Author: 0 Otto Warmbier : US student evacuated from N. Korea has died

He died Monday in Cincinnati . Yun learned about Warmbier's condition in a meeting a week before the release the North Korean ambassador at the NY. The death of a 22-year-old college student in OH on Monday has dashed any hopes of a quick detente between the US and North Korea. Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American missionary who spent nearly two years in a North Korean prison before he was released in November 2014, asked people to pray for Warmbier's family.

Author: 0 Remains of 7 sailors killed in US ship collision return home

Sykes says her son told her that the men sleeping on bunks above and below him were among those who died. Coast guard official Tetsuya Tanaka said they are trying to resolve what happened during the 50 minutes. The vessel is 505 feet long. The other ship, a Filipino vessel called the ACX Crystal , sustained damage to its bow. There will also be a safety investigation.

Author: 0 Death of American detained in NKorea baffles experts

President Donald Trump is offering condolences to the family of an American college student who was released from North Korea in a coma and died days after returning home to Ohio. The U.S. Department of State warns against travel to North Korea. Legislation that would hit Russian Federation with economic sanctions and limit President Donald Trump's authority to lift the penalties faces an uncertain future in the House despite the bill's heavily bipartisan backing in the Senate.

Research Killer Instinct Coming To Steam
Author: 0 Killer Instinct Coming To Steam

Thanks to @CEOJebailey for helping us break the news. Called Eagle , the new fighter's signature attacks involve his bow and a limited number of arrows. The game came to Windows 10 just a year ago, allowing PC users to take a crack at it as well. I know I, personally, can't stand UWP apps, so I'm definitely more interested in getting the PC version of Killer Instinct now.

Author: 0 North Korean Tour Company Stops Trips After Otto Warmbier Dies

Trump added that Warmbier "should have been brought home that same day", apparently referring to when he was arrested. Sen. John McCain said Tuesday that the US government should not be responsible for Americans who are "stupid" enough to still want to travel to North Korea , especially in light of recent events.

Author: 0 Spicer seeks more strategic role at White House

Spicer had served as trade secretary under former President George W. Bush and as communications director for the Republican National Committee before becoming the face of the Trump administration . "I think we wanted to be part of the process back then", Spicer said, citing comments by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who said Democrats would not be part of a GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Research Severe weather over for Richmond; storms left behind outages and tree damage
Author: 0 Severe weather over for Richmond; storms left behind outages and tree damage

Today's watch , issued by the Storm Prediction Center, extends from northern Maryland to ME, including the Capital District and Hudson Valley in Upstate New York. Winds will increase aloft through the afternoon, as a trough (disturbance) in the jet stream crosses the East Coast. Monday has been declared a 22News Storm Team Severe Weather Alert Day due to the threat of strong or severe thunderstorms.

Research The US Postal Service Releases Special Stamp to Celebrate the Eclipse
Author: 0 The US Postal Service Releases Special Stamp to Celebrate the Eclipse

The total solar eclipse will be the first visible on the US mainland since 1979 and the first to travel a narrow path across the entire country since 1918. "It's something that should be on everyone's bucket list, and I'm happy they are coming out with a stamp to raise public awareness about this opportunity".

Research Income Tax Dept Attaches 'Benami' Property of Lalu's Family Members
Author: 0 Income Tax Dept Attaches 'Benami' Property of Lalu's Family Members

Benami Act violations means rigorous imprisonmentof upto seven years and comes with a hefty fine. The department has attached a dozen plots and buildings in Delhi and Bihar , including a farmhouse and land in the Palam Vihar area, a residential building in the upmarket New Friends Colony in south Delhi, and nine plots on a 256.75 decimal land area at Phulwari Sharif in Patna, where a shopping mall was being constructed.

Author: 0 In 'The Last Knight,' round 5 for the Transformers

In the modern day, inventor Cade Yeager ( Mark Wahlberg ) accumulates a pulpy and pint-sized sidekick (Isabel Miner) after a run-in with the new anti-Transformer police, and flees to the scrapyard where he and a handful of Transformers are in hiding.

