Research Google Drive App to Become 'Backup and Sync'
Author: 0 Google Drive App to Become 'Backup and Sync'

Called Backup and Sync , the new tool is designed for the average user, not pros. This feature will enable Drive to function as a much more effective backup and sync tool for desktop computers. The Google Drive client for Windows and Mac is. decent. When Google does its scan, files and photos are backed up in Drive, and they're accessible on any device that's also synced to the service.

Research Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather reportedly agree to deal, date for superfight
Author: 0 Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather reportedly agree to deal, date for superfight

Mayweather, who has been retired from competitive boxing since late 2015, must renew his license before the match can occur. In an interview with TMZ Sports, White unveiled some of the details about Mayweather vs. "As with every Mayweather and McGregor fight part of the appeal is the spectacle and outsize personalities who are participating in it", Espinoza said.

Author: 0 IPad Pro review roundup: A powerful tablet that shouldn't have been released

Making significant productivity improvements in its iPad Pro lineup recently, the company hopes to better target its potential customers. Our review model of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro didn't come with iOS 11 (it won't be officially released until the autumn) but I had a chance to play around with the new OS at WWDC and it's worth noting a few of its features, as they stand to provide some major upgrades to the iPad Pro.

Author: 0 Children tossed from windows in London high-rise blaze

Grenfell Tower is believed to house between 400 and 600 people. "People screaming for help" that was the report of an eye-witness, as the fire took hold of the building, which contains 120 homes. A blog post from the Grenfell Action Group in November 2016 said "only a catastrophic event" would expose the concerns residents had. The fire moved slowly at first but suddenly gained pace, taking light like a Roman candle as it spread from one flat to the next, sweeping upwards and trapping the ...

Research Manchester United fans delighted with Victor Lindelof signing
Author: 0 Manchester United fans delighted with Victor Lindelof signing

Manager Jose Mourinho was reportedly keen on bringing Lindelof to Old Trafford during the January transfer window, but the move is said to have been scuppered by Benfica's valuation of the player . Mourinho also has England pair Chris Smalling and Phil Jones at his disposal, along with Argentina worldwide Marcos Rojo, while Dutch utility man Daley Blind has slotted into central defence on occasion.

Author: 0 'Come From Away' director says Newfoundlanders offer lesson for US

What started as an open field for theater's biggest night became Evan Hansen's big celebration. Ben Platt was named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people. People cheered when she continued her speech even after the orchestra began playing music. 'Shut that crap off!' Bette eclaimed. This year the Tony voters spread the wealth around, calling " Hello Dolly " the best musical revival , and honoring its star Bette Midler .

Author: 0 Huge fire engulfs 27-floor London tower block

Denise Bloomfield, 37, who was evacuated from a nearby flat, said: "There were people who were just surviving. and waiting for the fire to take them, just waiting to die". Former resident David Collins said he had lived in the block for two and a half years and had never experienced an evacuation drill during that time.

Research Man Arrested Over Facebook Upload
Author: 0 Man Arrested Over Facebook Upload

Federal authorities say, using the virtual name "Tre-Von M. King", 21-year-old Trevon Maurice Franklin uploaded the movie " Deadpool " roughly a week after it was officially released to the public, according to the Los Angeles Times . Interestingly, a spokesman for the studio said, "No comment from Fox on this one". The felony offense carries a sentence of up to three years in federal prison , the USA attorney's office in Los Angeles said.

Research Happy With Apple? Consider Tipping Its App Providers
Author: 0 Happy With Apple? Consider Tipping Its App Providers

As for how developers are gaining such traction with seemingly fake apps, Lin explains that many are manipulating App Store search ads to do so. On your iOS device, go to Settings iTunes & App Store Apple ID View Apple ID. If a user chooses to leave a review, the app has to wait for at least a full year and after a new version of the app has been released before it can ask the user to review it again-a feature developers my find too restrictive and make it hard to get feedback on new ...

Author: 0 Xbox reveals the Xbox One X or Project Scorpio

The new console runs games at 60 frames per second (fps) and is equipped with 12 GB RAM and a graphics processor capable of carrying out 6 trillion floating point operations per second. Based on that criterion, Sony has a $100 price advantage over the One X with the $399 Pro, which isn't exactly chump change. Imagine yourself, if you will, an uninformed parent /consumer standing in front of a shelf stacked with PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles .

Author: 0 Apple HomePod - Things to know about the Wi-Fi speakers with Siri

Named as the Apple HomePod , the speakers are a competition to the Sonos PLAY:3, Amazon Echo , and the Google Home speakers. Apple is really pushing the music angle with claims like HomePod will "reinvent how we enjoy music wirelessly throughout our homes".

