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Global News Possible shutdown, health care quagmire awaiting Congress
Author: 0 Possible shutdown, health care quagmire awaiting Congress

And slamming the White House for threatening to hold healthcare "hostage" to get taxpayers to pay for a wall that the president promised Mexico would pay for. Mulvaney said the White House delivered an offer to negotiators Wednesday night, with funding for the border wall a top demand. "If they tell us, however, that they recognize that President Trump won an election, and he should get some of his priorities funded for that reason, elections have consequences, as folks who win always like to ...

Global News VP Pence reaffirms ties with Australia
Author: 0 VP Pence reaffirms ties with Australia

Pence will meet with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Saturday a. A majority of Australians view Trump unfavorably, and some critics of him have urged Australia to distance itself from the favor of stronger ties with China.

Author: 0 Frenchman Who Gunned Down Cops on Champs-Elysees ID'd

Isis released a statement claiming responsibility and said the attacker's nom de guerre with the Islamist terror group was Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki. Authorities also found a Koran in the vehicle he abandoned at the scene of the attack. The suspect had been previously arrested in February on suspicion of plotting to kill officers but was released because of lack of evidence. Early yesterday, the authorities were looking for a second suspect in connection with the incident.

Author: 0 European Union says ready to welcome back United Kingdom if it decides to stay

LONDON , April 21 A lawmaker from Britain's opposition Labour Party publicly admitted that the party is not trying to win a snap election that Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May called for June 8. Speaking on Wednesday's Inside Politics podcast, Prof Tim Bale said another poor election result for Labour would likely mean the party, which has been in opposition for seven years, will spend at least another 10 years in the political wilderness.

Author: 0 Trump Says He Does Not See Role for USA in Libya

Lawmakers, aides and White House officials have been in negotiations during a two-week recess period about both measures. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, right, welcomes Italy's Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni to Parliament Hill for bilateral talks Friday.

Author: 0 France on edge on the eve of presidential election

Macron, a 39-year-old moderate whom other candidates have portrayed as inexperienced, warned against any attempts to use the attack for political gain. French president Francois Hollande said a national tribute will be paid to Jugele, "who was cowardly assassinated". France's 10 per cent unemployment and the country's lacklustre economy top voters' concerns as first-round ballots are cast this weekend in the most nail-biting French election in generations.

Author: 0 United Kingdom to hold snap general election on June 8

She says an early election would provide "certainty and stability" in the negotiations, which will now start after the vote. The Scottish National Party (SNP) has signalled its MPs will abstain in the vote and Labour and the Liberal Democrats , while accusing May of political opportunism, have welcomed the prospect of an early election.

Author: 0 PM Modi, PM Turnbull's day out: Metro ride, Akshardham tour

Rudy said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to make India a hub for worldwide work force. While the prime ministers agreed to reignite stalled talks on a formal trade deal, Mr Turnbull said it was encouraging partnerships were growing.

Global News Pence, on US carrier, pledges to defend Asia
Author: 0 Pence, on US carrier, pledges to defend Asia

Pence has been using the early days of his Asia Pacific tour to signal a more forceful USA posture towards North Korea, and reassure allies South Korea and Japan that the Trump administration is committed to their defense - amid soaring hostility on the Korean peninsula.

Author: 0 Scientists leave labs, take to streets to defend research

Scientists, students and research advocates rallied from the Brandenburg Gate to the Washington Monument on Earth Day , conveying a global message of scientific freedom without political interference and spending necessary to make future breakthroughs possible.

Global News Concentration Camps? Chechnya Police Arrest 100 Suspected Gay Men
Author: 0 Concentration Camps? Chechnya Police Arrest 100 Suspected Gay Men

Chechnya is being accused of detaining gay men as a way of cracking down on homosexuality in the Russian republic. "We are increasingly concerned about the situation in the Republic of Chechnya , where there have been numerous credible reports indicating the detention of at least 100 men on the basis of their sexual orientation", reads a press release by acting USA spokesman Mark C.

Author: 0 Fox sacks Bill O'Reilly amid harassment storm

Rupert Murdoch announced that he was terminating the network's most popular host in a letter on Wednesday afternoon that was signed by himself and his sons, Lachlan and James. By comparison, Twenty-First Century Fox's last fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2016, brought in a total of $7.65 billion in advertising revenue. Perino also credited O'Reilly's viewers for "making The Factor the number-one cable news show for more than 16 years".

