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Global News President says Sessions did 'very good job,' comments on Mueller rumors
Author: 0 President says Sessions did 'very good job,' comments on Mueller rumors

Sessions said he recused himself from the Justice Department's ongoing Russian Federation investigation only because of a regulation that required it over his involvement in the Trump campaign. Detractors of the president argue that the February 14 meeting, if it happened the way Comey testified , amounts to an obstruction of justice in the FBI's Russian Federation investigation and would be grounds to begin impeachment proceedings.

Author: 0 Steve Scalise, House majority whip, shot at congressional baseball practice

President Donald Trump said he was "deeply saddened by this tragedy". Another victim of the shooting was Zack Barth, a staff member for Texas Rep. Roger Williams, Williams said in a post on Twitter . The popular annual face-off was scheduled for Thursday evening at Nationals Park across the Potomac River in Washington . "This morning's tragic shooting in my hometown of Alexandria is horrifying", Beyer said in a statement .

Global News Major Earthquake Hits Mexico-Guatemala Border
Author: 0 Major Earthquake Hits Mexico-Guatemala Border

At least one person was hurt after a church collapsed in the tremor, but there have been no reported fatalities. A man was killed in the southwestern Guatemalan village of San Sebastian after an old church collapsed, the agency said. "Moderate damage is reported to houses in southwestern areas and there are power outages in several parts of the country", agency spokesman Julio Sanchez said, adding that a 5.6-magnitude aftershock hit across the border in Mexico minutes after the first quake.

Global News DC police say 2 arrests made in Turkish embassy melee case
Author: 0 DC police say 2 arrests made in Turkish embassy melee case

A US official says police in Washington will announce charges against 12 Turkish security agents related to violence that happened when Turkey's president visited last month. The NATO allies have publicly clashed over a USA decision to arm Syrian Kurdish rebels fighting the Islamic State group in Syria. After police officers struggled to protect the protesters and ordered the men in suits to retreat, several of the men dodged the officers and ran into the park to continue the attacks.

Author: 0 27-story tower engulfed in London; officials fear collapse

They banged on windows, screamed for help, dropped children from smoky floors in a desperate attempt to save them. Reuters reports that some residents said they had been advised they should stay in their flats in the event of a fire, while the block's residents association had previously warned it was anxious about the risk of a serious fire.

Global News UPS shooting leaves 4 dead, including shooter
Author: 0 UPS shooting leaves 4 dead, including shooter

Brent Andrew, from the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital says the emergency department had multiple admissions from the USP shooting claiming "we expect more". A source told viaabc7 of the 'lone shooter' entering the building during a morning meeting, before the 'disgruntled employee , ' picked off his targets.

Author: 0 Hamilton win puts pressure on F1 drivers' leader

The other retirement was Daniil Kvyat who was slow away on the formation lap and then failed to regain his position in time before the grid, earning a drive through penalty. The race got off to a chaotic start when, in his haste to reach the front, Verstappen ran over Vettel's front wing, which caused the championship leader to pit early and switch to a less optimal strategy.

Author: 0 Macron set for success as party dominates French elections

Although Macron's party is projected to win big in the end, many of its candidates didn't get enough votes to win spots outright in the first round. But Sunday's turnout hit a record low of 49 percent, mirroring the French people's growing disinterest in legislative elections.

Author: 0 London tower fire: What do we know?

The London Fire Brigade said Wednesday's fire began on the lower floors and spread quickly upwards. Nick Paget-Brown, leader of Kensington and Chelsea Borough, said: "Clearly, looking further ahead there needs to be a full investigation into the cause of this fire, why it started and why it appears to have spread so rapidly".

Global News Lions hopeful of Davies recovery for Maori
Author: 0 Lions hopeful of Davies recovery for Maori

CJ Stander showed strength and intelligence to find outside-half Dan Biggar and his pass allowed Joseph to find the try-line with a great burst of speed. Joseph and Jared Payne nearly wriggled free, before Iain Henderson punched through the middle and Warburton stretched home for a good try . The New Zealand environment is intimidating simply because, from waking up in the morning and talking to waiters and waitresses, the key note is rugby.

Author: 0 London firefighters fight massive apartment building fire

Police declined to say how many people were missing. A plume of black smoke stretched for miles across the pale sky after dawn, revealing the blackened, flame-licked wreckage of the building. Prime Minister Theresa May's Downing Street office said she was "deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life" in the fire. Grenfell Tower advised residents to stay inside their homes in the case of a fire.

Author: 0 Inescapable need for two-state solution

This has been suggested by Israeli officials in the past, and "west of the Jordan Valley" effectively means that if the Palestinians ever did manage to get independence after generations of Israeli occupation, their external borders would still be occupied in perpetuity.

