Author: 0 Life on Saturn's moon?

This June 28, 2009 image provided by NASA, taken by the global Cassini spacecraft , shows Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. The presence of hydrogen in the ocean on this moon of Saturn means that microbes - if they exist there - could use it to obtain energy by combining it with carbon dioxide dissolved in the water there, scientists said.

Research Lavrov: I Told Tillerson That US Syria Strikes Contradict Anti-Terror Goal
Author: 0 Lavrov: I Told Tillerson That US Syria Strikes Contradict Anti-Terror Goal

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations , Nikki Haley, called on Moscow to stop protecting Assad and said the United States wants to work with Russian Federation toward a political solution for Syria. It appears that Russian Federation felt stung by the USA attack on Syria and no amount of U.S. convincing can convince Moscow that Damascus planned and executed the chemical attack.

Author: 0 Bixby can be run on older Samsung smartphones but unofficially

The company says phones will now go through multiple inspections, including X-rays and stress tests at extreme temperatures. That means, in portrait orientation, a long, thin screen with a lot of space for the main content. At the bottom, meanwhile, the loss of the home button lets the screen extend down to around half a centimeter from the base of the device. But before they are being put on sale we take a look at two of the most-talked about smartphones from the South Korean tech giants ...

Author: 0 Russian Federation metro explosion: One suspect in St. Petersburg subway blast identified

Petersburg on Monday. Russian Federation on Wednesday scrambled to unravel the possible motives of the alleged bomber behind a blast in the Saint Petersburg metro that killed 13 people, as the grieving city mourned its dead. Officials have said the suicide attacker behind Monday's blast in St. Petersburg that killed 13 others was a native of the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan.

Author: 0 On Asia Trip, Pence May Fill Details On North Korea Policy

The deployment of forces could be viewed as a clear indication of the US administration's willingness to take military action against North Korea if necessary. Trump, who has proved to be unpredictable on foreign policy, has responded to the recent concerns over North Korea with a swagger that suggests a new, tougher stance.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Won't Launch With Bixby Voice

Bixby Voice is perhaps the headline feature of Samsung's new assistant, and will let you use your voice to perform everyday tasks such as sending emails, editing photos and placing calls. The company did not give an explanation for the delay. You can even pair Google's Assistant with the Bixby button. This news would certainly disappoint the buyers who have been waiting to try out the Bixby assistant on the Galaxy S8.

Research Jadhav used fake identity, India failed to respond to query: Aziz
Author: 0 Jadhav used fake identity, India failed to respond to query: Aziz

Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakariya has said that India stands totally exposed on the issue of terror-financing and perpetrating subversive acts in Pakistan. Why would an innocent man possess two passports, one with a Hindu name and another with a Muslim name? India has never taken diplomatic escalation to such a level, even during Kargil conflict and 1971 war, the annual engagements like meeting of Water Commissioners on Indus water treaty went on as usual, added Desai.

Author: 0 North Korea attempts but fails to launch the missile - South Korea

The Associated Press has quoted United States officials as saying the Trump administration will focus on working with China to raise pressure on North Korea rather than stepping in with military force. The portraits of late leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are seen lit at dawn at Kim Il Sung Square on Saturday, April 15, 2017, in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Research Apple receives permit to test self-driving cars in California
Author: 0 Apple receives permit to test self-driving cars in California

But with its permit, Apple is leaping into an increasingly competitive race to build the world's first mainstream self-driving auto. Apple's permit in California applies to three vehicles - all 2015 Lexus RX 450h hybrid SUVs - and six individual drivers, according to The Assciated Press.

Author: 0 It is smarter to wait before placing order for Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available for preorder. Sure, I admit, the performance on the aforementioned phones was near-flawless, but that does not excuse Samsung from using better optics on both phones. After rolling this update for Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, the company has launched the update for it's another smartphone. A video demonstration shows the Galaxy S8's facial recognition software being fooled by an image of the phone's owner.

Author: 0 Saturn's Moon Enceladus Could Have Conditions for Life

Cassini scientists detected hydrogen molecules - which could potentially provide a chemical energy source for life - in water pouring into the subsurface ocean of Enceladus from hydrothermal activity on the seafloor. "The next time we go back ... you're going to take something that not only picks up on the habitability story, but it starts looking for evidence for life".

Author: 0 How serious would a conflict with North Korea be?

Adding to Chinese unease, US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that "the problem of North Korea" would be " taken care of". Wang last month urged North Korea to suspend its nuclear weapon and missile tests in exchange for South Korea and the USA putting their war games on hold, reviving a proposal first raised by Pyongyang.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Embarrasses Mid-Market Device

But early looks indicate Bixby is no Siri. Tricking facial recognition software with photos is one of the first things that it is tested when devising such biometric security features. This is a new feature that has been strongly linked with the next generation iPhone, and again Apple could be deemed rather dated in its approach if it fails to deliver this once more.

