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Author: 0 Norman Powell is the Toronto Raptors' x-factor this postseason

In the three games following, he's scored 30+ points in two of the three and shot at least 50% from the field in each of the three games. Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 34 points and collected nine rebounds to nearly lead the Bucks to a comeback for the ages against the Raptors.

Author: 0 Asian shares show relief over French moderate Emmanuel Macron's win

Latest partial results showed Macron winning 65.17 percent of the votes in the first ever election he has contested, far ahead of the nationalist Le Pen at 34.83 percent. European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker tweeted: "Happy that the French chose a European future". In a tweet Sunday, Trump says he's looking forward to working with Macron, but did not immediately extend an invitation for him to visit the White House.

Author: 0 Win by French moderate Macron spurs rally in Asian markets

Marine Le Pen, his far-right opponent in the Presidential runoff, quickly called Macron to concede her defeat after voters rejected her "French-first" nationalism by a large margin. But none presents an existential challenge to the European Union as Le Pen did in France. Macron will likely maintain the outgoing French government's firm stance against Assad, strengthening Mr.

Author: 0 Trump tries to pressure Senate Republicans on health care

The group says it will emphasize the lawmakers' support for a House bill that's estimated to reduce coverage for 24 million people over 10 years and let insurance companies charge more for older people. The measure would also water down the subsidies that help consumers afford health insurance. Major medical and other organizations, including the American Medical Association, oppose the bill.

Author: 0 Le Pen's niece says FN failed to convince voters on euro

Dean Turner, an economist at UBS Wealth Management, said: "Since markets anticipated this result, they had largely positioned for this outcome, which may cap any gains in the short term". A few minutes earlier, President Trump tweeted his congratulations to Macron, saying he looks forward to working with him. Will have a big effect on presidential election!' Trump wrote on Twitter.

Author: 0 US, ASEAN agree on need for full implementation of NK sanctions

Murphy stressed ties with Pyongyang are a sovereign matter for ASEAN states, but confirmed that Tillerson had urged them to review their positions. " North Korea in many countries has a diplomatic presence that clearly exceeds their diplomatic needs", Murphy told reporters.

Global News Mortar fire from Syrian govt area hits Turkish military outpost
Author: 0 Mortar fire from Syrian govt area hits Turkish military outpost

A medical helicopter from the US-led coalition flies near the Syrian Kurdish town of Derik, April 25 2017. Both Kurdish forces are close USA allies in the war against IS. This could greatly complicate U.S. support for both sides, and the Kurds having to shift toward resisting Turkish incursions would likely derail their planned invasion of the ISIS capital of Raqqa.

Author: 0 Police Chief Fires Officer Who Shot & Killed 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards

Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver was sacked Tuesday, three days after 15-year-old Jordan Edwards' death. Police claimed to have heard gunshots outside the party, and Oliver opened fire with an AR-15 rifle on the auto where Edwards was in the passenger seat, along with two of his brothers and two friends.

Author: 0 5 things to know about sacked AAP minister Kapil Mishra's allegations Kejriwal

Even his enemies can not imagine this", he told reporters. “The Centre, the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the CBI should immediately take action and register an FIR against Kejriwal, ” he told the media. "AAP is my party, no one can throw me out of the party". Speculation and rumours, however, are afloat that axing of Mishra from the Delhi Cabinet was an attempt by Chief Minister Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia to send a veiled message across to the Vishwas camp that to quell any ...

Global News Akhilesh expels five SP men, including Shivpal loyalists
Author: 0 Akhilesh expels five SP men, including Shivpal loyalists

The minister said, "The Congress party did not leave a single chance to ruin my life and Akhilesh formed an alliance with the same party for the 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections". Akhilesh should take the challenge thrown by Shivpal head on and use the opportunity to remove the deadwood, modernise the party agenda and rebuild SP on his own terms.

Author: 0 Vive la France! Emmanuel Macron sweeps aside far-right Le Pen

Voters delivered a resounding victory for the pro-European former investment banker, strengthening France's place as a central pillar of the European Union, and he immediately vowed to "defend France and Europe ". When he moves into the Elysee Palace after his inauguration next weekend, Macron will become the eighth - and youngest - president of France's Fifth Republic.

Author: 0 Deciding next step in Afghanistan comes with grim backdrop

Biddle told the AP the Taliban have little incentive to negotiate a peace deal and "the battlefield trend is against it". The insurgents may have failed to capture and hold a major city, but they are controlling or influencing ever more territory.

Global News What is Delhi water tanker scam about
Author: 0 What is Delhi water tanker scam about

Mishra alleged that Jain "has settled land deals worth Rs 50 crore for Kejriwal's relatives" and that when he asked the Delhi CM about the money, Kejriwal said that a lot of things "happen" in politics that "cannot be explained". "Day before yesterday (Friday), I saw Jain hand over Rs 2 crore in cash to Kejriwal at his residence". Raising questions over the funds received by the AAP ahead of the Punjab polls, Mishra said, "I trusted Kejriwal, whom I thought to be clean".

