Author: 0 White House: Republicans to be rewarded for health care vote

The AHCA seeks to narrow " Obamacare's ban on letting insurers charge people with pre-existing health conditions more for their insurance plans than healthy people ". OH governor John Kasich questioned what would happen to the mentally ill, drug addicts and people with chronic illnesses under the changes proposed for Medicaid.

Author: 0 7 killed as storm hits Midwest, Southwest states

In Washington, D.C. on Saturday, people participating in the People's Climate March experienced record hot temperatures (insert your own ironic quip here). Officials in Washington County recovered the body of a 76-year-old man in his vehicle in a field that had been submerged. Authorities warned the death toll was expected to go up.

USA US, China must 'lead the way' on climate: Obama
Author: 0 US, China must 'lead the way' on climate: Obama

Sue Biniaz, a former State Department legal adviser who supports the accord, said Mr Trump does not need to make a binary choice between leaving or staying. private sector will continue to drive ambitious decarbonisation efforts. The other world leaders will lobby Trump to stay in the Paris climate agreement at the G-7 meeting.

USA Gophers get another high APR mark from NCAA
Author: 0 Gophers get another high APR mark from NCAA

Ole Miss' score is four points ahead of the national average of 981. The Huskies have posted flawless scores in three of the last four academic years, including 2015-16, the most recent released. The football team finished one sport shy of its fourth award. Women's basketball is at a program-high 986, which is well above the national average of 980.

Author: 0 Trump says U.S. needs government 'shutdown'

Mulvaney also defended the president's tweeted prescription for a shutdown in the next round of spending negotiations in September, saying "I think the president's tweet was that we might need a shutdown at some point to drive home that this place, that Washington needs to be fixed".

USA Accused drunken driver in California crash was deported 15 times
Author: 0 Accused drunken driver in California crash was deported 15 times

Lennox Lake and his family were a block away from their house, returning from Disneyland, when their auto was struck by a vehicle driven by Constantino Banda-Acosta, an illegal immigrant who allegedly ran a stop sign while driving under the influence before speeding into the family's vehicle and driving away.

USA Race not factor in San Diego pool party shooting
Author: 0 Race not factor in San Diego pool party shooting

Pictured, San Diego pool shooting suspect, Peter Raymond Selis who was struggling with heavy financial hardship and a failed relationship. There were initial concerns that the shooting was motivated by racial animus because the attacker - identified by police as Peter Raymond Selis, a 49-year-old white man - had shot six black people and a Hispanic man.

USA Berman's wife dies in traffic accident
Author: 0 Berman's wife dies in traffic accident

According to a police report cited by the Hartford Courant, Berman's auto rear-ended a vehicle driven by 87-year-old Edward Bertulis, who also died. Both cars were completely totaled, with her own being left overturned and off the road. ESPN's sportscaster turned 62-years-old the day after his wife was killed in a auto accident. "This is a devastating tragedy and hard to comprehend", said ESPN president John Skipper.

USA Senate rejects repeal of key Obama-era methane rule
Author: 0 Senate rejects repeal of key Obama-era methane rule

The House passed the resolution on February 3 on a 221-191 vote, with 11 Republicans voting against repeal and three Democrats voting for it. Erik Milito, senior official at the American Petroleum Institute - one of the biggest oil and gas trade associations in the USA - said in response to the Senate vote: "The BLM's technically flawed rule on methane emissions is an unnecessary and costly misstep ".

USA Obama to deliver keynote speech in Italy on food security
Author: 0 Obama to deliver keynote speech in Italy on food security

Obama has more global speeches penciled in, including one in the United Kingdom, just two days before Trump's big G7 summit. And with an administration developing a reputation as hostile toward science it doesn't like, Obama's is a welcome voice in the ongoing debate over the effects of climate change.

USA Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued for the Ozarks Wednesday night
Author: 0 Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued for the Ozarks Wednesday night

In addition, heavy rainfall may produce flash flooding in urban areas and over burn scars. Storms are expected to for later tonight and mainly affect areas north of I-44. After Tuesday night, Cobb said there should be no more rain or severe weather for the rest of the week until Sunday. However, a cold front will also come into play Thursday afternoon and evening.

USA Kellyanne Conway says Anderson Cooper eye roll was sexist
Author: 0 Kellyanne Conway says Anderson Cooper eye roll was sexist

When asked about this, Conway defended Trump's decision, stating that the president had lost confidence in the FBI director after newly-appointed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommended that Comey be fired for making serious mistakes during his handling of the investigation.

USA Colorado lawmakers end session with hard-fought agreements
Author: 0 Colorado lawmakers end session with hard-fought agreements

It also revokes pensions from teachers convicted of some felonies involving improper student relationships, while requiring school districts to devise guidelines on teacher-student text messaging and online communication. The idea is to eventually distribute revenue from local property taxes equally to charters on a per-pupil basis. Senate Bill 267 would reclassify the state's hospital provider-fee program as a standalone enterprise, which means the state can tap matching federal dollars ...