Research Diabalo 3 Necromancer Class Pack Release Date
Author: 0 Diabalo 3 Necromancer Class Pack Release Date

Much to my surprise, the Necromancer class wasn't added to the game for that expansion. The Necromancer class will soon be available inside Diablo III: Reaper of Souls , thanks to its new "Rise of the Necromancer" expansion . And don't forget, you can still try Diablo III for free on PC by heading over to the game's official website . Now three years later, you might think that would be the end of Blizzard's hack-n-slash RPG, but nope! The company's online-gaming service is one of the ...

Author: 0 Cuba Educational Policy Reversal Condemned

Trump also reaffirmed a decades-old US economic embargo against Cuba . "There is a curiosity for Cuba, having been off limits for half a century, and it should be anticipated that there will be some initial impact on visitor arrivals", she said , her comments ringing true even after Mr.

Research Scientists find several new species in deep water off Australian Coast
Author: 0 Scientists find several new species in deep water off Australian Coast

There has been striking evolution of these in the extreme environments. However, the one that captured the most online attention was the peanut worm , and we needn't explain why. It then rips a chunk of flesh and swims away from the prey. Here's the faceless fish, a deep sea fish without visible eyes and has only a mouth hidden underneath the head.

Research Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Be Unveiled On August 26
Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Be Unveiled On August 26

It will be available across all retail stores and online stores starting June 20. When Samsung launched its new flagship devices, all eyes were on them after the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 from the previous year. In terms of S-Pen specifications, the pen has 0.7mm tip, that can detect more than 4,096 levels of pressure and the impressive tilt technology helps you smoothly draw in the most comfortable position.

Author: 0 Fuze is bringing programming tool Code Studio to Switch

The Nintendo Switch's latest system update is here and though it isn't game-changing, it does introduce several new small but useful features that should make the console more enjoyable to use. If you need to start it yourself-or simply want to start the installation process-you can do so by going to System Settings - System - System Update and hitting Update while you're connected to the internet.

Research European court rules in favor of Russian gay activists
Author: 0 European court rules in favor of Russian gay activists

The court, in its ruling in favor of three gay activists who staged protests from 2009 to 2012 - Nikolai Bayev, Aleksei Kiselev, and Nikolai Alekseyev - also said the law "served no legitimate public interest". Whilst homosexuality was no longer criminalised from 1993, the state still rife with anti-gay prejudice. In a statement to Reuters , Nikolai Alekseyev, one of the activists, called the ruling a "historic victory".

Research The future of renewable energy continues to look promising
Author: 0 The future of renewable energy continues to look promising

This marks the first time these two renewables combined have made a double-digit contribution to the nation's generation of electricity, says a report from the U.S. While that will slow the pace of global warming, another $5.3 trillion of investment would be needed to bring enough generation capacity to keep temperature increases by the end of the century to a manageable 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius), the report said.

Author: 0 Driver killed in Tesla crash was warned to put hands on wheel

Brown also drove at 74 miles per hour - above the 65-mph limit - and the car's systems detected no manual attempts to brake prior to the crash. As you might expect, there was an inordinate amount of coverage on the crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cleared Tesla in January, saying after a six-month investigation that it had found no defects with the performance of Autopilot during the crash.

Author: 0 Lucky loser Jordan Thompson edges out Andy Murray at Queen's

Andy Murray suffered one of the most embarrassing defeats of his career, as the world number one slumped to a stunning Queen's Club first-round exit against Australia's Jordan Thompson on Tuesday. "[Monday], I was sitting around, hoping to be able to get a game, but there weren't too many matches [Monday]". I just wanted to go out there and enjoy it.

Research Accenture, Microsoft look to give refugees a digital identity with blockchain
Author: 0 Accenture, Microsoft look to give refugees a digital identity with blockchain

The prototype does not store personally identifiable information on a centralised system; rather, it inter-operates with existing identity systems of commercial and public entities so that such information always resides "off chain". " People without a documented identity suffer by being excluded from modern society ", said David Treat, managing director in Accenture's blockchain division.

