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Author: 0 Macron to defend climate deal to Trump

But it was postponed. While climate action is spreading and the business opportunities of a low carbon economy are attracting a growing number of investors, the Paris Agreement remains a crucial tool to plan for the long term. After months of uncertainty, the U.S. president appeared closer to a decision on whether he intends to keep a campaign promise to withdraw Washington from the climate-rescue pact, whose practicalities are being haggled over during United Nations talks in Bonn.

Author: 0 ACLU Comes Out In Support Of Ann Coulter After Speech Cancelled

We need to listen to each other but were each caught in our own bubbles, ” he said. Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said the only reason she could not speak on Thursday was because the venue available was not safe; it could not be cordoned off, he said, and had floor-to-ceiling glass.

Global News Emmanuel Macron prepares groundwork for transition to power
Author: 0 Emmanuel Macron prepares groundwork for transition to power

Had she won, she says she would have immediately worked to pull France out of the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and put francs - and not the euro - back in the pockets of the French. "I can work in a government majority", said Bruno Le Maire, a senior Republicans official, who had been an aide of presidential candidate Francois Fillon, and is tipped by some to become the new foreign minister.

Author: 0 YPG militants target Turkish army posts from Syria border town

Turkish officials say the United States and Russian Federation were informed in advance of a recent airstrike carried out on the positions of suspected Kurdish militants in Syria and Iraq . Some also fled to al-Mayadin, further down the Euphrates River and the location where US special operations forces killed a mid-level associate of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi late last week.

Global News At least 21 killed in Iranian coal mine explosion -state media
Author: 0 At least 21 killed in Iranian coal mine explosion -state media

Officials say the explosion occurred after a mine locomotive stalled at a depth of 700 meters and the workers tried to jump-start the vehicle with an external battery. "Oxygen tanks should be brought". Similar reports were carried by Fars , Mehr and Tasnim news agencies Thursday morning. "Miners are working to secure the tunnel" to be able to move forward, he said.

Global News Sorry, but drinking tequila probably won't help your bones, after all
Author: 0 Sorry, but drinking tequila probably won't help your bones, after all

Metro reports the study by scientists at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies claims tequila contains substances that improve the body's absorption of calcium and magnesium, both needed for good bone health. In fact, scientists are now looking at derivatives of the agave plant as alternative treatments to osteoporosis, which is a disease effecting bone strength and deterioration over time.

Global News As rift begins within AAP, BJP shuts its doors to defectors
Author: 0 As rift begins within AAP, BJP shuts its doors to defectors

In North Delhi Municipal Corporation, the BJP was ahead in 67 wards, the AAP in 21 and the Congress in 13 wards. Rai is set to emerge as the key strategist and organisation building head of the party, if it had all gone well for the party in the Punjab assembly elections and the municipal polls.

Author: 0 UNESCO Rejects Israel Sovereignty Claims Over al-Quds

The current draft of the UNESCO resolution declares "everything Israel does in Jerusalem as illegal", according to a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry . UNESCO caused an uproar past year when member states approved a resolution that diminished Jewish ties to holy sites in Jerusalem . Pence added: "Even now we're making valuable progress toward the noble goal of peace".

Author: 0 Banks planning to move 9000 jobs from Britain because of Brexit

It is not just European and USA banks which could move operations out of the United Kingdom either, as Barclays' CEO Jes Staley said United Kingdom banks will begin the process of moving some operations to Europe fairly soon, in order to avoid any major post-Brexit disruption.

Author: 0 Trump touts Australia's health system (to Bernie Sanders' delight)

The pair were originally meant to meet in midtown Manhattan, but the introduction was delayed after Trump chose to remain in Washington to celebrate Republicans' House vote on a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare . It's also open for debate whether House Republicans' health care plan will move the US closer to countries like Australia. White House officials said the US-Australia refugee deal still stood, but remained a "raw nerve" for Mr Trump.

Author: 0 Donald Trump calls Kim Jong-un a 'pretty smart cookie'

For what it's worth, Trump did have some nice things to say about Kim Jong Un as well, calling him "a pretty smart cookie" at one point. Fears are growing in the White House that Pyongyang is close to developing nuclear warheads capable of hitting the United States mainland.

Author: 0 Egyptians filled with hope by Pope Francis' message of peace

Foremost among those complaints is the perceived failure to protect Christians from Muslim extremist attacks in rural areas, the complexities of getting permits to build or renovate churches, and the inaccessibility of top jobs to Christians in certain government branches and security agencies.

Author: 0 Locally-based Navy SEAL killed in Somalia identified

A United States official told CBS News that two other Americans were wounded in the same firefight. Milliken was killed and two others were wounded when they were attacked while on a mission, according to US Africa Command. The mission was not part of the stepped-up effort in Somalia to conduct airstrikes and ground missions against terror targets. The target in Somalia was a local al-Shabaab leader who had been involved in planning attacks against facilities used by USA and African ...

