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Global News Nigerian president Buhari heads for London after meeting Chibok girls
Author: 0 Nigerian president Buhari heads for London after meeting Chibok girls

The 82 girls were released in exchange for an unspecified number of detained Boko Haram suspects, the President's office said in a statement . Three years after close to 300 Nigerian school girls were abducted by Boko Haram, several dozen who are newly freed arrived in their nation's capital to meet the president.

Author: 0 North Korea accuses Central Intelligence Agency of 'vicious' plot to kill Kim Jong

North Korea has accused the usa and South Korean spy agencies of an unsuccessful assassination attempt on leader Kim Jong Un involving bio-chemical weapons. "Due to the US military provocations that are becoming more explicit day by day, the situation in the Korean peninsula that is already sensitive is being driven to a point close to nuclear war", a North Korean news anchor warned via the media as per a Reuters translation.

Author: 0 Afghan forces fire on census workers, killing 9

Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor says four soldiers were among the wounded in Friday's attack in the border town of Chaman. To a question about Afghan attack on Pakistani bordering areas, he said the Afghan government had been informed through diplomatic channels that national census is being conducted in Pakistan, and the teams would be visiting the border areas for the objective.

Global News UNESCO ratifies Jerusalem resolution slammed by Israel
Author: 0 UNESCO ratifies Jerusalem resolution slammed by Israel

The Foreign Ministry is reportedly set to warn the cabinet that a minister's demand to shutter the United Nations headquarters in Jerusalem , in protest of a recent agency resolution that denies Israeli sovereignty over the capital city, would violate worldwide law.

Author: 0 U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan amid ISIS fight

The Taliban has extended its territorial control in Afghanistan since the withdrawal of global combat troops in 2014 and inflicted heavy casualties on Afghan forces. According to U.S. estimates, Afghan security forces, which have suffered thousands of casualties, control less than 60 percent of the country, although the insurgents have so far been unable to capture any major provincial centers.

Global News Australian rules football great Lou Richards dies at 94
Author: 0 Australian rules football great Lou Richards dies at 94

He was even credited with coining the phrase "colliwobbles" after the Magpies' heartbreaking grand final defeat to Carlton in 1970. In 250 games, Richards played in 14 finals, kicked 423 goals and represented Victoria three times. "We express our honest condolences to his family, many many friends and all those who were touched by a great Australian life", he said. It started when The Sun News Pictorial asked him to fill in for Jack Dyer.

Global News Asian shares show relief over French moderate Macron's win
Author: 0 Asian shares show relief over French moderate Macron's win

Macron knows that many voters backed him not out of conviction but simply to stop Le Pen taking power, and his support could evaporate at the parliamentary elections. A majority of voters oppose ditching the euro, which is at the heart of the FN's economic programme. And neither is Le Pen. "There are clearly lessons to be learned ", she said on France 2 television.

Global News North Korea detains another American over alleged 'acts of hostility'
Author: 0 North Korea detains another American over alleged 'acts of hostility'

While other details are largely unavailable, it is believe that Kim Hak-song was conducting some business with the university and was being investigated by a "relevant authority". Similarly US President Donald Trump has also been sabre-rattling and has sent an "armada", including an aircraft carrier, to the area and is now station off the coast of North Korea.

Global News Delhi Metro hikes fares
Author: 0 Delhi Metro hikes fares

Currently, the maximum fare is Rs30. The fare panel had invited flak after going on a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei to study the metro fare structure there, barely a month after it was set up. Fare hike comes after eight years when DMRC had proposed a hike first time in 2009. According to sources, both the centre and Delhi government were not in favour of a fare hike keeping the municipal polls in mind.

Global News South Sudan crisis: One million child refugees
Author: 0 South Sudan crisis: One million child refugees

The crisis has produced one of the world's worst displacement situations with enormous suffering for civilians. Armed groups on both sides have been accused of recruiting children and regularly targeting civilians with war crimes such as sexual assaults, ethnically motivated killings and attacks on aid workers.

Author: 0 Macron wins French presidency, to sighs of relief in Europe

French president-elect Emmanuel Macron is laying the groundwork for his transition to power, with plans for a visit to Germany, a name change for his political movement and an appearance Monday with the man whose job he assumes. French President-elect Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech at the Louvre Museum in Paris on May 7, 2017, after the second round of the French presidential election.

Global News Saudi king's new order loosens guardianship rules on women
Author: 0 Saudi king's new order loosens guardianship rules on women

Speaking today in Canada, the Taoiseach said that he had raised the issue of human rights with Saudi authorities while on a trade mission there, but it was Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan who had raised the specific issue of women's rights in subsequent meetings.