Author: 0 Russian Federation challenges United States to prove chemical attack in Syria

But also, the USA feels right now that it has made the case that Russian support for Assad must end. "But we're going to see what happens". The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says government troops and allied forces have already entered Madaya, one of the opposition-held towns evacuated of rebels.

Author: 0 Pence In Asia, Trump Signs Executive Order: White House Schedule April 21

His visit represents the most high-profile outreach to Muslims by the Donald Trump administration since the brash billionaire came to office and echoes a similar trip by Barack and Michelle Obama in 2010. Pence, standing side by side with Widodo at a news conference, said: "One of the greatest threats we face is the rise and spread of terrorism", though he did not refer to "radical Islam".

Author: 0 British Labour lawmaker says her party is not trying to win election

Children are being crammed "like sardines" into "super-sized" school classes due to seven years of failed Tory education policy, Jeremy Corbyn has said. The Labour Leader was much quicker to address the speculation of a Labour-SNP deal at Westminster than his predecessor Ed Miliband. "The SNP wants to break up the United Kingdom; it has no interest in making it work better".

Author: 0 Attack overshadows last campaign day in French election first round

One is that National Front leader Marine Le Pen and Mélenchon win the first round, giving France a choice between an extreme right and extreme left who agree about leaving the European Union. Three leading presidential candidates, François Fillon , Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen, halted campaigning after the shooting, which came three days before French voters go to the polls .

Author: 0 US Bomb Death Toll Rises to 94

Afghan officials said 36 militants were killed in the strike in Nangarhar province, near the Pakistan border. Islamic State's Aamaq news agency denied that any of its fighters were killed or wounded, citing a source within the group. A US Special Forces soldier was killed last Saturday in Nangarhar while conducting anti-ISIL operations. American military officials estimate there are around 600 to 800 Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan , mostly in Nangarhar, but also in the ...

Author: 0 UK lawmakers back Theresa May's call for June 8 election

The election is the fourth major vote in four years, after last June's European Union referendum, the 2015 general election , and the 2014 Scottish independence vote. Registration is open throughout the year, although there will be a deadline for registering to vote at this general election once the date has officially been confirmed by Parliament.

Global News Blue whale devours massive krill patch in a single gulp; rare video
Author: 0 Blue whale devours massive krill patch in a single gulp; rare video

The tags have already shown researchers where the whales gather in large numbers to feed, and the footage reveals that the animals will stay for weeks at a time in the feeding area. "We were lucky enough to film a surface lunge-feeding blue whale, which was remarkable". "The whale determined that amount of krill to be gained and the effort it would take to consume the meal wasn't worth the effort of slowing down", Ms Torres said.

Author: 0 France PM warns Le Pen against 'exploiting' Paris tragedy

Le Pen too had earlier taken a characteristically tough stance against Islamic extremism, branding it a "barbaric and monstrous totalitarian ideology" and insisting France immediately take back control of its borders from the European Union.

Author: 0 White House defends portrayal of 'armada' push towards Korean peninsula

The strike group made news this week when Defense News reported that the carrier was actually heading in the opposite direction from the peninsula some 3,500 miles away. "We said it was heading there. We have submarines, very powerful". A pilot from the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier safely ejected from a fighter jet, according to a statement from the Commander of the U.S.

Global News Turkey arrests dozens in anti-referendum protests
Author: 0 Turkey arrests dozens in anti-referendum protests

Those included the fact that numerous HDP leaders are still detained over alleged links to the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK). Erdogan has lashed back at the OSCE worldwide monitors' initial findings, telling them to "know their place", Reuters reports.

Author: 0 Pope Francis Condemns Fatal Bomb Attack In Syria

Access to St Peter's Square itself was only possible after security checks similar to those at airports. On the Easter Monday public holiday, thousands of Italians and tourists gathered in St. He also mentioned hostilities and starvation plaguing parts of Africa. Speaking of Europe's problems, Francis cited the continued conflict and bloodshed in Ukraine and prayed for hope for those struggling with high unemployment, especially young people.

Global News Heat wave conditions prevail in Rajasthan
Author: 0 Heat wave conditions prevail in Rajasthan

On April 12, Jammu also recorded season's maximum with 35.1 degree Celsius. It's just the third week of April, but temperatures across northern, central and western India have crossed 45 degrees Celsius. Temperatures are likely to hover around these levels in Rajasthan in the next 24 hours, the Met office said. "Weather is likely to remain dry in the state, with heat wave very likely to occur at many places in the state and warm night conditions at isolated places in the state in the next 24 ...

