to undo the threshold, upending long-standing Senate tradition. The only real uncertainty in the process had been whether the Democrats would be able to muster the 41 votes needed to filibuster Gorsuch's nomination.

USA Alabama GOP calls for Gov. Bentley to resign
Author: 0 Alabama GOP calls for Gov. Bentley to resign

The Alabama Ethics Commission ruled against Bentley in related matters Wednesday, asking prosecutors to look into allegations that the governor improperly spent money on a legal defense for Mason and broke campaign finance law with a campaign loan and a campaign donation after a state-approved deadline.

Author: 0 Trump 'Very Close' to Fed Nominations

But Yellen has shown over the past four years that she favors a gradual approach and might take a more wait-and-see attitude. "While Yellen's term as chair expires in 2018, she can remain on the Fed board until January 2024". While Trump accused Yellen of keeping rates low for Obama, he did say back when he was campaigning that the best thing America has going for it is that interest rates are so low.