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Global News Key Indian equity market indices open higher
Author: 0 Key Indian equity market indices open higher

The US Dow Jones Industrial Average ended 0.55 per cent lower in yesterday's trade. However, GAIL rose 4.01 per cent followed by RIL 1.95 per cent, PowerGrid 1.30 per cent and Dr Reddy's 0.72 per cent, which put brakes on the slide. MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan rose 0.1 per cent after declining 0.5 per cent in early trades. European shares were down in late morning deals.

Global News North Korea's Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles Displayed at Military Parade
Author: 0 North Korea's Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles Displayed at Military Parade

State television showed what appeared to be several KN-08 and KN-14 missiles rolled out on trucks at the parade. However, days later, he tweeted: "North Korea is looking for trouble ". One of Kim's top spokespeople, Choe Ryong Hae, today vowed North Korea would "beat down enemies with the power of nuclear justice". In a test launch in August previous year, the missile flew 500 kilometers (310 miles) after being launched from a submarine and crashed into waters near Japan, prompting Kim ...

Author: 0 Republicans Take First Congressional Election of Trump Era

Although Thompson fell just short of defeating Estes, his performance may cheer Kansas Democrats, who have struggled to get more than 30 percent of the vote against Pompeo in the last three congressional elections. In the end, the race to fill now-CIA Director Mike Pompeo's seat in Congress wasn't as close as some thought, but closer than it normally would have been.

Global News US VP Pence assures Japan: America is with you '100 percent'
Author: 0 US VP Pence assures Japan: America is with you '100 percent'

The Russian diplomat also took a hard line on the previous USA administration's North Korea policies. The missile was launched from Sinpo, a port city in eastern North Korea, according to a South Korean defense official . During an interview on CNN the same day, Pence said he doesn't see a direct negotiation between North Korea and the U.S. He said that under President Donald Trump, the USA will stand up to its enemies with its allies.

Author: 0 Wasn't it Trump who begrudged Obama his golf trips?

But Obama now looks like a relative cheapskate, while it is Trump who seems unable to break the habit. The Donald pledged that he would never follow President Obama's bad example. Democrats continuously relitigate the sideshow issue of Trump's tax returns (newsflash: This was settled by the Electoral College). But the most widely cited estimate of what one presidential trip to Mar-a-Lago costs - based on the known price of one Florida trip Obama took - is $3.6 million.

Global News Donald Trump, Xi Jinping announce plan to avoid trade row
Author: 0 Donald Trump, Xi Jinping announce plan to avoid trade row

He said he believes the USA and China can continue to develop the relationship, noting that it's the historic responsibility of both countries to work toward peace and stability. Meanwhile, Trump has implied that he might somehow soften his stance on the trade issue if Xi offers to help rein in the North Korean regime's nuclear ambitions.

Global News 'The Sword Stands Ready': Mike Pence Issues Pointed Warning to North Korea
Author: 0 'The Sword Stands Ready': Mike Pence Issues Pointed Warning to North Korea

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence told business leaders in Seoul on Tuesday the Trump administration would review and reform the five-year-old free trade agreement between the United States and South Korea. "The President's decision to launch cruise missiles into Syria at the very airbase that launched a horrific chemical attack, which was the right decision", he said.

Author: 0 Tens of thousands of Venezuelans march against government

Venezuela's defence minister on Monday declared the army's loyalty to Maduro, who ordered troops into the streets ahead of a major protest by opponents trying to oust him. Tens of thousands of protesters converged from 26 different points spread across the capital to attempt to march downtown to the Ombudsman's office.

Author: 0 North Korean mock-up birthday video shows missiles blowing up US

The 1950-53 conflict between North, South Korea ended in a truce, not a peace treaty. "A trade deal with the US will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean problem!" North Korea has unveiled a mocked-up video of an entire U.S.

Global News US vice-president to North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'
Author: 0 US vice-president to North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'

But his words aboard the Reagan about an "overwhelming and effective" response to any use of conventional or nuclear weapons by North Korea rang hollow. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence speaks to members of the American Chamber of Commerce at a hotel in Seoul on Tuesday. The US navy has said another aircraft carrier intended as a show of force to North Korea will arrive in the Sea of Japan next week.

Author: 0 Putin speaks on relations with Trump

I think he wants to help us with North Korea, we talked trade, we talked a lot of things, and I said the way you're going to make a good trade deal is to help us with North Korea, ' Trump said. And he suggested that possible war crimes charges could be levied against the Syrian leader. The US now assesses that Syria has re-established a unit of personnel associated with chemical weapons that existed before the 2013 agreement in which the Syrian government pledged to give up its weapons ...

