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Author: 0 Trump weighs in on Qatar rift with Gulf neighbours

Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt blocked access to Al Jazeera and launched an aggressive campaign accusing Qatar of supporting terrorist groups like al-Qaida and the Islamic State, destabilizing the region and stabbing its allies in the back.

Global News Led coalition strikes pro-Assad forces in Syria
Author: 0 Led coalition strikes pro-Assad forces in Syria

Raqqa is now surrounded from the east, north and west, and opposition activists have reported intense shelling on the city since Monday night. Looming over the Raqqa battles is the potential for mass civilian casualties similar to those seen during the battle for Mosul, the Islamic State's capital in Iraq.

Author: 0 Israeli panel approves West Bank settlement plan

For them it is Jewish land grab of Arab " Palestinian " land, and an ensuing " occupation ". Pic: ReutersJERUSALEM: An Israeli panel approved plans on Tuesday for the first new Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank in two decades, Israeli media reports said , drawing Palestinian condemnation and defying repeated global appeals to avoid such measures.

Author: 0 Turnbull wants changes to parole after shootout

Another three were convicted of conspiring to plot the terrorist attack. The police killed the gunman after he held a woman hostage at an apartment complex in Brighton, one of Melbourne's wealthiest suburbs. The female hostage was released unharmed, but a 36-year-old building clerk was found dead by police who said he'd likely been shot when the attacker first arrived.

Global News Nature Disapproves: Environmental Check May Suspend THAAD Deployment in S Korea
Author: 0 Nature Disapproves: Environmental Check May Suspend THAAD Deployment in S Korea

The system was deployed overnight in April before environmental assessments were completed, a move that drew protesters to the site, and a promise from recently elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in to "review" the deployment. Moon later said the deployment would not be reversed, and reassured multiple US officials THAAD would stay at the site, per an earlier agreement between the United States and South Korea.

Global News Qatar ambassador 'surprised' by Trump's tweets
Author: 0 Qatar ambassador 'surprised' by Trump's tweets

Al-Jazeera - the Doha-based channel which has been highly critical of the Saudi royal family - has also been a thorn in their side. The U.S. wasn't planning a major mediation role, a State Department official said, pointing to offers from Turkey and Kuwait to intervene in what is emerging as the worst diplomatic crisis in the Persian Gulf in decades.

Global News Father of Maute brothers arrested in Davao City
Author: 0 Father of Maute brothers arrested in Davao City

Although police are still validating Cayamora's identity, the old man himself admitted as much. "We are still following up details on that and verifying what really was the cause of his expulsion from the MILF", he told the AFP-PNP press conference on Wednesday at the Royal Mandaya.

Author: 0 Trump honours service members in Memorial Day speech

The President's first Memorial Day address comes as his administration is pushing back against reports his son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner tried to set up secret communications with Russian Federation. "But we can remember them". Instead, Trump used the occasion to single out several service members who have died in combat in recent years and also honored former Sen.

Global News British police name two London Bridge attackers
Author: 0 British police name two London Bridge attackers

Trump drew criticism on Saturday night for failing to immediately reaffirm his support for the United Kingdom and express sympathy for victims, instead retweeting an unconfirmed Drudge Report story as London police were still responding to the incident.

Global News White House Preps for Comey's Testimony, But Without a 'War Room'
Author: 0 White House Preps for Comey's Testimony, But Without a 'War Room'

In this March 20, 2017 photo, FBI Director James Comey pauses as he testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington , before the House Intelligence Committee hearing on allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. The panel is conducting its own investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Officials say Trump's advisers have since revived their proposal to appoint Feinberg to a senior position, possibly to review the roles of the DNI and ...

Author: 0 Korea rejects latest UNSC resolution, vows to continue nuclear buildup

It was the first time since President Donald Trump took office that America and China - Pyongyang's only major ally - agreed to adopt such a resolution. Mattis has sought to keep a low profile on his trip, declining to do customary interviews with reporters traveling with him on his plane. Mattis, arguably Trump's most important statesman as the new president hopes to slash the State Department, tried to allay the fears.

