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Author: 0 North Korea simulates strike on US Capitol, USS Carl Vinson

Amid the heightened tensions, North Korea detained a third USA citizen in Pyongyang on Saturday, the Swedish Embassy confirmed to NBC News. Seoul/Washington - North Korea said on Sunday it was ready to sink a US aircraft carrier to demonstrate its military might, in the latest sign of rising tension as US President Donald Trump prepared to call the leaders of China and Japan.

Global News South Korea, US warn of punishment for North Korea; US stresses sanctions
Author: 0 South Korea, US warn of punishment for North Korea; US stresses sanctions

It also is hard to see the difference between the intentions behind North Korea's displays of its nuclear and missile capabilities and those of the United States-aside from the fact North Korea has far more to fear, given that the United States has military and nuclear forces that far exceed those of North Korea, and that are exercised frequently close to North Korea's shores.

Global News U.S. emphasizes diplomacy on N. Korea nuclear issue
Author: 0 U.S. emphasizes diplomacy on N. Korea nuclear issue

After a special briefing for all 100 U.S. senators, top United States officials announced President Donald Trump's strategy on North Korea. "Maybe part of the message this administration is trying to send to the United Nations is that it's long past time for the full worldwide community to get behind the sanctions they've already said were warranted by North Korea's behavior", says Victor Cha, a former director for Asian affairs at the National Security Council and now a senior adviser ...

Global News Patriot missile downs apparent drone over Golan Heights
Author: 0 Patriot missile downs apparent drone over Golan Heights

The Kremlin called for restraint and Russian Federation s foreign ministry condemned the attack. Chagai Tzuriel director- general of Israeli Intelligence Ministry, said earlier Iran was building workshops and facilities to make advanced rockets inside Lebanon.

Global News Entire Senate to visit White House this week for North Korea briefing
Author: 0 Entire Senate to visit White House this week for North Korea briefing

The White House played host Wednesday to an all-senators briefing focused on the North Korea threat - a meeting which, though serious in tone, yielded few new specifics. After the briefing, many senators said they were underwhelmed, and some Democrats said they learned nothing new about the administration's approach on the North.

Author: 0 The Simpsons skewer Donald Trump's first 100 days in office

The FOX series' creators have depicted everything from Sean Spicer hanging by a noose, to Melania Trump wearing nothing in one of the wall portraits, to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being replaced by Ivanka Trump, and more. A brief video posted on " The Simpsons " Twitter account Wednesday night teases the upcoming episode of the show, scheduled to air Sunday night on Fox , "paid for by Anybody Else 2020".

Author: 0 China Warns Of 'Unimaginable' Korean War

Earlier on Wednesday, the US military moved parts of an anti-missile defense system to a deployment site in South Korea, triggering protests from villagers and by China - whose help is vital to agreeing and implementing tougher economic sanctions to try to persuade North Korea to abandon its weapons programs.

Author: 0 Gopal Rai likely to be AAP's Delhi convenor

Mr. Singh said he submitted his resignation to AAP's national convener Arvind Kejriwal. AAP came in second behind the BJP, after Wednesday's counting of Sunday's civic polls vote. The BJP has swept the polls to Delhi's three municipal corporations, North, East and South winning 181 seats out of 270 seats. "With God as my witness, I pledge never to ditch this pure party or betray the movement [that is the AAP]".

Global News Trump on North Korea: We are Prepared to 'Defend Ourselves'
Author: 0 Trump on North Korea: We are Prepared to 'Defend Ourselves'

There have also been reports of dramatic reductions in coal imports from North Korea by China this year. South Korea and the United States agreed on Thursday on "swift punitive measures" against North Korea in the event of more provocation, although the United States signaled sanctions and diplomatic pressure were its priorities for now.

Global News Miami Dolphins: Offensive Targets In The 2017 NFL Draft
Author: 0 Miami Dolphins: Offensive Targets In The 2017 NFL Draft

Of note is that Miami also passed on Reuben Foster, as well as on Forrest Lamp, who could have slotted in as a starting guard for them out of the gate. It's unlikely he'll beat out Andre Branch as the starter in year one. "I have to take advantage of this", Harris said. "I didn't care about ranking or nothing to this day.

Global News Israeli Patriot missiles down target over Golan Heights: army
Author: 0 Israeli Patriot missiles down target over Golan Heights: army

The Lebanese news channel Al Mayadeen reported that Israeli missiles had passed over the Golan Heights, and that Israeli jets had not entered Syrian airspace. 12 January 2017: The Syrian government accuses Israel of firing several rockets on the Mezzeh air base from the Sea of Galilee. Al-Masdar news reported there were as much as five airstrikes against or in the vicinity of the airport.

