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Global News Two men charged in deadly California warehouse fire
Author: 0 Two men charged in deadly California warehouse fire

The probable cause document said Almena "allowed and encouraged tenants to use nonconventional building materials that he collected to create their living spaces". Oakland city records show neighbors, residents and visitors repeatedly complained about the warehouse to city officials, citing safety problems, loud parties and other issues with the dilapidated building that had been illegally converted into a living spaces.

Author: 0 Putin Denies Ever Meeting With Trump

Kelly also asked Putin if he has any "damaging" information on Trump. During an interview with Megyn Kelly , Russian President Vladimir Putin joked that his contacts with the journalist warrant more scrutiny than his contact with Michael Flynn .

Global News Encounter in Nagaland leaves three militants killed
Author: 0 Encounter in Nagaland leaves three militants killed

Police sources, however, said that they are yet to confirm the affiliation of the militants and that the link between the driver and the ultras is also being verified. The militants had sneaked in from Myanmar into Nagaland's Monday district. After the encounter, one AK-56, two Chinese-made AK, two grenades, three IED and 270 rounds of ammunition, were seized from the spot.

Author: 0 Intel chiefs won't say if Trump asked them to intervene in investigations

The hearing came a day before the highly anticipated testimony by former FBI Director James Comey before the same committee in his first public appearance since Trump abruptly fired him on May 9. 5. Will the White House exercise executive privilege? Virginia Sen. Mark Warner , the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, tried to push back on that argument, asking whether Mueller has told the witnesses they should not testify.

Global News White House looks for ways to undermine Comey's credibility
Author: 0 White House looks for ways to undermine Comey's credibility

Comey will say that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department were reluctant to state that publicly "because it would create a duty to correct, should that change". If Trump can't get his story straight on why he fired Comey, why should anyone believe him when he says Comey assured him he was not a target of the Russian Federation investigation? At the Justice Department, he helped handle corporate fraud scandals , served on the president George W.

Author: 0 House Intelligence Committee issues subpoenas in Russian Federation investigation

In addition, the Intelligence Committee sent a letter to former White House press aide Boris Epshteyn asking him to voluntarily submit information to the committee, according to the Journal's report. "@POTUS, appreciate suggestion on witnesses but feel you may not have probe's interests at heart". He said the unmasking subpoenas are not part of the Russian Federation probe.

Global News How the opinion polls have changed during the election campaign
Author: 0 How the opinion polls have changed during the election campaign

Some 31 per cent of over-65s say it is their single most important issue, compared to 20 per cent of 18-24 year-olds and 17 per cent of 25-34 year-olds. Political campaigning was suspended on Monday in the wake of the London Bridge terror attack. That said, the full impact of the London attacks is yet to unfold and a late change in sentiment can not be completely discounted.

Author: 0 London Bridge attack and its aftermath

Butt, Redouane and a third man were all shot dead by police within minutes of the attack. May referred to the three terror attacks in the United Kingdom during the last three months, saying "we can not deny that the threat from Islamist extremism is one of the gravest we face".

Global News British police arrest man in London Bridge attack investigation
Author: 0 British police arrest man in London Bridge attack investigation

The man, identified as "Abz" is believed to have been the ringleader of the trio that carried out the horror attack at two London landmarks, The Mirror reported. Boats from the police marine unit and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution have been searching the river since the attack. "I call for an immediate investigation into what the police knew, what was done and why action was not taken against them".

Global News SNP manifesto: what does it mean for your finances?
Author: 0 SNP manifesto: what does it mean for your finances?

Speaking in Perth Concert Hall, Scotland Sturgeon put forward SNP's plans to "strengthen Scotland against Tories" and "set out a clear plan to end mindless Tory austerity across the United Kingdom and invest in public services". She added that an SNP victory in Scotland would "strengthen the country's hand" in Brexit negotiations. "We can not afford a Tory government with a free hand to do whatever it likes", Sturgeon said, arguing that "only the SNP is strong enough to keep the Tories ...

Author: 0 Trump backs Saudi over Qatar row, then urges 'unity'

On Monday, Dana Shell Smith, US ambassador to Qatar, posted an embassy statement saying the "US supports Qatar's efforts in combating terrorism financing, and appreciates its role in coalition against ISIL". Even tweeting criticism against the UAE's anti-Qatar stance may be punished. The Pentagon announced earlier that there was no change in military cooperation between the us and Qatar.

