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Global News In testing missile, N. Korea challenges South's new leader
Author: 0 In testing missile, N. Korea challenges South's new leader

Japan said the missile flew for 30 minutes before dropping into the sea between North Korea's east coast and Japan. The launch jeopardizes new South Korean President Moon Jae-in's willingness for dialogue with the North, and came as U.S., Japanese and European navies gather for joint war games in the Pacific.

Global News North Korea in 'CIA Biochemical ATTACK plot' as elite unit created
Author: 0 North Korea in 'CIA Biochemical ATTACK plot' as elite unit created

If confirmed, he would be at least the fourth US citizen detained by North Korea. Han Song Ryol, the vice foreign minister, called a meeting of foreign diplomats in Pyongyang today to outline the North's allegation that the CIA and South Korea's intelligence agency bribed and coerced a North Korean man into joining in the assassination plot, which the North's Ministry of State Security has suggested was thwarted last month.

Author: 0 Netanyahu: Abbas lied to President Trump

Some Palestinians said they were disappointed by the omission. And on the Palestinian side, Abbas is in a weak political position. Among them, the right of return for Palestinians to lands now held by Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem and based on 1967 borders.

Author: 0 Australian Treasurer Unveils Near Universally Popular Budget Measure

It was a great time to be in government. Mr Morrison's message to the banks - families have to absorb costs, and so should the banks - will likely resonate with voters. While Mr Morrison is hitting the biggest businesses, he is delivering for smaller ones. The government aims to end Mediscare campaigns with the new Medicare Guarantee Fund.

Author: 0 Impeachment complaint vs. Duterte junked

However, his bid to impeach Duterte failed to gain ground as 41 out of the 42 members of the panel approved the Alejano-drafted complaint's form but the same 42 unanimous rejected its substance. "The committee on justice can not dismiss or sustain outright a duly filed and properly referred impeachment complaint without conducting a proper hearing as mandated by the Constitution", Albay Rep.

Author: 0 Inauguration day: Macron to become France's new president

Macron, who has shaken up French politics with his meteoric rise to the presidency, said he will do everything that is necessary to fight terrorism and authoritarianism and to resolve the world's migration crisis. "We need Europe and it will be reformed and relaunched because it protects us and allows us to project our values in the world". In the days before the first-round of voting in April, a gunman ambushed three Parisian police officers on the Champs-Elysees, killing one and wounding ...

Author: 0 Trump reassures Abbas at the White House

President Donald Trump confidently predicted that a lasting Middle East peace agreement was within grasp Wednesday, as he hosted Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas at the White House . The omission continues Trump's seeming abandonment of what had been USA policy toward the region for decades during both Democratic and Republican administrations.

Global News Cyber attack hits 200000 in at least 150 countries: Europol
Author: 0 Cyber attack hits 200000 in at least 150 countries: Europol

It is the largest ransomware attack observed in history. "The intelligence community should develop strong procedures that when such tools leak, the immediately give relevant information to software developers and security vendors so protections can be developed before attacks are seen in the wild", said Bambanek.

Author: 0 Trump says he will make 'fast decision' on Comey replacement

Russian Federation has denied the claims and the White House says there was no collusion. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of SC said on Sunday there may come a time when a special prosecutor is needed but not now. Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer warned that destroying any tapes would break the law. The president said Saturday a new director could be named by Friday, the day he departs for his first presidential foreign trip.

Author: 0 President Trump On Israel-Palestine Peace: 'We Will Get This Done'

Trump welcomed Abbas to the White House and recommitted himself to peace in the region where the top priority for him right now is defeat of the Islamic State. It was part of the vigorous dose of optimism on display as Trump and Abbas showered each other with praise. "It's time for Israel to end its occupation of our people and of our land", he said.

Author: 0 Trump Considers West Wing Shake-Up of Key Staff Members

The only thing dumber than firing the FBI Director who is investigating his campaign for potential treason would be for Trump to fire his senior White House staff, many of whom know things about the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has come in for particularly vicious attacks from Trump , according to two White House sources cited by AP.

Global News Agreement on oil production cut may be extended for a longer time
Author: 0 Agreement on oil production cut may be extended for a longer time

To discuss the oil output policy, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih and his Russian counterpart Alexander Novak are scheduled to meet in Beijing. Benchmark Brent crude settled up 7 cents at $50.84 on Friday and U.S. A jump in US exports to Asia, the world's biggest and fastest growing market and the last region in which OPEC supplies dominate, is a particular worry for the producer club.