Author: 0 Macron, Le Pen edge further ahead in poll

Do voters judge a book by its cover? François Hollande, the current president from the Socialist Party, France's major center-left party, has been historically unpopular. Melenchon, 65, spent decades in mainstream politics, serving in a Socialist government and in parliament. In normal circumstances, the French presidential election is like no other election.

Global News US ends hunt for Joseph Kony as top rebels 'off battlefield'
Author: 0 US ends hunt for Joseph Kony as top rebels 'off battlefield'

The statement said LRA leader Joseph Kony, who has fought across the region since the late 1980s, was now followed by "less than 100 armed fighters" and his movement was "weak and ineffective". The Sudanese authorities are now actively supporting the Americans in their fight against terrorism, including allowing U.S. military experts to search areas in Sudan where Kony and his men had been suspected of hiding.

Global News Egypt in state of emergency after twin church bombings
Author: 0 Egypt in state of emergency after twin church bombings

Egypt's Christian minority, which makes up roughly 10 percent of the population, has increasingly been targeted by Islamist extremists. El-Sisi, who has pledged to protect Christians and other religious minorities as part of his battle against extremism, said in a televised address Sunday that a three-month countrywide state of emergency would be enacted, pending parliamentary approval.

Author: 0 Britain urges N Korea to stop nuclear weapons drive

The country under his watch has been aggressively pursuing a goal of putting a nuclear warhead on an ICBM capable of reaching the continental United States . While Pence was aboard Air Force Two flying over the Bering Sea, a North Korean missile exploded during launch on Sunday, U.S. and South Korean officials said, representing a high-profile failure that came as a powerful U.S.

Author: 0 Britain's May wins parliament's backing for June 8 snap election

At the event, May criticised her opponents the Labour Party, the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats as, she said, they "want to do everything to stop us from being able to take Britain forward" and frustrate Brexit. May, who had taken charge as Prime Minister just weeks after Britain's voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, had repeatedly dismissed the idea of an early election.

Author: 0 UK Lawmakers Overwhelmingly Back June Election

Members of parliament voted 522 to 13 in favor of May's call for an early election, well above the two-thirds majority required in the 650-seat House of Commons. Ian Hughes, Chief Executive of Consumer Intelligence said: 'We have barely begun the election campaign and already there are signs of voter fatigue after last year's EU Referendum and the General Election in 2015 plus the Scottish Referendum in 2014'.

Author: 0 North Korea's Missile Threat

None of the US officials who told Reuters about the heightened level of activity by Chinese bombers suggested alarm or signaled that they knew the precise reason for such activity. The Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the North's ruling Workers' Party, did not mince its words. Satellite imagery analysed by 38 North, a Washington-based North Korea monitoring project, found some activity under way at North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear test site, but the group said it was unclear ...

Author: 0 Tillerson criticizes Iran nuclear pact, USA plans review

Tillerson claimed that Tehran has been fueling various military conflicts in the Middle East, undermining USA interests in countries such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon. The Iran certification, made 90 minutes before a midnight Tuesday deadline, means Tehran will continue to enjoy relief from USA nuclear sanctions.

Author: 0 UK Labour leader comes out fighting ahead of election

Before holding the election, May must first win the support of two-thirds of the parliament in a vote on Wednesday (April 19). May caught the country - and most political commentators - off guard with her call for an election, to secure political " unity " as the country prepares for detailed negotiations on exiting the European Union (EU).

Author: 0 Snap poll expected to strengthen Theresa May

Media reports had said it would be scrapped in the Conservatives' election manifesto amid opposition from some lawmakers and newspapers who said it should be spent at home instead. Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May arrives in Downing Street, in central London April 19, 2017. The campaign and results bitterly divided the country, with 52% of voters backing "leave" versus 48% favoring "remain".

Author: 0 Le Pen demands closure of all Islamist mosques in France

Xavier Jugele was one of the officers who raced to the Bataclan concert hall the night three armed men in suicide bombs stormed a show and slaughtered 90 people on November 13, 2015. This must be the priority , ” he said. IS has said it was behind the attack. Macron said her plans were "nonsense" and that he'd improve intelligence with a centralised antiterror force.

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