Author: 0 Intelligence officials say they won't discuss specifics of private conversations with Trump

Both answered in broad terms. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) was very direct in his questioning for NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats at Wednesday's Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Coats is testifying before the Senate intelligence committee Wednesday morning. The intelligence chiefs are all key figures in the investigation, but have rarely spoken publicly, and not in one place, at one time, and under oath.

Global News Michael Flynn's businesses to be subpoenaed
Author: 0 Michael Flynn's businesses to be subpoenaed

The intelligence was among the clues, including information about direct communications between Trump's advisers and Russian officials, US officials received past year as they began looking into Russian attempts to disrupt the election and whether any of Trump's associates were assisting Moscow, the newspaper said.

Author: 0 Family: Australian nurse died trying to aid attack victims

But London police say Australian nurse Kirsty Boden , 26, is among the seven killed. The 21-year-old nanny has been living in London since March and was last seen on the London Bridge just moments after a van collided with pedestrians .

Global News Kabul Attack: Pakistan rejects allegations of role in bombing
Author: 0 Kabul Attack: Pakistan rejects allegations of role in bombing

Since the worldwide military mission declared an end to its combat mission in 2014, the Taliban have made steady gains. Afghanistan is on the front line of a global war against such violence, he said. "And the Afghan government is increasingly seen as part of the problem, with its internal divisions". U.S. Charge d'Affaires Hugo Llorens, who is overseeing the American embassy as no new ambassador has been nominated by Trump, said the conference was a chance to send the message that "the ...

Author: 0 Murphy, Guadagno Win In New Jersey Primaries

The 10 contenders between the two parties was the largest of Tuesday's primary races in Warren County . In her victory speech Tuesday, she contrasted herself with the term-limited governor without mentioning his name. With Christie frequently out on the stump for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, Guadagno has spent months as acting governor. She is the state's first lieutenant governor (and best one, she often cracks) and has presided over countless ribbon-cuttings and ...

Global News London attack: Fears missing Frenchman 'thrown into river' by terror van
Author: 0 London attack: Fears missing Frenchman 'thrown into river' by terror van

Specialist officers from the Marine Police Unit recovered the man's body at around 7.44pm on Tuesday near Limehouse. "Xavier's girlfriend was seriously injured on the bridge when she was hit by the van". All others who had been arrested have been released without charge. Police have said Redouane was not known to security services. Butt and Redouane both lived in Barking, east London .

Author: 0 ISIS claims responsibility for Melbourne siege that left two dead

Turnbull has a meeting with state leaders on Friday to discuss counterterrorism issues including how to protecting mass public gatherings from attack. "He's exchanged gunfire with police and has been fatally shot by police at the scene". The Somali-born Khayre shot Mr Hao dead in a Brighton apartment building and barricaded himself inside a room on Monday afternoon.

Author: 0 Hundreds of thousands evacuated as Cyclone Mora crosses Bangladesh coast

All flights in and out of Chittagong's Shah Amanat International Airport were also cancelled. "Community leaders say that 10,000 thatched huts that sheltered the refugees have been destroyed", Julie says. Parts of eastern India are expected to be affected later on. Named Mora, the tropical storm made landfall around 6 am packing a speed of 89 kmph, rising up to 117 kmph in gusts or squalls in Cox's Bazar district town and within 64 kms of the eye of the storm.

Global News Gunmen attack Iran's parliament, Khomeini shrine
Author: 0 Gunmen attack Iran's parliament, Khomeini shrine

The Sunni jihadists of IS consider Shia Iran to be apostates, and Tehran is deeply involved in fighting the group in both Syria and Iraq. "Fighters from the Islamic State (ISIL) attacked the Khomeini mausoleum and the parliament building in Tehran ", the Amaq agency said, citing a "security source".

Global News Islamic State claims attacks on Iran parliament, shrine
Author: 0 Islamic State claims attacks on Iran parliament, shrine

Reza Seifollahi, an official in the country's Supreme National Security Council, was quoted by the independent Shargh daily as saying that the perpetrators of the attacks were Iranian nationals. Assailants armed with Kalashnikov rifles stormed the parliament building Wednesday and one of the attackers blew himself up inside, where a session had been in progress.

Author: 0 Iraqi forces launch operation to seize last Islamic State enclave in Mosul

Unlike past urban battles against IS, in Mosul Iraq's government asked civilians to remain in their homes in order to avoid massive numbers of displaced families requiring camps and other assistance. "Adults eat one meal a day, either flour or lentil soup". "Although the United Nations is not present in the areas where fighting is occurring, we have received very disturbing reports of families being shut inside booby-trapped homes and of children being deliberately targeted by snipers", he ...