Author: 0 Tillerson declares the Iran nuclear deal a failure

Looking ahead, we see three key takeaways. First, it is ostensibly standard practice for new administrations to review existing policies during their first few months in office. The immediate concern is the ways in which the financial relief provided by the deal's rollback of sanctions is being used by Iran to destabilize the region.

Global News Trump welcomes Patriots to White House; Brady no-shows
Author: 0 Trump welcomes Patriots to White House; Brady no-shows

Belichick ended the ceremony by presenting Trump with his very own Patriots jersey. FILE - In this February 6, 2017, file photo, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady walks off with his MVP trophy during a news conference after the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game in Houston.

Author: 0 United Kingdom prime minister defends decision to seek snap election

In her first speech of the campaign, Theresa May slammed her rival parties and warned the nation to not vote for the possible coalition. But the near-unanimity of the decision to summon voters to the polls followed a rancorous debate that highlighted some of the thorniest issues Britain faces today: whether it is ready to leave the bloc's single market and customs union - a so-called hard Brexit; the stark and rising inequality among the country's regions; and the future of Scotland, where ...

Author: 0 Palestinian prisoners start hunger strike in Israeli prisons

Protests in support of the prisoners are being held in the occupied West Bank, with youths clashing with Israeli security forces in Bethlehem. The Arab League called on Sunday for global protection for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel , Anadolu has reported.

Global News Woman Tells Her Dying Ex Trump Has Been Impeached
Author: 0 Woman Tells Her Dying Ex Trump Has Been Impeached

He was born in Charlottesville, Va., in either 1940 or 1941 (he honestly didn't know!), and attended Lane High School, where he shined on the basketball court. Ms. Elliott gave an interview to New York's Daily News newspaper where she described her former husband as a "news junkie", adding that he frequently voiced his dislike for President Trump, saying that Elliott "hated his effing guts".

Global News Dossier part of Federal Bureau of Investigation evidence for secret court order
Author: 0 Dossier part of Federal Bureau of Investigation evidence for secret court order

Officials familiar with the process say even if the application to monitor Page included information from the dossier, it would only be after the FBI had corroborated the information through its own investigation. Page has resurfaced in headlines at several points since the 2016 election - most recently last week, when he declared that he could not "definitively" say that he never discussed United States sanctions with any Russian official.

Author: 0 Delhi police issues lookout notice against Dinakaran amid AIADMK merger talks

Earlier, Dhinakaran said none in the party were against him, asserting that all party MLAs stood behind him. The Tamil Nadu Crisis seems to be never ending. He is the one everyone is looking forward to for a positive or negative reply, or more preconditions. There are chances he might be taken to Chennai to uncover the money trail.

Global News What will Bill O'Reilly do now?
Author: 0 What will Bill O'Reilly do now?

In this combination photo, Fox News Channel personality Bill O'Reilly appears at The Hollywood Reporter's "35 Most Powerful People in Media" celebration on April 6, 2016, in NY, left, and Pope Francis leaves after celebrating Mass in Piazza Martiri Square, in Carpi, northern Italy, on April 2, 2017.

Author: 0 Justices: Colorado policy on court fees unconstitutional

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the bill into law in March, and it goes into effect September 1. Justice Neil Gorsuch did not take part in the U.S. Supreme Court case, which was argued before he took his seat on the court. Petitioners Shannon Nelson and Louis Alonzo Madden both had convictions dealing with sexual abuse or attempted sexual abuse of children. Their cases were combined for the purposes of the appeal.

Global News US VP Pence warns North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'
Author: 0 US VP Pence warns North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'

But Pence expressed impatience with the unwillingness of the regime to move toward ridding itself of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. The North, which is intent on developing a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile capable of reaching the mainland United States, defied global pressure on Sunday with a test that failed immediately after launch .

Global News Trump to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on May 3
Author: 0 Trump to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on May 3

Palestinian factions and commentators are warning, however, that the upcoming visit to Washington by Mahmoud Abbas will have "negative consequences" for Palestine. Netanyahu met with Trump during a Washington visit in February. The Palestinian Authority's newly appointed envoy to Washington, Husam Zomlot, is working with the US administration to prepare the meeting between the two leaders.

Global News Pirates outfielder Starling Marte hit with 80-game suspension for PEDs
Author: 0 Pirates outfielder Starling Marte hit with 80-game suspension for PEDs

The 28-year-old Marte is coming off a 2016 season in which he became an All Star for the first time in his career and a NL Gold Glove victor for the second time. I promise to learn the lesson that this ordeal has left me. But he did start 13 games in left field last season, with three starts there already this season along with one start in right field.