Global News Hardball health care option may cost Trump and taxpayers
Author: 0 Hardball health care option may cost Trump and taxpayers

But MacArthur's role in working with the Freedom Caucus could have the effect of shifting the blame, if the bill fails, from the most conservative members of the House to the most moderate. "Progress is being made and we're feeling good about that process as of now". With Trump's 100th day in office coming Saturday, a White House looking for achievements had pressured GOP leaders to try pushing health care legislation through the House this week.

Global News Southwest Airlines to end practice of overbooking flights
Author: 0 Southwest Airlines to end practice of overbooking flights

Video of the incident has sparked more than two weeks of withering criticism and mockery of United. Later this year, United will introduce a new automated check-in process, both at the airport and via United app, that will gauge a customer's interest in giving up his or her seat on overbooked flights in exchange for compensation.

Author: 0 Trump Says Iran not 'Living up to Spirit' of Nuclear Deal

Shamkhani further said that Trump's words and deeds have always been contradictory, adding that he only looks at matters economically. With a new White House, many have wondered about the fate of the 2015 nuclear agreement made between the Obama administration and Iran.

Author: 0 UK leader meeting top EU officials for Brexit working dinner

But EU leaders have resisted this, and on Thursday Mrs Merkel told German MPs it would be "a waste of time " to maintain illusions that the two sets of negotiations could be held simultaneously. Britain and the EU have said that securing the rights of Europeans in Britain — and of 1 million United Kingdom citizens living elsewhere in the bloc — will be a priority when divorce negotiations begin after the United Kingdom election.

Global News Time to remove 'blindfolds'; United Nations must ready new North Korea sanctions
Author: 0 Time to remove 'blindfolds'; United Nations must ready new North Korea sanctions

The U.S. government has not specified where the carrier strike group is, but U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said on Saturday it would arrive "within days". North Korean leader Kim Jong Un likely participated in the event, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported. Wednesday's briefing on the situation in North Korea will be attended by every USA senator.

Author: 0 United Kingdom to join U.S. action in Syria if new chemical attack

Nor perhaps, was Boris Johnson's first big day out on the campaign trail created to land the prime minister with questions tonight about her intentions for Syria. Burroughs' Naked Lunch novel, and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Mr Johnson said that he questioned how Mr Corbyn would respond to the "semi-deranged" regime in North Korea.

Global News North Korea army vows 'merciless' response to US provocation
Author: 0 North Korea army vows 'merciless' response to US provocation

Soldiers with M1A2 tanks participated in the emergency drills, conducted to simulate responses to a possible North Korean attack. Pyongyang has also expressed anger over the ongoing annual spring military exercises the US holds with South Korea, which it considers a rehearsal for invasion.

Global News As tensions mount, North Korea celebrates founder Kim Il Sung's birthday
Author: 0 As tensions mount, North Korea celebrates founder Kim Il Sung's birthday

He added that North Korea will keep building up its nuclear arsenal in "quality and quantity" and said Pyongyang is ready to go to war if that's what Trump wants. In his annual New Year's address, Kim said that North Korea's preparations for an ICBM launch have "reached the final stage". Kim Jong Un, a 30-something leader who took power in late 2011 after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il , emphasizes nuclear weapons as the foundation of his national defense strategy.

Author: 0 Final results show 51.4 percent supported expanding Erdogan powers - Turkish electoral board

Turkish authorities have detained more than a thousand people suspected of having links to US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen . Turkey has arrested or fired more than 160,000 alleged coup organizers and participants since last July. Gulen has denied the accusations. Following the constitutional referendum in Turkey, which resulted in a narrow victory for the "Yes" camp (with fifty-one percent of the voters approving the constitutional changes that grant President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ...

Global News Seth Meyers & Stephen Colbert Take On Donald Trump's First 100 Days
Author: 0 Seth Meyers & Stephen Colbert Take On Donald Trump's First 100 Days

As some have noted, that would make Trump the first president in history to have a shutdown on his hands within his first 100 days. By this time, he swore many things to his voters, such as having Obamacare repealed. "I got to say, Trump certainly has done a lot for me in the first 100 days. So, Trump really is running the country like one of his businesses". That got Colbert wondering just what the president is talking about.

Global News France's president warns of complacency over Le Pen
Author: 0 France's president warns of complacency over Le Pen

Turnout was 77.77%, the lowest in a French presidential election for 15 years. He was frequently accused of making xenophobic and anti-Semitic statements and Ms Le Pen expelled him from the party in 2015. Before his exit, Mr Fillon derided Mr Macron's stated aim of being neither left- nor right-wing, pointing to the ex-banker's time as economy minister in the Socialist government of outgoing President Francois Hollande.

