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Author: 0 Tree killed in worsening Venezuela unrest

The government has ruled out an early presidential election this year as opposition leaders have demanded. But all of the action, into its fourth week, is also fueled by a crippling economic crisis. There were a few minor scuffles in the eastern Caracas , with riot police using tear gas against masked protesters who threw rocks. They turned the road into a kind of public plaza, with protesters settling in for picnics, reading books and reclining under umbrellas they brought to protect ...

Author: 0 Indian leaders' messages for Easter, Good Friday ‎

In his message, the Archbishop has said, "On Good Friday, Christians the world over celebrated the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross". Paul went on to write in the same letter "death where is your victory, death where is your sting" emphasizing the power over death each believer has due to the resurrection of Jesus.

Author: 0 Reactions Mixed On New U.S. Tariffs On Canadian Lumber

Instead, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross this week announced duties ranging from 3 percent to 24 percent on softwood lumber imports, arguing that Canada unfairly subsidizes its industry. Hers is one of the more than 9,000 dairy farms in this state which contribute some $43 billion to Wisconsin's economy. "There's a lot of trees in Canada", said Mike Cordaro, the vice president at Dunmore Lumber Co.

Author: 0 Remember the service of the fearless

The day marks the landing of thousands of troops from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey on April 25, 1915. Many were sheltering children and young people. The commemoration of ANZAC Day has turned into an important day that acknowledges the sacrifices made for the freedom of Australia in all battles fought as a federated nation.

Author: 0 New US duties on softwood lumber become focal point of BC election

Nova Scotia's trade minister says he is still waiting for official confirmation from the United States government on the fate of the province's long-standing exemption from softwood lumber countervailing tariffs. "It has been a bad week for U.S". "What they've done to our dairy farm workers is a disgrace". He says Democrats "weren't quite expecting that it wasn't going to be as rigid of a situation".

Global News Macron, Le Pen Expected To Advance To French Presidential Runoff
Author: 0 Macron, Le Pen Expected To Advance To French Presidential Runoff

Equities in Asia were higher in early Tuesday trade following the global relief rally after the first round of France's presidential election stoked a relief rally, though regional investors are keeping a close eye on the Korean Peninsula. He said that Ms Le Pen and her anti-immigration, anti-EU National Front party are campaigning on a platform of "closing borders, weakening popular and middle classes and our economy".

Author: 0 US military begins moving THAAD missile defense to South Korea site

South Korea's Yonhap news agency says six launchers, some intercept missiles and at least one radar have been deployed. Seoul and Washington have argued the THAAD system is purely aimed at countering missile threats from North Korea. A USA submarine created to carry 150 Tomahawk cruise missiles entered a South Korean port on Tuesday as the USS Carl Vinson carrier group steamed towards the Korean waters in an effort to deter the North from a sixth nuclear test and more missile launches.

Global News MK Stalin Arrested As Tamil Nadu Shuts Down In Support Of Farmers
Author: 0 MK Stalin Arrested As Tamil Nadu Shuts Down In Support Of Farmers

DMK and other Opposition parties staged demonstrations in various parts of Tamil Nadu as part of a statewide strike called to rally support for farmers facing the effects of the drought, IANS reported. To make their point in Delhi, they adapted unusual tactics - some farmers were photographed holding dead rats in their mouths to signal their distress; they also held mock funerals and displayed the skulls of those who they claimed had committed suicide.

Global News Coast Guard: 2 dead after explosion on ship in the Atlantic
Author: 0 Coast Guard: 2 dead after explosion on ship in the Atlantic

Crews of the Rescue Wing are staying with the ship until higher medical authority arrive and can take over caring for the injured crew. An explosion Monday aboard an worldwide bulk carrier 1,300 mi. The conditions of the two injured crew members were not immediately known. Two Canadian warships with physician assistants on board were set to arrive sometime after midnight.

Global News Protesters injure 1 officer at nationalist party convention
Author: 0 Protesters injure 1 officer at nationalist party convention

A Forsa opinion poll published on Wednesday showed the AfD winning eight percent in the election, well above the five percent threshold needed to win seats in the Bundestag. "In order to put an end to all speculation in this regard, I am using the opportunity of this video message to clearly state that I am neither available for a lone lead candidacy nor for participation in a top team", she said on Facebook.

Author: 0 White House Denies US House Committee Request for Internal Flynn Documents

He was also paid for lobbying efforts that may have benefited the Turkish government . Asked whether Flynn had broken the law, Spicer said, "that's a question for him". "It was inappropriate and there are repercussions for the violation of law", Chaffetz said. He said the conduct occurred before Flynn was appointed national security adviser in January.

