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Global News Fellow Republicans press Trump about tapes
Author: 0 Fellow Republicans press Trump about tapes

Rachel Maddow reviews the latest developments in the Trump-Russia investigations, including indications that the Senate Judiciary Committee will issue subpoenas to investigate Donald Trump for obstruction of justice. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, imagined warning Trump , "You may be the first president in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriately talking about an investigation that, if you just were quiet, would clear you".

Global News UK PM To Seek Queen's Permission To Form Govt
Author: 0 UK PM To Seek Queen's Permission To Form Govt

A Downing Street spokesman said that the Prime Minister will visit Buckingham Palace to speak to the sovereign. May took the reins of the Conservatives from former Prime Minister David Cameron, who resigned following the UK's vote in a JUne 2016 referendum to leave the European Union .

Global News Father killed in front of children after responding to ad about dog
Author: 0 Father killed in front of children after responding to ad about dog

Chelsea Bowman, Scott's ex-wife, says he told the man they would pick up the dog, but the man continued to insist that he drop it off. Chelsea Bowman and Christopher "Scott" Bowman were divorced, but we're planning to remarry. Jacksonville-based WFOX reported that Bowman's fiancée told the two kids, ages eight and four, to run and get help. Pictured Jacksonville , Florida father, Scott Bowman with his two children.nearly 20 hrs later investigators at home where man was shot and ...

Author: 0 Brazil's electoral court keeps Temer in office

The ruling gives Temer some breathing room but will not end a political crisis dogging the center-right leader, who is being investigated separately by federal prosecutors for corruption. Brazil's President Michel Temer smiles as he receives military honors during ceremony, in Brasilia , Brazil, Friday, June 9, 2017. Magazine Veja reported late on Friday that the agency known as Abin might have been used to spy on Fachin - the top court justice in charge of a massive corruption probe ...

Author: 0 States will have to find funds for farm loan waivers: Jaitley

He also informed that the loan waiver is based certain criteria.Meanwhile, leader of Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana Raju Shetty has said that government promised loan waiver and fulfill other demands but if it fails, farmers will again agitate from July 25.

Global News Shots fired at Munich subway station during police check
Author: 0 Shots fired at Munich subway station during police check

The perpetrator was arrested, police tweeted, adding that he was injured. Suburban train station #Unterföhring - Several persons wounded by gunshots. It was not immediately clear whether it was a police officer or an assailant who had fired. Police helicopters are now circling above the crime scene and officers have flooded into the area.

Global News Al Franken: I Don't Think Trump Ordered Comey to Quash Russia Probe
Author: 0 Al Franken: I Don't Think Trump Ordered Comey to Quash Russia Probe

The President could possibly invoke some form of executive privilege - which is created to keep sensitive decision-making processes involving the President secret - to stop Comey from testifying. FBI Director James Comey testifies before the House Intelligence Committee on March 20, 2017 about President's Trump wiretapping claims and Trump's presidential campaign links to Russian hackers.

Global News Populists' surge in Italy stops in voting for Italy's mayors
Author: 0 Populists' surge in Italy stops in voting for Italy's mayors

Observers are closely watching Genoa, the hometown of 5-Star Movement leader Beppe Grillo . A multi-party deal on a new electoral law unraveled last week, making it highly unlikely that a snap national vote will be held this year. 5-Star and the ruling center-left Democratic Party , led by former premier Matteo Renzi , are running neck-and-neck in national polls with around 30 percent support.

Global News Still no deal to keep Tories in power
Author: 0 Still no deal to keep Tories in power

May's Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority in Thursday's vote and need the support of the 10 MPs from Northern Ireland's DUP to have a majority. "The reason for the disappointing result was not the absence of support for Theresa May and the Conservatives but an unexpected surge in support for Labour", Timothy said in an article published on the ConservativeHome blog.

Global News Across US, thousands rallying and marching for LGBT rights
Author: 0 Across US, thousands rallying and marching for LGBT rights

Democratic Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island, who co-chairs the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, said most Americans "would be surprised to learn that you can get married on Saturday, post photos of your wedding on Sunday , and then get thrown out of your apartment or fired from your job on Monday".

Author: 0 Democrats say Trump's infrastructure plan is 'just a private money-making operation'

The president addressed the press upon landing in Cincinnati alongside two families who claim their health care has suffered as a result of the passage of the Affordable Care Act. While Trump continues to portray the infrastructure initiative as a $1 trillion program, it represents a major re-ordering of the relationship between the federal government and states, cities and other local partners.

Global News UK PM May to seek Queen's permission to form a government: Spokesman
Author: 0 UK PM May to seek Queen's permission to form a government: Spokesman

With the Tories falling short of the 326 seats needed to form a majority government , Theresa May could look to secure to support of a smaller party to shore up her power. European Council President Donald Tusk had warned there was "no time to lose" in starting Brexit talks, after May on 29 March started the two-year countdown to ending Britain's four-decade membership.