Global News London mayor says Trump will not 'divide our communities'
Author: 0 London mayor says Trump will not 'divide our communities'

In one of a series of tweets on Monday morning, Trump bashed London Mayor Sadiq Khan for "pathetic excuse", saying the mayor had to "think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement". On Monday afternoon, White House principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders came to the president's defense as ABC News' Jonathan Karl asked why Trump was "picking a fight" with Khan.

Author: 0 Trump Foundation funneled $100K in donations into revenue for Trump Organization

This also shatters Eric Trump's pitch to donors: He has long maintained that the majority of all contributions went to children's cancer charities because his foundation used Trump-owned sites mostly free of charge. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the leading pediatric cancer center. "The foundation had become a de facto subsidiary of the Trump Organization", Forbes wrote.

Global News Scrap Trump's state visit, urges London mayor Sadiq Khan
Author: 0 Scrap Trump's state visit, urges London mayor Sadiq Khan

The mayor had instead been telling London residents not to be concerned by a stepped-up police presence in the city following the attack . Trump has never liked him for those qualities. "At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is "no reason to be alarmed!" he wrote on Twitter ". "There are many things about which Donald Trump is wrong".

Global News U.S. holds breath for high-stakes Comey hearing
Author: 0 U.S. holds breath for high-stakes Comey hearing

The New York Times reported in mid May that Trump asked Comey to have the FBI back off from its investigation into ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn , according to a memo Comey wrote soon after the interaction that was described to the newspaper.

Global News Nurse Killed in London Bridge Terror Attack 'Ran Towards Danger'
Author: 0 Nurse Killed in London Bridge Terror Attack 'Ran Towards Danger'

Kirsty Boden , a 28-year-old Australian nurse who ran to help the injured during the terror attack at London Bridge , has been identified as one of the seven killed. The 32-year-old's father, Simon McMullan, told last night how his "exceptional" son was working on a web-based business to "revolutionise education", a business he would now carry on in his son's honour.

Global News United States to rebuild relationship with Russia: Tillerson
Author: 0 United States to rebuild relationship with Russia: Tillerson

But the warmth of their meeting was not matched outside. His sacking came as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probes possible collusion between Mr Trump's election campaign team and Russian Federation - which USA intelligence believes hoped to tilt the election in the Republican's favour.

Global News Paris Climate Agreement: Companies, Universities, States Sign 'We Are Still In' Statement
Author: 0 Paris Climate Agreement: Companies, Universities, States Sign 'We Are Still In' Statement

Trump on Thursday announced his plans to pull the United States out of the Paris climate deal, making it one of the few counties in the world to not support the first worldwide agreement to cut back on pollution. "And if the Paris agreement was something that works for them, that they can achieve, they should do that", Ms Haley said. She later acknowledged that the U.S.

Global News Pacific Rim nations fight to save TPP trade pact
Author: 0 Pacific Rim nations fight to save TPP trade pact

The Pacific Rim trade ministers started their two-day meeting in Hanoi Saturday focusing on free trade and regional economic integration amid fears of growing trade protectionism. A statement from Mr Lighthizer said that free trade required the tackling of "trade-distorting measures" that have led to "massive United States trade imbalances" in the region - a possible reference to China's trade surplus, which was almost $350 billion in 2016.

Author: 0 Was An Office Printer Behind Reality Winner's Arrest?

Victor further admitted removing the report from her office, retaining it and mailing it from Augusta to the news outlet, which she knew was not authorized to receive or possess the documents, according to the Department of Justice news release.

Author: 0 Afghanistan issues ultimatum to Taliban as bombing toll tops 150

Ghani made the offer while addressing a peace conference he convened Tuesday in Kabul of regional and global partners to discuss ways to end the deadly conflict in Afghanistan and boost cooperation to counter the Islamic State-led emerging regional threat of terrorism.

Author: 0 Death Toll In Kabul Blast Surpasses 150, Afghan President Says

Ghani said Afghanistan had provided its preconditions for negotiations to the Taliban, but it remains unclear whether the group's leaders represented all factions. He asserted that the Taliban, and Afghans in general, would welcome any peace conference that is organized for ending the "occupation" of their country because all other gatherings would be "futile and unproductive".