Research E3 2017 - Breath Of The Wild DLC Detailed
Author: 0 E3 2017 - Breath Of The Wild DLC Detailed

In the challenge mode arena, the trailer seems to hint you can take on Princess Zelda , Daruk , Revali , Urbosa and Mipha . Completing the trial will power up the Master Sword further, allowing it to deal double damage at all times. The second of the DLC packs is called The Champions' Ballad . The first DLC is called The Master Trials , and Nintendo released details about it last month .

Author: 0 It's safe to buy a new Mac or iPad again

Augmented reality will be a big part of the iPhone 8 upgrade. Will it revolutionize publishing? The future of the iPad Pro looks very productivity-focused - the point where it's starting to look a little like a Mac , at least from a distance.

Research Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Revealed, Coming In 2018
Author: 0 Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Revealed, Coming In 2018

We'll see takedown cams as well it seems when you've taken down the last enemy from a pack, and some dramatic cutscenes for starting a fight. So where did it fall apart this year? It was a very decent portion of the show that showed Sony hasn't forgotten about its newest platform.

Research Sony unveils new 'Spider-man' game at E3 expo
Author: 0 Sony unveils new 'Spider-man' game at E3 expo

Sony said that the PS4 Pro has represented about 20 percent of all unit sales. While they still have yet to show what the deal is with the addition to Spidey's threads, that there's an in-game explanation for them suggests that it could be part of a game mechanic they aren't ready to showcase just yet.

Research Apple iPhone 8 renders running iOS 11 leaked
Author: 0 Apple iPhone 8 renders running iOS 11 leaked

As expected, there are a lot of new features and updates on the new iOS, so we chose to compile a list of the top 10 features you need to know about iOS 11 . Previously, that setting - which works exactly as the name suggests - had only been an option for developers , and it was something that a good number of high-profile apps did not include.

Research After Levandowski, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Might Be Getting The Boot Next
Author: 0 After Levandowski, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Might Be Getting The Boot Next

As the New York Times reports , Michael announced his departure to all company's employees in an email Monday morning, though it remains unclear whether he resigned or was terminated. "We do see sometimes a startup mentality in the early years of a company's growth where they have difficulty sometimes adjusting to being a huge enterprise", said Lisa Klerman, a USC law professor and employment law mediator.

Author: 0 2 guards killed by inmates during bus transport in Georgia

The US Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are involved along with several other agencies. That tweet also states the reward is expected to increase. The slain guards were identified as Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue . One of the suspects is believed to have shot and killed both guards, according to a statement from Putnam County Sheriff's Office.

Author: 0 Sessions, Wyden scrap over AG's 'problematic' role

To his boss? To his former Senate colleagues? Sessions originally said that he disaffiliated himself simply because he was an adviser to Trump during the campaign, but doubt was cast on that explanation when Comey testified last week and said he thought Sessions would recuse himself earlier than he did for "problematic" reasons that needed to be discussed in a closed session.

Research E3 2017 - New Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Trailer Showcases Updated Visuals
Author: 0 E3 2017 - New Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Trailer Showcases Updated Visuals

Players will have the option of switching between Crash and Coco across all three titles. If you're attending E3 2017 this week, you can play as both Crash and Coco by visiting the "N". Sony has just shown off a new trailer for the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy , showcasing the remaster's impressive visual updates. For the first time Crash's smart and spirited little sister, Coco, will be playable throughout the Crash Bandicoot N.

Research Jury in Bill Cosby sex assault case adjourns without verdict
Author: 0 Jury in Bill Cosby sex assault case adjourns without verdict

Cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault, each with slightly different criteria for arriving at guilty verdict. Lawyers attached to the case wore similarly somber expressions as the seven men and five women left the Montgomery County courtroom about 9:15 p.m.

Research Apple Building An Autonomous Car System
Author: 0 Apple Building An Autonomous Car System

He told Bloomberg that "we'll see where it takes us", adding that "we're not really saying from a product point of view what we will do". According to the Bloomberg last year's report, instead of developing an own vehicle, the company is now focusing on the technology which can power the self-driving cars.

Author: 0 Minecraft is getting a graphics upgrade

According to the hype, this will happen later this summer as a part of a big update planned by Minecraft which was whimsically named " Better Together ". There are now more than 55 million users who play Minecraft every month. All purchases from now on will be available across all devices at no extra charge.

Author: 0 Protesters rally against Islamic law in dozens of U.S. cities

It didn't take long before the two groups exchanged angry words and gestures. "You could cherry pick a verse, ignore the ten verses around it and make people believe that Islam calls for violence, but for sophisticated thinkers that study the entirety of the text, we understand that that's not what Islam calls for", said Zafar.

Research Lehigh commits to upholding Paris climate agreement
Author: 0 Lehigh commits to upholding Paris climate agreement

Approximately 86 percent of Americans support speeding up the development and use of clean energy in the U.S. The agreement imposes a climate tax on countries that are responsible for polluting the world's environment. In February 2016, the Mayor signed the Compact of Mayors, a global coalition of city leaders that launched at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit to address climate change.

