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Author: 0 Trump Orders Reviews of Dodd-Frank Liquidation Authority, SIFI Designation

Mnuchin said Trump's tax priorities are to simplify personal taxes, create middle-class tax cuts and make business taxes competitive. Germany's finance minister is optimistic about reaching a "non-confrontational solution" on trade with Trump's administration at a summit this summer, he says after meeting his USA counterpart in Washington.

Global News Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 91st birthday
Author: 0 Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 91st birthday

Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, in Bruton Street in central London , Reuters reported . - September 9, 2015: The queen becomes Britain's longest reigning monarch, surpassing queen Victoria. Today, as the Queen continued her traditional, month-long "Easter Court" residence at Windsor, whatever presents she received remained under wraps.

Author: 0 Belgian linked to drugs, not Paris attack: prosecutors

Anti-terrorism prosecutor Francois Molins said there was not enough evidence at the time to prove 39-year-old Frenchman Karim Cheurfi was a threat, though he did have a long police record - notably for trying to attack police. Macron suspended two rallies after the shooting on the Champs Elysees. AP published a photo of Cheurfi and said it had obtained a police document showing that his family address, in the eastern Paris suburb of Chelles, was raided on Friday morning.

Global News Nicki Minaj drops the music video for
Author: 0 Nicki Minaj drops the music video for "No Frauds"

The pair had their ups and down -predicated on Remy's growing friendship with Rah's enemy, Yandy Smith- but they appeared to work things out by the season finale. That was Ali's first and last appearance in the video, further proving she made a cameo simply to "pick a side". Fast forward to this week when Ali was spotted on Nicki Minaj's Instagram page.

Author: 0 Trump Says He'll Mark 100 Days With Pennsylvania Rally

Trump tweeted on Saturday afternoon. This time , Trump picked a day filled with other potential news and events, not all of it so flattering to a new president marking a traditional milestone for measuring early accomplishments. "Health care started after 30 day (s), so I've been working on health care for 60 days". There is also an anti-Trump climate march that day, focused on Washington with events planned around the world.

Global News Hear the chilling 911 calls made after Facebook killing
Author: 0 Hear the chilling 911 calls made after Facebook killing

He was found dead in his vehicle on Tuesday and is believed to have shot himself after a short police chase. "We would have liked to have brought Steve in peacefully and really talked to him about why this happened". Stephens pulled up to the next window, where restaurant owner Thomas DuCharme Jr. and a supervisor tried stalling him by telling him his fries were delayed.

Global News China puts bombers on 'high alert' amid tensions in Korean peninsula
Author: 0 China puts bombers on 'high alert' amid tensions in Korean peninsula

According to The Daily Caller, China has put the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) land-attack, cruise-missile capable bombers on " high alert ". Pyongyang said it will not be frightened by these threats and that its army is closely watching USA maneuvers and waiting for an order to counter any threat immediately.

Author: 0 Clippers' Griffin to miss rest of playoffs with toe injury

He seemed to be in control of this game even when the Clippers were losing, never anxious even as they trailed. He is out for the remainder of the playoffs. Paul explained how Griffin's absence will affect the team, via ESPN . Based on the way head coach Doc Rivers distributed minutes Friday night, Marreese Speights should see a big bump in playing time in the Clippers frontcourt.

Global News Congress backs Rajnath's assertion on safety of Kashmiris
Author: 0 Congress backs Rajnath's assertion on safety of Kashmiris

Call for the demonstrations were given by the joint resistance leadership comprising Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik. A citizen of India can travel and study anywhere and that freedom should be protected. Singh condemned cases of harassment of Kashmiri youths studying in educational institutions outside J&K and appealed to the public to treat them well.

Author: 0 Pence embraces US-Australia partnership after Trump spat

US Homeland Security officials have been on Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea to do fingerprinting and security interviews with refugees in the past few weeks. After taking office, Trump was infuriated upon learning that the previous Obama administration had agreed to a refugee resettlement deal with Australia.

Author: 0 Casualty toll after Friday's Afghanistan attack rises to at least 100

The soldiers, majority unarmed, were shot while eating lunch or emerging from a Friday Prayer service at the headquarters of the Afghan Army's 209th Corps in Balkh by assailants in military uniforms who entered after another attacker had detonated explosives at a check post.

Global News Theresa May won't rule out tax rises after election
Author: 0 Theresa May won't rule out tax rises after election

The Prime Minister has risked angering traditionalist Conservatives after she reaffirmed the Government's commitment to worldwide aid spending while refusing to guarantee the "triple lock" for pensioners. "What I would say to pensioners is, just look what the Conservatives in government have done", she said. May also would not be drawn into making a guarantee on preserving the triple lock on state pensions that ensures an increase of at least 2.5 per cent every year.

