Medical Surgeons Remove 30 Pounds of Man's Intestines After Being Constipated For Years
Author: 0 Surgeons Remove 30 Pounds of Man's Intestines After Being Constipated For Years

According to the Mayo Clinic , Hirschsprung's disease is a condition that affects the large intestines and makes it hard for the individual to have a bowel movement. Therefore, younger children are at an increased risk of having Hirschsprung's disease if an older sibling has been diagnosed. Furthermore, Hirschsprung's is associated with certain inherited conditions, such as Down's syndrome and other abnormalities present at birth, such as congenital heart disease, according to the Mayo ...

Author: 0 "Epidemic level of West Nile Virus" expected in Ada County

The county recommends residents empty containers every five days to prevent adult mosquitoes from emerging. Stagnant water sitting in buckets, clogged rainspouts, toys, boats, unattended swimming pools, etc. Katie Bryan, a WDH epidemiologist, said mosquitos spread West Nile virus when they feed on infected birds and then bite people, animals and other birds, and says most people infected don't realize it's happened until they experience symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches, skin rash ...

Medical Bill Cosby sex assault case in hands of jury
Author: 0 Bill Cosby sex assault case in hands of jury

Andrea Constand , right, leaves the courtroom after closing arguments in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., Monday, June 12, 2017. Mr Cosby arrived at court on Monday with his wife, Camille, who made her first appearance at the high-profile trial in Norristown, a suburb of Philadelphia.

Medical On World No Tobacco Day, Nunavut urges people to go tobacco
Author: 0 On World No Tobacco Day, Nunavut urges people to go tobacco

Not only does tobacco affect the environment during growing, production and packaging - but people throw away 500 million kilograms of cigarette butts every year, he said. She told The Citizen that strong political will is needed in dealing with cigarette or tobacco smoking , as she cited an example from other countries, such as Australia which have made strides in tobacco control.

Medical Take Scottish independence vote off table, Ruth Davidson tells Nicola Sturgeon
Author: 0 Take Scottish independence vote off table, Ruth Davidson tells Nicola Sturgeon

Labour gained a number of seats back from the SNP , with the party making a return to winning ways in Scotland's largest city as they took Glasgow North East from Anne McLaughlin. "It is not yet clear where her ceiling lies", adds Deerin, "but she has fans in interesting places - if she announced tomorrow that she had chose to lead a United Kingdom version of En Marche!, she would have the money and backing to do it".

Medical 4 people hurt in Lawrence fire that destroyed or damaged 8 buildings
Author: 0 4 people hurt in Lawrence fire that destroyed or damaged 8 buildings

The Saratoga street homes effected are single-family and the occupied homes on Bennington are multi-family. Damages are estimated to be more than $1 million. "The heat is a problem, and the water", Moriarty said, as dozens of firefighters worked behind him. An area school had been opened as a shelter for people who lost their homes in the blaze.

Author: 0 After Ben Gummer's exit, new Cabinet Office minister is Damian Green

Gove, who was expected to back Boris in his bid to become prime minister, declared that he would also seek to become Tory leader after publicly claiming that Bojo "cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead". He was made Environment Secretary, taking the role formerly held by Andrea Leadsom. Downing Street has also revealed that Liam Fox has retained his role as worldwide trade secretary.

Author: 0 United Kingdom urges Gulf states to ease blockade against Qatar

Last week, Saudi Arabia, Egypt , the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain severed ties with Qatar . US President Donald Trump held the first meeting of his full Cabinet today, vowing to take the fight against terrorism to the very end and said "we are going to starve the beast" by stopping its funding.

Medical Obesity rising in nations rich and poor, especially in kids
Author: 0 Obesity rising in nations rich and poor, especially in kids

Dr. Murray said that the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is committed to producing more in-depth studies focused on the implications of obesity and overweight . Bangladesh and Vietnam had the two lowest obesity rates, at around 1 percent each. Tam Fry, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said: "Governments throughout the world , caught like rabbits in vehicle headlights, become petrified in the face of escalating obesity".

