Author: 0 Bangladesh facing uphill battle against Australia

The umpires did seek to restart play, although Australia's run total of 83 for one wicket from 16 overs wasn't enough to warrant a result when the match was eventually called off. Two years ago, England's woeful first-round exit from the last International Cricket Council 50-over tournament included a humiliating eight-wicket thrashing by New Zealand in Wellington .

Author: 0 Apple may finally be adding a file manager app in iOS 11

This is great for artists and others who prefer Apple's tablets, but also marks a new bragging right for Apple. For now, it's important to note that Siri can only translate from English, but it's easy to imagine Apple expanding this support in the near future.

Author: 0 Countdown for launch of GSLV MARK III begins today

And like always, our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended his heartiest congratulations to the complete ISRO team that worked on the GSLV Mark-III launch. The 640-tonne GSLV MkIII-D1 is capable of carrying payloads of up to four tonnes into the geosynchronous transfer orbit and 10 tonnes into the lower earth orbit.

Author: 0 Apple Revamps iPhone Software, Adds Augmented Reality Features

Apple wants to enhance the at-home music experience. Siri is becoming more proactive with the new operating system and there would be new watch faces including Disney characters. It puts on a Worldwide Developers Conference each year to show outside developers the latest software so they can create new apps and services that make the company's gadgets more useful.

Author: 0 Apple announces iOS11 and other tech features at WWDC

The Apple HomePod is a smart speaker that features integration with Apple Music and Siri . The assistant has been heavily updated by Apple to better understand context, the firm says, and in HomePod will be able to answer user queries and details about music when prompted using the voice command "Hey, Siri ".

Author: 0 The Newest iPad Pro Might Be the Best One Yet

The good news is that early versions of Apple's iOS 10 beta previous year were surprisingly stable. Apple is also bringing improvements to playing music and recording fitness activities. With iOS 11 , Messages now synchronize across all of your iOS and macOS devices via the cloud (while maintaining end-to-end encryption). Other new features are coming to Camera , Photos , and iMessages.

Research NASA plans to
Author: 0 NASA plans to "touch the sun", and people have lots of thoughts

The spacecraft , about the size of a small vehicle, is loaded with technological breakthroughs that will solve numerous largest mysteries about our star, including finding out why the Sun's corona is so much hotter than its surface. The probe will orbit within 6.2 million kilometres of the Sun's surface and withstand temperatures of almost 1,377 degrees Celsius. It is hoped that the probe will help answer questions about solar physics that scientists have puzzled over for more than six ...

Author: 0 Fatal Australian siege called terror attack

The 29-year-old Somali-born refugee was one of two men acquitted by a jury in 2010 of plotting a suicide attack against a Sydney army base. The siege in Australia follows the fatal terrorist attack in London in which three men mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbed revellers in nearby Borough Market.

Author: 0 Apple set to unveil smart speaker at annual tech conference

According to this leak, the Cupertino company is preparing a new file management app for the iOS 11. If it does, then some people have suggested that will be too long for a normal screen, and the top and bottom will function as some sort of extra display for showing status and other information.

Research Astronomers Find Planet Hotter Than Most Stars
Author: 0 Astronomers Find Planet Hotter Than Most Stars

The planet, which is a gas giant, orbits its star so closely that it manages to complete an entire orbit in just one and a half Earth days, which is almost 250 times faster than the Earth takes to get around our sun. What's more, these stars have certain characteristics that make finding their planets especially challenging. A-type stars are between about 7,000 and 9,700C and B-type stars are even hotter, with KELT-9 roughly in between.

Research Space station welcomes 1st returning vehicle since shuttle
Author: 0 Space station welcomes 1st returning vehicle since shuttle

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket stage is seen safely on its Florida landing pad with the trail of its fiery descent visible in this wonderful long-exposure photo taken June 3, 2017 after the booster launched a Dragon cargo ship to the International Space Station for NASA.

Research Fight over McChicken sandwich caught on camera
Author: 0 Fight over McChicken sandwich caught on camera

When the manager hands the woman her food, she rejects it and throws it back into the manager's face. The blonde woman was pulled over the counter, knocking over bottles. Two employees were jostled in the melee, but no one was hospitalized as a result. Amanda Gravely and her children were buying ice cream in the drive-thru when she saw the fight break out inside - she pulled out her phone and began recording.

Research India hopes new rocket can carry humans into space
Author: 0 India hopes new rocket can carry humans into space

The Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO ) has scheduled the launch of the most powerful satellite for today evening i.e. June 5. The President Pranab Mukherjee and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO for this historic launch.

