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Author: 0 Trump under investigation for possible obstruction

The newspaper reported on Wednesday that director of national intelligence Dan Coats , head of the National Security Agency Mike Rogers , and former deputy director at the NSA Richard Ledgett, had agreed to be interviewed by Mr Mueller's investigators as early as this week.

Global News Russians troll Putin during live call-in show
Author: 0 Russians troll Putin during live call-in show

But the Russian president does believe it "looks strange" that Comey would memorize a conversation that he had with Trump and then leak it to the press. After Yanukovych, on consulting Putin, postponed the signing of the association agreement, popular unrest began in Kiev, supported by the West: "Our European and American partners managed to mount this horse of public discontent and instead of trying to find out what was really happening they chose to support the coup d'état".

Global News U.S. crude oil inventories are still above historic norms — CHART
Author: 0 U.S. crude oil inventories are still above historic norms — CHART

On the New York Mercantile Exchange crude futures for June delivery rose 0.26% to 45.84 a barrel, while on London's Intercontinental Exchange, Brent gained 0.33% at $48.22 a barrel. Inventories of US crude rose by roughly 3.3m barrels in the week ended May 26, confounding expectations of draw of around 3.5m barrels. Marex Spectron said that the demand outlook for coming weeks from refineries was strong, also supporting prices.

Author: 0 Castile jury ends 4th day without verdict

He added, "We're happy jury went our way". I am incredibly disappointed with the jury's verdict. ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP ) - Jurors weighing the fate of a Minnesota police officer who killed a black motorist last July ended their fourth day of deliberations Thursday without a verdict.

Global News Trump Hits Clinton In New Tweets
Author: 0 Trump Hits Clinton In New Tweets

Before Thursday, the last time The Briefing had tweeted was November 7, one day before Clinton's historic loss to Trump in the presidential election . Later that month, Trump asked why the "fake news" did not cover "ties" between the Kremlin and Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta. Except that Trump's tweet, technically speaking, refers to his own "non-dealings" rather than possible actions of his campaign and administration.

Author: 0 Unclear when inmates will return to Georgia

You survived", the man tells his wife. Authorities were vigilant and did a good job of spreading the word about the escapees. The home invasion led authorities to hunt down the Jeep, which they reportedly discovered driving down I-24 and engaged in pursuit.

Author: 0 Isis leader dead?: Russian Federation claims it has killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Russian Federation is claiming that an air strike in Syria may have killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in late May, Reuters reported Friday. The ministry said Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed on May 28 along with other senior group commanders. Raqqa is ISIS' de facto capital. More than 300 fighters were killed by the air raids, including 30 mid-level militant leaders.

Global News APNewsBreak: About 4000 more US troops to go to Afghanistan
Author: 0 APNewsBreak: About 4000 more US troops to go to Afghanistan

Before any decision on tactics can be made, the Trump administration needs to decide whether the idea is to defeat the Taliban , or avoid more bloodshed by pulling out and leaving the country to them. He said the Taliban, who allowed al-Qaeda to establish a presence inside Afghanistan, continues to pose a challenge to the democratically elected government.

Author: 0 London Mayor Sadiq Khan Wants To Make City World's Leading Smart City

The mayor was challenged about the relief efforts as he made his way up the street with a police escort. "We've seen nobody", the woman called out. "Something needs to be done". "My office has been in contact with not only Tel Aviv but other places as well", Khan said, adding they had learned "lots of things, things like putting in place the barriers we have done in London".

Global News Sanders: GOP Baseball Shooter Was Campaign Volunteer
Author: 0 Sanders: GOP Baseball Shooter Was Campaign Volunteer

A congressional aide said Scalise was in stable condition at George Washington University Hospital. The shooter is identified as James T. Hodgkinson , a 66-year-old man from IL. "I'm sorry", he said to the gaggle of reporters clustered around him as he took deep breaths and tried to compose himself. Spokesman Dillon McConnell of the U.S.

Author: 0 Grenfell Tower fire: Theresa May orders full public inquiry

Firefighters guided residents out via a fire escape. There were other reports of adults jumping. "Tragically now we are not expecting to find anyone else alive". London Mayor Sadiq Khan said fire fighters had only able to reach the 12th floor at the height of the blaze. " People were starting to appear at the windows, frantically banging and screaming", she told London's Evening Standard newspaper.

Author: 0 Trump Denounces Reports Of Widening Russia Probe

The Washington Post reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Donald Trump for obstruction of justice in regard to the probe into possible collusion between his campaign and the Russian government. Comey was later sacked, with Trump acknowledging that the Russian investigation was on his mind when he chose to dismiss him. "Nice", Trump tweeted early Thursday.