Global News China's Xi congratulates Macron on French election win
Author: 0 China's Xi congratulates Macron on French election win

With a serious, nearly somber tone, reflecting a divided nation, he pledged to "guarantee unity", acknowledging he faces an " immense task" ahead. Although Marine Le Pen was criticized for her tough stance on immigration that included reinstating border security checkpoints and limiting immigration, Macron does not share any of those views, saying that they were based on fear.

Global News Pic! Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Dannielynn Birkhead Attends Kentucky Derby
Author: 0 Pic! Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Dannielynn Birkhead Attends Kentucky Derby

Dannielynn Birkhead, the late Anna Nicole Smith's 10-year-old daughter, poses with dad Larry Birkhead at the 2017 Kentucky Derby. It is also an event Dannielynn and her dad have frequented almost every year since she was a toddler. Dannielynn was only 5 months old when Smith, a former Playmate of the Year, died at age 39 following a drug overdose in Florida in 2007. After a three-year-long paternity battle with entertainment attorney Howard K.

Author: 0 N. Korea Says Has Detained Another American

North Korean news agency KCNA reports that the country has detained another American for "hostile acts" against the state. The KCNA said that related authorities are conducting detailed investigation into his alleged crimes. "Due to privacy considerations, we have no further comment", the official said. Kim, an ethnic Korean, was born in Jilin, China and educated at a university in California, two people who said they studied with him in the United States told CNN .

Author: 0 Trump's First Foreign Trip As President Is Later Than Anyone Since LBJ

Dates were not specified, but it has been reported that the trip will take place in the week of May 21, with the Israel stop on May 22. In a speech in the Rose Garden at an event on religious liberty, Trump cast his trip as an effort to build cooperation and support between Muslims, Christians and Jews for fighting terrorism.

Global News U.S. military confirms death of ISIS Afghanistan leader Abdul Hasib
Author: 0 U.S. military confirms death of ISIS Afghanistan leader Abdul Hasib

Forces-Afghanistan said in a statement. The raid targeted Hasib but also left 35 ISIS-K fighters dead. The head of Islamic State in Afghanistan - described as the mastermind behind high-profile attacks including an assault on a military hospital that claimed at least 50 lives - has been killed, the USA and Afghan officials said.

Author: 0 Emmanuel Macron will be the next French President says exit poll

Defeated US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who like Macron had her campaign hacked, tweeted: "Victory for Macron, for France, the European Union , & the world. Ms Le Pen added: "Our patriotic and republican alliance will be the primary force of opposition to the programme of the new president". Researcher Camus said the only possible opponent at this stage, Marechal-Le Pen, who has had a series of public disagreements with her aunt over the years, did not seem to want to lead any ...

Author: 0 Trump to embark on maiden visit to Vatican, Israel, Saudi Arabia

American President Donald Trump (picture) will travel to Saudi Arabia and Israel this month as part of his first foreign trip, wading directly into the tangled diplomacy of Middle Eastern politics, a senior administration official said last night.

Author: 0 Flynn's Foreign Payments May Have Broken The Law

They knew Flynn had taken money from Russian sources. The two leading members of the oversight committee, Mr Cummings and Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz , suggest the payments and the lack of disclosure may have broken the law . Flynn's lawyer, Robert Kelner , said Tuesday that Flynn was not hiding anything, noting that he briefed the Defense Intelligence Agency on his trip to Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Syria ceasefire in four zones to start Saturday

However, key issues would involve whether and how the zones would be enforced. Turkey's state-run Anadolu news agency also reported on the ceasefire - signed by Russia, Turkey and Iran - saying a joint working group will be set up by the agreement's three guarantor countries to determine the precise borders of the four zones by June 4.

Author: 0 Facebook Will Add 3000 More Staff To Monitor Videos And Content

Facebook says it is hiring 3,000 additional workers to block live streams of violence and respond more swiftly to reports of inappropriate material. According to the Facebook post , the company already employs 4,500 people in its "community operations team" to review content that has been flagged for its inappropriateness.

Global News Pakistan dispatches supplies to southwest border villages
Author: 0 Pakistan dispatches supplies to southwest border villages

Meanwhile, Pakistan deployed more army and FC troops on the border. "They did not heed the warning and we have clear orders to engage them", Durani said, adding two Afghan border police were wounded. "These civilians were killed as a result of the Afghan shelling". Siddiqi blamed the Pakistani side for starting the fighting. In Islamabad , the foreign ministry said it had summoned Afghanistan's chargé d'affaires to complain about the firing.

Author: 0 Macron, Le Pen face off as France decides

The philosophy and literature lover is inexperienced, has no political party and must fashion a working parliamentary majority after legislative elections next month. In a rousing speech outside the Louvre in central Paris, where he was joined by his wife Brigitte Macron, he urged supporters to help him build a parliamentary majority, in order to carry out his reforms.

