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Author: 0 BC ELECTION 2017: 'Hulk Horgan' hides health hole

Horgan countered that Clark and the B.C. Liberals have been bought by the same "greedy lumber barons" she complained about last week in reference to the softwood dispute between Canada and the United States. Liberal government. - Andrew Weaver unveiled his party's full campaign platform in Vancouver, promising that a Green government would hike taxes on carbon, corporations and high-income earners to pay for more spending on childcare, public health and infrastructure.

Author: 0 Pentagon warned Flynn in 2014 against taking foreign payments; IG launches investigation

On Thursday, 18 House Democrats on the oversight committee signed a letter calling on Chaffetz to do more to pressure the White House to release documents regarding Flynn. The Pentagon is investigating whether Michael Flynn broke the law by receiving money from a foreign source after retiring from the service, according to a letter written by the Department of Defense's acting inspector general to House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz .

Global News USS Carl Vinson exercises with Japan air force
Author: 0 USS Carl Vinson exercises with Japan air force

The Maritime Self-Defense Force had already conducted an exercise involving its destroyers and the US nuclear-powered carrier Carl Vinson on Sunday and Monday in the Philippine Sea. He encouraged the U.N. Security Council to act on North Korea, saying the organization has "tremendous potential". North Korea often uses important national holidays, like the anniversary Tuesday, to display its military might.

Author: 0 Letter shows Michael Flynn warned about foreign money; IG launches probe

Cummings also released letters confirming that the Defense Intelligence Agency warned Flynn in 2014 that he could not accept payments from foreign powers under the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution without advanced permission and that the DIA has no record of Flynn obtaining such permission.

Global News China urges withdrawal of US THAAD missile defense system in South Korea
Author: 0 China urges withdrawal of US THAAD missile defense system in South Korea

The work to set up the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, within this year has angered North Korea, China and Russian Federation, which see the system's powerful radars as a security threat. A police official in Seongju, a town where THAAD is located, said police had pulled out from the location, and was unaware of the report on the injuries.

Author: 0 Turkey gave about 20 minutes notice before Syria strikes

In Syria, the Turkish jets targeted leadership sites used by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish-dominated force that has emerged as the United States' primary military partner in Syria , according to a second USA official. The US State Department said it was "deeply concerned" that the strikes were conducted "without proper coordination either with the United States or the broader global coalition" against IS.

Global News Merkel wants dialogue before Brexit negotiations
Author: 0 Merkel wants dialogue before Brexit negotiations

He said that all governments agreed on the "core principles" of the EU's position: "the integrity of single market, the balance of rights and obligation, no sectorial negotiation, a single package and single channel of communication" - a reference to the European Union lead negotiator Michel Barnier.

Global News Korea crisis is at worst point he's seen
Author: 0 Korea crisis is at worst point he's seen

In some ways, the THAAD deployment has been forced on the South Korean government on the condition that its expenses will be paid by the USA military, but this does not change the fact that China's retaliation threatens the basic survival right of the South Korean people.

Global News Iran condemns Turkish airstrikes in Kurdistan Region
Author: 0 Iran condemns Turkish airstrikes in Kurdistan Region

The United Nations also acknowledge the security concerns of member states, but also remind them of their responsibilities under the UN Charter and urges "the governments of Turkey and Iraq to engage in consultations on all issues of interest and concern", he added.

Author: 0 White House briefs Senate amid scary moment with North Korea

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported on Monday that the USS Michigan , a submarine that sometimes moves special forces like US Navy SEALs, would join the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group off of North Korea's coast. One non-military initiative being considered by the White House is placing North Korea on the US State Department's list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

Author: 0 Trump says Canada has 'outsmarted' US

Department of Commerce's decision to impose an unfair and punitive duty", Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, and Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said in a joint statement. His latest target is Canada's quota-regulated dairy industry. We will not stand for this. Trump's tweet appears to be in response to concerns raised by dairy farmers about falling dairy prices - particularly when it comes to milk - and the losses experienced by farmers.

Global News US sets up missile defence in S. Korea as North shows power
Author: 0 US sets up missile defence in S. Korea as North shows power

The U.S. government has not specified where the carrier strike group is as it approaches the area. Harris said the THAAD would be operational within days. Although, it has become increasingly concerned as tensions rises in the related region, with warning of the possible sixth nuclear test by the North.

Global News No knowledge of Jadhav's whereabouts, working to get him back
Author: 0 No knowledge of Jadhav's whereabouts, working to get him back

Baglay said India was engaged in efforts to bring back Jadhav but added that he would not like to speculate on the steps being taken, including who all New Delhi may talk to. "Overall in terms of relations between India and Pakistan, we underline and continue to underline the need for the parties to find a peaceful solution and to engage through engagement and dialogue", he added.