Author: 0 Emmanuel Macron, the Next President of France

Sylvie Goulard, a French deputy to the European Parliament, said Macron would make Berlin his first official visit, with perhaps a stop to see French troops stationed overseas as well. France's Front National deputy leader Florian Philippot has said that the Le Pen score is "unprecedented" and that the Front National's campaign was "good", but the victory belongs to "financial oligarchy".

Author: 0 Donald Trump lands first stab at Obamacare

The Republican bill, known formally as the American Health Care Act , aims to repeal most Obamacare taxes , including a penalty for not buying health insurance. The House bill halts the expansion, in addition to cutting federal spending on the program. "I'm also anxious about those moving toward the exchange, that the subsidies on the exchanges continue in a fashion that gives people a solution whenever they are in that mid-rage above the poverty level, but not making enough to afford ...

Global News Delhi municipal polls: 53.58 per cent voter turnout
Author: 0 Delhi municipal polls: 53.58 per cent voter turnout

Congress leaders claimed it will be a close fight with the BJP. "While polling in Maujpur will be held on May 14, in Sarai Pipal it will take place on May 21", a senior official of Delhi State Election Commission said. The polling for the 270 wards of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) ended on Sunday. Out of the the three exit polls, two polls India Today-Axis, and C-Voter ABP news pinned that BJP is likely to emerge victorious for the third time in a row, leaving Aam Aadmi Party and ...

Author: 0 Riyadh first stop in Trump's inaugural overseas trip

Donald Trump's first foreign trip in office will be to Saudi Arabia , where he will attend "a historic gathering of Muslim leaders from across the world". But at each stop, Trump is hoping to demonstrate his faith in traditional USA allies that his administration claims were slighted by the previous administration.

Global News Officer who killed black motorist pleads guilty
Author: 0 Officer who killed black motorist pleads guilty

White former police officer pleads guilty to federal civil rights charges for killing an unarmed black man in 2015. The section of federal civil rights law Slager was charged with violating is aimed specifically at law officers who abuse their positions to unlawfully injure or kill others.

Global News Heat is on British Gas as customers switch off
Author: 0 Heat is on British Gas as customers switch off

Centrica added it was in "regular and constructive" dialogue with the Government over other measures "without resorting to price regulation", although a spokeswoman refused to comment on the options put forward. UK Home energy supply accounts were down 261,000 year-to-date, meanwhile, reflecting the planned roll-off of collective switch tariffs "and a greater shift towards enhanced segmentation".

Global News Syria accuses Israel of bombing outpost near Damascus
Author: 0 Syria accuses Israel of bombing outpost near Damascus

Explosions rocked the area near Damascus International Airport early Thursday morning following the arrival of cargo planes from Iran. Since the outbreak of the Syria conflict in early 2011, Israel has occasionally struck positions inside its war-torn neighbor, especially after mortar shells - allegedly fired from Syrian territory - fell inside the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Global News N'Golo Kante wins Football Writers' Association award
Author: 0 N'Golo Kante wins Football Writers' Association award

Interestingly, Kante is the 18th player to win the PFA and FWA awards in the same season. France global Kante, 26, drove former club Leicester to a shock title triumph last season and has again produced consistent performances at the heart of Chelsea's engine room following his £30million summer switch.

Author: 0 California family with 2 toddlers booted from Delta flight

The couple says they originally purchased a seat on the flight for their 18-year-old son Mason, but decided later to fly him back to Los Angeles on an earlier flight so they could use the seat for the younger sibling, Grayson, who would be placed in a auto seat.

Author: 0 Israel reprimands Swedish ambassador over UNESCO vote

Critics have described the proposed legislation, which also declares that the "right to self determination" in Israel is "unique to the Jewish people" as impinging on the rights of its Arab minority, who make up some 20 percent of the population.

Author: 0 Korea says arrested another United States citizen for 'hostile acts'

It is unclear if the two cases are connected. Kim HAK-sung was detained on Saturday, reports the North Korean Agency KCNA . Two more United States citizens, Kim Dong-Chul and Otto Warmbier, were sentenced last year to 10 years and 15 years hard labour respectively.

Author: 0 Push to pin health care vote on vulnerable Republicans begins

Still, there are an estimated 1.6 million people with pre-existing conditions in our state, and many could pay thousands of dollars more in premiums, regardless of whether they are on the Obamacare exchanges or not. Watching all this, one couldn't help but be reminded of how, in 2010, Nancy Pelosi recited some of the ludicrous charges Republicans had made about the Affordable Care Act and said that "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it-away from the fog of the ...

Author: 0 Hannity on Comey Testimony: 'How Stupid Do They Think We Are?'

Clinton's counterfactual tale about the infamous Comey letter has been a security blanket for many Democrats. "I can't consider for a second whose political futures will be affected and in what way", Comey told the panel. "She said some horrific things, and I think, and just awful what she said". He did confirm that former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates "did" tell him of her concerns about former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn's Russian Federation ties, but "I don't know whether ...

