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Author: 0 France debates: did Le Pen or Macron win Whirlpool fight?

Le Pen, who staunchly opposes the European Union, is campaigning for the May 7 run-off, after coming second at Sunday's first round.She has denounced legal proceedings against her as political interference.Tajani said that a procedure was also launched over lifting the immunity of another member of the National Front, Marie-Christine Boutonnet, for a similar case of alleged misuse of European Union funds.

Author: 0 US THAAD missiles arrive in Seoul, China not amused

Seoul lies only 25 miles from the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, well within artillery range. Pyongyang also ramped up its rhetoric. The celebration came on the same day as a USA nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Michigan , arrived in South Korea, and the navies of those two countries joined Japan in in conducting military exercises in the waters west of the Korean peninsula.

Global News Trump agrees 'not to terminate NAFTA at this time'
Author: 0 Trump agrees 'not to terminate NAFTA at this time'

Overnight, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Economic Council Director Gary Cohn said Wednesday, that President Donald Trump's tax reform plan would aim to provide tax relief to American families and lower the business tax rate from one of the highest in the world to one of the lowest.

Author: 0 Raiders bring RB Marshawn Lynch out of retirement

Lynch will wear No. 24 for the Raiders as Oakland looks to back up its first playoff appearance since 2002 with another successful season in 2017. Woodson wore the number during his 11 years in Oakland, becoming one of the best defensive backs in the NFL.

Global News China launches first indigenously built aircraft carrier
Author: 0 China launches first indigenously built aircraft carrier

Even so, the relatively modest size and capabilities of the new carrier suggest that China is modernising and expanding its naval forces in a step-by-step way, avoiding risky technological leaps, experts have said . China's ultimate goal is to be able to field a blue water navy and project power as the USA does, and some observers suspect that China is moving along that trajectory at a rapid pace.

Author: 0 Early French Presidential Polls Show Macron In Double Digit Lead

Macron was in Amiens to try to counter accusations that he had made a complacent start to campaigning for the presidential runoff on May 7. According to BFMTV, on his way to meet with representatives from the workers union in the French Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Macron decided to make the trip down to the factory where about 60 employees have been striking since Monday against the factory leadership's plan to shift the plant's production to Poland.

Global News Trump Might Be Getting Ready To Ditch NAFTA
Author: 0 Trump Might Be Getting Ready To Ditch NAFTA

Following news reports Wednesday that the Trump administration meant to begin the process of withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, the White House said President Trump reassured the leaders of Canada and Mexico by phone that the USA had no immediate plans to do so.

Global News Norfolk Southern delivers 12 percent jump in 1Q profit
Author: 0 Norfolk Southern delivers 12 percent jump in 1Q profit

Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank decreased Novartis A G (NVS) stake by 6.17% reported in 2016Q4 SEC filing. The Company's system reaches various manufacturing plants, electric generating facilities, mines, distribution centers and other businesses located in its service area.

Author: 0 Trump errs on the court system

Yet only one-tenth of 1 percent of the 9th Circuit's decisions were heard by the Supreme Court. "And they don't even mention the words in their rejection on the ban", Trump fumed in his interview. Under normal procedures, the district court judge's ruling would have to be appealed to the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit , which would rule before it could be brought to the Supreme Court.

Global News Iraqi forces say they've seized Hatra antiquities site
Author: 0 Iraqi forces say they've seized Hatra antiquities site

Just hours before the slaughter, Iraqi forces retook the huge Tenek neighbourhood, one of the largest in west Mosul , after a week of fighting. Possibly founded in the 3rd or 2nd Century BC, it was a religious and trading centre of the Parthian Empire and capital of the first Arab Kingdom.

Global News White House official: USA military preparing for N. Korea
Author: 0 White House official: USA military preparing for N. Korea

A similar briefing will be held for members of Congress in the Capitol. There is growing concern over North Korea's nuclear and missile tests. And the recent flurry of military activity on and around the divided Korean Peninsula has put the world at high alert.

Global News North Korea Marks Military Anniversary with 'Massive Fire Drill'
Author: 0 North Korea Marks Military Anniversary with 'Massive Fire Drill'

While North Korea has in the past staged nuclear tests to mark the day, this year it conducted a live-fire exercise. And the recent flurry of military activity on and around the divided Korean Peninsula has put the world at high alert. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday. Trump said the Security Council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions on North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Author: 0 Germany's anti-immigrant party announces September election line-up

Top-selling daily Bild called delegates' decision to not even debate her motion a "crushing blow" for Petry, who expressed bitterness on the sidelines of the meeting. The biggest applause at the congress went to Petry's co-leader Joerg Meuthen, who railed against the "absurd immigration policies" backed by both Merkel and her chief challenger, Social Democrats leader Martin Schulz.