Global News China criticizes North Korea, praises United States on nuclear issue
Author: 0 China criticizes North Korea, praises United States on nuclear issue

There has been some confusion over the whereabouts of a U.S. aircraft carrier group after Trump said last week he had sent an "armada" as a warning to North Korea, even as the ships were still far from Korean waters. Malaysia is seeking four North Korean suspects. North Korea has warned the United States that it would attack if provoked. "But at the same time", the prime minister said, "dialogue for the sake of dialogue is valueless and it is necessary for us to exercise pressure North ...

Global News Senators describe 'long and detailed' White House briefing on North Korea
Author: 0 Senators describe 'long and detailed' White House briefing on North Korea

The top USA commander in the Pacific told Congress on Wednesday the United States may need to strengthen its missile defenses, particularly in Hawaii, given the advancing threat from North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons programs. While administration officials often travel to the Capitol to brief lawmakers on national security issues, this time the entire Senate hopped on buses to the White House.

Global News Couple laughed as they fatally shot service dog
Author: 0 Couple laughed as they fatally shot service dog

Rollins, a former multimedia illustrator, joined the Army in early 2014 and was administratively separated in January, according to Army Human Resources Command. 'He's going to have such a great new life , ' Heng replied, adding a smiley face emoji to his post. Rollins and Heng appeared in Cumberland County court Wednesday.

Author: 0 Trade war looms after U.S. tariffs and Trump's attack on Canada

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is mistaken when he says the tariffs will have little effect on the cost of housing. Trump has criticized Canada's lumber and dairy policies, saying the latter is a "disgrace" that is hurting us dairy farmers.

Global News US Defense Secretary visits Afghanistan following deadly attack
Author: 0 US Defense Secretary visits Afghanistan following deadly attack

Asked about reports that Russian Federation was providing a range of help, including weapons, to the Taliban, who control large areas of Afghanistan , Nicholson replied: "Oh no, I am not refuting that". defense official told AFP on Tuesday. US Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis arrived in Kabul Monday in what amounted to a crisis intervention under conditions of mounting disintegration within Afghanistan's puppet government and military.

Author: 0 NK stages massive military parade on founder's birthday

Ostensibly the event was to mark the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim´s grandfather, the North´s founder Kim Il-Sung - a date known as the ´Day of the Sun´ in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, the country´s official name. He was seen clapping and smiling from a reviewing box. He mentioned a tweet Trump posted Tuesday, in which he said North Korea is " looking for trouble ".

Global News Senior WH Official: 'Military Preparations' Are Underway for N.Korea
Author: 0 Senior WH Official: 'Military Preparations' Are Underway for N.Korea

But the Trump administration is also stressing that it has powerful options other than military ones, including imposing additional economic sanctions on North Korea and further isolating the Kim regime in the worldwide community. "However, we remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies", they said. Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling on China to play a leadership role in reducing North Korea's military ambitions.

Author: 0 Israel intercepts incoming 'target' from Syria

On January 13, Syria accused Israel of bombing Mazzeh air base in the western suburbs of the capital. Assad is backed by Russia, Iran and regional Shi'ite militias including Hizballah, which is a close ally of Tehran and an enemy of Israel.

Author: 0 Trump slams 'ridiculous' court ruling on immigration

TRUMP: The 9th Circuit has "a bad record of being overturned (close to 80 percent)". In his ruling US District Judge William Orrick III said it was clear the Trump administration planned to use the order to block funding for more than just law enforcement, as federal lawyers had argued.

Author: 0 North Korea holds drill to mark military anniversary day

Fears North Korea could mark the 85th anniversary of its military's founding with a nuclear test explosion or a ballistic missile launch proved unfounded. The drills near the port city of Wonsan on the east coast reportedly included submarine torpedo-attacks on mock enemy warships "while fighters and bombers made zero feet flight above the sea to drop bombs on the targets", the Korean Central News Agency said.

Global News Arkansas executes inmate after US Supreme Court gives go-ahead
Author: 0 Arkansas executes inmate after US Supreme Court gives go-ahead

If executed, Lee would be the first Arkansas inmate put to death in almost a dozen years. The eight executions would have been the most by a state in such a compressed period since the US Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. Arkansas isn't the first state to be accused of deceptively obtaining execution drugs. Lee, 51, was administered the lethal injection at 11:44 p.m.

Global News The Simpsons review Donald Trump's first 100 days in office as President
Author: 0 The Simpsons review Donald Trump's first 100 days in office as President

The late-night hosts have all gotten in digs at President Trump's relative lack of accomplishments during his first 100 days in office, and now The Simpsons want a turn. The clip takes a glimpse inside the White House , where Sean Spicer has hanged himself with an "I Quit" sign posted on his suit jacket. Meanwhile, Trump is frustrated a new bill hasn't been explained to him by Fox News.