Author: 0 DUP will use increased influence responsibly, Arlene Foster says

He also insisted he had no ambition on taking the top job, telling Good Morning Britain: "I am not interested". "I think now we are in a longer period of uncertainty". " Theresa May is a dead woman walking ". The new government is set to present its legislative programme to parliament on June 19, although there were indications this could be delayed as the Conservatives seek to bolster their position.

Author: 0 LeBron says he'd want Magic, Jordan as his 3-on-3 teammates

Compared the traditional 5-on-5 game that most players are used to, this 3-on-3 version might require a different skill set. "I think it's great for basketball", said James, per ESPN. He also was quick to respond when asked by the AP who his dream teammates for the event would be - Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan - although he chose to hedge diplomatically when asked which current players he'd want to team up with, saying he'd "have to think about it".

Medical Alert issues for missing 9-year-old
Author: 0 Alert issues for missing 9-year-old

Florida Department of Law Enforcement believes Meachum may be with 39-year-old Tony Hughes and 39-year-old Chrissy Hughes. Meachum was last seen on Atz Boulevard in Malabar . A search is underway for a body where the boat was found. They urge anyone who spots them to call 911. Witnesses told deputies that there have been domestic issues between Tony and Chrissy Hughes, although there were no calls to the residence related to domestic invidents, nor any domestic injunctions in place.

Medical E3 2017: Hyperkin Announces Duke Xbox One Controller
Author: 0 E3 2017: Hyperkin Announces Duke Xbox One Controller

But to date, it's been limited to the USA and Canada. The experiment has been a success for the company, with Xbox Global Marketing Manager Bree White sharing today on Xbox Wire that fans have already created "hundreds of thousands of unique designs that express their creativity and style".

Medical Professor eats his pro-Brexit book after election stunner
Author: 0 Professor eats his pro-Brexit book after election stunner

Well since Corbyn managed to secure 40% of the national vote, Goodwin, co-author of Brexit: Why Britain voted to leave the European Union , just kept his promise by embarking on that very task on Sky News . "So I'm going to sit here and eat my book while you carry on", Goodwin said on Sky News before chomping on some pages. "It's pretty hard, there are a lot of chemicals, but I have to finish it all", said Matthew Goodwin .

Medical Katy Perry opens up on livestream about suicidal thoughts
Author: 0 Katy Perry opens up on livestream about suicidal thoughts

During her chat with McKesson, the singer addressed her struggle with interviews and attempting to "avoid traps" they set for her. Perry sat with therapist Dr. On Friday, fans got to see a different side of Katy Perry , who usually puts smiles on millions of faces. We are left in awe of Katy's courageous honesty, and love her even more for keeping it so real.

Medical London attack: Body pulled from Thames River is 8th victim, officials say
Author: 0 London attack: Body pulled from Thames River is 8th victim, officials say

Scotland Yard has confirmed that Butt was known to police and MI5 but said there was "no intelligence to suggest that this attack was being planned" and the probe "had been prioritised accordingly". Youssef Zaghba is said to have told Italian police "I'm going to be a terrorist" when he was stopped trying to travel to Syria past year. When asked by authorities about his intentions, Amato said, Zaghba initially replied that he was leaving to become "a terrorist".

Author: 0 Damian Green is appointed First Secretary of State

Greg Clark has been reappointed as business secretary , in a move backed by Incpen chief executive Paul Vanston, who said on social media it was "helpful news" that the Government could continue with its industrial strategy. "I think there is concern about the policies of the DUP , the domestic policies in Northern Ireland, but I think it's pretty clear that any arrangement that is reached is not going to be a full coalition", he told BBC Radio 4.

Medical Missouri lawmakers start session on abortion
Author: 0 Missouri lawmakers start session on abortion

Greitens said he wants common-sense health and safety standards in all medical facilities, such as requiring annual safety inspections of abortion clinics. "This measure ensures that Missourians will be able to use a driver's license to fly or visit a military base", said Greitens in a statement prior to signing the law at Whiteman Air Force Base.