Research Liverpool are close to reaching Salah deal
Author: 0 Liverpool are close to reaching Salah deal

It is always a risk signing a player that has previously struggled to make his mark in that division, but it appears that Liverpool supporters are very much in favour of the deal. The Egyptian worldwide was an influential player for the Giallorossi , with 15 goals and 11 assists in Serie A. With Sadio Mane injured, Liverpool lacked pace and nearly missed out on the Champions League as their season faded badly.

Research Summer Solstice is Tuesday, June 20!
Author: 0 Summer Solstice is Tuesday, June 20!

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate summer solstice, make sure to appreciate the gorgeous San Diego sun and weather today even if that just means watching the sunset with friends and family. The summer solstice festival dates back thousands of years and is one of the most important solar occurrences in the pagan calendar. For the folks living in the Arctic Circle and some Northern European nations, the sun will not set at all.

Author: 0 Nasa has discovered ten new potentially habitable exoplanets

This catalog marks the final results of the first Kepler mission, which stared at the same portion of the sky for three-and-a-half years before a busted reaction wheel forced NASA to pivot the mission to other forms of planet hunting. Kepler's newest data suggests that the smaller exoplanets found fall under two divisions, those that are Earth-size and those that are gaseous mini-Neptunes.

Research Jared Kushner speaks in public. And Washington takes notice
Author: 0 Jared Kushner speaks in public. And Washington takes notice

Among the other attendees at the event were Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and Palantir CEO Alex Karp. It is only logical to expect that such a meeting will lead to a necessary discussion about some of the most controversial decisions by this administration.

Research People 'Are Missing,' Presumed Dead After London Tower Blaze
Author: 0 People 'Are Missing,' Presumed Dead After London Tower Blaze

Police had previously put the death toll at 30. Police Commander Stuart Cundy says police will seek criminal prosecutions if the evidence warrants. "And therefore, sadly, I have to assume that they are dead", he said. "We have colleagues in there as we speak, searching for and recovering those that have died". They made images public to give people an idea of the scale of the challenge they are facing as they now try to identify victims.

Author: 0 North Korea: US leaving Paris agreement 'selfish,' 'silly'

The move aims to keep Hawaii in line with the targets set by the Paris agreement, a comprehensive climate agreement signed by 174 countries and the European Union that pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming "well below 2 degrees Celcius" [3.6 degrees Fahrenheit].

Research Ancient DNA reveals role of Near East and Egypt in cat domestication
Author: 0 Ancient DNA reveals role of Near East and Egypt in cat domestication

Van Neer gathered hundreds of cat specimens, including bones, teeth, and mummies from areas in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, dating from 7000 B.C.E to the 19 century C.E. Determining the origin of the modern house cat is hard due to the fact that cats have been one of mankind's constant companions . "They started to spread in the ancient world throughout the Neolithic period".

Author: 0 KR Narayanan to RN Kovind - A tale of two Dalit Presidents

Reacting to Mayawati's " Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) should have selected a name from a non-political background which will be better" remark, NCP leader Majeed Memon said the former can not openly oppose a Dalit candidate so she went the other way.

Research Auto explodes after hitting police van in Paris
Author: 0 Auto explodes after hitting police van in Paris

Two police officials told The Associated Press that a handgun was found on the driver, who they said was badly burned after the vehicle exploded. Collomb says the situation is now under control but has been referred to the French government's anti-terrorism authorities.

Research SpaceX Falcon Rocket to Carry Iridium Next Satellites Sunday From Vandenberg AFB
Author: 0 SpaceX Falcon Rocket to Carry Iridium Next Satellites Sunday From Vandenberg AFB

SpaceX said on Sunday that it "could be a weekend doubleheader" for the company on Twitter . The Iridium satellite launch, meanwhile, is now scheduled to lift off from Vandenberg's Space Launch Complex 4 at 1:25 p.m. SpaceX did not offer specifics on a new launch time, Florida Today reported. "While we wish our friends down in Florida well the day before, and a good flight, it shouldn't have any impact on us", Desch said.

