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Global News What Buhari told 82 freed Chibok Girls
Author: 0 What Buhari told 82 freed Chibok Girls

Femi Adesina says the girls have been received at the airport by the president's chief of staff. According to the girls who already escaped , some of their classmates have died from illness, some do not want to return home, having been radicalised by their captors, and some may have been used to carry out suicide bombings.

Global News Milwaukee jury suggests charges in inmate death
Author: 0 Milwaukee jury suggests charges in inmate death

Thomas was in jail for allegedly shooting a man in front of his parents' house and then shooting a gun in a casino. 'I think it's just the clear lack of oversight over this entire process that really troubled them more than anything else, ' he said.

Global News Liverpool suffer Champions League blow in draw with Southampton
Author: 0 Liverpool suffer Champions League blow in draw with Southampton

On this side people will say it was very smart because Milly missed afterwards; on the other side people will say that's not how sportsmanship works. So I don't know. Southampton , after a hard-earned point, go 10th. Four minutes [added time], I have to say that's ambitious. It was an important save. By all rights, the visitors should have had one of their own when Simon Mignolet appeared to puts hands on the ball outside of the box when he rushed out to meet Dusan Tadic only for it to ...

Author: 0 North Korea detains another American citizen

North Korea says it has detained another American who is suspected of carrying out "acts of hostility" created to overturn the secretive state. Kim Hak Song, who was working for the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, was held on Saturday, Yonhap said, citing the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Global News Meet Justin Trudeau: Syria refugees name their baby after Canada's PM
Author: 0 Meet Justin Trudeau: Syria refugees name their baby after Canada's PM

However, she said that she was thankful to the premier to be here and added that she now speaks fluent English and Muhammad works part-time in a grocery shop. The family's opportunity to flee war-torn Syria came five years into the atrocities of the war. "To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith", Mr.

Global News Trump to NRA in Atlanta: I won't let you down
Author: 0 Trump to NRA in Atlanta: I won't let you down

Senator Elizabeth Warren isn't running for president, but President Donald Trump is preemptively knocking her at a speech to the NRA in Atlanta. He warned that the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee could be " Pocahontas ", his nickname for Sen.

Global News Kiwi league players under investigation for alleged drug use
Author: 0 Kiwi league players under investigation for alleged drug use

Bromwich has stood down as the Kiwis skipper and also been suspended for Melbourne's next two NRL matches, agreed to donate his $20,000 Kiwis Test match fee to a charity, and stood down from the Storm leadership group. "I regret making the choice of staying out with my teammates until the early hours of Saturday morning, as well as consuming excessive amounts of alcohol", Bromwich continued.

Author: 0 Emmanuel Macron Favored as France Votes for New President

Almost 47 million voters are expected to cast their ballots, choosing between pro-Europe, pro-business centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, and anti-immigration, anti-EU far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Macron would be the youngest French president ever. Former U.S. president Barack Obama who openly backed Macron last week and whose message of hope served as a model for the French candidate is a cautionary tale for what can happen when some promises go unfulfilled.

Global News Merkel's conservative party does well in German local vote
Author: 0 Merkel's conservative party does well in German local vote

After Schulz closed the gap between Germany's two biggest parties as recently as March, national polls now put Merkel's Christian Democrat-led bloc ahead by as many as 8 percentage points. The SPD enjoyed a revival in the opinion polls after nominating Martin Schulz in January as its candidate to run against Angela Merkel. With polls in North Rhine-Westphalia showing the race between CDU and SPD too close to call, pressure on the Social Democrats to avoid another defeat will grow.

Global News Former EPL champion Blackburn plunges into 3rd tier
Author: 0 Former EPL champion Blackburn plunges into 3rd tier

Rovers are now in the bottom three now, locked on 48 points with Nottingham Forest , but having a worse goal difference by just one goal. Blackburn boss Tony Mowbray backed his relegated side to bounce straight back to the Championship if they show the same desire they did in the final-day beating of Brentford.

Global News Conservatives make huge gains in United Kingdom local elections
Author: 0 Conservatives make huge gains in United Kingdom local elections

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party faced a challenge on a "historic scale" to win back power, but insisted he could close the gap on the Tories. He said voters recognised the need to "chip in a little more" to address the "chronic underfunding" of healthcare, pointing to a recent opinion poll which suggested 70% of voters would back a 1p rise in income tax if the money was guaranteed to go to the NHS.

Author: 0 Silva: We must not panic after Sunderland defeat

Niasse and his teammates lost their composure and, after Swansea's 1-0 defeat of Everton, perhaps the club's Premier League status. Unlike Hull , Sunderland took their chances. Friday afternoon's headlines declared that he will be asked to stay on by owner Ellis Short but the manager himself has been somewhat more non-committal and has admitted he has still to talk properly with the club's owner.

Global News Sunny, comfortable weather continuing through weekend
Author: 0 Sunny, comfortable weather continuing through weekend

Little or no snow accumulation is expected. In the evening, temperatures are expected to drop into the low 40s with a chance of more scattered rain. Cool, clear, and calm for Sunday night . Skies are mostly cloudy with scattered rain and thunderstorms. Wind: S 10-15 miles per hour. West wind 5 to 7 miles per hour.

Author: 0 Trump's Religious Freedom Executive Order Just 'An Elaborate Photo-Op'?