Global News Is the US Electronics Ban Headed to Europe?
Author: 0 Is the US Electronics Ban Headed to Europe?

Last month, both the USA and British governments barred passengers from bringing large electronic devices on board incoming flights from some Middle Eastern countries, following concerns that terrorists had perfected a new type of airline bomb.

Author: 0 Judge blocks Trump order on sanctuary city funding

In his decision, Orrick wrote that the "plain language" of the order issued by Trump on January 25 threatens all federal funding for cities, counties and states deemed by the Trump administration to be sanctuary jurisdictions that limit cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in deporting undocumented immigrants.

Global News China bans religious names in ongoing crackdown
Author: 0 China bans religious names in ongoing crackdown

However, names considered to be "mainstream", like Mehmet, are acceptable. Human Rights Watch said that this new rule is in place to restrict religious freedom in the name of disputing spiritual fanaticism. Violent religion or separatism-inspired attacks occur in Xinjiang, but authorities have also been accused of implementing repressive policies against the traditional Uyghur ethnic group.

Author: 0 United CEO 'ashamed' about passenger's removal

Emirates threw a major shade at the statement made last month by United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz . Beset with a continuing public relations nightmare, United Airlines has confirmed that it is compensating all passengers on now-infamous Flight 3411.

Author: 0 United States to confront Russian Federation if it violates global law

Russian Federation says contacts are limited to safeguarding security and getting the hard-line religious fundamentalists to reconcile with the government - which Washington has failed for years to advance. The Taliban said the attack was retaliation for the killing of the Taliban governor of Kunduz province, Mullah Abdul Salam Akhund. But the official said that the attack was too sophisticated and "calculated" to have been conducted by other branches of the Taliban.

Global News Afghan defence minister and army chief quit after Taliban slaughter
Author: 0 Afghan defence minister and army chief quit after Taliban slaughter

An Afghan official says the Taliban have killed eight policemen and overran three security checkpoints in northern Takhar province. Interior Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami has been appointed the acting Defence Minister and General Sharif Yaftal is the new acting army chief, a statement from the ARG Palace said.

Global News Turkey's opposition CHP says will employ all legal ways to appeal referendum
Author: 0 Turkey's opposition CHP says will employ all legal ways to appeal referendum

Binali Yildirim said the electoral board would rule on the main opposition Republican People's Party's request for the referendum's annulment. Everyone, and the main opposition party in particular, must show respect. In addition, changes to Turkey's executive branches will effectively abolish the position of prime minister, turning Erdogan's presidential role from a largely ceremonial one to an active one.

Global News More Americans Than Ever Support Legalizing Marijuana
Author: 0 More Americans Than Ever Support Legalizing Marijuana

What's more, a vast majority of people - 88% - are in favor of medical marijuana. Most Americans don't believe the federal government should try to prohibit the sale or use of marijuana in the states that have legalized the drug. A recently released Quinnipiac University poll shows support for the legalization of marijuana is at an all-time high . And women are now as much in favor of legal marijuana as men are; in previous years they were less so.

Author: 0 Canada sets new sanctions against Syria after chemical attack

Mattis, on a swing through the Middle East that includes stops in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, warned that Syria would be "ill advised" to use chemical weapons in the future, saying that "we've made that very clear with our strike" two weeks ago.

Global News 2nd gas attack launched on Iraq troops in Mosul
Author: 0 2nd gas attack launched on Iraq troops in Mosul

Flooding has made all bridges across the Tigris in and out of western Mosul impassable, cutting off aid supplies and escape routes for people fleeing the Islamic State-held part of the Iraqi city. "It has been consistent". "Daesh (Islamic State) suicide motorcycles now are their favourite weapon inside the Old City", he said. However, he said the militants would fight to the end and there are no signs they would run out of ammunition soon.

Author: 0 China launches 1st domestically-made aircraft carrier

Enthusiasts have flocked to the pier in Dalian, Liaoning province, and shared pictures of the new carrier online, reported South China Morning Post (SCMP). China's pursuit of military development has been in "sync" with its overall economic development, the article said. It is believed to be joining the South Sea Fleet, which is in charge of the South China Sea, where China has territorial disputes with other nations over islands and reefs.

Global News Mural of Michelle Obama Stirs Debate
Author: 0 Mural of Michelle Obama Stirs Debate

That was in November, just before the 2016 election. DNA Chicago ran an article about the Michelle Obama mural, which is located on the corner of Chappel Avenue and 74th Street. The fundraising page showed a black-and-white portrait of Obama with folded arms, nothing like Mesfin's rendering. Devins ended up raising $11,785 for the project.