Global News Tehran terror attack mastermind killed
Author: 0 Tehran terror attack mastermind killed

Iran has said five Iranians, who had joined IS and travelled to its Iraq and Syria bastions, carried out Wednesday's attacks on the parliament and the shrine of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Tehran hit out at Washington and Riyadh as tens of thousands attended the funerals Friday for those slain in the first attacks in Iran claimed by the Islamic State group.

Global News Justice Karnan retires before his jail term
Author: 0 Justice Karnan retires before his jail term

Calcutta High Court judge Justice C.S. Karnan , who is facing six months imprisonment for contempt of the Supreme Court , retired on Monday, probably escaping the odium of a sitting judge being arrested while in office. Because of the apex court's order, Justice Karnan will not receive a formal farewell and will not get a chance to give his farewell speech at the court, becoming the first high court judge to miss out his farewell.

Author: 0 Thousands of Rohingya exposed after Cyclone Mora destroys homes

An official of Bangladesh's National Disaster Response Coordination Center (NDRCC) told Xinhua Tuesday night that the cyclone caused the deaths of six people in two districts as it erased most houses, crops and infrastructure. The maximum sustained wind speed rose to 100 km per hour in gusts and squalls in some areas as the cyclone cut through the Cox's Bazar-Chittagong coast, said Shamsuddin Ahmed, director of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department.

Author: 0 Irish PM expresses concern over May's proposed DUP deal

May's party is short of the 326 it needed for an outright majority and fairly down from the 330 seats it had before the election. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn feels he can "still be the prime minister" and indicated today that the United Kingdom could face another election as beleaguered Theresa May's attempt to stitch an alliance to run a minority government after suffering a poll debacle has not yet fructified.

Global News Gandhian activist Rajagopal to meet CM for intervention to end farmers' protest
Author: 0 Gandhian activist Rajagopal to meet CM for intervention to end farmers' protest

With about 30 percent farmers' accounts turning "irregular" in the state, banks had urged the state government to take a quick decision on the matter in order to clear the situation of "uncertainty". "I appeal to the people, farmers to come to the negotiating table", he said. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had made announcements about onion procurement on June 4 following his meeting with representatives of agitating farmers at Ujjain.

Author: 0 EU, UK Citizens' Status First on Brexit Talks Agenda: Brexit Secretary

On ITV's Good Morning Britain, Davis continued: "It is in the national interest that we proceed with these negotiations, which the country voted for. The European citizens in the United Kingdom, we want to get on with as fast as possible because we don't want people to be in a state of anxiety".

Global News Nicola Sturgeon calls for May to pause Brexit negotiations
Author: 0 Nicola Sturgeon calls for May to pause Brexit negotiations

Scottish Labour will remain on "election footing" throughout the summer, with the party eyeing more gains from the SNP if there is a second general election this year. The SNP had been trying to raise funds online after party leader Nicola Sturgeon called for a second referendum last March. She has admitted the issue of another independence ballot was a factor in last Thursday's vote, and said the party will reflect on its plans amid calls for it to be taken off the table.

Author: 0 Theresa May to Remain PM Despite Calls to Go

And it's a longshot, but Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could, in theory, form a coalition of minority parties. The seven seats that were won by the Conservatives with the slimmest margins were Southampton Itchen (won by 31), Preseli Pembrokeshire (won by 314), Hastings and Rye (won by 346), Chipping Barnet (won by 353), Thurrock (won by 345), Norwich North (won by 507) and Pudsey (won by 331).

Author: 0 North Korea Warns ICBM Test 'Not Too Far Away' Now

According to earlier reports by the South Korean media, several anti-ship missiles were launched from the outskirts of the coastal city of Wonsan. The launch Thursday - the North's fifth weapons test in a month - was overseen by leader Kim Jong-Un, the state-run Korean Central News Agency reported , and came less than a week after the United Nations tightened sanctions against the Stalinist regime.

Global News Struggling actor found dead
Author: 0 Struggling actor found dead

They immediately informed the Police who broke into her apartment to find her murdered. "Around 3.45pm on Monday, the Amboli police received a call stating that a foul smell was coming from a room in Bhairvanath SRA society near the Regional Transport Office (RTO) office at Four Bungalows".

Author: 0 Sinn Fein's Adams says will not take up seats in Britain's parliament

However the big news of the United Kingdom election is that due to a hung parliament, the British Prime Minister Theresa May believes she can form a government with the DUP and will go to Buckingham Palace at 11.30am to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to do so.

Global News Met names third London bridge attacker as Italian national
Author: 0 Met names third London bridge attacker as Italian national

About 50 others were wounded. Witnesses said people threw chairs and pint glasses at the men, who wore what police said were fake explosive vests. Italian authorities tipped off Britain about his movements. Repubblica said when he landed in January at Stansted after a 10-day visit in Bologna, his name was verified in the SIS system but he was allowed to go.

Global News Qatar begins shipping cargo through Oman
Author: 0 Qatar begins shipping cargo through Oman

On June 8, Arab states led by Saudi Arabia issued a list of Qatar-linked people and organizations it said were "terrorists" as they ratcheted up their boycott of the peninsular state. Doha denies the charges. Saudi Arabia's Flynas has waded into the kingdom's row with Qatar, making a pitch to poach Saudi staff working for the much larger Qatar Airways.