Research Amazon Announces Plan To Buy Whole Foods For $13.7 Billion
Author: 0 Amazon Announces Plan To Buy Whole Foods For $13.7 Billion

The company had sales of about $16 billion past year. It is unclear whether or how Amazon Fresh , the company's food delivery service, would integrate with Whole Foods once the deal is complete later this year. And Walmart shares dropped more than 6 percent to $74.23 a share. Whole Foods Market's share price rose more than 29% on Friday. The post Amazon-Whole Foods Marriage Could Disrupt Grocery Business ( NASDAQ : AMZN ) appeared first on Market Exclusive.

Author: 0 Energy chief: Carbon dioxide not prime driver of warming

When asked, "Do you think Carbon dioxide is the primary control knob for the temperature of the Earth and for climate?" On June 19, Perry was asked during an interview whether carbon dioxide emissions were the largest contributor to climate change.

Author: 0 Apple Announces The HomePod

Analysts say Apple has been slow to improve its Siri virtual assistant and launch a smart speaker, after Amazon launched its Echo in 2014. Apple refers to the HomePod as the ideal musicologist . HomePod uses an Apple-designed upwards firing 102mm woofer and a custom array of seven beam-forming tweeters.

Author: 0 IPhone 8 Tempered Glass By Olixar Leaks, Design Confirmed?

Just like rival Samsung , Apple is also going for biometric authentication as well, with new cameras trying to provide iPhone buyers with an extra security system. If the images are all accurate, it also seems to imply that the most elegant answer that would fix a particular problem isn't yet here. And because of these components, which disappear under the display, there wouldn't be a call for a cutout at the top.

Author: 0 LeBron and co not about to give up on NBA Finals

No NBA team has ever found its way back after losing the first three games of a best-of-seven series but James was not ready to admit defeat ahead of game four on Saturday (11am, AEST). Kerr knew what James knew before this series began when he wanted to bring in more fire power: that Kyrie and Bron-Bron can't do it all. Not this time.

Author: 0 Russian Federation threatens after United States downs Syrian warplane

Tensions escalated on Sunday as the us military brought down the jet near Raqqa for bombing near USA -allied forces on the ground, and Iran launched missiles at Islamic State targets in eastern Syria - the first time each state has carried out such actions in the multi-sided Syrian war.

Research There's a hidden way to save money on an Apple Music subscription
Author: 0 There's a hidden way to save money on an Apple Music subscription

But Apple quietly added another option. Amazon sells its Music Unlimited subscription for $79 per year . First, you need to open the App Store app and scroll to the very bottom of the Featured tab. For $99 you get a year's worth of Apple Music, and in the end you end up saving $20. However, as TechCrunch is pointing out, Apple isn't exactly shouting from the rooftops about this new payment option.

Research What To Expect From OnePlus 5: Specifications, Release Date And More
Author: 0 What To Expect From OnePlus 5: Specifications, Release Date And More

OnePlus 5 India launch is scheduled for June 22 in Mumbai. So for its most recent phone , the OnePlus 5 , which will be formally reported tomorrow, the organization concentrated its endeavors on settling that. Do I have to register to buy the OnePlus 5? The price of OnePlus 5 in India for 6GB RAM and 64 GB storage model is expected to be Rs. 32,999, while the one with 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage model is said to cost Rs.

Research Co-Op Raids are Coming to Pokemon GO
Author: 0 Co-Op Raids are Coming to Pokemon GO

The level of your gym determines the bonuses you receive while a part of it, so best to level it up as best you can. Upon using your pass to join the battle, you and up to 20 other Trainers work together to defeat the Raid Boss. When the timer runs out, the Egg will hatch and the Raid Boss will be revealed. Players will also be given some special rewards for leveling up their badges.