Global News UN chief warns oceans are 'under threat as never before'
Author: 0 UN chief warns oceans are 'under threat as never before'

It is hard to calculate its total value, but if we consider industries like fishing and tourism, plus services like carbon absorption, the ocean is the world's 7 largest economy. The Philippines will actively participate in the conference through the Department of Agriculture. The SDG 14 seeks to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development .

Author: 0 TV audience grills May and Corbyn as United Kingdom election draws near

Our poll puts the Tories on 45 per cent, down one from last week, and Labour up two to 34 per cent. On Saturday, she appeared at odds with the defence secretary, Michael Fallon, over tax pledges. "It is clear that on contact with the voters, Ms May is not going down well and she is losing ground in particular amongst middle aged voters and female voters", Ben Page, chief executive of Ipsos MORI, told Reuters.One woman becoming emotional as she described emerging from a fitness for work ...

Author: 0 EAA opposes White House plan to privatize air traffic control system

The White House is suggesting removing air traffic operations from Federal Aviation Administration control and giving them to a non-profit entity that would be exempt from congressional oversight, according to the EAA's release. Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., chairman of the House Transportation Committee, embraced the concept of privatization previous year and fought to win the approval of such a bill in his committee.

Global News Canada to rely less on USA defence in major policy shift
Author: 0 Canada to rely less on USA defence in major policy shift

In addition to trash talking North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies and actively courting better relations with traditional adversaries , Trump has withdrawn the USA from the most comprehensive climate change agreement in history - all in the name of putting "America first".

Global News Twitter users, blocked by President Trump, cry censorship
Author: 0 Twitter users, blocked by President Trump, cry censorship

On Tuesday, a First Amendment non-profit demanded that President Donald Trump unblock users on Twitter. The letter complains that the blocking violates the First Amendment because Trump's account "constitutes a designated public forum ", much like White House press briefings or a city council meeting.

Global News Look out Alexa: Apple announces 'HomePod,' a smart home audio speaker
Author: 0 Look out Alexa: Apple announces 'HomePod,' a smart home audio speaker

The HomePod speaker has six built-in microphones compared to 1 on Siri, so response rate should be much better. HomePod uses the company's A8 chip, which Apple also uses for its mobile devices. "It's the biggest brains ever in a speaker", said Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller. The technology giant also announced a new software kit for developers called ARKit, which will enabled app developers to build augmented reality apps on Apple's platforms more easily.

Author: 0 Sabzar Bhat killing: Restrictions continue in parts of Kashmir

A police spokesman said restrictions were imposed banning the assembly of more than four people in some violence-prone areas of the valley. Defying the separatists' bandh call, almost 800 Kashmiri youngsters on Sunday appeared in the Army's common entrance exam in the valley, which has been hit by fresh protests following the killing of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militant Sabzar Bhat .

Global News Wenger drops transfer hint over Monaco star Mbappe
Author: 0 Wenger drops transfer hint over Monaco star Mbappe

Monaco striker Kylian Mbappe is expected to be hot property this summer as a number of clubs circle for the rising star and the Daily Mirror claim Arsenal are one of them. It also states that Wenger is hoping that he will be able to convince Mbappe that a move to Arsenal is the right decision for him at this stage of his career.

Author: 0 For Qataris, A US Air Base Is Best Defense Against Trump Attacks

The west African nation of Mauritania said shortly thereafter that it was also following suit, claiming that Qatar's tolerance towards extremism had "resulted in heavy losses to human life in these Arab countries, in Europe and throughout the world".

Global News Harvard University reportedly pulls 10 student offers over online comments
Author: 0 Harvard University reportedly pulls 10 student offers over online comments

At one point the group called itself " Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens ". As per reports, one person called the hypothetical hanging of a Mexican child "pi?ata time", according to The Crimson . "They were like, 'Oh, you have to send a meme to the original group to prove that you could get into the new one, '" she said. The student newspaper said it spoke on condition of anonymity to one of the students whose admission had been withdrawn.

Author: 0 Trump sides with Saudis, other Arab nations against Qatar

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said on Tuesday the damage caused by economic measures taken by some Arab states against Qatar should convince it change its policies, including regarding extremist groups. Having been barred from Saudi airspace, Qatar Airways organized three charter flights using Oman Air aircraft June 6 to carry its passengers from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Muscat , the Omani capital.

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