Author: 0 Iran's President Rouhani to run for second term

Ahmadinejad's cash hand-outs and incendiary rhetoric built him a powerful constituency among the poor, but his tenure was marked by mass protests, plummeting relations with the West and financial mismanagement that took Iran to the brink of ruin.

Global News NC unemployment rate drops to 4.9 percent in March
Author: 0 NC unemployment rate drops to 4.9 percent in March

The figure has inched south from 3.6 percent in February. The opposite was the case in Bonner County, where the rate inched up slightly to 5 percent, up from 4.6 percent in February. The number of Coloradans participating in the labor force increased by 52,600, total employment increased 64,000, and the number of unemployed decreased 11,400.

Author: 0 All bets are off for French presidential election

President Trump was quick to call the Paris shootings on Thursday a terrorist attack, saying "it never ends". US President Donald Trump, meanwhile, predicted the attack in Paris would affect the French presidential election, without naming which candidates he believed would benefit.

Global News Cyber Crime Hits Almost Half Of Businesses, Study Finds
Author: 0 Cyber Crime Hits Almost Half Of Businesses, Study Finds

The survey found that businesses which hold electronic personal data on customers are more likely to have suffered a breach (51 percent compared to 46 percent), with the most common type of breach related to staff receiving fraudulent emails, cited in 72 percent of cases.

Global News Gas tax bill heads for Wednesday showdown in Tennessee House
Author: 0 Gas tax bill heads for Wednesday showdown in Tennessee House

The House is likely to vote to adopt the Senate version of the bill Monday night. The mayors say that providing for a referendum on those taxes "allows these decisions to be made at home". Among the bridge projects that TDOT says the Improve Act will help fund are the Niggs Creek Road bridge over the Norfolk-Southern Railway ($533,000), a bridge over an unnamed branch on Black Creek Road near Robbins ($194,000), a bridge over Stanley Creek on Stanley Creek Road in Pioneer ($551,000), a ...

Author: 0 USA to Stick to Refugee Deal With Australia, Pence Says

Trump reportedly had a testy first call because of the refugee issue. Under the deal, the USA would take in up to 1,250 asylum seekers that Australia holds in detention camps on the Pacific island countries of Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Trump had earlier cast doubts over the deal and reportedly had a less than cordial call with Turnbull late in January. Turnbull acknowledged Trump's reluctance, but said the U.S.

Global News F1: Lewis Hamilton takes China GP
Author: 0 F1: Lewis Hamilton takes China GP

Following his performance at the 2017 Chinese Grand Prix , his team boss Toto Wolff said that when Hamilton is at his best he is in a different league. The safety vehicle was called again after Antonio Giovinazzi smashed his Sauber into a wall. Ricciardo closed in on his Red Bull teammate for Verstappen in the closing laps of the race but could not find a way by.

Global News Peaceful outcome for Korean peninsula still possible - Pence
Author: 0 Peaceful outcome for Korean peninsula still possible - Pence

The Navy announced that a US Navy F/A-18E pilot safely ejected from his plane at sea on Friday with no apparent injuries in the Celebes Sea, near Indonesia. But photos posted to the U.S. Navy's website on April 15 showed the carrier transiting the Sunda Strait, the passage between the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java - some 5,600 km from South Korea.

Global News Pakistan's PM Sharif faces further investigation
Author: 0 Pakistan's PM Sharif faces further investigation

Opposition leader Imran Khan said he would lead protests demanding Sharif's resignation, saying the prime minister had lost the moral authority to stay in office while being investigated. Never before in the country's history has a sitting chief executive been forced to come clean in full public glare under the direct supervision of the highest judicial forum although strictly speaking, the name of Prime Minister Sharif, himself, does not appear in the Panama Papers.

Global News Rescuers jump into water to rescue migrants
Author: 0 Rescuers jump into water to rescue migrants

Italian authorities say more than 2,000 people were rescued on Friday and 3,000 on Saturday, but at least 20 drowned. Thirteen bodies were recovered, including a pregnant woman and an eight-year-old boy. More people will die. In one operation, it rescued 134 people, all from sub-Saharan counties, he said. The EU border control agency Frontex has accused non-government groups rescuing migrants of acting "like taxis".

Author: 0 Venezuela opposition vows fresh protests despite deaths

At least three people have been killed in Venezuela in protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Crowds swelled to hundreds of thousands, including Maduro supporters who held a counter-demonstration in the capital at the urging of the president.

Global News Mexico says deportation of 'dreamer,' mother violated rules
Author: 0 Mexico says deportation of 'dreamer,' mother violated rules

As recently as this week, Secretary Kelly falsely claimed that his agents are only targeting criminals and "bad hombres.' Maribel Trujillo is a crystal clear example of the reality: Trump and Kelly's Deportation Force is targeting anyone and everyone they come across".