Author: 0 India top court upholds 2012 gang rape death sentences

Prosecutors said Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh Singh took their victim to the back of a private bus in New Delhi, raping her and then damaging her internal organs with an iron rod. The parents have started a " Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust" to help rape survivors and also stressed that their daughter should be identified by her name. As for the verdict on the rapists of 19-year-old Bilkis Bano, who was attacked in Randhikpur near Ahmedabad, during the Gujarat riots of 2002, ...

Author: 0 Revised bill to declare Israel a Jewish state gets cabinet committee's approval

Has the Israeli government said anything? Abbas said he briefed his German counterpart "on all that are doing to bring freedom and independence to our Palestinian people, particularly our meeting last week with President Trump, who answered our invitation and whom we look forward to meeting in Bethlehem".

Global News Killed After Cargo Plane Goes Off Runway in West Virginia
Author: 0 Killed After Cargo Plane Goes Off Runway in West Virginia

The airport is closed until at least Saturday morning. He described it as a small plane with twin-engine turboprop. Yeager Airport spokesman Mike Plante says the pilot and co-pilot died in Friday morning's crash. Plante said officials have no idea why the plane, which made regular runs to the airport, crashed. Be proactive - Use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link at the upper right corner of each comment to let us know of abusive posts.

Global News Killed 50 Afghan soldiers on border
Author: 0 Killed 50 Afghan soldiers on border

The clashes marked the latest round of escalation of border tensions between the two countries, which often accuse each other of sheltering terrorists who launch deadly cross- border attacks on each other's soils. Afghanistan says the Pakistanis started shooting first and that two soldiers and nine civilians died on the Afghan side. Afghanistan refuses to recognize the so-called Durand Line, established more than a century ago when the British Empire controlled much of South Asia, as the ...

Global News Yates Says She Warned White House Flynn Could Be Blackmailed
Author: 0 Yates Says She Warned White House Flynn Could Be Blackmailed

Council", Trump wrote on Twitter, apparently mis-spelling the word counsel. Republican senators in the hearing repeatedly pressed Yates on an unrelated matter - her refusal to defend the Trump administration's travel ban - and whether she was responsible for leaking classified information.

Global News Turkey to build wall on border with Iran
Author: 0 Turkey to build wall on border with Iran

Turkish warplanes conducted an airstrike in northern Iraq on May 8, destroying outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) positions and camps, the military has announced. The Syrian border wall , which is 826 km long and created to stop migrants, fighters, and potential terrorists from entering Turkey, is now over two-thirds complete.

Global News Auto blaze at Las Vegas Chabad center prompts hate crime investigation
Author: 0 Auto blaze at Las Vegas Chabad center prompts hate crime investigation

Crews quickly extinguished the blaze, which caused significant damage to the vehicle and minor damage to two others. It wasn't immediately clear he if had a lawyer. Las Vegas fire spokesman Tim Szymanski says it appears the vehicle fire was intentionally set, and local and federal investigators were probing the cause of the wastebasket fire that people inside doused without calling firefighters.

Author: 0 South China Sea remains a concern

The critical phrase, however, was included under the " ASEAN Community Vision 2025" heading of the final document. He also noted that the illegal drugs trade is an worldwide empire whose tentacles are wide and far-reaching. Unlike his predecessor, Duterte has said he would not highlight the South China Sea disputes at the summit, particularly his country's arbitration victory against Beijing.

Global News Fire forces evacuation in southern Georgia
Author: 0 Fire forces evacuation in southern Georgia

The communities are on the edge of Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge . The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge said in a statement that "extremely unsafe burning conditions persist" and that 11,000 acres (4,450 hectares) have been consumed by fire in the past two days.

Author: 0 U.S. President Trump To Visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy This Month

From there Trump will travel to the occupied territories- leaving open the possibility of an additional stop in the West Bank. Trump's decision to visit Saudi Arabia first is a typically unorthodox move. During the Donald Trump's visit to Italy, in the morning, Donald Trump's interview with Pope Francis will arise before Donald Trump is planned to join a G7 summit conference in Sicily, Italy.

Global News Search Continues For Man Missing In Yosemite
Author: 0 Search Continues For Man Missing In Yosemite

He traveled to Yosemite alone and arrived in the park on May 1. He was staying at Housekeeping Camp and neighbors in the camp told Park Rangers that Sevier would go out for day hikes each day. He has black hair, brown eyes, and he may be wearing Aeropostale, Abercrombie, or Hollister clothing. On Facebook, Portsmouth Naval Medical Center thanked Yosemite National Park for all it could do to find its sailor and asked people to keep Sevier in their thoughts and prayers.

Author: 0 Trump, Putin hold 'constructive' talks on ending Syrian civil war

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were scheduled to speak by phone Tuesday, their first known conversation since the us missile strikes on a Syrian air base that sparked new tensions between Washington and Moscow. "It was agreed to bolster the dialogue between the heads of the two nations' foreign policy agencies in an effort to find ways to stabilise the ceasefire and make it durable and manageable".