Research Klopp questions decision to make Dortmund play so soon after attack
Author: 0 Klopp questions decision to make Dortmund play so soon after attack

Nobody was killed but defender Marc Bartra was hospitalised with a broken wrist after he was hit by broken glass. Police are now investigating the situation, and a 25-year-old Iraqi has been detained. "I get goosebumps ... when we were in the bus last night, I can't forget the faces". I know we earn a lot of money. "We wished we would have had more time to deal with what happened, but someone in Switzerland decided we must play".

Author: 0 Protesters call for President Trump to release his tax returns

Tax Day marches are scheduled in three North Carolina cities to protest President Donald Trump refusing to release his tax returns. The rally, which will also feature music and a 13-foot "Chicken Don" balloon, comes on a day of marches and demonstrations across the country , including NY and Washington D.C.

Author: 0 NASA Finds Potentially Habitable Ocean Environment on Saturn's Moon

There are three essential ingredients for life: water, a source of energy for metabolism, and a mixture of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur. On its seafloor, hydrothermal activity that was pouring into its subsurface ocean was found. The green oval highlights the plumes Hubble observed on Europa .

Author: 0 Ingredients for life exist on Saturn's moon Enceladus

Cassini uncovered the hydrogen during its final close flyby of Enceladus in 2015, when it dove deeper than ever through its plumes of vapor and particles. As for Jupiter's moon Europa , the observation is less definitive and more remote, coming from the Hubble Space Telescope. Cassini has detected hydrogen molecules in vapour plumes emanating from cracks in the surface of Enceladus, a small ocean moon coated in a thick layer of ice, the U.S.

Research Leicester draw like a win for Palace - Allardyce
Author: 0 Leicester draw like a win for Palace - Allardyce

Leicester manager Craig Shakespeare made lots of changes for their last league game, at Everton, with that match in Madrid in mind. Palace chairman Steve Parish was presumably motivated by similar concerns when he dismissed Pardew and installed Allardyce in December.

Research Star Wars Battlefront II Panel Live Stream from Star Wars Celebration
Author: 0 Star Wars Battlefront II Panel Live Stream from Star Wars Celebration

So, sadly, Carrie will not be in IX. He added that in no way is this the end of what his team is doing in " Star Wars " animation. I didn't know this myself but apparently, the team who brought us the high adrenaline series Burnout also previously worked on the Star Wars: Battlefront VR experience that was released late past year.

Author: 0 Samsung Fails to Deliver Bixby Voice Assistant with Galaxy S8 at Launch

The software update is scheduled to come in the Spring, but the company did not give an exact date. The company has refused to comment on why the voice command has been delayed. Also, Samsung Electronics had already hinted that the Bixby voice wouldn't be launching in full, originally, detailing that voice controls would be integrated into some key native apps with a limited number of languages being supported at launch.

Research Motorola Moto C leaked images
Author: 0 Motorola Moto C leaked images

The Moto C pictured above will feature a camera bump at the rear, same as the Moto G5 Plus and also feature rear bottom faced speakers, which is a letdown, but acceptable though. Interestingly, Motorola has also got approval for another device XT1750 which will have internal memory of 8GB. Looks like the specialty of Motorola Moto E series is the battery power.

Research CBSE files FIR against author, publisher
Author: 0 CBSE files FIR against author, publisher

Javadekar said officers concerned have been told to take appropriate action and said the government will ensure that CBSE schools follow books published only by the NCERT. In the complaint to the police CBSE further states, that is pertinent to mention that the Class XII curriculum of P.ed is created to meet certain objectives which promote health and fitness amongst youth.

Research 2 killed, 1 injured in Arizona mall shooting
Author: 0 2 killed, 1 injured in Arizona mall shooting

The Arizona Daily Star said the shooting was a murder-suicide. She was shot in the leg and was expected to recover. Don't miss another special section. "[We] heard some screaming, some scuffling up at the bar". Others said they saw a man held down by others inside the restaurant. There were probably about 10 shots - and it was pretty harrowing.

Research Uber strikes back against Waymo's lawsuit over alleged stolen trade secrets
Author: 0 Uber strikes back against Waymo's lawsuit over alleged stolen trade secrets

Uber Technologies Inc. denies Waymo's allegations of trade-secrets theft - the ride-hailing company's driverless auto technology is completely different from its competitor's designs. At a recent court hearing, held in private but leaked to the press, Mr Levandowski invoked his Fifth Amendment rights, a constitutional clause that allows USA citizens to resist any request to share information that could put them at risk of self-incrimination.

Author: 0 Samsung reports record $8.76 bn quarterly operating profit

LG Electronics also said its first-quarter operating profit is estimated at 921.5 billion won. The combined sales of Samsung Electronics new flagship Galaxy S8 series, which will officially hit the shelves later this month, are expected to surpass the 40-million-unit-mark, industry data showed on Friday.

Author: 0 Nintendo Direct Explains Arms' Characters, Strategies, and More

The games will be released in June 2017 and July 2017 respectively. Shifty available on April 13 and if you've not seen anything of it so far, its basically a sort of top-down heist game in the style of Hotline Miami. One of the current problems about the latest Nintendo Switch console is the limited number of games you could play with it. I'm pretty sure the game would be included in Nintendo's new paid online subscription plan, but the game should also support four-player LAN co-op across ...