Author: 0 California judge blocks Trump order on sanctuary city money

The Trump administration says that sanctuary cities allow unsafe criminals back on the street and that the order is needed to keep the country safe. Meanwhile, a rash of new cities and counties has passed policies protecting illegal immigrants, saying they are determined to thwart Mr. Trump. Representatives for the US Justice Department and the White House were not immediately available for comment on the sanctuary ruling.

Global News Penn Station pains for commuters as LIRR service is suspended
Author: 0 Penn Station pains for commuters as LIRR service is suspended

The scene is rough at Penn Station on Tuesday evening as LIRR service is suspended due to wire problems in Queens and a stalled Amtrak train. A source familiar with the plan said Amtrak would take at least nine tracks that it shares with NJ Transit for fix work during daylight hours.

Global News Marbury in talks to play another year in China
Author: 0 Marbury in talks to play another year in China

But some good things never last as the Beijing Ducks and Marbury parted ways recently due to disagreement in his role with the team. Additionally, Marbury said he was so willing to play basketball for the Beijing Ducks that he offered to have his salary cut by 20 percent.

Author: 0 In Berlin, Ivanka Trump Vows Push for Change for Women, Defends Dad

She added that her own personal experience and the fact that "thousands" of women have worked with and for Mr Trump for decades in the private sector "are a testament to his belief and solid conviction in the potential of women and their ability to do the job as well as any man".

Global News Pence reaffirms US-Australia alliance, to honour refugee deal
Author: 0 Pence reaffirms US-Australia alliance, to honour refugee deal

Pence said Saturday that the USA will honor the agreement even if the Trump administration doesn't agree with it. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence (R) speaks during a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (not pictured) at Admiralty House in Sydney , Australia, April 22, 2017.

Author: 0 Gold Prices Remain High as French Election Nears

Cheurfa insisted that the attack eventual effect could improve some candidates' scores by "a few points" because "all the candidates except for two extreme left, Philippe Poutou (NPA) and Nathalie Arthaud (Lutte Ouvriere), expressed clearly and without difficulty, on several occasions, on the fight against terrorism".

Author: 0 Senate confirms Sonny Perdue as secretary of agriculture

Agriculture and food agencies, along with some of the senators who voted for his confirmation, welcomed Perdue. Perdue to look out for them and help set the table for success . That's why I'm so confident that he is the right person for the job. According to his bio from USDA, it was the family farm which shaped Sonny Perdue .

Global News For second time this week, Trump jabs at Canada over trade
Author: 0 For second time this week, Trump jabs at Canada over trade

And he did not need more to say that NAFTA was "a complete disaster" for the United States. The claims echo sentiments Mr Trump expressed this week in Wisconsin , addressing employees of Snap-on Tools at a signing for the "Buy American and Hire American" Executive order.

Global News UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election
Author: 0 UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election

For Tory candidates in the Midlands, it could be the best opportunity they have had to sweep up Labour seats since Thatcher's landslide of 1987 - 30 years ago - when she won 42 per cent of the vote. Labour shadow secretary Sir Keir Starmer has delivered his speech in London, saying that his party accepts that the UK's relationship with the European Union must change but does not want to sever ties with the bloc.

Global News Alitalia faces bankruptcy after employees vote down plan
Author: 0 Alitalia faces bankruptcy after employees vote down plan

That strategy, which saw job losses and wage cuts, came after then-Premier Silvio Berlusconi dismissed foreign airlines' interest in Alitalia, declaring that the company must stay "Italian". The pressure to find a solution has been intense, with Alitalia's cash expected to run out this month unless the carrier finds emergency funding, leaving its fleet grounded.

Global News Wife's Fitbit logs steps after husband says she died
Author: 0 Wife's Fitbit logs steps after husband says she died

He told police that it had been done by a masked intruder, but mounting evidence - including, notably, her Fitbit data - points to him covering up the murder, court documents say. Dabate told investigators that the intruder tied him to a chair and burned him with a torch. The story outlines Dabate's claims and the electronic evidence gathered by state police.

Author: 0 Diggers filmed at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, by anonymous WWI cameraman

The Gallipoli landings were the first major military action fought together by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. Some these airmen lost their lives while supporting the jungle fighters and now lie buried in the Chittagong and Comilla war cemeteries.

Author: 0 North Korea carries out 'large-scale' artillery drill, South Korea says

According to the daily, "all parties would bear the consequences, with Pyongyang sure to suffer the greatest losses". "All three countries say they're counting on China to keep North Korea in check, but Beijing has said little except to call on everyone to exercise restraint", he adds.

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