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Global News Oilers vs. Sharks live stream, Game 2
Author: 0 Oilers vs. Sharks live stream, Game 2

It was a half-breakaway. Offensively, there isn't really a problem, with the Oilers' depth scoring getting stronger as the season wore on, and Connor McDavid being Connor McDavid, but the Sharks are an elite defensive team. Letestu promptly passed to the streaking Kassian, who barreled in alone and fired a wrist shot low past the blocker of goalie Martin Jones . Milan Lucic pumped a mid-range shot past Martin Jones, and the Oilers were up 2-0 after two.

Global News North Korea: What Do Volleyball Games at Nuclear Test Site Mean?
Author: 0 North Korea: What Do Volleyball Games at Nuclear Test Site Mean?

North Korea carried out a missile test last Sunday, but it was considered a failure, with the projectile exploding immediately after liftoff. Volleyball is a popular sport in North Korea and games have been spotted at the facility on a number of occasions since 2006, but this is the first time that three concurrent games have been played.

Global News Trump to seek changes in visa program to encourage hiring Americans
Author: 0 Trump to seek changes in visa program to encourage hiring Americans

It also tightens enforcement of federal contracting rules that mandate American-made products be used for certain projects. In the upcoming executive order , Trump is expected to have the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that issues the H-1B visa, to further review their conditions for awarding.

Global News USA now wants regime change in Syria, says United Nations envoy
Author: 0 USA now wants regime change in Syria, says United Nations envoy

Dozens of representatives of the media, local authorities, and emergency services have visited the airfield since the attack, with no alleged " storage units " or chemical weapon shells being found, the ministry said in a statement, calling on a mission of professional experts to be sent to the air base.

Global News Linked Abu Sayyaf leader killed on Philippine resort island -army
Author: 0 Linked Abu Sayyaf leader killed on Philippine resort island -army

Brigadier-General Restituto Padilla, the military spokesman, said in a TV interview that government forces managed to track down two Abu Sayyaf fighters in Clarin town, Bohol province, at around 1pm. The United States and the Philippines list Abu Sayyaf as a terrorist organisation because its bombings, kidnappings for ransom and beheadings. Asked what could be the specific target of the militants, Duterte said they might be plotting to disrupt a two-day meeting of the Association of ...

Author: 0 Can't be complacent on North Korea threat, UK minister

He has since praised China for trying to increase pressure on Pyongyang. "Got to behave", said Trump. Malcolm Turnbull is keeping the pressure on China to cut off North Korea's economic lifeline and stop the reckless regime from threatening the region.

Author: 0 Prosecutors recommend two-year probation for Ahok over blasphemy charges

Former cabinet minister Anies Baswedan won the office with between 55 and 60 percent of the votes with more than half the returns counted. Although the last round of polls had the candidates in a statistical dead heat , with each showing the percentage of votes split between the incumbents, Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama and Vice Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat, and their rivals, Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno, within the margin of error, the majority of polls still gave ...

Author: 0 US Vice President Pence kicks off economic talks with Japan

Pence, inspecting the DMZ, warned Pyongyang that after years of testing the USA and South Korea with its nuclear ambitions, "the era of strategic patience is over". During a Fox News interview, the president didn't appear to know who the name of the leader of North Korea. Pence's warning to North Korea comes just days after ex-officials under former President Obama admitted that Obama's wimpiness against foreign adversaries "left a more unsafe world".

Author: 0 Paris gunman thought to be 39-year-old from suburbs

Delivery trucks did their early morning rounds; everything would have seemed normal were it not for the row of TV trucks parked up along the boulevard that is a must-visit for tourists. November 13, 2015: Islamic State militants kill 130 people in France's worst atrocity since World War II. ISIS has previously assigned war names to militants who carried out attacks in Paris and Brussels that were coordinated with commanders in Syria.

Global News The Citizens' Assembly have voted to change the Eight Amendment
Author: 0 The Citizens' Assembly have voted to change the Eight Amendment

Instead, in a series of three votes today, which were fraught and sometimes chaotic, the assembly eventually voted to support giving the Oireachtas exclusive power to legislate on abortion. She expressed a hope that the assembly members would "regain collegiality". Established in 2016, the Citizens' Assembly is made up of a body of citizens who deliberate on a number of issues referred to it by the Oireachtas, including abortion, climate change and fixed-term parliaments.

Global News MOAB death total rises to 94
Author: 0 MOAB death total rises to 94

The death toll from the American military's largest non-nuclear bomb almost tripled Saturday, with Afghan officials saying at least 90 Daesh fighters were killed, as US-led forces conducted clean-up operations over the rugged terrain. The official said Nicholson wanted to demonstrate to leaders of the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan the seriousness of his aim to eliminate the group as a threat.

Author: 0 French far-right presidential candidate Le Pen is 'strongest on borders'

In the wake of the attack, Le Pen said "this war against us is ceaseless and merciless", and charged that the outgoing Socialist government and its right wing predecessor had "done everything to ensure that we lose" the fight. While neither has explicitly endorsed a candidate nor shown any signs that they will do so before Sunday's election, both presidents have made public moves that appear to indicate where their support lies.