Author: 0 Theresa May to form government with help of Democratic Unionist party

Mrs Merkel went on to say she hoped the United Kingdom would remain a good partner. It is not clear yet whether the Conservatives and DUP will form a coalition , in which both parties will jointly govern (perhaps with some cabinet posts for the DUP), or whether the DUP will simply support the "minority government" from the outside, supporting the Conservatives on key votes but not being part of the cabinet.

Medical Trump says Qatar funding terrorism at 'high level'
Author: 0 Trump says Qatar funding terrorism at 'high level'

The U.S. has roughly 10,000 troops in Qatar, and relies on a major base there as the staging ground for operations in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. "I want to call on all of the nations to stop immediately supporting terrorism , stop teaching people to kill other people, stop filling their minds with hate and intolerance".

Medical British PM May reaches deal with Northern Ireland party
Author: 0 British PM May reaches deal with Northern Ireland party

Confident of securing a sweeping victory, May had called the snap election to strengthen her hand in the European Union divorce talks. "A reduced parliamentary majority for the Conservative Party means that the party's Eurosceptics are more influential".

Author: 0 Will the Warriors close out the NBA Finals in Game 5?

Golden State's Draymond Green isn't suspended for Game 5, but his histrionics when calls went against him in Game 4 were a distraction. Both teams have made most of the necessary adjustments. Cleveland scored 49 points in the first quarter, an NBA Finals-record for any period, and opened an 86-68 lead at halftime, with James totaling 22 points, eight assists and six rebounds .

Medical Denial of permission to docs is cultural fascism: Kerala Minister
Author: 0 Denial of permission to docs is cultural fascism: Kerala Minister

Chairman of Kerala State Film Academy and filmmaker Kamal said that there is cultural emergency in the country. "These three films are based on socially relevant themes". Sebastian also believes the government has made a conscious decision to not allow these films to be screened as it dealt with issues which pose uncomfortable questions.

Author: 0 IOS 11, Android O to Feature Limit on 'Always-On' Location Tracking

The latest report reiterates previous rumours that iPhone 8 will have an embedded fingerprint scanner. The debate is still on regarding this, with some believing Apple will disguise them completely and other pointing towards a small sensor bar being present on top.

Medical Heat warning issued for Waterloo Region
Author: 0 Heat warning issued for Waterloo Region

They say staying indoors with air conditioning is the easiest way to prevent overheating. High gusting winds across the nation's capital are also helping to keep the temperatures in check. Tuesday's was forecast at 28 and the temperature was expected to drop to 23 by Wednesday. Extreme heat can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even death.

Author: 0 California winner of $447M Powerball can claim prize Monday

A single winning Powerball ticket matching all six numbers has been sold in California and will claim an estimated $447.8 million jackpot. The largest lottery jackpot in US was just in January of past year, when three winners split a total of $1.8 billion.

Medical Kevin Kline, Cynthia Nixon win early Tony Awards honoring Broadway's best
Author: 0 Kevin Kline, Cynthia Nixon win early Tony Awards honoring Broadway's best

Nixon, while accepting her Tony for best featured actress in a play , turned political at the end of her speech. To tunes from musicals including " Dear Evan Hansen " and " Groundhog Day ", emcee Kevin Spacey made an ongoing joke of his last-resort emcee status in a lineup of well-liked Tony hosts that has included Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris and (last year) James Corden.

Medical Max Scherzer Becomes Third-Fastest to Reach 2000 K's
Author: 0 Max Scherzer Becomes Third-Fastest to Reach 2000 K's

Scherzer is now the third-fastest pitcher to reach 2,000 strikeouts in both innings pitched and number of games. The Rangers tied the game at 1-1 in the third as Choo (two hits), the leadoff hitter for Texas, hit a solo homer off Scherzer, the 11th homer the right-hander has allowed.