Author: 0 N.Korea missile test hurts talks possibility

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the missile flew about 500 miles from a launch site on North Korea's western coast for about 30 minutes and landed in the Sea of Japan, but not inside Japan's exclusive economic zone. "It appears to have not only demonstrated an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) that might enable them to reliably strike the USA base at Guam, but more importantly, may represent a substantial advance to developing an intercontinental ballistic ...

Author: 0 French ex-premier pledges allegiance to Macron's movement

The candidates will be announced by Thursday. The former Tory leader downplayed Mr Macron's victory, claiming "it was an unenthusiastic landslide" because the independent candidate was elected "for what he is not". His promise to restore France's economic vitality by launching business-friendly initiatives will be hard to keep. Le Pen was able to bring her party in from the margins of right-wing politics to the mainstream.

Author: 0 New Orleans takes down Jefferson Davis statue amid threats

The sculpture casts the president of the Confederacy, whose states seceded and fought to preserve slavery in the U.S., as a dignified leader, gesturing towards unseen devotees with an outstretched arm and open hand. Despite the city's attempts to keep the scene relatively low-profile, hundreds of protesters, mostly supportive but some against the statue's removal, showed up.

Global News Central Intelligence Agency sets up centre to address N.Korea issues
Author: 0 Central Intelligence Agency sets up centre to address N.Korea issues

The center "will work closely with the Intelligence Community and the entire USA national security community". The mission centre will use all the resources of the CIA and other United States intelligence agencies to address ballistic and nuclear missile threats posed by North Korea, the CIA said on Wednesday.

Global News Sacked Delhi minister on hunger strike attacked outside his home
Author: 0 Sacked Delhi minister on hunger strike attacked outside his home

AAP has, in turn, accused him of following a script penned by the BJP. Earlier in the day, his mother Annapoorna Mishra, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader, wrote to Kejriwal and urged him "not to lie" and "reveal" the details of the AAP leaders' travels overseas as demanded by her fasting son.

Author: 0 200000 users, 150 countries hit by ransomware: Europol chief

The U.K. government's cyber office put it succinctly: "T$3 he way these attacks work means that compromises of machines and networks that have already occurred may not yet have been detected, and that existing infections from the malware can spread within networks".

Global News Trump praised Australia's universal healthcare system - Bernie Sanders had a hilarious reaction
Author: 0 Trump praised Australia's universal healthcare system - Bernie Sanders had a hilarious reaction

On the refugee deal, he said , "We can put the refugee deal behind you and move on". It comes as a recent Harvard Medical School study found almost 45,000 annual deaths in America are associated with a lack of health insurance. " Thank you, Mr. President ", Sanders continued. Family members are known for having disagreements and then making up. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders was being interviewed on MSNBC by Chris Haynes when the clip aired.

Author: 0 Trump's climate stance looms over Arctic meeting

Tillerson was speaking in Alaska, at a meeting of the Arctic Council, which is an advisory group made up of the eight arctic nations and indigenous groups. "We the tribes ask you to listen to our land", Joseph said, according to Reuters. Groups representing the indigenous peoples of the circumpolar north, known as permanent participants on the Arctic Council, were almost universally unified on the need to address climate change.

Author: 0 North Korea detains another United States citizen

In Washington, the State Department said it was aware of the report of the new detention and that "the security of USA citizens is one of the department's highest priorities ". He was accused of "acts of hostility aimed to overturn" the rule of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. "So I have no idea why they detained him". "The United States is not going to sit idly by while Kim Jong Un tries to hold the world hostage with his illicit arsenal of mass destruction", the senator said.

Global News Moon's rise to power in S Korea causes worries, hopes abroad
Author: 0 Moon's rise to power in S Korea causes worries, hopes abroad

Moon, who favours dialogue with North Korea, said in his inaugural speech that he would "do everything he can to build peace on the Korean peninsula" amid growing concerns over nuclear weapons use. South Korean experts say Moon will try to show he's making efforts to soothe Chinese anger but that it's too late to call for THAAD's withdrawal. The US is the South's security guarantor and has 28,500 troops stationed in the country, but Seoul was startled when Mr Trump suggested it should pay ...

Author: 0 Bye-bye Blue House as S. Korean leader shuns imperial home

With the appointments of the secretary of the union and the prime minister, Moon has signaled that he wants to proceed very quickly on his election promises regarding North Korea. He had promised during his campaign to renegotiate it. "If the conditions shape up, I will go to Pyongyang". How hard will it be for the new president to regain public confidence in the government? Conservative critics have anxious Moon's rise to power might cause a friction with Trump, who wants to increase ...