Global News Sessions next to testify
Author: 0 Sessions next to testify

Former FBI Director James Comey raised additional questions at a hearing on Thursday, saying that the FBI expected Sessions to recuse himself weeks before he actually did. She said Sessions should also testify before the Judiciary Committee, because it was better suited to explore legal questions of possible obstruction.

Global News 'Staggering' civilian deaths from US-led air strikes in Raqqa
Author: 0 'Staggering' civilian deaths from US-led air strikes in Raqqa

United Nations war crimes investigators say US-led coalition air strikes on Islamic State militants in the Syrian city of Raqqa are causing "staggering loss of life". The investigators, who have never been granted access to Syria , stressed that the death toll provided was only what they had managed to document, and that the true number was likely higher.

Global News Potcoin sponsoring Rodman's North Korea trip
Author: 0 Potcoin sponsoring Rodman's North Korea trip

Rodman told reporters before his visit that he was "just trying to open a door" on a mission that he thought his former " Celebrity Apprentice " boss would support. North Korean officials confirmed that Rodman was expected to arrive in Pyongyang later today. Madeleine Albright, the US Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton, brought the older Kim a basketball autographed by Michael Jordan during a visit in 2000.

Author: 0 Hundreds of demonstrators arrested in Russian Federation

On Monday, Alexei Borsenko, a Vladivostok demonstrator who eluded a police attempt to detain him, cited Iceland's prime minister stepping down in the fallout from the "Panama Papers" scandal, while "our prime minister is caught on such big corruption cases and he doesn't go anywhere".

Global News EU chief says 3 states will be sanctioned over refugees
Author: 0 EU chief says 3 states will be sanctioned over refugees

But when he appeared alongside Poland's Jaroslaw Kaczynski last week, he paid his fellow Eastern European right-wing ruling party leader the ultimate complement: together they would make flawless partners in crime. Immigration numbers have fallen since the height of the crisis in 2015 after a deal with Turkey, leaving the dispute largely a political one. Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have until Wednesday to change their minds and pledge to comply, Avramopoulos said, or face the ...

Author: 0 Congressional Baseball Game Will Still Take Place in Wake of Shooting

Scalise spokesman Chris Bond said he would be checking with the hospital throughout the day for updates on the condition of the congressman and the other wounded people. "Fortunately secret service was here because Steve Scalise was here", he said. Senator Bob Corker said he is grateful for the response by Capitol Police.

Global News 5 things we learned at Jeff Sessions' hearing
Author: 0 5 things we learned at Jeff Sessions' hearing

Sessions came out swinging, calling any rumors or reports that he "participated in anything to hurt this country" an "appalling and detestable lie". Sessions told the committee that his recusal from the probe did not in any way negate his authority to recommend the firing of former FBI Director James Comey .

Global News Trump delays effective date of travel ban amid court battle
Author: 0 Trump delays effective date of travel ban amid court battle

The justices are considering the administration's request to reinstate its ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries. Sessions cautioned against placing "our nation at risk until we have the have the ability accurately and responsibly to vet those seeking entry here".

Global News Selena Gomez flaunts her acting chops in new 'Bad Liar' video
Author: 0 Selena Gomez flaunts her acting chops in new 'Bad Liar' video

Back in 2015, Selena talked about struggling to trust anyone , while in this new interview she talks about how her ability to love people is one of her strongest traits as a person. "I was very much in a different place and I think it was more just telling a was just a different place in my life then", she told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show.

Author: 0 Backed Forces Launch Attack on ISIL Capital, Raqqa

The SDF's spokesman Talal Silo later told Reuters the operation started on Monday and the fighting would be "fierce" because Daesh will "die to defend their so-called capital". In addition to the Kurdish and Arab forces, about 900 USA military troops are on the ground in Syria, mostly functioning in an advisory role for the Syrians and forming a cooperative anti-ISIS force called the Operation Inherent Resolve.

Author: 0 No, Kamala Harris Wasn't Being 'Hysterical,' CNN Analyst Says

Harris is a Black woman that has always been passionate about her career, and that same passion can be seen in her delivery method of questioning in the last two televised hearings. I thought it was way out of bounds. POWERS: She didn't shout actually. "Sir, I'm not asking about the principle", Harris says. Lord chimed in, saying, " Hysteria is a neutral quality".

Global News London fire could delay Theresa May-DUP deal
Author: 0 London fire could delay Theresa May-DUP deal

Mrs May made a fatal mistake in the General Election when she adopted a persona that was aloof, cold and arrogant. After House Speaker John Bercow was re-elected without challenge, a chastened May quipped: "At least someone got a landslide".