Author: 0 More Than 100 Dead In Taliban Attack On Afghan Army Base

General Mohmand Katawazi, the provincial corps commander, confirmed gunfire was continuing, and said one attacker had blown himself up in the assault. Taliban spokesman Zabehullah Mujahid said three top Afghan military were among those killed in the attack. He said one of the attackers was caught and arrested.

Author: 0 Syria moved aircraft out of US-bombed airstrip to Russian base

The finding was based on tests on bio-medical samples collected from three victims during their autopsies that were analyzed at two OPCW-designated laboratories, the OPCW said, according to Reuters . The measure follows an initial round of sanctions announced last week, Canada s first against Syria and its president, Bashar al-Assad, since 2014, when a conservative government was in office in Ottawa.

Author: 0 March for Science events to take place around the globe

Demonstrators in Australia kicked off the day of protest. Enthusiasts say their March for Science on Saturday in communities around the world is meant to "support science for the public good". Scientists said they were anxious about political and public rejection of established science such as climate change and the safety of vaccine immunizations.

Author: 0 United Kingdom police name suspect in east London nightclub acid attack

Twenty people were injured in the attack and two victims have since been moved to specialist burn hospital in Essex, but are both in stable condition. Twenty clubbers suffered burns when a noxious substance was sprayed inside Hackney venue Mangle E8 in the early hours of Monday, April 17. The noxious substance used has not yet been confirmed but samples retrieved from the scene have been sent for analysis.

Author: 0 Pence praises Indonesia's moderate form of Islam

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence , right, receives the gift of a book called Rendezvous with Destiny by Michael Fullilove, left, as Australian Governor General Peter Cosgrove looks on during a lunch reception for Australian. In South Korea and Japan, Pence played down protectionist declarations of "America first" and reaffirmed U.S. treaty commitments to the security of the two countries as tensions rise over Pyongyang's nuclear programme.

Author: 0 Venezuelan protesters cross into western Caracas

They are calling for community-level protests across the country on Friday, a white-clad "silent" march in Caracas on Saturday to commemorate those killed in the unrest, and a nationwide "sit-in" blocking Venezuela's main roads on Monday.

Global News Cuomo's tuition deal opens up colleges to less well-off
Author: 0 Cuomo's tuition deal opens up colleges to less well-off

It will require the students who receive the scholarship to stay and work in NY after graduation for the same number of years that they received the scholarship. Families making $100,000 or less annually will be eligible in the fall of 2017, and the threshold will rise to $125,000 in 2019. Students must complete their academic program in four years or five years (for applicable undergraduate programs).

Global News Hundreds of people flee Mosul as Iraqi forces gain more ground
Author: 0 Hundreds of people flee Mosul as Iraqi forces gain more ground

Iraqi government forces have recaptured other neighborhoods in western Mosul, including Tanek, where they released a girl from the Yazidi ethnic group who was kidnapped and sold as a slave by the Islamic State (IS). "Everyone who opposes music is ugly". "I wanted to come to give a message that war has not stopped life in Mosul", she said. Before he was forced to flee the city, the musician defied Daech (IS) militants by continuing to play his music at home, closing the windows to avoid ...

Author: 0 Iran's Rouhani registers for tougher-than-expected election

Trump or the United States administration can not hurt Iran", Ahmadinejad said in an interview with The Associated Press (AP). "It's not a rejection of anything, it's not a disagreement of any kind, it's just a decision that is being made internally in Iran that the tone might need to change, and then people will decide what direction they want better".

Global News Mourinho Praises Two Man Utd Stars After Narrow Win
Author: 0 Mourinho Praises Two Man Utd Stars After Narrow Win

In the end, United needed an extra-time victor from Marcus Rashford to seal the tie, but not before experiencing some nervy moments with the Belgians throwing the kitchen sink at them. "So instead of mid-May, it could be the beginning of May, this kind of acceleration of the process". "After 90 minutes, before I know that I have to change Zlatan, he had cramp, I had Ashley Young ready to come on, and he told me I'm going to play for 30 minutes with cramps, no problem".

Author: 0 Pence Stares Down North Korean Troops

New footage from North Korea's birthday celebrations for founding father Kim Il-sung has revealed the extravaganza ended with a bang, showing a mock-up video of missiles striking the United States that drew cheers from the audience and smiles from leader Kim Jong-un.

Author: 0 Oilers score twice shorthanded, beat Sharks 2-0 in Game 2

Key player Logan Couture is back on the ice, out for three weeks, after the center took a puck to the face. The Oilers turned it off after the first period, scoring 0 goals and firing just nine shots in the second, third and overtime periods combined.

