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Global News China says 68 countries, global organizations have signed OBOR pacts
Author: 0 China says 68 countries, global organizations have signed OBOR pacts

This is the most expensive development plan in history, several times larger than the US Marshall Plan that was used to rebuild Europe after the Second World War, analysts said. "The Belt and Road programme should entrench this role further but until now it has been mostly a catchy phrase to go along with talk about China's global economic strategy".

Author: 0 Lib Dems offer fresh Brexit vote in election manifesto

The party has also promised to put an extra £6bn a year into health and social care through a 1p rise in income tax and raise £1bn in revenue by legalising cannabis. The have previously pledged to boost education spending by £6.9bn over five years, double the number of businesses that take apprenticeships, and extend free school meals to all primary school pupils.

Author: 0 Tories `leading fightback against SNP´ with major gains in local elections

Although that marked the first time that the SNP had managed to outpoll Labour in local elections , the outcome was, in truth, widely regarded as a disappointment for the nationalists. More than 36 per cent of voters in the constituency chose the Tories as their first preference, while only 31 per cent backed the SNP, it claims. All in all, there is little in these local election results to suggest that Labour is on course to reverse the losses it suffered at the hands of the SNP in its ...

Global News American kills mother on Mother's Day
Author: 0 American kills mother on Mother's Day

On Monday, May 15, Clackamas County sheriff's officials said the dead woman was identified as Tina Marie Webb, 59, the mother of the suspect. Police said Wagner was out of surgery Monday morning and expected to make a full recovery. David Webb, the father of Joshua Lee Webb , sobbed as he struggled to process his wife's death and his son's arrest in one frightful day. "That's all I know", Mr Webb said.

Author: 0 Trump to address graduates of US Coast Guard Academy

At the end of the speech, he returned to lauding the graduates, telling them, "You truly are doing God's work". President Donald Trump, amid his own swirling controversies, advised United States Coast Guard Academy graduates that while things aren't always fair, "you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight".

Global News UNSC, Turkey condemn North Korea missile test
Author: 0 UNSC, Turkey condemn North Korea missile test

As North Korea launched a new type of "medium long-range" ballistic missile that it claimed to be capable of carrying a heavy nuclear warhead, U.S. Rep. It was referring to a nuclear test site in the northeastern mountainous region where the North conducted its five previous nuclear tests, including two a year ago.

Author: 0 Brazil's president denies authorising payments to silence politician

However, the president was not a target of the inquiries. He spearheaded the impeachment of former president Dilma Rousseff past year. The report said that when Mr Temer was told Mr Cunha was being paid to keep silent, the president responded: "You have to keep that up, all right?" Jornal O Globo said Joesley Batista visited Temer at his official residence in Brasília on March 7 while carrying a hidden recording device.

Author: 0 USA warns Venezuela crisis could become major conflict

Manuel Castellanos was allegedly shot in the back by government troops who were firing at protesters in the town of Tucape, El Nacional newspaper said, APA reports quoting sputniknews. The UN Security Council was due to discuss the unrest in Venezuela yesterday, at the request of the United States . "We've been down this road", Haley said.

Global News Trump praises Australia's universal health care after Obamacare repeal
Author: 0 Trump praises Australia's universal health care after Obamacare repeal

The pair got off to a late start Thursday afternoon after Trump delayed his departure for NY in order to hold a White House Rose Garden press conference with Congressional Republicans following the health care bill's vote. "That's great. Let's take a look at the Australian healthcare system, and let's move", Sanders said. Trump spent just a few hours in his New York City hometown Thursday, but avoided his Trump Tower home, where security has been tightened and the costs for it have mounted ...

Author: 0 Man and young girl missing in Quebec flooding

The situation in Ontario seems to be "generally stabilizing", although there are many unstable local circumstances, he said. In Ontario, the eastern community of Clarence-Rockland had already declared a state of emergency in anticipation of heavy rainfalls expected to last through the weekend.

Global News Bobby Moynihan leaving 'SNL' after 9 seasons
Author: 0 Bobby Moynihan leaving 'SNL' after 9 seasons

The comedian is now the second longest-serving performer on the NBC sketch comedy series behind Kenan Thompson , who has been with the show for 14 seasons . " Me, Myself and I " is described by CBS as "a single-camera comedy about the defining moments in one man's life over three distinct periods - as a 14-year-old in 1991, at age 40 in present day and at age 65 in 2042".