Author: 0 Wisconsin dairy farmers face spoiling market, tight deadline

He made the comment on Tuesday while imposing sizeable tariffs on all softwood lumber that Canada sells to the US, apparently in retaliation for Canada's decision to close its market to ultra-filtered milk that originates on dairy farms across Wisconsin.

Author: 0 Netanyahu Refuses To Meet With Visiting German Foreign Minister

On Wednesday Michael Oren, Deputy Minister for Diplomatic Relations, told Army Radio that "It was his [Gabriel's] choice". Until a few months ago, when a similar incident occurred involving the Belgian prime minister, Israel placed only two restrictions on contacts for visiting diplomats: Meetings with Hamas are banned; and visits to the Palestinian Authority must be offset by meetings with Israeli officials, according to The Jerusalem Post .

Author: 0 North Korea carries out largest ever military test

He also told Congress a USA missile defence system being established in South Korea to defend against any North Korean attack should be operational in the coming days . On Friday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will chair a special meeting of the U.N. Security Council. A rapid tempo of North Korean weapons testing in the past year has pushed Kim Jong Un's authoritarian nation closer to developing a nuclear-tipped missile that could reach the USA mainland.

Global News After Whirlpool battle, Le Pen and Macron clash over fish
Author: 0 After Whirlpool battle, Le Pen and Macron clash over fish

Anti-capitalist Jean-Luc Melechon's " France unbowed movement" is organizing a consultation on second round's voting in which backing far-right Marine Le Pen "is not an option", the hard left party said on Wednesday. Students hold a placard reading "Neither banker, nor racist" during a demonstration in Paris on April 27, 2017. Le Pen and Macron face each other in a May 7 runoff .

Global News Venezuela goes through with threat to leave the OAS
Author: 0 Venezuela goes through with threat to leave the OAS

The OAS and other worldwide authorities have voiced concern about the state of democracy in Venezuela , where President Nicolas Maduro is resisting opposition pressure to remove him from office. The country's economic woes are rooted in falling oil prices, plummeting currency rates, power struggles within the government, the looming possibility of default and ongoing food shortages.

Global News Trump pledges to confront anti-Semitism, stand with Jews
Author: 0 Trump pledges to confront anti-Semitism, stand with Jews

In his remarks on Tuesday, Trump said, "Those who deny the Holocaust are an accomplice to this terrible evil". Earlier this month, White House spokesman Sean Spicer was forced to apologise after appearing to favourably compare Adolf Hitler's actions during the Holocaust to atrocities carried out now by Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.

Global News Canada foreign minister on Trump tariffs: 'We're going to play hard'
Author: 0 Canada foreign minister on Trump tariffs: 'We're going to play hard'

Trump has stopped short of a formal threat to kill NAFTA so far, but legal experts say he likely has the authority as president to give a 60-day notice that America is exiting the pact. A beaver gag prompted Canada's minister of natural resources to respond to Stephen Colbert after the late night host had glorious time mocking the U.S.

Global News PM Modi launches first UDAN flight from Shimla
Author: 0 PM Modi launches first UDAN flight from Shimla

The airline has deployed its 42-seater ATR plane on this sector. Speaking on the occasion, Modi said, "I want to see people who wear hawai chappal (flip flops) in a hawai-jahaz (airplane)". It is a unique fusion of air power and water power today, he said. The FDI limit for Scheduled Air Transport Service, Domestic Scheduled Passenger Airline and regional Air Transport Service has been raised from 49 to 100 per cent, with FDI up to 49 per cent permitted under automatic route and FDI ...

Author: 0 Israel strikes Syrian arms depot near Damascus airport

Israel does not usually comment on action it takes in Syria. State television blamed the explosion on Israel, saying it had attacked the location with several missiles from inside the occupied Golan Heights, which Israel controls. The attack was a desperate attempt to lift the morale of the terrorist groups, it said. Israel has carried out multiple airstrikes in Syria since the civil war erupted in 2011, most of which it has said targeted arms convoys or warehouses of its Lebanese arch-foe ...

Global News Why MPs didn't object to making Aadhaar mandatory for PAN: SC
Author: 0 Why MPs didn't object to making Aadhaar mandatory for PAN: SC

Appearing before a bench of Justices A K Sikri and Ashok Bhushan, senior advocate Shyam Divan contended that making Aadhaar mandatory would be violative of citizens' fundamental rights granted under the constitution as they would be coerced to give sample of their fingerprints and Iris.

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