It aims to eradicate the Johnson Amendment , which is a piece of legislation that bans tax-exempt religious organisations from directly or indirectly participating, or intervening in a political campaign. Signed on the National Day of Prayer , the executive order promises to "vigorously promote religious liberty". "As a result of President Trump's (order), churches and religious organizations will be able to blatantly and deliberately flaunt the electioneering restrictions.

Author: 0 Unmanned space plane's landing sends sonic boom

When the plane landed Sunday morning the sonic boom could be heard throughout Central Florida, and some Brevard County residents likely heard them before it even touched down at the Shuttle Landing Facility. "The landing of OTV-4 marks another success for the X-37B program and the nation", said Lt. Col. Ron Fehlen, X-37B program manager, in a press release .

Author: 0 Military orbiter's landing rattles Florida with sonic boom

The record-shattering mission of the U.S. Air Force's robotic X-37B space plane is finally over. Total time in space by both vehicles across four flights now stands at 2,085 days. It was the first liquid rocket orbital class booster to be re-used, a key... Built by Boeing Co. It was a NASA project when it began in 1999, but in 2004 it was transferred to the U.S.

Author: 0 Syrian forces clash with rebels in new Russian 'de-escalation' zone

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said there had been a reduction in fighting across Syria since the deal came into force, but warned it was too early to say whether it would last. "The de-escalation zones should cover the Syrian territories in their entirety, and not selective areas where the Assad regime can enjoy peace", Yahya Al-Aridi, a political adviser to the Syrian High Negotiations Committee (HNC), told Arab News on Saturday.

Author: 0 Somalia says regional al-Shabab leader is killed in raid

Family members describe Milliken as a devoted father and husband. "Senior Chief Kyle Milliken embodied the warrior spirit and toughness infused in our very best Navy SEALs", said Rear Admiral Timothy Szymanski, who is in charge of the Navy SEALs.

Author: 0 Maduro Pushing for Constitutional Changes

Local media published footage showing two protesters being knocked over by a National Guard vehicle. Opposition leaders say Mr Maduro's constituent assembly is an attempt to sideline a democratically elected National Assembly even further.

Author: 0 India denies visas for medical treatment of Pakistani citizens

She is married to a Pakistani man. And it further adds that when the husband inquired the high commission staff allegedly denied that any such woman has come to their office. Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakaria said in a statement that "the Indian High Commission informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that an Indian national, Ms Uzma, 20, had approached them with the request to be repatriated to India".

Author: 0 Could The Health Care Vote Cost Republicans The House Majority?

If the Senate can pass that bill-they would need it to be budget neutral to do so because that's the only way to pass it with just 51 votes-it would then head back to the House, where it will likely face resistance from the conservative House Freedom Caucus , which already blocked the bill once for not being conservative enough.

Global News DANA MILBANK: Did Bill Clinton cost Hillary Clinton the election?
Author: 0 DANA MILBANK: Did Bill Clinton cost Hillary Clinton the election?

On Saturday's broadcast of MSNBC's "AM Joy", Karen Finney, former Spokesperson for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, said she has no clue how someone could believe "Hillary Clinton is unpopular", reasoning that Clinton received three million more votes than President Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Global News Michael Flynn Is Looking Guiltier With Each Passing Day
Author: 0 Michael Flynn Is Looking Guiltier With Each Passing Day

Flynn was reminded when he retired that accepting unauthorized payments from foreign governments was prohibited, according to the DIA letter. The White House never provided any documents related to what Flynn told the administration when he was vetted even though the committee formally requested it.

Author: 0 Trump signs order letting tax-exempt churches be active in politics

The executive order - signed by President Donald Trump on Thursday - directs the federal government to undo the damage to religious freedom done during eight years under the Obama administration. The Johnson Amendment only prohibits religious people and institutions from endorsing political candidates. The order, which Trump inked during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden, directs the IRS to exercise "maximum enforcement discretion" over the Johnson amendment , which prevents ...

Global News Isolated Showers Through Late Sunday
Author: 0 Isolated Showers Through Late Sunday

A few showers are possible overnight tonight with temperatures slipping into the 40s. May even see some upper 30s in some inland locations. Temperatures stay in the 60s for much of next week with several chances of rain. Models do keep the possibility for some rainfall during the first half of the week, but those chances do not look as great as what they did just several days ago.

Global News North Korea accuses US, South Korea of plotting assassination attempt
Author: 0 North Korea accuses US, South Korea of plotting assassination attempt

But refusing to crack down on North leads to a North Korea racing toward its nuclear finish-line, USA military build-up in Northeast Asia, and even a direct military conflict with the United States, the expert said. North Korea warned that U.S. hostility brought the region to the brink of nuclear war. The South Korean presidential election is scheduled to be held on May 9.

Global News S&P 500 futures rise as Macron wins French election
Author: 0 S&P 500 futures rise as Macron wins French election

Security was tight across France as voters cast their ballots on Sunday. with the the last polling stations closing at 8 p.m. local time (11 a.m. PT). Faced with the proliferation of human rights crises, France has a compelling need for justice. Macron's victory represents a decisive rejection of the populist Le Pen and the anti-EU and anti-immigrant views espoused by her and her National Front party.

Global News More Chibok Schoolgirls Freed In Militant Exchange
Author: 0 More Chibok Schoolgirls Freed In Militant Exchange

It assured them of "government's resolve to give comprehensive medical attention to the released schoolgirls and ensure their rehabilitation and reintegration into normal society". "I hope and pray that my daughter is among these released girls", she added. The number of girls hasn't been officially confirmed, however multiple outlets are reporting that they were turned over to the Nigerian military.

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