Author: 0 Lavrov acknowledges Comey fracas by quipping 'Was he fired?'

They also tend to avoid photo-ops with representatives of countries accused of interfering in USA elections. At the time, Tillerson said relations with Russian Federation needed to be rebuilt. According to the White House press pool's report , American journalists were summoned into the Oval Office just after 11:20 a.m. for what they assumed would be a spray of Trump meeting with Lavrov.

USA Trump, Putin to meet in July, Russians announce
Author: 0 Trump, Putin to meet in July, Russians announce

Mr. Trump said they had a " very, very good meeting", and that the USA and Russia are making progress toward a cease fire in Syria, where the Russian military is backing the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad the brutal six-year-long civil war.

Author: 0 'Director Comey was compromised': Paul Ryan speaks on former Federal Bureau of Investigation director

But Attorney General Jeff Sessions and senior leaders at Justice are interviewing additional candidates to do the interim job until a successor is nominated by Trump and confirmed by the Senate to a full 10-year term. "It was unclear how Mr. Rosenstein reacted to the request, or whether the White House was informed of it", the Times reported. "If Hillary Clinton had won the election, which thank god she didn't, but if she had - and she had been in the same position - she would have fired ...

USA DeVos booed speaking at historically black university
Author: 0 DeVos booed speaking at historically black university

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos struggled to deliver her commencement speech at a historically black college Wednesday, as the crowd drowned out her words with roaring boos. DeVos has continued since then to cite historically black colleges as alternative options for quality education, her stated goal for promoting the use of tax money for private schools.

USA Trump eyes embrace of base as he marks tough first 100 days
Author: 0 Trump eyes embrace of base as he marks tough first 100 days

The ad goes on to criticize the media for its coverage of the president's administration during his first 100 days. Donald Trump is celebrating his first 100 days in the White House on Saturday as one of the most successful in USA history despite widespread criticism over a presidency plagued by disruption, confusion and chaos.

Author: 0 EPA says website undergoing makeover to match Trump, Pruitt views

While both were scheduled around global events linked to Earth Day, unlike last week's March for Science , the Peoples Climate Movement takes a more highly-politicized stance on their protest. Playful tweaks on Trump slogans - "Make America cool again", for example - were prominent, as well as signs showing climate change's impact on animal species.

Author: 0 At least one person dead after stabbing at UT Austin, police say

Then, she heard people scream. "My roommate's friend just had a knife put to their throats and the person checked to see if she had Greek letters underneath her hoodie." She saw him walk up to a guy, grab him by his shoulder and stab him in the back.

USA Ann Coulter says her Berkeley speech canceled
Author: 0 Ann Coulter says her Berkeley speech canceled

The college canceled Coulter's formal speaking engagement earlier this week, but offered her another slot during a time when classes weren't in session, and violence was less likely to break out. Coulter canceled a planned appearance at Berkeley on Thursday after the group that invited her pulled its support amid threats of violence. Young American's Foundation is filing a lawsuit against the university, claiming that Berkeley failed to take the steps necessary to ensure campus safety.

USA Ann Coulter Cancels Speech at Berkeley after Threats of Protests
Author: 0 Ann Coulter Cancels Speech at Berkeley after Threats of Protests

Let us be clear: blame for the cancellation of Ann Coulter's speech at the UC Berkeley campus does not rest exclusively on the shoulders of any individual. Berkeley's reputation as one of the country's most liberal universities, in one of America's most liberal cities, has made it a flashpoint for the nation's political divisions in the era of Donald Trump.

Author: 0 Penn State frat members appear in court in pledge's death

Eighteen young men have been charged over the death of Piazza, a Pennsylvania State University sophomore left fatally stricken after falling down stairs during a fraternity initiation ritual. All defendants charged with involuntary manslaughter were preliminarily arraigned Friday. He felt cold to the touch, his skin was pale and his eyes were half-open, according to the grand jury report.

Author: 0 Troubling New Details Emerge Surrounding Penn State Hazing That Killed Pledge

Parks Miller said that in many ways that video brings to light a long-standing culture of hazing. In the recording, Beta Theta Pi brother Ryan McCann can be heard calmly informing the operator that Timothy Piazza has been unconscious, however, he does not mention the fact that the 19-year-old pledge had been in a near-vegetative state for close to 12 hours.

Author: 0 Trump says United States needs government 'shutdown'

White House officials guaranteed border wall funding will be a part of the president's next budget proposal. Republicans hold 52 seats in the 100-seat US Senate. Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning. After a bipartisan group of Congressional lawmakers reached an agreement on a budget bill to fund the government through September 30, US President Donald Trump in a abrupt reversal now says the government "needs a good shutdown".