Author: 0 What would happen if the Bill Cosby jury deadlocks

A number of European companies are doing just that, participating for example in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. In a joint statement , Austria's Chancellor Christian Kern and Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said it was important for Europe and the United States to form a united front on the issue of Ukraine, where Russian-based separatists have been fighting government forces since 2014.

Author: 0 Brooks on shooting: We stand up to this kind of conduct

He had been fielding balls at second base when he was hit, and dragged himself away from the infield, leaving a trail of blood until colleagues could rush to his aid. The FBI said yesterday that it believed Hodgkinson was living out of his van in Alexandria. Hodgkinson's apparent Facebook page included strong criticism of Republicans and the Trump administration.

Author: 0 Special counsel investigating Trump for obstruction

The move by special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Trump's conduct marks a major turning point in the almost year-old investigation led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which until recently focused on Russian meddling during the presidential campaign and on whether there was any coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, the daily said in the report on Wednesday night.

Author: 0 Will Cosby testify at sex assault trial? Lawyers remain mum

Numerous jurors were expressionless during testimony, but a few were smiling and chuckling when they entered the courtroom on Monday afternoon to receive final instructions from Steven T. Legal experts and courtroom observers generally dismissed that suggestion as a bluff, perhaps created to throw prosecutors - who ended with a lot of momentum - off balance.

Global News Lawmakers Present United Front at Annual Congressional Baseball Game Following Virginia Shooting
Author: 0 Lawmakers Present United Front at Annual Congressional Baseball Game Following Virginia Shooting

Only because they were assigned to Scalise's security detail were they there. He sustained a relatively minor injury Wednesday morning as he and other officers engaged with a gunman who shot up a practice of the GOP baseball team. Hodgkinson frequently wrote letters to his local newspaper, the Belleville News-Democrat, complaining about income inequality, AP news agency reported.

Author: 0 Senate panel meets with special counsel in Russian Federation probe

Former FBI Director James Comey told Congress last week he believes he was sacked by Mr Trump to undermine the agency's Russian Federation probe. Comey's sacking shortly after the Feb 14 Trump conversation has raised speculation among critics that the President is attempting to cover up links to Russian Federation - a charge he firmly denies .

Author: 0 Mueller Investigating Whether Trump Attempted to Obstruct Justice

The Washington Post is reporting that President Donald Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice. In the wake of Comey's testimony, the White House has gone on a full court press to thwart the investigation. Harris was the state attorney general before being elected US senator a year ago. During that exchange, Sessions may have provided an implicit tell.

Author: 0 Some hope California winner of $447M Powerball helps area

The winning combination of numbers for the massive payout was 20-26-32-38-58, and the Powerball number was 3. They shared in a ticket that matched the five numbers in Wednesday's drawing, but not the Powerball. Miller said the estimated jackpot prize is based on a victor choosing an annuity, which pays off over 29 years. It was a switch that essentially traded lower odds for increased payouts, such as Saturday night's $448 million victor.

Global News Harvard's 1st female president stepping down after 11 years
Author: 0 Harvard's 1st female president stepping down after 11 years

Dr. Faust, a well-liked historian known for her scholarship on the American South, was appointed in 2007 after a turbulent period in which her predecessor, Lawrence H. She is also the originator of a capital drive that has raised $8 billion. "We must recognise that all our endeavours are enlarged and expanded by what we share", she wrote.

Author: 0 Inmates Kill 2 Prison Bus Guards And Escape, Georgia Sheriff Says

The prisoners breached a protective gate on the bus to reach the officers, before disarming and killing them both, the sheriff's office said. The state Department of Corrections is investigating what went wrong Tuesday. Ricky Dubose was born in 1993 and was serving a 20 year prison sentence for an armed robbery, aggravated assault and theft by taking conviction out of Elbert County from 2014.

Global News US President Donald Trump blasts report on possible obstruction of justice probe
Author: 0 US President Donald Trump blasts report on possible obstruction of justice probe

After Mueller was appointed last month, Trump tweeted: "This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history". President Donald Trump on Thursday morning once again dismissed the Russian Federation investigation as a " phony story " and blasted federal investigators as "bad and conflicted people" after a report said special counsel Robert Mueller is examining whether the president attempted to obstruct justice .

Author: 0 President Trump Blasts Report on Possible Obstruction of Justice Probe

The US president didn't clarify what exactly he was referring to in the early morning tweet , however he has frequently described reports about possible ties between members of his campaign and Russian Federation as a " witch hunt ". "They're the ones we are not winning in", he said at the Mid-Winter Ball. The aide spoke on condition of anonymity because the meeting was private. Officials were quoted as saying that the investigation of attempted obstruction of justice is based on more ...