Global News Abbas talks with Trump about peace with Israel
Author: 0 Abbas talks with Trump about peace with Israel

Abbas told Trump that his goal is a two-state solution with East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state, and said the president provides a new opportunity for a peace deal. And if you believe the Times of Israel's founding editor David Horovitz , you will think it all went down so well for Abbas, that Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu will have some very sleepless nights.

Author: 0 Trump, Putin discuss ending Syria war amid ongoing tensions

A White House readout of the phone calls says the two leaders discussed the creation of safe zones in Syria . Trump and Putin also reportedly spoke about the possibility of a face-to-face meeting in Germany around the G20 meeting in July.

Author: 0 Russian Federation begins plan to 'de-escalate' Syrian war

Full details of Thursday's agreement have not yet been released. Rebels have rejected the deal and said they would not recognise Iran as a guarantor of any ceasefire plan. The U.S. was represented at the talks in Kazakhstan though Nauert said it was neither a "direct participant" nor a party to the agreement. The U.S.

Global News Government Shutdown 2017: What's the likelihood Congress passes a budget plan?
Author: 0 Government Shutdown 2017: What's the likelihood Congress passes a budget plan?

Happy first 100 days, President Trump. Mr Trump campaigned throughout the USA past year promising a wall across the entire 2,200-mile southern border, promising that Mexico would pay for it. A Republican congressional aide said Democrats may agree to some aspects of the border wall , including new surveillance equipment and access roads, estimated to cost around $380 million.

Global News Is this joke Prince Philip's last zinger?
Author: 0 Is this joke Prince Philip's last zinger?

It said he would attend previously scheduled engagements until August , and would not accept any new invitations thereafter. Speculation had been rife after reports emerged that Buckingham Palace had called an emergency internal meeting at 10am this morning.

Author: 0 China Faces Pressure To Consider North Korea Oil Embargo

There is at least one retaliatory plan that includes targeting North Korea's leadership if South Korea feels threatened by nuclear attack. Pyongyang's Kumsusan Palace of the Sun serves as a mausoleum for Kim Il Sung, founder of the North Korean state and grandfather to Kim Jong Un.

Author: 0 Centrist Emmanuel Macron becomes France's youngest president

Independent centrist Mr Macron took 65% of votes, according to exit polls, while Le Pen is forecast to have won just 35% of the votes. Both Marine Le Pen and Mr Macron voted early on Sunday in the north of France. Vive La France. Congratulations to new President, Emmanuel Macron on his decisive victory over the hard right. The results revealed Mr Macron was favoured among wealthier, better educated citizens in cities, while Ms Le Pen drew support in the countryside as well as poverty-hit ...

Global News Army kills 50 Afghan forces in border fight
Author: 0 Army kills 50 Afghan forces in border fight

The Pakistani and Afghan armies have been clashing at the Chaman border crossing in southwestern Baluchistan province since Friday. The situation on the Afghan border remained calm on Saturday but the security forces on both sides remained alert and there was no traffic between Chaman and Kandahar for the second day.

Author: 0 Health Care Reform Bill Heads to Senate

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday that he believes the House bill would pay too much taxpayer money to insurance companies. But that's not the only promise Trump has made on health care that isn't matching up with the reality of the bill Trump helped push through the House .

Global News 82 freed Nigerian schoolgirls arrive in nation's capital
Author: 0 82 freed Nigerian schoolgirls arrive in nation's capital

Nigerian government officials confirmed the releases early Sunday. "Welcome our girls, welcome our sisters", Kyari said to the girls , who sat quietly in chairs. "They will face a long and hard process to rebuild their lives after the indescribable horror and trauma they have suffered at the hands of Boko Haram", she said.

Author: 0 Trump vows to combat Holocaust denial

His voice echoing off the walls of the U.S Capitol, Trump spoke forcefully and deliberately, calling out those who would deny or seek or erase the Holocaust. Trump earned applause during a 15-minute speech at the ceremony hosted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum . We will condemn hatred. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the president's official statement on January 27 did not mention Jewish people specifically, instead referring to the victims of the Holocaust only ...

Author: 0 House measure demands stricter sanctions against North Korea

The measure is sponsored by Rep. Ed Royce of California, the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Rep. Eliot Engel of NY, the committee's senior Democrat. It also requires the USA government to determine whether the North is a state sponsor of terrorism. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Thursday pressed Southeast Asian governments to ensure "leak-proof" enforcement of sanctions against North Korea and to prevent the pariah nation's diplomats from conducting ...

Global News US, Philippines open 'scaled down' Balikatan
Author: 0 US, Philippines open 'scaled down' Balikatan

This year's Balikatan exercise focuses on humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, counterterrorism (HADR/CT) and subject matter expert exchanges, according to Philippine and American security and defense officials-a stark deviation from previous bilateral military engagements that involved live fire exercises and scenarios of invasion on the western seaboard of the archipelago.

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