Industry Sega planning
Author: 0 Sega planning "revival of past IPs" moving forward

While no details as to what "major IPs" SEGA plans to revive, we can't help but throw around the idea of a new Golden Axe, Shinobi, or Streets of Rage game. A long-awaited PC port for the 2010 sci-fi shooter Vanquish will finally be headed to Steam on May 25, but this is merely the warm-up to the release of some of SEGA's bigger IPs throughout 2017.

Industry Parappa Developers Reveal Project Rap Rabbit
Author: 0 Parappa Developers Reveal Project Rap Rabbit

PaRappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura and Gitaroo Man creator Keiichi Yano have joined forces for a new game now going under the glorious name of Project Rap Rabbit. So far it sounds like something fans of music rhythm games, or just creative titles in general, should look forward to. With those precedents, it was nearly guaranteed that Project Rap Rabbit would also present a very unique art direction, which has been confirmed by the teaser video.

Industry Latest Netflix app doesn't want to play with rooted devices
Author: 0 Latest Netflix app doesn't want to play with rooted devices

A previous study into the number of Android users who root their phones found that a significant portion - 27.44pc - had done so to boost their phone's performance or remove default apps. Widevine is actually a Google-made DRM technology that works across several mobile and desktop platforms. Any devices which aren't Google-certified won't be able to install Netflix app from the Play Store.

Author: 0 Ransomware cyber-attack a wake-up call

In Indonesia, the ransomware hit computers in at least two hospitals, prompting the Indonesian government to urge businesses to update computer security. For the first time in history this software is stolen. Russia, Ukraine, India and Taiwan were the most seriously affected countries, according to cyber security company Kaspersky Lab.

Industry Microsoft re-releases security update after cyberattacks
Author: 0 Microsoft re-releases security update after cyberattacks

There are 3 Bitcoin wallet addresses hard coded into the ransomware and they now have 47, 52 and 40 transactions. Instead, they can use them for intelligence gathering or law enforcement. In China, universities and other educational institutions were among the hardest hit, possibly because schools tend to have old computers and be slow to update operating systems and security, said Fang Xingdong, founder of ChinaLabs, an internet strategy think tank.

Author: 0 No Announcement Friday On Laptop Ban Expansion

The U.S. ban already in place requires passengers on worldwide flights to put all laptop computers, electronic tablets and other devices larger than a smartphone into luggage checked into the cargo compartment. Kelly briefed members of Congress Thursday and held a meeting with high level executives of Delta Air Lines (DAL.N), United Airlines (UAL.N), American Airlines Group Inc (AAL.O) and Airlines For America, a trade group.

Industry Next global cyber-attack likely on Monday
Author: 0 Next global cyber-attack likely on Monday

Separately, Europol Jan Op Gen Oorth said Sunday that the number of individuals who have fallen victim to the cyberextortion attack could be much higher than is now known as more people may find they were hit by the virus when they return to work Monday and switch on their computers.

Author: 0 What Will Fall's Windows 10 Update Bring?

Starting in the summer, Windows Server is joining the Windows Insider program, with Microsoft offering regular preview builds of the server operating system. Fluent Design is a journey for Microsoft and Windows 10. In March, Android topped the worldwide OS Internet usage market share with 37.93%, which put it marginally ahead of Windows (37.91%) for the first time.

Author: 0 Ransomware cyber-attack threat escalating - Europol

Huss told The Associated Press on Saturday he's thankful it wasn't someone "with malicious intent" who discovered how to stop the attack. Hospitals, major companies and government offices were hit by a virus that seeks to seize control of computers until the victims pay a ransom.

Author: 0 Cyber attack hits 200000 in at least 150 countries -Europol

Ransomware is a type of malicious software created to block access to a computer system or data until a ransom is paid. Europol has warned that the threat "will continue to grow" as people return to work on Monday. The patches won't do any good for machines that have already been hit . Wainwright said Europol provided free downloads of decryption programs for most ransomware.

Author: 0 Government seeks answers on cyber-attack

A computer screen shows an error message after Britain's National Health Service was hacked. Experts fear that the ransomware worm that stopped vehicle factories, hospitals, shops and schools in more than 100 countries could wreak fresh havoc on Monday when employees log back on.

Author: 0 Microsoft Windows 10 S wants you to stick to its default browser

Other leaks have been suggesting that Microsoft will focus more on battery life savings, to counter the Chrome OS . The device weighs 2.76 pounds and is made of plastic, metal, and Alcantara fabric, which covers the backlit keyboard like on the Surface Pro 4.