Global News BC minority could have major implications for Alberta
Author: 0 BC minority could have major implications for Alberta

It takes 45 seats to have a clear majority, as the governing party selects one of its members as the Speaker, who only votes to break ties. While the NDP saw gains in virtually every swing riding, Cameron says it's possible the Greens cut into their momentum, limiting the size of that growth.

Global News US Supreme Court denies stay of execution
Author: 0 US Supreme Court denies stay of execution

That would violate the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment enshrined in the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the lawsuit said. A Georgia man sentenced to die by lethal injection for the 1992 murder of his neighbour has requested an elaborate last meal, before instructing witnesses to kiss his "white trash ass".

Global News Israel was source for some of information shared with the Russians
Author: 0 Israel was source for some of information shared with the Russians

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said the president's comments were "wholly appropriate". The Russian foreign ministry, too, deemed "fake" reports that Trump had revealed classified information about a planned Daesh operation to Russia's foreign minister, Interfax news agency reported on Tuesday.

Global News Does US believe Western Wall is in Israel?
Author: 0 Does US believe Western Wall is in Israel?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hinted at the internal debate over Jerusalem during an appearance Sunday on " Meet the Press ". They had not realized they were living in a fantasyland created by spending too much time listening to Trump's campaign promises.

Author: 0 United States urges India, Pak to engage in direct dialogue

India had appealed against the death sentence on May 8 alleging violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations by Pakistan after its 16 requests for consular access were denied. He further said that the jurisdiction must be ousted by necessary implications which is not the case here. He argued that human rights treated as "basics" all over had been thrown to the wind by Pakistan and all requests for consular access to Jadhav had fallen on "deaf ears".

Author: 0 Flooding Prompts Montreal to Declare State of Emergency

Montreal is the latest city in Quebec to declare a state of emergency after three dikes gave way in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough, in the north end of the city by the Rivieres des Prairies. Several streets and bridges in the Montreal region have been closed due to flooding. "We might be in the week where the water will progressively begin to drop, but there's still a lot of work before us to deal with flooding after the water has receded", he said.

Global News Dallas County Health Officials Advise Mosquito Prevention, West Nile Confirmed in Texas
Author: 0 Dallas County Health Officials Advise Mosquito Prevention, West Nile Confirmed in Texas

This will help as mosquitos can breed even in small quantities of water. Remove standing water in and around homes, including in trash cans, toys, tires, flower pots and any other containers so mosquitoes can't lay their eggs. Residents traveling overseas this summer should be concerned about Zika transmission, particularly women who are pregnant or trying to conceive, as Zika infection during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects.

Global News Airline crew detained after Heathrow heroin haul
Author: 0 Airline crew detained after Heathrow heroin haul

A large amount of heroin "concealed in packets" was seized from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) PK-785 in an intelligence-based operation, UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) confirmed to Geo News on Tuesday. Customs authorities at Islamabad airport have started an investigation into how the plane, carrying heroin, was given clearance to proceed to London.

Global News Korea on US missile defense system
Author: 0 Korea on US missile defense system

In other words, the successful test-launch of "Mars-12" marks a giant step forward in Pyongyang's efforts to produce its own ICBMs that can truly constitute a threat to the US. Moon, South Korea's first liberal leader in almost a decade, said as he took his oath of office last week that he'd be willing to visit the North if the circumstances were right.

Author: 0 While Comey memo could be key, any Trump prosecution tricky

Furthermore, there are not so many people who really desire it, he added. But by midday, during a commencement address at the US Coast Guard Academy, he was venting his frustration. Banks says the charges are serious, but he accuses Democrats of trying to exploit the controversy to block Republicans' legislative agenda . MAXINE WATERS: We don't have to be afraid to use the word impeachment.

Author: 0 Horgan holds hope he will be BC premier

The murmer of media preparing for election fury is the only sound at Green Party headquarters at 7:30 p.m. on election night. "British Columbians voted today for proportional representation". duties on softwood lumber. The NDP has already knocked out several key members of Christy Clark's cabinet, stunning the Liberals. "I don't think the Liberals had a message about how to make things better".

Global News Ohio high school students get pepper-sprayed for class
Author: 0 Ohio high school students get pepper-sprayed for class

Today reported that the required permission slip advised that the experiment was "completely voluntary" and that students had the option between being "swabbed" or receiving "a quick "burst" to the facial area with this chemical agent". While some of the kids handled the spray well, others screamed in agony. Others were clearly regretting their decision to partake. A uniformed police officer walks down the line of students offering them milk and words of comfort (milk and water can help ...