Author: 0 Tax rates on pickles, insulin and school bags lowered

The council has lowered tax rates on insulin from 12% to 5%, packaged food including some fruits and vegetables from 18% to 12%, and agarbatti from 12% to 5%. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has revised tax rates levied on 66 items under the GST scheme to be rolled out on July 1. "One, to maintain revenue neutrality to the extent possible but ease the burden on SMEs , and also reduce the burden on these three categories which are mass job creators", said Jaitley.

Medical 'Ukrainians celebrate visa-free travel to EU'
Author: 0 'Ukrainians celebrate visa-free travel to EU'

Later in the day, he attended a celebration at the Uzhgorod border, where he met with Slovak President Andrej Kiska. Only those with biometric passports-containing a microchip with personal data, including fingerprints-can take advantage of the visa-free travel for the time being.

Author: 0 John McCain's line of questioning baffled almost everyone, including James Comey

John McCain says he has a perfectly good excuse for that freakish line of questioning during the Comey hearing Thursday. he watched too much baseball the night before. "I don't quite understand how you can be done with that but not done with the whole investigation of their attempt to affect the outcome of our election", McCain said.

Author: 0 Theresa May FINALLY says she's SORRY after general election shock

The party said Saturday that Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill have quit. Earlier Saturday, May's top aides, her joint chiefs of staff both resigned. "May fights to remain PM", headlined the Conservative-supporting Daily Telegraph headlined, while the Daily Mail said: " Tories turn on Theresa".

Medical Trump in tweets, Calls Ex FBI Chief Comey a 'Leaker' After Testimony
Author: 0 Trump in tweets, Calls Ex FBI Chief Comey a 'Leaker' After Testimony

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described the situation with Qatar in much more nuanced remarks to reporters, going so far as to criticize Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries for their "blockade" of the small nation, saying it was disrupting American businesses, families and "hindering USA military actions in the region and the campaign against ISIS".

Author: 0 NY Anti-Islamic Law Rally, Counter-Protest Face Off

Organizers called the "March Against Sharia" rallies to protest what they say is the threat to US society posed by the set of traditional Muslim practices, which they say includes oppression of women, honor killings, homophobic violence, female genital mutilation and other abuses.

Author: 0 Nadal's no good with numbers? He seeks No. 10 at French Open

It also would raise Nadal's overall grand-slam haul to 15, moving to outright second and three away from great rival Roger Federer's men's record of 18. Thiem , also a semifinalist at Roland Garros previous year, is coming off a straight-set upset of defending champion Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals.

Medical Las Vegas hotel guests contract Legionnaires' disease
Author: 0 Las Vegas hotel guests contract Legionnaires' disease

Healthy people rarely get sick from the disease but those who do usually develop fever, cough, chills or muscle aches within two to 10 days after exposure to the bacteria. Legionella bacteria can cause a severe type of pneumonia which is what it's known as Legionnaires' disease . The property was informing past and current guests on the developments, health officials said.

Author: 0 Iran says it killed mastermind of Tehran terror attack

On Friday, his ministry said 41 suspected IS "agents" were arrested after the attacks in Tehran and in the northwestern provinces of Kermanshah, Kurdistan, and West Azerbaijan, near the borders with Iraq and Turkey . While the eight-year Iran-Iraq War (1980-88), in which US backed Saddam Hussein campaign to secure Iranian oil-fields following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, was one of the longest and bloodiest wars of the 20th Century (killing over one-million Iranians and Iraqis), Iran has ...

Medical Duck Die-off Leads to Temporary Draining of DC Reflecting Pool
Author: 0 Duck Die-off Leads to Temporary Draining of DC Reflecting Pool

Crews will begin draining the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on Sunday and begin cleaning it once the pool is fully drained on Tuesday. If they manage to burrow under the skin they can cause an allergic rash - "swimmer's itch" or cercarial dermatitis - but only if someone wades or swims in the water for a sustained period.