Author: 0 Corbyn kicks off United Kingdom election campaign, vowing to overturn 'rigged system'

But with Labour MPs voting in favour of a snap election, "today those turkeys will indeed vote for that". "We're gaining support and we're gaining a huge amount of ground". With the Scottish Nationalists highlighting the future of the United Kingdom and the Labour Party utterly divided about its objective and direction, the long-term consequences of the vote are potentially enormous whatever the result.

Global News Russian hacker sentenced to 27 years
Author: 0 Russian hacker sentenced to 27 years

Seleznev was arrested in 2014 in the Maldives. Seleznev is the son of Valery Seleznyov, a member of Russia's lower house of parliament and outspoken critic of USA policies. For 15 years, Seleznev broke into the payment systems of hundreds of businesses. His thefts resulted in about $170 million in business losses. Perhaps he hoped that an 11-page handwritten apology he wrote to the court admitting his guilt, would reduce the amount of time he would have to serve.

Author: 0 Impact of Ontario housing measures on market may be short-lived

Once legislation passes, it will be effective retroactively to April 21. "With this tax, we are targeting people who aren't looking for a place to raise a family - they're looking only for a quick profit or a safe place to park their money".

Global News With eye on North Korea, China puts bombers on 'high alert'
Author: 0 With eye on North Korea, China puts bombers on 'high alert'

Beijing has toed a diplomatic line over the crisis, fearing the impact of a war on its southern border could produce instability, a refugee crisis and a US-allied reunified Korean peninsula. In Moscow, first deputy chairman of the defence committee at the Federation Council Frants Klintsevich told RIA Novosti new agency that the movement was pre-planned and dismissed reports suggesting Russia was preparing for a possible United States attack on North Korea as speculation.

Author: 0 Maduro Donates $500000 To Trump Amid Increasing Chaos In Venezuela

Venezuela is in the midst of a violent protest movement that has resulted in eight deaths this month as the country's deeply unpopular socialist administration struggles to stay in power and a newly energized opposition calls for an immediate presidential election.

Global News 2000 homes evacuated in southwest Florida amid brush fires
Author: 0 2000 homes evacuated in southwest Florida amid brush fires

Nine homes were destroyed by the fire, Ryals said at a news conference later on Friday evening. Two vehicles and two sheds were damaged in the inferno, the fire chief said. "Unfortunately we still have a lot of people in their homes in the evacuation areas and I would stress they do need to evacuate", Schuldt told members of the media on Friday evening.

Author: 0 Russia's Putin congratulates Erdogan on Turkey referendum

In an interview with CNN-Turk television, Bulent Tezcan, CHP deputy leader, said the court's decision sparked a "serious legitimacy crisis". Opposition parties in Turkey have called foul on the referendum, demanding an annulment. The election observer mission by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which scrutinized the referendum, issued a statement on its findings on April 17, 2017, describing the " unlevel playing field " in the period before the vote.

Global News White House denies misleading public in armada push
Author: 0 White House denies misleading public in armada push

A South Korean defense official said Wednesday that the aircraft carrier will be journeying to Korea following a joint exercise with Australia. "But that's not what we said", Spicer replied. Vice President Mike Pence said on an Asian tour this week that the era of "strategic patience" with North Korea is over. The announcement that the Vinson had been dispatched to the region increased tensions with Pyongyang, with its official Korean Central News Agency calling the carrier's ...

Global News Russian navy visits Philippines as Duterte tightens ties with United States foes
Author: 0 Russian navy visits Philippines as Duterte tightens ties with United States foes

In an indication of these closer ties, two Russian ships led by the submarine-hunter Admiral Tributs, made a "goodwill visit" to Manila in January, when Duterte also toured the Russian vessel. Captain Lued Lincuna, director of the Philippine navy's public affairs, said the Philippines hoped to learn from the Russians during training activi ties and a demonstration of advanced equipment and weapons systems.

Global News Queen Elizabeth celebrates 91st birthday
Author: 0 Queen Elizabeth celebrates 91st birthday

A "tiny" 21-gun salute has been held at Windsor Castle to honour the Queen's 91st birthday. "His solution to the soggy, party-spoiling weather was to "[combine] his birthday celebration with an annual spring military parade known as Trooping the Colour".

Global News Trump visiting Walter Reed military hospital
Author: 0 Trump visiting Walter Reed military hospital

Barrientos was injured in Afghanistan on March 17 when an Afghan soldier opened fire inside a base in Helmand province, wounding three USA soldiers. It was Trump's first visit as president to the military hospital. As Trump's motorcade made its way north from the White House to Walter Reed, located less than 10 miles away, it passed dozens of protesters gathered along the route, holding signs for the March for Science in downtown Washington, D.C.

Global News Trump blasts Tax Day protests, says 'election is over!'
Author: 0 Trump blasts Tax Day protests, says 'election is over!'

Trump has refused to release his tax returns, breaking with decades of precedent by arguing he would not release them while those returns are under audit, though there is nothing legally preventing him from doing so. That describes exactly one business in New York City, Trump's golf course in the Bronx. Demonstrators who participated in Tax Day protests across the country Saturday say that's not enough.

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