Research LG X500 with 4500mAh battery launched: Price and other key features
Author: 0 LG X500 with 4500mAh battery launched: Price and other key features

Now talking about the pricing and availability, the LG X500 will be available starting June 9th in Korea. LG X500 is said to be Korean variant of the LG X Power 2 smartphone which was unveiled earlier this year. The storage memory can be further expandable up to 2TB via microSD card. Luckily the new LG X500 runs on Android 7.0 Nougat software out of the box.

Research Sony's cooking up a new Breaking Bad project for PlayStation VR
Author: 0 Sony's cooking up a new Breaking Bad project for PlayStation VR

Breaking Bad may have wrapped up a while ago, but a recent report indicates that we'll be seeing more of the TV show's universe - this time, as a virtual reality experience. In case you just haven't gotten enough of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman , take comfort in knowing that you'll be able to experience the world of Breaking Bad in virtual reality.

Author: 0 Apple Redesigns the App Store App

Most importantly to developers , Apple has refined its approval process to make greater strides toward approving apps within 24 hours. During past year WWDC , Apple is working on Siri for implementing it and using the future devices like the Airpods.

Author: 0 Apple Just Announced Literally the Coolest Mac Ever

The 5k 27-inch iMac starts at $1,799. Those Thunderbolt ports open up a lot of capability, letting you run two additional 5K display and two high-performance RAID arrays simultaneously. To bridge the gap, it's built a superpowered version of its all-in-one iMac that will be available in December. This means that fingerprint authentication to the devices will be twice as fast - or the same speed that everyone is used to since this sensor has been shipping on iPhones since the 6S.

Author: 0 Apple Announces watchOS 4 for Apple Watch with Siri Smart Watchface, More

The good news is, they're great watch faces! With each raise of the wrist, the information on the display dynamically updates based on the time of day, daily routines and pertinent data from apps such as Activity , Alarms, Breathe, Calendar, Maps, Reminders and Wallet, as well as headlines from the new Apple News™ app for Apple Watch .

Research NASA all set to launch world's first mission to Sun next year
Author: 0 NASA all set to launch world's first mission to Sun next year

The US space agency NASA has announced its first mission to the "touch the sun". It will be built to withstand heat of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, providing us with invaluable information about the sun's workings. Yet due to the high temperatures of the sun's surface, about 1,370 degrees celsius, this time no human will be able to travel inside the spacecraft."I like to call it the coolest, hottest mission under the sun", said NASA scientist Nicola Fox.

Author: 0 Apple reveals watchOS 4 at WWDC '17

Apple has also redesigned the dock with a vertical interface for scrolling through recent apps. One of the things Apple is updating is the watch face. New fitness features are coming too, with playlists in Music starting when a workout begins. It is thought that watchOS 4 will be released in "the Fall" - so a few months away yet.

Author: 0 ACP decries withdrawal from climate agreement

Mike Foley, Cuyahoga County Director of Sustainability, called Trump's decision "destructive and unsafe". "We will succeed", he continued. The process of removing the United States from the agreement will take three years, and under Trump's energy policies, the USA was already on track to vastly exceed their Paris pledge, having already rolled back the Clean Power Plan , the Obama administration's key regulatory method of cutting carbon emissions.

Research Could Trump use executive privilege to block Comey testimony?
Author: 0 Could Trump use executive privilege to block Comey testimony?

But asked directly whether Trump would invoke executive privilege to block Comey from speaking, she said: "The president will make that decision". Comey is scheduled to testify on Thursday before the Senate intelligence committee about his 9 May firing by President Donald Trump .

Author: 0 Duterte to extremists: No talks even if you kill hostages

Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao and suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus for 60 days following the attacks in Marawi last May 23. The local authorities said government officials, working through intermediaries, had reached an agreement with the militants to observe a four-hour ceasefire yesterday to let the trapped civilians leave.

Author: 0 Apple iMac 2017 won't be unveiled at WWDC; Only new MacBooks expected

Apple WWDC 2017: What will be the new MacBooks feature? After many years, Apple could give iOS a considerable overhaul, in terms of the look and the features. Moving to the iPad, the alleged insiders have suggested that a new size variant is expected to be launched but said that they don't have access to the tablet, as pointed out in a report by The Verge.

Author: 0 What To Expect From WWDC 2017 Keynote

So macOS is sure to be upgraded as well, possibly keeping up with the name of California landmarks like Sierra. We are a few hours away from this year's Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). A new 12-inch MacBook is also expected to show up at WWDC with a faster Kaby Lake processor, better graphics management, improved battery life and smoother app switching.