Global News Trump not ruling out military action against North Korea
Author: 0 Trump not ruling out military action against North Korea

And he was able to do it. President Trump said he will not be "happy" if North Korea conducts another nuclear test and would not rule out taking military action against the rogue regime. The president's national security adviser, Army Lt Gen H R McMaster, said North Korea's most recent missile test represents "open defiance of the worldwide community".

Global News Pakistani lawmakers visit Afghanistan to improve ties
Author: 0 Pakistani lawmakers visit Afghanistan to improve ties

On Sunday, the Pakistani delegation met with Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and urged Afghanistan to avoid blame game and work together to a mutually beneficial future. Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Omar Zakhilwal was upbeat at the visit of the Pakistani lawmakers and hoped both sides will succeed in "finding a path to improved bilateral relations with responding to our grievances and perceptions".

Author: 0 Centrist Macron becomes France's youngest president

Above all, Macron must take on what his foe, leader of the far-right Marine Le Pen, has identified as "the survival of France". Unknown just three years ago, and with a party only 12 months old, Emmanuel Macron has seized the French presidency against all the odds.

Author: 0 Dems convinced health bill jeopardizes GOP's monopoly in DC

The bill has a long way to go to reach Trump's desk - starting with the Senate, which could present an even more hard process than the fits and starts the AHCA faced in the House. The House bill halts the expansion, in addition to cutting federal spending on the program, which Trump's health chief argued is flawed and dictates too much from Washington .

Author: 0 Sturgeon denies Tory gains in Scotland are blow to independence

Labour's former council leader Frank McAveety, who retained his seat in Shettleston, said: "The SNP predicted they could return 56 councillors, they've only returned 39 councillors". She said: "We will speak up for the millions of Scots who have had enough of the uncertainty and division of the last few years". But Ms Davidson said the strong showing at the polls made more seats Tory targets.

Author: 0 White House disputes Democrat claim of win on budget

The almost $1.2 trillion federal spending deal included many items that Trump and his administration previously avowed would never happen, including increased funding for sanctuary cities, Planned Parenthood and science resources. Patty Murray (D., Wash.) said. On Tuesday, however, Trump took to Twitter , angrily reacting to media reports depicting Democrats such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY as winners in the negotiations.

Global News Two US service members killed in Afghanistan amid ISIS fight
Author: 0 Two US service members killed in Afghanistan amid ISIS fight

Fighting has been fierce as USA and Afghan special operations forces, backed by hundreds of air strikes, have sought to advance against militant strongholds in recent months. Afghan forces, already beset by killings and desertions, have been struggling to beat back insurgents since US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops ended their combat mission in December 2014.

Author: 0 U.S. House of Representatives passes bill to fund govt.

Democrats touted the lack of funding for the border wall. First, they still hope to restart an effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. "Today is the next step in what is likely to be a very long process", Republican Representative Michael Burgess of Texas also said on MSNBC. "We marked this as one of our victories in this particular bill", he said.

Author: 0 US House Approves Tighter North Korea Sanctions

North Korea has a history of making unfounded and irrational claims, and CNN was not able to independently corroborate the report. A statement by the ministry of state security said a terrorist group backed by the CIA and South Korea's intelligence agency had entered the country to attack with a bio-chemical substance.

Global News Rouhani warns voters to prevent 'extremism' returning to Iran
Author: 0 Rouhani warns voters to prevent 'extremism' returning to Iran

One of Rouhani's main challengers, Raisi , an influential cleric with decades of experience in the hardline judiciary, said Iran had no need of foreign help to improve the economy and could always defend itself. He spoke broadly about boosting cash subsidies for the poor, attempting to harness the populist message of former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - but with much less charisma.

Global News Afghanistan rejects Pak claims of killing 50 Afghan soldiers
Author: 0 Afghanistan rejects Pak claims of killing 50 Afghan soldiers

The border is considered invalid by many Afghans and clashes along it are not uncommon. On its part, Pakistan had been taking measures for the border management, but Afghanistan had taken no step in that regard, he said. Lt General Aamir Riaz said that the Pakistan Army would respond to such "foolish" offensives from the other side with its "full might". After the survey is completed, a report will be sent to Islamabad and Kabul .

Author: 0 North Korea 'detains US citizen Kim Hak-song'

The other is Otto Warmbier, a University of Virginia student who was detained for allegedly trying to steal a propaganda sign from a Pyongyang hotel on New Year's Day last year while on a group tour. Trump has further spiked animosity by saying he isn't ruling out military action against the North, although Trump also has said he would be willing to talk with Kim Jong Un under the right circumstances.

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