Author: 0 Cyber attack hit 200000 victims across 150 countries, says Europol chief

Officials say they're aware of those problems. All sectors of the economy were vulnerable and organizations could take lessons from the banking industry, which appeared to have largely escaped the global attack. But computers and networks that didn't update their systems remained at risk. The UK government called a meeting of its crisis response committee, known as Cobra, to discuss how to handle the situation.

Industry Idea Cellular tanks over 8% on March quarter loss
Author: 0 Idea Cellular tanks over 8% on March quarter loss

The net loss in Q4 is against Rs 452 crore standalone net profit posted for like period (Q4) a year ago and Rs 2,728 crore net profit for the previous fiscal 2015-16. "However, the lure of free offerings by the new mobile operator resulted in lower than normal volume elasticity with sequential quarterly voice minutes growing by 10.3% to 231.4 billion minutes (vs.

Industry Creators of the MP3 Say the Format is Dead
Author: 0 Creators of the MP3 Say the Format is Dead

The also helped create the AAC . It recently announced the termination of its licensing program for MP3 patents and software. It was launched to the market in 1993, and it was a revolution in the way people listen to music. They also contributed to its creation. Better quality formats that offer more efficient compression and more functionality are now the standard. However, most state-of-the-art media services such as streaming or TV and radio broadcasting use modern ISO-MPEG codecs such ...

Industry BioWare Montreal restructuring, Mass Effect's future on hold
Author: 0 BioWare Montreal restructuring, Mass Effect's future on hold

BioWare's main studio in Edmonton is heading up Dylan , while BioWare's other studio, in Austin, is also helping out with that game. Roy also pointed out EA Motive and BioWare Montreal share a physical location, and said that BioWare team members are "joining Motive projects that are underway".

Author: 0 Windows 10 gets more goodies with the Fall Creators Update

Clipboard will provide you a faster and easier way to copy and paste anything between connected devices. This means that devices will be able to grab individual files whenever the user wishes, without having to worry about synching, or downloading entire folders.

Industry Turkey among countries hit in cyberattack
Author: 0 Turkey among countries hit in cyberattack

An global manhunt was well under way for the plotters behind what was being described as the world's biggest-ever computer ransom assault. Yesterday the world was hit by the largest cyber attack ever, spreading to 104 countries and locking up the files on at least 45,000 computers.

Industry India to boycott OBOR Summit in China
Author: 0 India to boycott OBOR Summit in China

The embassy and USA companies will set up an American Belt and Road Working Group to engage with the initiative, he said. During a visit to Moscow in May 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping signed an agreement with Putin on aligning the Belt and Road Initiative with the EEU, which now groups Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

Industry 1 dead, 1 injured after being hit by vehicle in Lindenhurst
Author: 0 1 dead, 1 injured after being hit by vehicle in Lindenhurst

Diane Aluska, 55, of Lindenhurst, was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in West Islip, where she was pronounced dead. Jenna Aluska and the driver taken to the same hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Patricia Riccuiti, who lives next door to Riolo, said her neighbor is a "very nice woman" who lives with her husband and grandson. "[The elderly woman] thought that she had put it in drive".

Author: 0 Salvador Sobral Of Portugal Wins Eurovision Song Contest

But the winning song, which dominated the voting, made little use of the bells and whistles on offer in its staging, turning recent Eurovision history on its head. On an otherwise thin news day, Sobral made a front-page splash Sunday alongside a visit by Pope Francis to the Catholic site Fatima that drew a crowd of 500,000 and Benfica's 36th triumph in the country's national football championship.

Author: 0 Nintendo making Zelda smartphone game, sources say

There's no word on what exactly this Zelda game will entail, nor whether its pricing model is similar to Super Mario Run (free to start, $10 for the full game) or Nintendo's other games (freemium gaming). A new mobile Pokemon Trading Card game was also mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article, with no further details. When contacted by the Wall Street Journal , Nintendo and DeNA declined to comment.

Author: 0 Putin Discusses Crisis on Korean Peninsula With New S Korea's President

USA officials have expressed concern that Moon's advocacy of engagement with North Korea could undercut U.S. efforts to increase pressure through further isolation and sanctions. A liberal former human-rights lawyer, Mr Moon was sworn in a day earlier and said in his first speech as president that he would immediately address security tensions that have raised fears of war on the Korean peninsula.

Author: 0 Microsoft announces MySQL and PostgreSQL Azure services and Azure Cosmos DB

Because of this auto-indexing, queries can be performed faster and more accurately as you no longer have to overcome the restraints of complex schema and index management or schema migration in a globally distributed setup. Customers are most willing to consider new technology vendors when they shift from running their own computing to renting cloud services, he said. Microsoft now has a new app for Android out, called Azure , and this is an app that will go with the cloud computing program ...