Author: 0 United States steps up pressure on North Korea

Graham and McCain are defense hawks and have been two of Trump's sharpest GOP critics on foreign policy matters. He also acknowledged that North Korean retaliation to any USA strike would endanger the lives of millions of Koreans in Seoul , and the 24,000 US troops stationed in South Korea , according to the Guardian .

Global News Italy receives migrants after Mediterranean rescue ops
Author: 0 Italy receives migrants after Mediterranean rescue ops

At least 20 cadavers, including that of an 8-year-old boy recovered during rescue operations, were also brought to Sicily and the Italian mainland with the survivors. The NGOs have accused Zuccaro of starting the investigation on behalf of Frontex as an attempt to remove them from the sea. "The professional conduct and tireless efforts of our crew are to thank for the many lives saved today".

Global News Audio of Trump travel ban hearing to be broadcast live
Author: 0 Audio of Trump travel ban hearing to be broadcast live

Now, the president has gone further: in an interview Wednesday with the Washington Examiner on Wednesday, Trump said that he is "absolutely" considering proposals to break up the Ninth Circuit. He serves in the US District Court for Northern California within the 9th Circuit's jurisdiction. CNN reports President Donald Trump has displayed renewed animosity for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, insinuating that he would like to dismantle it.

Global News British teen admits planning London bomb attack
Author: 0 British teen admits planning London bomb attack

Haroon Syed , from Hounslow in west London , pleaded guilty to a charge of preparation of terrorist acts between April and September previous year. According to the BBC , the court heard that Syed had looked into buying explosives online and researched busy areas of London to target.

Author: 0 4/20 poll: Support to legalize marijuana at all-time high

Nine percent said neither alcohol nor marijuana was harmful. The industry as a whole is projected to exceed $24 billion by 2025. Proposed legislation in IL would allow possession of up to an ounce of pot by people who are at least 21 years old.

Author: 0 Venezuelan unrest continues as Maduro decides to quit OAS

During a televised speech in Caracas , Rodríguez said she will "present, as ordered by the president of the republic, Nicolas Maduro, the letter of resignation to the OAS" on Thursday. But shortly after, Venezuela announced it was withdrawing from the OAS, while slamming the regional stability bloc for what it said was a campaign to trample on the country's sovereignty.

Author: 0 United Kingdom prepared to take part in new strikes against Assad: Foreign Secretary

Earlier this month, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered his first missile attack on a Syrian airbasein response to a chemical attack that left more than 80 people dead, including children. She refused to say whether she would keep Mr Johnson as foreign secretary after the election. Johnson argued that voters were underestimating the threat posed by Corbyn, an old-school leftist.

Author: 0 Israeli strikes inside Syria pick up tempo in proxy war

Video carried on Lebanese TV and shared on social media sites showed the pre-dawn airstrikes caused a fire around the airport east of Damascus, suggesting fuel sources or weapons containing explosives were hit. 22 February 2017: Israeli aircraft reportedly bomb several Syrian air bases near Damascus, including a Hezbollah convoy travelling with the Syrian army.

Author: 0 BC Green leader in Kelowna this weekend

Weaver and Horgan traded barbs during much of the debate, with the Green leader saying the New Democrats are not much of an alternative to Clark's Liberals who have been in government since 2001. He said his plan would make it easier to buy more modest homes, and Clark's government has ignored high housing prices in Kelowna, Victoria and other B.C.

Author: 0 Assad behind deadly Syrian chemical attack

The Kremlin says Russia's position on Syrian President Bashar Assad remains unchanged and his fate is only up to the Syrian people to decide . On Monday, the U.S. Lavrov told a security conference in Moscow the USA response "pushes the prospect for a wide global front on terror even further away". Lavrov said claims that the experts were warned by the United Nations against traveling to the location because it's unsafe are "lies", adding that Moscow went back to the U.N.

Global News Senator: Trump won't let NKorea build missile to reach US
Author: 0 Senator: Trump won't let NKorea build missile to reach US

North Korea did launch a missile on April 16, but it exploded within seconds. "South Korea must pay the price for its arrogance". A spokesman for Moon Jae-in said the decision "ignored public opinion and due process" and demanded the deployment be suspended until the next administration was in place and had made its policy decision.

Author: 0 China welcomes USA 'path of dialogue' for North Korea

But he declined to compare the situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis decades ago. On Wednesday, they invited all 100 US senators to the White House for an unprecedented briefing on North Korea. The US and North Korea have been stepping up warnings to each other in recent weeks over North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and missiles in defiance of United Nations resolutions.

Global News Kodak Black Found Guilty of Violating His House Arrest
Author: 0 Kodak Black Found Guilty of Violating His House Arrest

His failure to complete anger management classes after getting kicked out of a session for excessively burping was also a violating of his probation. Though he has not faced any charges yet, the judge also felt Kodak broke the law based on allegations he assaulted a female employee at Club Lexx.

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