Global News Anger on the streets of Caracas over Maduro's power shakeup
Author: 0 Anger on the streets of Caracas over Maduro's power shakeup

Maduro on Monday called for a citizens assembly to draft a new constitution, in a move that was internationally condemned as an "illegal power grab" to circumvent the opposition-led National Assembly legislature. "We have deep concerns about the motivation for this constituent assembly, which overrides the will of the Venezuelan people and further erodes Venezuelan democracy", Michael Fitzpatrick, US deputy assistant secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, said in a telephone call with ...

Global News Le Pen wants negotiations to drop euro currency
Author: 0 Le Pen wants negotiations to drop euro currency

In the first round 22.2 percent of voters abstained, the highest percentage since 2002 when Marine Le Pen's father, Jean-Marie, won through to the second round only to be soundly defeated by conservative Jacques Chirac. Jean Luc Melenchon, the far-left candidate who took 19.2 per cent of the vote in the first round of the election and has so far refused to endorse Mr Macron said Sunday that the independent should make a "gesture" in dropping his commitment to reform French labour law.

Global News Theresa May 'taking nothing for granted' despite local elections triumph
Author: 0 Theresa May 'taking nothing for granted' despite local elections triumph

Britain's Conservative Party made strong gains in local elections on Friday, suggesting Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit strategy is winning over voters who should hand her an easy victory in a parliamentary poll on June 8. Paul Nuttall's Ukip was crushed as every single councilor facing election suffered defeat. The Conservatives took most of those seats, and Nuttall said that was a price Ukip is "prepared to pay" for the prize of leaving the EU.

Author: 0 An embattled Maduro calls for constitutional change

Speaking hours after another big march demanding his ouster ended in clashes between police and protesters, Maduro said a new constitution is needed to restore peace and stop the opposition from trying to carry out a coup. Police repressed scattered protests Tuesday with tear gas, as they have almost daily for weeks. At least 29 people have died in the growing unrest.

Author: 0 Amid Escalating Tensions, North Korea Accuses CIA of Assassination Plot

North Korea accused the CIA and South Korea's intelligence service of attempting to assassinate its leader, Kim Jong-Un, with a bio-chemical weapon. House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved legislation to impose fresh sanctions against North Korea. North Korea warned this week that USA hostility had brought the region to the brink of nuclear war.

Author: 0 State House OKs bill for convention to limit federal powers

Gathered in front of the Bexar County Courthouse on Friday, a group of state and local government leaders and heads of law enforcement agencies rallied in hopes that Gov. "It's gone from a bad bill to a really, really bad, terrible bill that will result in police officers investigating the immigration status of a person, including children, without probable cause", said Sen.

Global News Protesters march in Venezuela, destroy Chavez statue
Author: 0 Protesters march in Venezuela, destroy Chavez statue

During the march, local media broadcast a video of demonstrators on Friday toppling a statue of the late President Hugo Chávez in the western state of Zulia. As some demonstrators lobbed rocks and molotov cocktails, law enforcement has countered with increasingly violent tactics - including one videotaped incident in which a flaming police vehicle plowed into a crowd of protesters on their way to the National Assembly .

Global News With Macron win confirmed, European market rally hits pause
Author: 0 With Macron win confirmed, European market rally hits pause

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called France's President-elect Emmanuel Macron on Sunday to congratulate him on "his decisive election victory " and to propose a meeting "soon", according to the Prime Minister's Office. After ditching France's traditional left-right main political parties in a first-round election, voters are now choosing between Macron's business-friendly, pro-European vision and Le Pen's protectionist, closed-borders view that resonates with workers left behind by ...

Global News Trump team plans to release video of Clinton's concession call
Author: 0 Trump team plans to release video of Clinton's concession call

His tweet explained that the screenshot came from the phone of Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager. "I have on video & will share that in the near future", Scavino wrote. Hey, @ DanScavino , has EVERYONE "accepted the election results" yet? According to a new book detailing the failures of her presidential campaign, Clinton was initially reluctant to concede, despite Donald Trump piling up wins in key battleground states.

Global News Migration to United States falling since Trump took office
Author: 0 Migration to United States falling since Trump took office

About 200 people in Portland, Oregon, including some families with children, joined many thousands of others across the country in pro-labor, pro-immigration and anti-President Donald Trump rallies on May Day. Numerous other initiatives Mr Trump has called for - including additional detention centres and thousands of new border patrol officers and immigration agents - are costly.

Author: 0 President Trump fires FBI director James Comey

White House officials denied allegations that there was any political motive in the move by Trump, who took office on January 20. The firing comes after Comey told said in sworn testimony on Capitol Hill last week that Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, sent "hundreds and thousands" of emails to her husband's laptop, some of which contained classified information.

Global News FBI Director James Comey fired by Trump
Author: 0 FBI Director James Comey fired by Trump

Democrats are insisting on an independent prosecutor to investigate possible links between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation following FBI Director James Comey's firing. Tuesday's stunning announcement came shortly after the Federal Bureau of Investigation corrected a sentence in Comey's sworn testimony on Capitol Hill last week.

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