Research Trump's travel ban suffers another defeat
Author: 0 Trump's travel ban suffers another defeat

On Monday a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a decision blocking President Donald Trump's revised travel ban . The court cited shortcomings with the order as it now is, saying the order does not tie people within the six designated countries in any way to terrorist organizations.

Author: 0 New Google hire points to custom chips in next Pixel

We don't need to explain how powerful Apple's chips are. Google hiring Apple's veteran chip architect away from the company indicates their gameplan for the future and the future of the Pixel lineup. Variety reports that Google ( GOOG , GOOGL ) has hired Manu Gulati, chip architect at Apple for almost eight years. With Snapdragon chips no longer being exceptional, we hope Google can bring something special to the market.

Author: 0 Uber CEO To Take Leave, Leadership Team To Run Company

While some analysts had speculated Uber might fire Kalanick outright, in an arrangement typical of Silicon Valley firms he, co-founder Garrett Camp, and founding CEO Ryan Graves control an outsized share of company votes , making Kalanick's dismissal unlikely unless his colleagues oust him or he voluntarily leaves.

Research Waymo retires Firefly to focus on mass-produced vehicles
Author: 0 Waymo retires Firefly to focus on mass-produced vehicles

The self-driving bubble vehicle developed by Waymo , part of Google's parent firm Alphabet, is to be phased out, the firm has announced. Instead, Waymo will focus all its autonomous efforts on the fleet of Chrysler Pacifica minivans it's outfitted with self-driving tech.

Research Dozens injured in NY carbon monoxide leak
Author: 0 Dozens injured in NY carbon monoxide leak

It has been confirmed that the fire was caused by a broken flue pipe that leaked exhaust fumes into the basement of a restaurant. According to Chief James Leonard , the level of carbon monoxide in the building exceeded the level of FDNY meter.

Research Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Remake Coming to 3DS
Author: 0 Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Remake Coming to 3DS

Superstar Saga will once again see Mario and Luigi journey to the Beanbean Kingdom with Bowser to restore Princess Peach's voice, gameplay mechanics challenging players to control both characters at the same time to use their Bros. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions is planned to release October 6, 2017. At the end of the stream Nintendo also announced that the Boo, Koopa and Goomba amiibo from the Super Mario series will be compatible with Mario and Luigi ...

Research Parents of man released from NK say he's in coma
Author: 0 Parents of man released from NK say he's in coma

Warmbier's release coincided with a visit to the North by NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, but Nauert said that the two cases have nothing to do with each other. The official referred to them as "hostages". The U.S. government condemned the sentence and accused North Korea of using such American detainees as political pawns.

Author: 0 Apple HomePod to Compete with Amazon Echo, Google Home

We do a comparison of features to find out! Amazon and Google assistants had an advantage over Siri because they had more data from their search engines they could use to train their virtual assistants and have less-restrictive privacy policies than Apple , the former employees said .

Research Deepika to star in 'xXx4′
Author: 0 Deepika to star in 'xXx4′

The third instalment of xXx which marked the debut of Deepika Padukone in Hollywood opposite Vin Diesel released in India on January 13, 2017. It's good to see that Deepika Padukone has made so many fans in Hollywood too, and people are actually inquiring about her in the west.

Research E3 2017: New Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer arrives
Author: 0 E3 2017: New Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer arrives

Players can also expect to see a simpler version of the arts palette, with new battle techniques including the ability to topple enemies and relaunch them into the air, along with a blade combo attack which can be unleashed for maximum damage.

Research 'Doom' is getting a VR game
Author: 0 'Doom' is getting a VR game

These links leave Siliconera. For the first time in three years we are left asking; "does Bethesda have a large enough portfolio to justify an E3 showcase?" This will not just be a casual jolly through the wastes this will be a full on game that will see players fight for survival.

Research Uber CEO Kalanick says he will take leave of absence
Author: 0 Uber CEO Kalanick says he will take leave of absence

The report also suggested performance reviews for executives, a restructured and more independent board with an oversight committee, a rewrite of Uber's cultural values and mandatory leadership training for leaders in the organization. "Implementing these recommendations will improve our culture, promote fairness and accountability and establish processes and systems to ensure the mistakes of the past will not be repeated", the statement reads.

Author: 0 Golden State Warriors Win NBA Finals Over Cleveland Cavaliers

OAKLAND , CA - JUNE 12: Stephen Curry #30 and Patrick McCaw #0 of the Golden State Warriors celebrate after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 in Game 5 to win the 2017 NBA Finals at ORACLE Arena on June 12, 2017 in Oakland, California.

Research NHTSA Tesla Model X crash test videos highlight safety-first design
Author: 0 NHTSA Tesla Model X crash test videos highlight safety-first design

In the context of all vehicles the federal agency has ever tested, the Model X's overall probability of injury was second only to the Model S , according to Tesla . NHTSA's rating system predicts around a 93 percent chance of a passenger in the Model X walking away from serious crashes , to put the high ratings in more relatable terms.