Author: 0 Sessions vigorously denies improper Russian Federation contacts

Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., questions Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Capitol Hill in Washington , Tuesday, June 13, 2017 . Sessions may not have personally colluded with Russia , but he has broken the law by not disclosing meetings with Russians, and he is Donald Trump's firewall against the FBI investigation in the Justice Department.

Global News Freshman football player dies after morning workout
Author: 0 Freshman football player dies after morning workout

Freshman football player Tyler Heintz did not survive an unexpected medical incident Tuesday morning, according to ESPN . The cause of death is not yet known. "The post-mortem is just one piece of the puzzle", he said. With respect to the weather on Tuesday, Fackler says the conditions are on the minds of every high school and college coach across the state.

Global News Phil Hornby reports on resignation of Tim Farron
Author: 0 Phil Hornby reports on resignation of Tim Farron

While the Lib Dems endured a disappointing General Election - gaining just three seats - Mr Farron's position had not been thought to be under immediate threat. For instance, Sir Simon Hughes had hopes of winning back his south London seat, Greg Mullholland lost his seat in Leeds and Sarah Olney failed to repeat her by-election triumph over Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park.

Author: 0 Gingrich: Time to rethink special counsel Mueller

Trump himself does not have the authority to directly fire the special counsel . Jeff Sessions , the current U.S. attorney general, testified in front of the Senate intelligence committee on Monday denying that he had been involved in any collusion with Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Global News Sessions Contradicts Comey on Key February Exchange
Author: 0 Sessions Contradicts Comey on Key February Exchange

The hearing will bring contentious questioning for Sessions and likely some uncomfortable moments for the Trump administration. (Sessions) "There are none". Sessions asserted that "nothing improper happened" in those conversations, although he "did not recall" a reported meeting with Kislyak during a Trump speech at the Mayflower Hotel last April.

Author: 0 At US Senate hearing, Jeff Sessions denies meeting with Russian officials

Sessions repeatedly denied that he was invoking "executive privilege", the legal doctrine that says the president has the right to protect the confidentiality of Executive Branch conversations. "From that point, February 10th, until I announced my formal recusal on March 2nd, I was never briefed on any investigative details, did not access any information about the investigation".

Author: 0 Are you with us or with Qatar: Saudi King asks Pakistan PM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday slammed the economic and political isolation of Qatar as inhumane and contrary to Islamic values after key Gulf states broke off ties with Ankara's ally. An editorial in a leading Pakistani newspaper has cautioned the Nawaz Sharif government on getting embroiled in conflict in the Middle East and suggested to immediately end its involvement in the Saudi -led Islamic Military alliance.

Global News Trump on 'wrong side of history' over climate: ex-UN chief
Author: 0 Trump on 'wrong side of history' over climate: ex-UN chief

They want the still give away billions of our taxpayer money to undeveloped countries in return for their empty promises on cutting carbon dioxide emissions. General Electric and Apple, two stalwart American companies building products everyone in the world is clamoring for, together have 184,000 employees in the U.S.

Author: 0 27-story London apartment block ablaze

An additional 10 people made their own way to the hospitals, bringing the total number of those being treated to 74, according to London Ambulance Service Director of Operations Paul Woodrow. Nassima Boutrig, who lives across from the building, said she was awakened by sirens and smoke so thick that it filled her home as well. Others said they could see people inside using flashlights and mobile phones to try to signal for help from higher floors.

Author: 0 West London fire, multiple casualties confirmed

Around 200 firefighters, 40 fire trucks and 20 ambulance crews were at the scene. A huge plume of smoke wafted across the London skyline and left a burned-out hulk in the working class, multi-ethnic neighborhood. They said they had been told that their units were fire-proof for at least an hour. A fire was reported at the Grenfel Tower at 00:54 BST on Wednesday morning.

Global News Sessions vows to defend himself against 'false allegations'
Author: 0 Sessions vows to defend himself against 'false allegations'

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for the DOJ policy Sessions cited during the hearing. Rosenstein said he has. Mark Warner, the Virginia Democrat who sits next to Burr and is the vice chairman on the committee - interrupted Sessions' answers before and after Harris spoke.

Author: 0 Angela Rayner stays as shadow education secretary in Labour reshuffle

On Friday, May 27, Goodwin announced on Twitter that he would eat his new book about the Brexit vote if the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn polled at 38 percent or higher. 'Our party is now on a permanent campaign footing in anticipation of the failure of Theresa May's attempt to establish a stable administration with the support of the DUP.

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