Global News What's next for Puerto Rico after vote for US statehood
Author: 0 What's next for Puerto Rico after vote for US statehood

But experts say it is unlikely a Republican-controlled Congress would acknowledge Sunday's results, because Puerto Rico tends to favor Democrats. He says that despite criticism that less than a quarter of the island's citizens showed up to the polls, he considers the election results valid, calling the volunteer poll workers "organized" and "disciplined".

Author: 0 Sessions' testimony to Congress Tuesday to be open to public

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will appear Tuesday at a public hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to testify in the investigation into Russian tampering in the 2016 presidential election. "My sense was the attorney general knew he shouldn't be leaving, which is why he was lingering", Comey said last week. Despite the report, White House principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday in response to a question from a reporter that Trump ...

Author: 0 Will Donald Trump Provoke North Korea Into Nuclear Strike?

There have been no demonstrations of such technology from the small nation, but since the time Kim Jong-un took power, the North Korean missile program has seen improvements in both range and reliability. North Korea is believed to have figured out how to mount a miniaturized nuclear bomb on a ballistic missile, the re-entry vehicle is suspected to have survived the IRBM test, and the North's engine technology has improved.

Global News White House clams up about Russian Federation investigations
Author: 0 White House clams up about Russian Federation investigations

Multiple reports have said Kushner's interactions are a matter of interest in the ongoing FBI probe into interactions between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign - part of a snowballing set of investigations examining finances, possible concealment of information and alleged election collusion.

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn's Awkward High Five Fail

He repeated the manifesto promise to drop the Tories" "Great Repeal Bill' if he ever got to No.10 - and said he believed the Tories would now drop the legislation. Matthew Goodwin had promised on Twitter that if his poll prediction for the UK Polls went wrong, he would eat his entire book on the separation of the UK from the European Union .

Author: 0 It's On Now: Jeff Sessions to Testify in Public Hearing Tuesday

Sessions didn't disclose those meetings when he was asked, under oath, in his confirmation hearing. Senators on that committee are expected to question Sessions about his meetings with Russians - a topic that has come under increased scrutiny amid investigations into Russian meddling in the US presidential election.

Global News Police identifies third attacker of London attack
Author: 0 Police identifies third attacker of London attack

The attack, and prior attacks in Manchester and near Parliament in London , have prompted Prime Minister Theresa May to call for tougher counter-terrorism laws even if it means changing human rights protections. He was then stopped from continuing his journey to Istanbul. He also used the name Rachid Elkhdar with a different date of birth. He married a British woman in Dublin in 2012 and lived in Rathmines in the Irish capital.

Global News What The Election And Theresa May's Deal Mean For The UK
Author: 0 What The Election And Theresa May's Deal Mean For The UK

Throughout the election, May pressed heavily on the Brexit issue saying that she wanted a mandate to be able to start negotiations from the European Union divorce on June 19. British Prime Minister Theresa May's confidence in the Tories backfired in the UK #General Election as her Conservative Party lost its parliamentary majority to #Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party .

Author: 0 Trump is willing to testify under oath on Comey

Senator Susan Collins said it was possible Comey misremembered or misinterpreted some of their exchanges. The committee also sent a letter to Comey asking for any notes or memos in his possession about the discussions he had with Trump before being abruptly fired last month.

Global News US Attorney General Sessions to testify in public hearing
Author: 0 US Attorney General Sessions to testify in public hearing

Senators on that committee are expected to question Sessions about his meetings with Russians - a topic that has come under increased scrutiny amid investigations into Russian meddling in the US presidential election. Only a few people at Justice in the White House should be in touch with each other. No time has been scheduled for Sessions to testify separately in a closed hearing to discuss classified matters, according to Senate aides, who were not authorized to speak publicly on the ...

Author: 0 Kim Jong Un's Quest for an ICBM

Its appearance a day after Pyongyang tested a new type of anti-ship missile on Thursday, could spark questions about the state of South Korea's air defences at a time when Seoul is trying to rein in the North's nuclear and missile programmes.

Global News Russia's Riot Police Detain Hundreds At Anti-Corruption Rally
Author: 0 Russia's Riot Police Detain Hundreds At Anti-Corruption Rally

Back in March, thousands of people came out to anti-Putin protests across the country that Navalny helped spearhead through his social media outlets. Late on Monday night, a Moscow court did sentence Navalny to 30 days in jail for "repeating" his March "offense" of disobeying police orders and calling for an unsanctioned protest.

Author: 0 Russian Federation protests: Kremlin critic Navalny among hundreds detained

Navalny's website reported Monday that protests were held in more than a half-dozen cities in the Far East, including the major Pacific ports of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk and in Siberia's Barnaul. Being detained by police is nothing new for Navalny. A regional security official, Vladimir Chernikov, told Ekho Moskvy radio that police wouldn't interfere with demonstrators on the street - as long as they didn't carry placards or shout slogans.

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