Author: 0 ISIS claims responsibility for London attack that killed 7

The BBC tonight broadcast an interview with an anonymous neighbor who said he was so concerned about the man he called authorities. "Muslims everywhere are outraged and disgusted at these cowards who once again have destroyed the lives of our fellow Britons", he said "That this should happen in this month of Ramadan , when many Muslims were praying and fasting, only goes to show that these people respect neither life nor faith".

Author: 0 False! Trump Claims Paris Deal Would Only Make 'Tiny' Difference

The EPA head in discussing Trump's decision to withdraw the us from the Paris climate accord refused to say on Friday whether the president believed climate change is real. Foreign investment opportunities, he said, were far different from when China first opened up. In the last 24 hours we have seen the leaders of China, France and Germany all pledge to continue to combat global warming despite Trump's decision.

Research NASA to launch first mission to the sun in 2018
Author: 0 NASA to launch first mission to the sun in 2018

One of the first things we're ever told as children is never to stare at the sun . NASA has embarked on many successful missions-from rocketing astronauts to the moon to launching the first spacecraft to reach interstellar space . NASA scientist Nicola Fox have described it as a "mission of extremes". The end goal is to be about 4 million miles from our star. "It was a fundamental insight that forever changed the way in which we understood the sun, the heliosphere and in general ...

Author: 0 Evangelical Reactions to Trump Pulling Out of Paris Climate Deal

Brad Smith, president of Microsoft Corp., said in a lengthy statement Thursday that the technology giant was "disappointed" with Trump's decision. "If such a major emitter as the United States is not going to cooperate entirely then it won't be possible to agree any deal in this area", Putin said.

Research EU Commissioner: Paris Deal Not Subject to Renegotiation Despite US Withdrawal
Author: 0 EU Commissioner: Paris Deal Not Subject to Renegotiation Despite US Withdrawal

US President Donald Trump announces his decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accords in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, on June 1, 2017. The US only sources about 13 percent of its electricity from renewable energy. "But I'm encouraged that other countries could have used this as an excuse to do less, but instead we're seeing them rallying around China and Europe to do more".

Author: 0 Putin tells NBC: US hackers could have framed Russia in election hack

Trump's known to change his mind on major issues. On Sunday, Lawmakers from both parties urged Trump not to stand in the way of Comey's testimony. He also attacked Kelly and the press for raising those questions. "It was like two different men: Off-camera and privately he towards me was warm, extremely polite ... was very personable one-one-one", she said. The Missouri Republican tells "Fox News Sunday" that "at some point, we'll hear the president's side".

Research Moto C launched in India for Rs. 5999
Author: 0 Moto C launched in India for Rs. 5999

The smartphone can be pre-booked via its company's official website. The tweet reads, "Bid Goodbye to a bulky phone & Say Hello to re-defined sleekness on the #MotoZ2Play!" Interestingly, the company is also offering pre-booking offers for the consumers.

Author: 0 Arrested as UK Prime Minister Vows Crackdown After London Attack

According to neighbours, the dead attacker lived there for about three years and was married with two children. Witnesses reported seeing injured people on the ground on the bridge. Twenty-one remained in critical condition Sunday. Among the wounded were New Zealand, Canadian, German, French and Spanish citizens, officials said. "No reason to be alarmed", Khan said, describing a more visible presence as "one of things the police and all of us need to do to make sure we are as safe as ...

Author: 0 Michael Bloomberg Is Coming To The United Nations' Rescue

It followed in the footsteps of Hawaii, Portland and Salt Lake City, which have similar targets. "We will support them and fight on their side". In 2006, the town of Chapel Hill and UNC-Chapel Hill became the first town-gown partners in the country to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent by 2050 with the Community Carbon Reduction (CRed) pledge .

Author: 0 Elon Musk quits as Trump adviser over Paris withdrawal

Austrian officials Friday joined the global chorus in criticizing the decision by US president Donald Trump to pull out of the Paris climate agreement , according to local media reports. "Mayors, governors, and business leaders from both political parties are signing [on to] a statement of support that we will submit to the U.N.", Bloomberg said, "and together, we will reach the emission reduction goals the USA made in Paris in 2015".

Author: 0 US states, cities and firms unite behind Paris accord

President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw met immediate backlash both domestically and overseas. Bell also agreed this week to sign letters to Trump and the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change from mayors, governors, business and university leaders expressing concern about the withdrawal and promising a continued commitment to cut carbon in their own communities.

Author: 0 Putin: 'I didn't even really talk' to Flynn during dinner

Putin said Russian Federation has not had any relationship with Trump . 'Can you imagine something like that? In the midst of a political battle? Kelly asked Putin if he was holding any kind of damaging information about Trump, either involving Trump's finances or a visit Trump made to Russian Federation as a businessman.