Global News Kerala Plus 2 results to be announced today at 2 pm
Author: 0 Kerala Plus 2 results to be announced today at 2 pm

It was formed in 1990 to reorganize secondary and collegiate education in the Indian state of Kerala. Year-by-year the number of students enrolling for the 12 board exams under Kerala board have been increasing gradually. Of the 4,60,743 students, 125 scored 100% and 9870 students scored A Plus in all subjects. Here's wishing all the students "Best of Luck". The pass percentage for past year was 94.05%, which was one of the best in India.

Author: 0 The Russian government embarrassed the White House

A set of pictures getting a lot of attention shows President Trump sharing a laugh at the White House on Wednesday with Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. "The president was presented with a pretty clear and direct and very strong recommendation by the Deputy Attorney General... the deputy made the recommendation, the president made a swift and decisive action and let Comey go".

Author: 0 UNSC to hold urgent consultations on NKorea missile test

Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as a North Korean delegation attended the conference. He said Sunday's launch - the seventh such firing by North Korea this year - may have been of a new mobile, two-stage liquid-fueled missile North Korea displayed in a huge April 15 military parade.

Author: 0 South Korean military: North Korea launches ballistic missile

The Russian missile early warning systems registered the launch of North Korea's ballistic missile, which flew sideway from Russia, the Defense Ministry of Russia reported on Sunday. China remains one of North Korea's only allies and is responsible for much of the heavily-sanctioned nation's economy. The missile test is likely to embarrass Beijing , which was hosting an worldwide summit Sunday to promote its ambitious global trade infrastructure project.

Global News Syrian Kurdish forces say they will push on to IS capital
Author: 0 Syrian Kurdish forces say they will push on to IS capital

Erdoğan has sent troops into Syria to prevent the Kurds from linking up their territories east and west of the Euphrates River. That's the upshot of the Battle of Tabqa , a city whose dam - Syria's largest - had been laden with explosives by ISIS dead-enders, to be blown if their situation got dire.

Global News Trump to host Turkish president at White House on May 16
Author: 0 Trump to host Turkish president at White House on May 16

Speaking to the press, ahead of his departure to the "Belt and Road" forum in China, Erdoğan said the U.S. backing of Kurdish groups in Syria was affecting the relations between Ankara and Washington. Otherwise, the outcome won't only affect Turkey. The United States took this long to commit to arming SDF, despite its stated objective of destroying ISIS , because of concerns from the Turkish government.

Author: 0 Pope Francis makes two shepherd children saints

Pope Francis waves to the crowd after the "Urbi et Orbi" blessing for Rome and the world from the central loggia of St Peters' basilica following the Easter Sunday mass on April 16, 2017 at St Peter's square in Vatican. Thus may we rediscover the young and attractive face of the Church, which shines forth when she is missionary, welcoming, free, faithful, poor in means and rich in love.

Global News French President-elect Emmanuel Macron begins official duties at WWII ceremony
Author: 0 French President-elect Emmanuel Macron begins official duties at WWII ceremony

Francois Baroin, head of the Republicans' parliamentary election team, said on Tuesday they would abandon key proposals that their unsuccessful presidential candidate, Francois Fillon, stood for. Left-winger Hamon beat centrist Valls to secure the Socialist nomination for the election after an ideological battle within the party. In interviews yesterday, officials said the party founded by Ms Le Pen's father would get a new name to try to draw in a broader spectrum of supporters.

Author: 0 SKorea: Rival N.Korea launches possible ballistic missile

While Pyongyang regularly tests shorter-range missiles, it is also working to master the technology needed to field nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the USA mainland. The missile was launched at the highest angle so as not to affect the security of neighboring countries and flew 787 kilometers (490 miles) reaching an altitude of 2,111.5 kilometers (1,312 miles), KCNA said.

Author: 0 Donald Trump: Israeli and Palestinian Peace 'the Toughest Deal to Make'

Hosting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel in February, Trump said he would be fine with a two-state or a one-state solution as long as the two sides were satisfied. "Mr. President, it's about time for Israel to end its occupation of our people and of our land", Abbas said. Trump's promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, strongly opposed by Palestinians, has been shifted to the back burner, and he has asked Netanyahu to put unspecified limits on settlement ...

Author: 0 Trump says he may choose a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director by Friday

Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) in a phone conversation. "I don't think - that's not a threat ". Trump says Comey had told him three times he was not under investigation in the Russian Federation probe. "'It's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won'". Several associates told The New York Times that President Donald Trump had asked Mr Comey to swear his loyalty to him before he was sacked.

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