Author: 0 Hackers release files indicating NSA monitored global bank transfers

The release of the tools comes after WikiLeaks today published documents about purported Central Intelligence Agency backend malware with a "public-facing HTTPS interface". The Shadow Brokers released documents on Friday (14 April), which experts believe suggest that the NSA monitored global bank transfers. It operates as a messaging system for such things as letters of credit, payments and securities transactions between banks.

Author: 0 Premier League Mourinho gives downbeat assessment on key Manchester United trio

United are on a 21-game unbeaten league run since losing 4-0 in October at Chelsea, who have the best away record in the league, having lost just twice in 16 games this season. "I think he's a great player now, a top player". "He helped me a lot and then what happened is that the following season didn't go well, these things that happen, but the truth is that Mourinho helped me a lot to improve as a player".

Research India
Author: 0 India "too poor" to consider expansion says, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

At a time when most worldwide tech companies are looking to get a pie of the Indian market, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel believes that his app is only for "rich people". It was during the September 11, 2015 presentation when Spiegal allegedly made the comments that have so irked Indians on Twitter. Pompliano said he proposed ideas about adding users in worldwide markets that already heavily used other social networks, like Spain and India.

Research Border Patrol Union President: Illegal Immigration Decline 'Strictly' Due to Trump
Author: 0 Border Patrol Union President: Illegal Immigration Decline 'Strictly' Due to Trump

A portion of the entrance exam testing Spanish language skills may also be eliminated, though agents will still be required to demonstrate "the appropriate level of proficiency in Spanish", the assessment reads. Like the wall, numerous administration's immigration goals depend on congressional funding, as the draft memo notes in nearly every section. At a national border security expo in San Antonio, TX this week, Border Patrol Chief Ronald Vitiello said that his agency is losing employees ...

Author: 0 Trump on Assad: 'That's a butcher'

Before travelling to Moscow for talks with his Russian and Syrian counterparts, Zarif criticised Washington's unilateral move and reiterated his call for an impartial global investigation into the attack, Efe news reported. "We discussed our view that Russian Federation as their closest ally in the conflict perhaps has the best means of helping Assad recognise this reality", he said.

Research Eight college students drown in sea
Author: 0 Eight college students drown in sea

Those hospitalized have been identified as Sanket Gadvi, Anita Hajli, Akandha Ghatge, the official said. Police said local fishermen helped them in the rescue and that the students ventured out into the sea, despite warning from locals of strong current and high tide at the time.

Author: 0 Saturn's moon Enceladus harbours chemical energy for life

Scientists have found signs of potentially life-supporting chemical energy in a plume of liquid erupting from the surface of one of Saturn's moons and, for a second time, have also spotted a similar, intriguing fountain on one of Jupiter's moons, NASA announced Thursday.

Research Saturn moon Enceladus could sustain alien life
Author: 0 Saturn moon Enceladus could sustain alien life

It means Enceladus may have the same single-celled organisms which began life on Earth, or more complex life still. Either way the implications are profound. Like Enceladus, Jupiter's moon Europa is thought to have an ocean under an icy crust. Update: NASA's Hubble telescope was also able to find evidence of an erupting plume back in 2016 during its orbit, further confirming the findings of Cassini's mission as legit.

Research Saturn moon has necessary conditions to harbor life
Author: 0 Saturn moon has necessary conditions to harbor life

This composition was measured with the help of Cassini's Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer (INMS) instrument, which sniffs gases to detect their composition. A decade later, scientists measuring the moon's slightly wobbly orbit around Saturn determined it holds a vast ocean buried 19- to 25 miles (30- to 40 km) beneath its icy shell.

Author: 0 Spray from Saturn's moon suggests it could support life

NASA says the discovery will help it to better equip the Europa Clipper mission set for the 2020's when a probe will visit the moon to examine the plumes. Using a spectrometer, the spacecraft determined that the plumes are 98 percent water and one percent hydrogen, with traces of molecules including ammonia, carbon dioxide and methane.

Author: 0 New iPad Pro This 2017: Specs, Price, Release Date & What To Expect

The iPad gets the more powerful Apple 64-bit A9 chip, a step up from the iPad Air 2 A8X chip. Apple will expand the new iPad's market availability in the following months, adding more countries in April and May. It has an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and 1.2-MP front-facing FaceTime unit. Look own the specs list: on nearly every count it's worse than the (year-old, although admittedly still very expensive) iPad Pro 9.7-inch, including being mysteriously thicker and heavier despite ...

Research Surface Pro 5 to launch this April?
Author: 0 Surface Pro 5 to launch this April?

When is the "Microsoft Surface Pro 5" release date? It added that the unavailability of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on online stores is an indication that a new flagship will be released soon. A leak claimed that Pegatron, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company who made the Surface Studio, has been chosen, yet again, to produce the device.