Author: 0 UK's Labour Party vows to ditch Theresa May's Brexit plan if elected

A Labour source said: "We have the fight of our lives on our hands, but it's clear as Labour is able to speak with its own voice in its election campaign, as has not been entirely the case in the previous 18 months, the public will respond very clearly to our very popular policies".

Global News Donald Trump has spent 97 days in constant motion. But what has
Author: 0 Donald Trump has spent 97 days in constant motion. But what has

The new Elon University Poll is out today - and it shows declining support for President Donald Trump in North Carolina. Survey results in this news release present responses from registered voters who were classified as likely voters in the November 8 election and has a margin of error of +/- 4.36 percentage points.

Global News Arkansas executes another inmate
Author: 0 Arkansas executes another inmate

Fifty two year-old Jake Harold Jones was pronounced dead at 7:20 pm CDT, according to a timeline confirmed by the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Mary Phillips' family said their comments after Jones' death was a way to make sure the emphasis of the executions remains on the victims. The initial eight executions would have been the most by a state in such a short period since the U.S.

Global News GOP drops US-Mexico wall demands as spending talks advance
Author: 0 GOP drops US-Mexico wall demands as spending talks advance

Trump had been on a collision course with lawmakers over the wall, demanding that Congress include funding to start construction in its new spending bill. Over the recess, Republicans and Democrats worked carefully to craft a must-pass spending bill that all parties could agree on and could be signed by the President, but the delicate negotiations have hit a few roadblocks in recent days.

Global News US Starts Setting up THAAD Battery in Korea
Author: 0 US Starts Setting up THAAD Battery in Korea

The Pentagon needs to consider deploying new anti-ballistic missile systems and a defensive radar to Hawaii to protect against a growing threat from North Korea , the top USA military officer in the Pacific told Congress on Wednesday. USA troops in South Korea began on Wednesday deploying a contentious anti-missile system in South Korea that has infuriated China. Military experts outside of China say Beijing's worries are exaggerated and THAAD in South Korea wouldn't meaningfully improve ...

Global News US THAAD missile defence equipment enters South Korea site
Author: 0 US THAAD missile defence equipment enters South Korea site

Meanwhile, the USA submarine MI docked in Busan, South Korea, yesterday. But the day passed in North Korea without reports of a test . (Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Z.A. "If it flies, it will die", Harris said. The U.S. remains on guard. The U.S. says the THAAD system is not an offensive weapon - a point that Adm.

Author: 0 Policeman dead in Champs Élysées shooting

He said more than 50,000 police and gendarmes and 7,000 soldiers would be on duty for Sunday's first-round vote in the two-stage election, and nothing could be allowed to "hamper this democratic moment". The speed of the claim of responsibility and the fact the attacker was identified suggests he was in touch with the group and informed the jihadists of his plan in advance, the paper reported .

Global News Federal Police Launches New Attack on Old City
Author: 0 Federal Police Launches New Attack on Old City

More than 300 square miles have been cleared since west Mosul operations began mid-February, he said. "The federal police penetrated the old city and killed 13 terrorists, and destroyed 7 booby-trapped vehicles of Daesh in the Bab al-Jadid axis towards the al-Nuri Mosque in western Mosul", police commander Maj.

Global News NBA fines Rockets owner $100000 for confronting referee
Author: 0 NBA fines Rockets owner $100000 for confronting referee

But in a rather weird scene, Alexander decided it was a good idea to leave his courtside seats and take things up with Kennedy right then and there, with play still happening on the court. For more sports coverage, visit the ABS-CBN Sports website. Kennedy turned his head as Alexander left. National Basketball Association officials have already started an investigation into the incident, National Basketball Association spokesman Mike Bass said in a statement.

Author: 0 Arab League urges ICRC to intervene on Palestinian prisoners

The hunger strike began on April 17 , with those taking part ingesting only water and salt. The prisoners are also demanding access to medical care and an end to the abuse at the hands of prison guards. Barghouti is popular among Palestinians, with polls suggesting he could even win the Palestinian presidency. The Israeli authorities, meanwhile, say at least 48 Israelis have been killed in attacks by Palestinians over the same period.