Global News No Armenian peacekeepers hurt in Taliban attack on Afghan base
Author: 0 No Armenian peacekeepers hurt in Taliban attack on Afghan base

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because the government has yet to release exact casualty figures. There are now about 8,400 USA troops and another 5,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in the country, and Nicholson and other US military officials have said several thousand more are needed to continue training and supporting Afghan forces.

Global News Ready to respond to US aggression: North Korea
Author: 0 Ready to respond to US aggression: North Korea

Pence said the worldwide community, and China in particular, should put more diplomatic and economic pressure to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear arms and missiles. "If the United States of America is planning a military attack against us, we will react with a nuclear pre-emptive strike by our own style and method".

Global News May refuses to rule out personal tax hikes after election
Author: 0 May refuses to rule out personal tax hikes after election

Tajani told reporters in London after meeting with May that a new United Kingdom government would be a positive move, especially before official Brexit negotiations get underway. "Nobody thinks the Labour Party will gain a single seat from the Conservatives". More than half respondents back May for prime minister. "Whatever may be desirable, the polls appear to be definitive on the election and the respective polling positions of the leaders of the government and opposition", Blair ...

Global News Chicken nuggets order ended flight of Facebook murder suspect
Author: 0 Chicken nuggets order ended flight of Facebook murder suspect

The police chief said that it wasn't clear whether Stephens had any help while he was on the run or where he had been and that investigators will try to retrace his steps. He posted video of that shooting on Facebook . Williams said the Cleveland police had received over 400 tips regarding Stephens' whereabouts. It was late Tuesday morning, nearly lunchtime, and authorities were in the third day of an intensive manhunt for Stephens.

Global News Iran violating 'spirit' of nuclear deal, Trump alleges
Author: 0 Iran violating 'spirit' of nuclear deal, Trump alleges

Blackstone Solicitors said bank accounts of Iranians are being closed despite the removal of economic sanctions after the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries, which are the US, UK, France , Russia , China and Germany .

Author: 0 Ahok spared prison time after conceding Jakarta election

That video led to public uproar and the governor's blasphemy charges, the prosecutors said . A few days prior to the election, Ahok led the polls, albeit by a small margin, and experts said the poll results were too close to call. Baswedan, who is from a moderate Muslim background, capitalised on the backlash against Ahok by courting the support of conservative clerics and figures on the radical fringe who opposed electing a non-Muslim, AP noted.

Global News Kim Jong-un appears at massive Pyongyang parade
Author: 0 Kim Jong-un appears at massive Pyongyang parade

North Korea has carried out a total of five nuclear tests so far, and according to an expert satellite imagery analysis Pyongyang may be preparing for a sixth test soon. "We've got a powerful nuclear deterrent already in our hands, and we certainly will not keep our arms crossed in the face of a USA preemptive strike".

Author: 0 Thousands hit by power outage in San Francisco

Some buildings had power, others did not. Starting at 9am, at one point it affected almost 90,000 customers in 14 neighbourhoods, according to the energy supplier. The department adds there have been no delays in responding to calls. San Francisco police said they are working with PG&E and SF Muni to respond to the situation.

Author: 0 Cristiano Ronaldo urges Lewandowski to join Real Madrid

Ronaldo had scored only two goals in the eight Champions League games he had played before the quarterfinals. Really only seven days after, by the end of a week that found a two-goal lead thrown away to draw 2-2 against Borussia Dortmund and relinquish top place within their Champions League group, Ramos came to the rescue in a thriller against Deportivo La Coruna.

Global News Divisions, protests erupt at German nationalist convention
Author: 0 Divisions, protests erupt at German nationalist convention

Joerg Meuthen, an economics professor who is Petry's soft-spoken counterpart as co-leader, hit the migration theme harder, as the delegates prepared to approve an election platform that calls the rising population of Muslims in Germany "a great danger to our state".

Author: 0 EU Commission says Turkey must investigate referendum doubts

Mr. Erdogan and his allies say their victory will help bring stability and prosperity to the country, while their critics argue that it will give the president too much power, insulate the post from judicial scrutiny and, as a result, contribute to greater instability.

Global News Korea Celebrated Its Founder By Showing Off A Bunch Of Missiles
Author: 0 Korea Celebrated Its Founder By Showing Off A Bunch Of Missiles

Vice Foreign Minister Ryol added that the Trump administration is "more vicious and more aggressive" than President Obama's. North Korea has not made secret its desire to boost its military power, while a U.S. On display for the first time were what appeared to be submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), which could be developed to house nuclear warheads capable of reaching targets around the world.

Author: 0 Kansas Democrat plans another run for Congress

Beside him is U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, a Republican who was treasurer in 2003-08. The unofficial results were reported by the 17 county election officers in the 4th District on election night. She was especially upset when the Republican governor recently vetoed Medicaid expansion . "They're voting against themselves". Last year, the Pompeo re-election race drew limited attention.

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