USA Iowan 'The Bachelor'' star arrested after leaving scene of fatal crash
Author: 0 Iowan 'The Bachelor'' star arrested after leaving scene of fatal crash

The victim was Kenneth Mosher , 66-years-old of Aurora. Sgt. Scott Bright with the Iowa State Patrol told WHO-TV Soules was arrested around 1:16 a.m. Fans are sending thoughts and prayers to Chris, but many are also distraught over his actions following the deadly crash. Besides the 2015 season of " The Bachelor ", Soules also appeared on the 2014 season of "The Bachelorette ", " Dancing With the Stars ", and Food Network's "Worst Cooks in America", the Register said.

Author: 0 Putin reacts to Comey's firing by Trump… then scores 7 goals

Mr. Comey had courted controversy during the 2016 presidential polls when he revealed a renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use, which the Democrat claimed had hurt her chances of becoming president. "Not since Watergate have our legal systems been so threatened..." said Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from CT. Officials familiar with the investigation say the committee is prepared to issue subpoenas to get the records.

Author: 0 Active shooter reported at North Lake College in Irving

North Lake College is a two-year school in the Dallas suburb of Irving. He asked concerned family and friends to avoid the area so police could operate. Torres was located inside a shower stall in Building F. The school confirmed that he was a former student of the school. After witnessing this disgusting scene, Nanbaksh hid in a room where she turned off all the lights and locked the door while she emailed her bosses about what had just happened.

Author: 0 Senate rejects repeal of Obama drilling rule

Susan Collins (Maine), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), and John McCain (Ariz.) joining every Democrat in opposing the bill . "While I am concerned that the BLM rule may be onerous , passage of the resolution would have prevented the federal government, under any administration, from issuing a rule that is 'similar'".

Author: 0 Kellyanne Conway remark on Comey meets with Anderson Cooper dismay

CONWAY: It says while I appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that I'm not under investigation. "All of sudden the White House is concerned about James Comey's handling of Hillary Clinton's email?" Cuomo also touched on the issue of when/how, as per Trump's letter to Comey, that Comey himself had informed the President that he wasn't being investigated.

Author: 0 Austin Barnes Hits Walk-off Double Against Pittsburgh

OF Andrew Toles, who was 2-for-5 with two runs, recorded his seventh multi-game hit. Yasiel Puig added a solo homer in the first as Los Angeles jumped all over Trevor Williams (1-2), who was filling in for Jameson Taillon after he had surgery Monday for suspected testicular cancer.

Author: 0 Police Officer Who Shot Jordan Edwards Was Fired

Balch Springs officer Roy Oliver has been fired over the killing of black teenager Jordan Edwards. "My department will continue to be responsive, be transparent and accountable". Police Chief Jonathon Haber told reporters he couldn't specify what policies were violated because Oliver can appeal his firing. However, the family also noted the very long road ahead toward achieving justice for their son, indicating that they desire to see the officer arrested and charged for fatally shooting ...

USA Frat member told 911: 'We have a friend who's unconscious'
Author: 0 Frat member told 911: 'We have a friend who's unconscious'

On Friday, 10 members had already been arraigned. The district attorney investigating the death of a pledge after an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual at Penn State University said the grand jury's probe will "open eyes a lot of eyes" about "who knew what and when".

USA Graduates at Florida university turn backs in protest of DeVos speech
Author: 0 Graduates at Florida university turn backs in protest of DeVos speech

The students chose to go the way of protest , as they continued to vocally express their disdain to bring the controversial DeVos to their school. "I want to reaffirm this administration's commitment to and support for [historically black colleges and universities] and the students they serve".

Author: 0 Niece of France's Le Pen quits politics for now

Following her aunt's defeat in the presidential election Sunday, the party was depending on Maréchal-Le Pen to win seats in her southern region during the legislative election in June. She is one of only two National Front MPs in the lower house of parliament. It's possible Marine Le Pen was as relieved as she was understanding.

USA Protests to greet DeVos at historically black college commencement address
Author: 0 Protests to greet DeVos at historically black college commencement address

Historically black colleges, it shouldn't have to be said , were built because students of color were denied entrance to all-white universities - not because of vouchers, which didn't exist yet. The comment is a response to the Florida NAACP's claims that students and faculty are being threatened if they complain about the upcoming visit of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos .

Author: 0 Former 'Bachelor' Star Chris Soules Arrested After Fatal Hit-And-Run

Police put him in custody after being arrested for leaving the scene of the accident. An ambulance took Mosher to a nearby hospital after the crash and pronounced him dead there. "Soules did not return to and remain at the scene of the accident". Technical investigators were at the scene Monday night going through evidence. They want to look into what happened before the crash, where Soules was, and what he was doing.