Global News USA and United Kingdom universities slip in new QS world rankings
Author: 0 USA and United Kingdom universities slip in new QS world rankings

Chinese University said different evaluation criteria could result in different rankings and it would continue to strive for excellence in teaching and research. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the top ranked university in the world for the sixth consecutive year, followed by Stanford University, Harvard University, the California Institute of Technology, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, University College London, Imperial College London, the University of ...

Author: 0 Trump Accuses London Mayor Of Giving 'Pathetic Excuse' After Terror Attack

Mr Trump had written: "Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement". In the buildup to his election, Khan warned against nativist populism, which he described in an interview with The Washington Post's Karla Adam as the " Donald Trump approach to politics".

Author: 0 Trump Proposes White House Meeting With Gulf State Leaders As Tensions Rise

Qatar hosts 8,000 United States military personnel at al Udeid, the largest USA air base in the Middle East and a key site for airstrikes targeting IS militants. The country has been forced to hold talks with Turkey and Iran to try and secure food and water supplies. The Gulf countries have ordered their citizens out of Qatar and gave Qataris overseas 14 days to return home.

Author: 0 South Korea: North Korea test-fires surface-to-ship missiles

Two launchers and the powerful X-band radar were already in place before his victory on May 9, but Moon expressed outrage last week when it emerged that four more launchers had been brought into the country without his knowledge. Many residents living near the THAAD site in a rural area of the country have also voiced concerns over the possible negative health effects of the system's powerful radar, and are anxious the battery deployment in their region puts them in danger from a potential ...

Author: 0 Qataris banned from flying via UAE as Gulf curbs mount

This was followed by the withdrawal of ambassadors from the Maldives, Mauritania and Saudi-supported factions in the ongoing civil conflicts in Yemen and Libya. While applauding a Kuwaiti effort to mediate the crisis , Gargash said Emirati and Saudi officials planned to concede nothing to Qatar , home to some 10,000 American troops at a major USA military base and the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Author: 0 French President calls for unity among Gulf states

A series of tweets from Mr. Trump on Tuesday appeared to show him taking credit for Qatar's isolation. The official noted that both Kuwait and Turkey have offered to mediate. In a phone call with Saudi King Salman, Trump urged the Gulf states to work together to achieve "the critical goals of preventing the financing of terrorist organisations and eliminating the promotion of extremism by any nation in the region", according to a White House statement.

Author: 0 IL not complying with orders to fund Medicaid: US judge

Whatever the two sides decide is likely to force Mendoza to cut back on payments for other expenses, which could put her crosswise with state law and state courts and further delay other state payments at a time when IL is already sitting on $14.9 billion in unpaid bills.

Global News Einstein Doubted Scientists Could Prove Relativity Like They Just Did
Author: 0 Einstein Doubted Scientists Could Prove Relativity Like They Just Did

In 1919, scientist Arthur Eddington's observations during a solar eclipse of the displacement of stars caused by the bending of their light by the Sun was the first time the theory was put into practice. A team led by Kailash Sahu , an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, watched the position of a distant star jiggle slightly, as its light bent around a white dwarf in the line of sight of observers on Earth.

Global News The Steamiest Details From James Comey's Prepared Trump Testimony
Author: 0 The Steamiest Details From James Comey's Prepared Trump Testimony

Among those points are Comey's revelations that he assured the president a couple of times that he was not under investigation for connections to Russian Federation, that the president asked him for "loyalty" and that the president urged the FBI to drop their investigation into then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Author: 0 United Nations expands sanctions against North Korea

Beijing often rails against the United States , Japan and other countries for what it sees as interference in the South China Sea , insisting it is for claimant countries involved in disputes to work them out. In a question-and-answer session with his audience of national security experts from across the globe, Mattis was asked whether the USA might attack the North pre-emptively and without warning South Koreans in advance.

Author: 0 Third London attacker named as Youssef Zaghba

The three attackers smashed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before going on a stabbing spree which ended with them being shot dead by police. Twelve people who were previously arrested in connection to the investigation were released without charge, police said Monday. Butt was a British citizen who emigrated to England from Pakistan at the age of two, while Redouane claimed to be of Moroccan-Libyan descent.

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