Author: 0 North Korea Conducts Massive Artillery Drills for 85th Anniversary of Military

North Korea's drills coincided with military exercises held by United States and South Korean navies in the Yellow Sea, off the western coast of the Korean Peninsula. A rapid tempo of North Korean weapons testing in the past year has pushed Kim Jong Un's authoritarian nation closer to developing a nuclear-tipped missile that could reach the US mainland.

Global News U.S. missile shield is powerless against politics
Author: 0 U.S. missile shield is powerless against politics

The briefing will also include Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, and Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary. He accused the United States and South Korea earlier of rushing the deployment to make it "a fait accompli" before a new leader takes office in Seoul.

Global News France's Le Pen steps down as party leader
Author: 0 France's Le Pen steps down as party leader

France's outgoing president, Francois Hollande, yesterday urged people to back centrist Emmanuel Macron in a vote to choose his successor next month and reject far-right leader Marine Le Pen, whose place in the run-off represented a "risk" for France.

Author: 0 Democrat Just Misses Stunning Victory in Georgia House Race

I would be fundraising like insane, and I'd be building up my network to make sure that when the time comes, my people are going to be mobilized to go out and vote. But Ossoff's campaign maintains momentum, fueled by more than $8 million in contributions from all over the nation, and liberal advocacy groups on Tuesday hailed his first-place finish as a success in its own right.

Author: 0 China Launches Aircraft Carrier, Boosting Military Presence

For its part, Beijing insists that its military maintains a purely defensive posture. Chinese state media has quoted experts as saying that the country needs at least six carriers, and a network of bases around the world to support their operations, though the government has been coy about suggestions it wants a global military presence to match the United States.

Author: 0 S. Korea installs parts of contentious US missile defense

Navy's bilateral military exercises with South Korea and Japan, and North Korea's live-fire drills to celebrate the anniversary of its military's founding. Its president, Xi Jinping, cautioned restraint in a phone call with President Trump on Monday. "If it flies, it will die", Harris said. China, an ally of North Korea that has become increasingly impatient with its behavior, has tried to play a mediating role.

Author: 0 U.S. imposes sanctions on Syrian researchers in response to alleged chemical attack

Mnuchin said in a statement. "These sweeping sanctions target the scientific support centre for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's horrific chemical weapons attack on innocent civilian men, women, and children", U.S. The attack prompted the United States to launch a cruise missile strike on a Syrian air base, its first deliberate assault on the Assad government in the six-year-old conflict.

Author: 0 Supreme Court , including Gorsuch, to hear church-state case

Roberts issued the standard welcome for new justices, wishing Gorsuch "a long and happy career in our common calling ". You say you are not going to vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the U.S. It is unlikely Gorsuch would recuse himself from the case, as justices hear arguments all the time from lawyers with much closer ties than Katyal and Gorsuch.

Global News Three Indicted in Detroit-area Female Genital Mutilation Case
Author: 0 Three Indicted in Detroit-area Female Genital Mutilation Case

Federal prosecutors say Fakhruddin Attar owns the clinic where Nagarwala performed genital mutilations , while his wife, the clinic's office manager, assisted during the procedures. The term " female genital mutilation " has actually been used by the Times in six articles in 2017, according to a website search; however, the instances are extremely restricted.

Global News Dissatisfaction of Delhites resulted in MCD results: Amit Shah
Author: 0 Dissatisfaction of Delhites resulted in MCD results: Amit Shah

But the fact remains that the AAP on the ground on Sunday was not the same as it was in 2013 or 2015.Booth management is key for winning any election. The Congress, which finished second in the Rajouri Garden bypoll, is hoping for a resurgence and banked on its big guns during campaigns to shore up its fortune, despite infighting.

Global News Student protests force shutdown in Pulwama town
Author: 0 Student protests force shutdown in Pulwama town

The students retaliated by pelting stones, triggering chaos in the town. "The chief minister had told the staff of the college that she would take action against the forces for their action inside our college, but instead of that they threw teargas shells towards us today", he said.

Global News How To Celebrate National Pretzel Day
Author: 0 How To Celebrate National Pretzel Day

If a customer downloads the Wetzel's app , they'll receive another free pretzel that they can claim anytime between April 27 and May 1. Go here to search for new and remodeled locations that will participate. People with a penchant for pretzels have a reason to treat themselves. If you donate at least $1 to the nonprofit Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, you'll get one free Jumbo Soft Pretzel .

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