Author: 0 Russian Federation and Iran affirm commitment to Assad

I think his decision was right and I think you can see that from the worldwide community. "It just - if you look at his actions, if you look at the situation, it's going to be hard to see a government that's peaceful and stable with Assad".

Global News Dan Rather hits journalists who called Trump 'presidential' after Syria missile strike
Author: 0 Dan Rather hits journalists who called Trump 'presidential' after Syria missile strike

The Syrian regime may have had help conducting a chemical strike in Syria , US officials said Friday, but they stopped short of accusing Moscow of complicity. In a letter Saturday to Congress, Trump officially explained his rationale for getting America involved more forcefully in Syria . After last Tuesday's chemical attack in Syria , Trump said his attitude toward Assad "has changed very much" and Tillerson said "steps are underway" to organize a coalition to remove him from power.

Global News Australia to introduce stricter visa requirements for skilled workers
Author: 0 Australia to introduce stricter visa requirements for skilled workers

On April 18, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the government would scrap 457 Visas. Majority of the beneficiaries under the 457 scheme are from India, which accounts for almost a quarter of the visa holders. In a move that follows similar curbs on migrants by numerous developed nations around the world, Mr Turnbull revealed plans to abolish the 457 visas which are used by about 170,000 people and their families.

Author: 0 Pentagon to test ability to shoot down North Korean missiles

The long-scheduled tests in the Pacific are part of the US military's overall ballistic missile defense program to defend against North Korean or Iranian threats - but are, for now at least, aimed at ensuring the US can defend against a threat from North Korea, US defense officials said.

Global News Japan says differences with US on economic talks
Author: 0 Japan says differences with US on economic talks

Seventh Fleet at the U.S. Navy base in Yokosuka, 40 miles south of Tokyo. "We will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response", the Vice President said , to applause from the hundreds of U.S.

Author: 0 Gorsuch sworn into Supreme Court, restores conservative tilt

Three and a half years later, Democrats have threatened to filibuster the nomination of Gorsuch, President Trump's pick for the nation's highest court. For now, Gorsuch restores the court's conservative tilt. 'From all that I have read and from his track record, Judge Gorsuch is an excellent choice whose decisions will be guided by the original intentions of the US Constitution and who will not try to legislate from the bench'.

Global News Israel not to negotiate with Palestinian hunger strikers: minister
Author: 0 Israel not to negotiate with Palestinian hunger strikers: minister

This is also the year to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its actions and to demand the immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners! Yesterday, readers of the New York Times opinion page saw a fierce indictment of Israel's judicial system from Marwan Barghouti, without at any point being informed of the author's violent past.

Author: 0 IS launches 'chlorine gas attacks' in western Mosul

Iraqi forces launch the assault. Al-Qaida and ISIS have feuded ever since the latter split and declared its own caliphate in 2014. "Sometimes, 50 metres (yards) is a great day", he said of the Iraqi advance. The coalition has said it "probably" played a role in civilian casualties in Mosul , while residents have been caught up in fighting between Iraqi forces and IS, and the jihadists are intentionally attacking civilians in the city.

Author: 0 Critics try to goad Trump into releasing his taxes

The reporter asks if the White House will permit the IRS to simply confirm that Trump is, in fact, being audited, which would have been Spicer's cue to mention the " mandatory audits of POTUS" rule if he knew it existed, which he apparently doesn't.

Global News International Monetary Fund revises global growth forecast; SA lags behind
Author: 0 International Monetary Fund revises global growth forecast; SA lags behind

The IMF now expects GDP growth in Hungary to pick up from 2% past year to 2.9% in 2017, rather than to 2.5% as in the previous outlook released in October 2016. In addition to the oil output cuts due to the OPEC agreement, the low growth expected for 2017 comes from fiscal adjustment policies. In January, the International Monetary Fund revised its United Kingdom forecast by 0.4 percentage points to 1.5% on stronger forecasted figures, meaning the country has seen an upward revision of 0.9 ...

Author: 0 The UN Peacekeeping Forces' Rampant Child Rape Problem Continues

Haitians have welcomed the announcement that the United Nations Security Council had voted to end its 13-year-long peacekeeping mission in their country and replace it with a smaller police force, which would be drawn down after two years as the country boosts its own force.

Global News Justice Neil Gorsuch's First Day on the Job
Author: 0 Justice Neil Gorsuch's First Day on the Job

At issue was whether a federal employee who says he was a victim of discrimination should appeal his claims through the system for civil service appeals or before a federal district judge. Also on Monday, the Supreme Court released its latest list of cases it plans to decide in the future - or won't hear at all. Of particular interest might be a lecture he gave last summer on the legacy of Antonin Scalia , now Gorsuch's predecessor on the Supreme Court.

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