Global News Trump approval rating hits new low in new poll
Author: 0 Trump approval rating hits new low in new poll

USA share futures and the dollar slipped in early Asian trade on Wednesday after reports that President Donald Trump asked then-FBI Director James Comey to end a probe into his former security adviser. Just 25 percent of Americans support the American Health Care Act, while 52 percent are opposed. Similarly, 35 percent of voters say Trump's decision was appropriate, down marginally from 37 percent earlier last week.

Global News Mitch McConnell Would Like 'A Little Less Drama' from the White House
Author: 0 Mitch McConnell Would Like 'A Little Less Drama' from the White House

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is one of the more vocal Republicans behind the idea of Judge Merrick Garland becoming the next Federal Bureau of Investigation director. Jordan is a key ally in the US -led global military coalition against Islamic State, which controls territory in neighboring Syria and Iraq. Trump said on Monday his search was moving quickly, even as some possible contenders withdrew their names from contention, including U.S.

Author: 0 'It's Falling Out Of The Trees,' Former Prosecutor Says Of Obstruction Evidence

It happened the instant news reports surfaced saying that Comey kept a diary of his interactions with the president and in it the president purportedly asked him to cut short a Russia-related investigation. Spokespeople for Republican U.S. Sen. Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation for copies of memos that may exist documenting conversations former director James Comey had with his superiors in the Trump administration.

Author: 0 ICJ to announce verdict in terrorist Jadhav's case today

But India has maintained he is not a spy, and lodged a case against Pakistan earlier this month, accusing Islamabad of violating the Vienna Convention by failing to provide him with consular access, as well as breaking global human rights law.

Author: 0 Trump interviews 4 candidates to post of FBI director

The controversy heated up this week with a revelation that Comey may have written a memo which says Trump asked the FBI director during an Oval Office meeting to drop an investigation of former National Security Agency head Michael Flynn. Call me a wide-eyed optimist, but I doubt that even Trump-friendly Republicans in the Senate will give Trump a pass on putting a senior counsel from the law firm that represents him in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Global News WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning released from prison: army
Author: 0 WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning released from prison: army

For the past seven years, Manning, who identifies as a woman, has been serving her sentence in an all-male prison. Manning, whose actions launched a new era of massive security breaches in the internet age, was lauded by anti-war and anti-secrecy activists as a hero, even as others, including President Donald Trump, branded her a traitor.

Global News Japan princess's betrothal highlights male royal succession woes
Author: 0 Japan princess's betrothal highlights male royal succession woes

In a very bold and romantic move, the 25-year-old daughter of Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko is giving up her royal title in order to marry a commoner. "For now, there are seven royal family members aged under 30, six of whom are women", it stressed. Japan is now considering legal changes to allow the emperor to abdicate.

Global News Len McCluskey wrong to say Labour cannot win election - Kezia Dugdale
Author: 0 Len McCluskey wrong to say Labour cannot win election - Kezia Dugdale

Ms Dugdale, the party's leader in Scotland, said she defined success as "winning the election". His comments were dismissed by Labour's elections co-ordinator Andrew Gwynne, who said: "This is absolute rubbish from the Tories and yet another wholly cynical ploy to try and avoid scrutiny of their own spending plans".

Author: 0 Iranian opposition figure Karroubi to vote for Rouhani in election

The others are First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri at 3%, former Culture Minister Mostafa Mirsalim at 3%, and former Mines and Industries Minister Mostafa Hashemi-Taba at 2%. Both snubbed Rouhani, who himself is a cleric. "Vote for Rouhani because he is the man for hard situations". While Raisi has vowed to respect the 2015 nuclear deal that Rouhani secured to end Iran's economic isolation, a government led by him would likely alarm worldwide investors considering doing business in the ...

Author: 0 Sanctions Iran officials, Chinese network over missile program

Shortly before Trump's January 20 inauguration, Kerry said the nuclear accord was one of Obama's policy victories and warned Trump that canceling it would harm the USA in an irreparable way. Wednesday's announcement comes as Iran heads to the polls on Friday in a heated race between moderate President Hassan Rouhani and a hardline candidate Ebrahim Raisi, believed to backed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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