Author: 0 Donald Trump under investigation for possible obstruction of justice, Washington Post reports

The Post spoke with five people briefed on the inquiries, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the probe publicly. When the Post attempted to reach him for a comment, Mueller , through individuals in his office, declined. When asked about a letter he wrote recommending firing Comey, Rosenstein said that Mueller could be looking into the decision-making process for the firing - and he was therefore "not at liberty to talk about ...

Author: 0 Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice

Grassley said Comey's dismissal and Comey's testimony on Lynch should be looked at together, noting that Comey "took the opportunity in his testimony to clear his own name by denouncing as false the administration's claims that the FBI rank-and-file had lost confidence in Mr.

Author: 0 Germany's Merkel says European Union ready to negotiate Brexit, no change seen

He added that the first discussions will take place "in the week of next week", and that his permanent secretary is in Brussels today "talking to [EU representatives] about the details". Continuing: "Is the populist illusion of restricting the free movement of people more important than the fortune of the British workers, the British industry, the British economy?" Mrs May's weakened position in the House of Commons as a result of losing her majority has fuelled speculation the Tories ...

Global News Obama Called Sen. Jeff Flake After Ballfield Shooting
Author: 0 Obama Called Sen. Jeff Flake After Ballfield Shooting

And then did that for about 10 or 15 minutes. Flake says the country is divided and encourages people to tone down their negative rhetoric. The shooter, James T. In 2011, after a gunman shot Arizona Demoratic Rep. He was taken to a Washington hospital and is listed in critical condition after surgery Wednesday afternoon.

Author: 0 Cosby jurors wrap up Day 3 without verdict

Cosby and his publicist". There would be other consequences to a conviction, as well. Day 8 of the Cosby trial was another day of waiting for lawyers, journalists, spectators and courthouse officials as the question on everyone's mind lingered: What is taking so long? A successor, District Attorney Kevin Steele, reversed course a decade later, after dozens of women came forward to accuse Cosby of sexual misconduct and after the public release of his startling deposition in which ...

Author: 0 Mueller Investigating Trump For Possible Obstruction

The Washington Post and The New York Times both said Mr Mueller was seeking interviews with three Trump administration officials who were not involved in his campaign - director of national intelligence Dan Coats, head of the National Security Agency Michael Rogers and Richard Ledgett, the NSA's former deputy director.

Author: 0 As penalty for 'election-meddling', US Senate approves new Russia sanctions

The Senate this week also added new sanctions punishing Russian Federation for meddling in the 2016 usa election, annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region and support for Syria's government in that country's six-year-long civil war. - Allow broad new sanctions on key sectors of Russia's economy, including mining, metals, shipping and railways . Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, one of the bill's cosponsor, told reporters on Wednesday that the White House was already beginning to ...

Author: 0 Donald Trump investigated for possible obstruction of justice

But the nation's top law enforcement official - who recommended Mr Comey's dismissal last month - has himself become a focal point in the crisis roiling the White House . senator. Reports that Trump was considering firing Mueller surfaced last week , again citing unnamed sources. The emergence of the obstruction of justice inquiry may make it harder for Trump to have Mueller removed.

Global News What is the congressional baseball game?
Author: 0 What is the congressional baseball game?

Congressman Steve Scalise, who was supposed to be playing second base for the Republican team, was instead lying in a hospital bed after being critically wounded in the hip. But participation has grown increasingly popular in the years since. The event held this year at Nationals Park, home of the major league Washington Nationals, was an emotional affair, coming a day after a gunman opened fire at the Republican team practice, wounding four.

Global News Iran Says It Killed Mastermind Of Deadly Attacks On Parliament And Mausoleum
Author: 0 Iran Says It Killed Mastermind Of Deadly Attacks On Parliament And Mausoleum

Iran's intelligence minister Mahmoud Alavi said on Saturday night that 43 suspects had been arrested and operations to identify and crush more "terrorists cells" were under way. and its " stooges " such as Saudi Arabia. " The terrorists were affiliated to the Wahabi and Takfiri groups who joined the Daesh terrorist group overseas and were red handed in the crimes of the terrorist group in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqah in Syria ", Commander of the Law Enforcement Force Brigadier General Hossein ...

Global News London police make three arrests over terror attack
Author: 0 London police make three arrests over terror attack

The minister did not identify the new victim, but reports said it was Sebastien Belanger, 36. Thomas had been missing since he was caught up in the attack with Delcros. Prince Harry has spoken in praise of Australians living in London after two of them were confirmed to have been killed in the van and knife attacks there over the weekend.

Author: 0 US Senate backs legislation to slap new sanctions on Russia

The Senate this week also added new sanctions punishing Russian Federation for meddling in the 2016 USA election, annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region and support for Syria's government in that country's six-year-long civil war. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is conducting a separate probe. A frequently polarized Senate found common ground Thursday as Republicans and Democrats joined forces to approve a sweeping sanctions bill that punishes longtime adversaries Iran and Russian Federation ...

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