Author: 0 Massive ransomware attack hits 74 countries

Researchers are picking the code apart byte by byte trying to find such clues, but this looks like a reasonably sophisticated piece of software so that's a long shot. Radio Slovenia says French carmaker Renault's assembly plant in Slovenia has halted production after it was targeted in the global cyberattack. Germany's Deutsche Bahn computers were also impacted, with the company reporting on Saturday morning that display panels in the stations were affected.

Author: 0 Mazzarri demanding no let up from Watford players against champions Chelsea

It has been a great first year for manager Antonio Conte, whose 4-3-3 formation was pivotal in bringing the title back to Stamford Bridge. Yet when the Italian drove into Chelsea's palatial training base in the leafy village of Cobham for the first time last July, he was in no mood to soak up the tranquil surroundings.

Author: 0 Portugal Wins 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Salvador Sobral , at the top of the stairs, surrounded by policemen, looks at cheering fans while leaving the Lisbon airport, Sunday, May 14 2017, after winning the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest with his song "Amar pelo". Russian Federation boycotted this year's event after Ukraine barred its contestant from entering the country - a symptom of the countries' toxic relations since Moscow's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula in 2014.

Industry Man sets himself on fire while on Facebook Live, MPD says
Author: 0 Man sets himself on fire while on Facebook Live, MPD says

The page then details how Moore reportedly was able to hold McLemore off by blocking the door, "until the heat from the flames became too much for her to stand" and she ran from her ex. Other witness accounts said McLemore approached Moore before setting himself on fire , and wiped his kerosene-soaked body across her arm. Facebook has taken the video down.

Industry Apple acquires
Author: 0 Apple acquires "dark data" specialist Lattice Data for $200M

Wikipedia provides a general overview of 'Dark Data.' One area where dark data is being used is in an industrial context where it could include information gathered by sensors and telematics. It's become clear in the last few years that Apple is doubling down on its focus on Siri, with recent advancements including the use of AI and other technology that allows the assistant to do more with data from users.

Author: 0 Global cyber attack slows but risk of more

But the company's Suguru Ishimaru warned that hackers were ready to increase attacks on Japan - some of the ransom demands in the malware used in the attacks are in Japanese. The cyber attack was first reported from Sweden, Britain and France , US media outlets reported. A Jakarta hospital said on Sunday that the cyber virus had infected 400 computers, disrupting the registration of patients and finding records.

Author: 0 Conditions behind cyberattack may be hard to mimic

All told, several cybersecurity firms said they had identified the malicious software in upward of 60 countries, including the United States, though its effects in the US did not appear to be widespread, at least in the initial hours. Similar widespread attacks have been reported in Spain and other countries. Patrick Ward, a 47-year-old sales director, said his heart operation, which was scheduled for Friday, was cancelled at St.

Industry Massive ransomware attack hits 99 countries
Author: 0 Massive ransomware attack hits 99 countries

The 22-year-old Britain-based researcher, identified online only as MalwareTech, explained Saturday how he inadvertently discovered Friday that the software's spread could be stopped by registering a garbled domain name. It initially said 16 NHS organizations had reported being hit, and more reports came in as the day went on. Deutsche Bahn said it deployed extra staff to busy stations to help customers, and recommended that they check its website or app for information on their connections.

Author: 0 The Surface Laptop Almost Had USB-C Ports

Now, if you buy a new laptop and the new Surface looks pretty good you have to wait until June 15th. At the #MicrosoftEDU event in NY yesterday, the company unveiled its latest Windows operating system, the Windows 10 S. Initial buyers of the Surface Laptop will also receive a one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal, along with one terabyte of cloud-based storage on OneDrive.

Author: 0 Moto X 2017 - Latest Motorola Smartphone

Motorola might think of the Moto X as a flagship phone, but with these specs, it really doesn't compare to other high-end devices. We've been hearing quite a bit about upcoming Motorola devices: just yesterday we talked about the existence of a Moto X4, which signaled a return to the flagship that preceded the Moto Z line of a year ago.

Industry 343's Studio Head Is Leaving the Halo Developer
Author: 0 343's Studio Head Is Leaving the Halo Developer

Ayoub will henceforth be working on Windows Mixed Reality programs and features aimed at classrooms. Microsoft retained the rights to the franchise and passed them along to its own development team, 343 Industries. The confirmation came from 343 Industries Community Manager Brian Jarrard on Reddit . Alas, while there likely will be a Halo 6 , we won't be seeing at E3 2017.

Author: 0 Moon to Xi: Let's Talk

South Korea's new president launched worldwide efforts to defuse tensions over North Korea's weapons development yesterday, urging both dialogue and sanctions while also aiming to ease Chinese anger about an American anti-missile system. Moon officially took office on Wednesday after winning Tuesday's snap presidential election with over 41.08 percent of votes, according to South Korea's National Electoral Commission.