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Author: 0 Putin says he 'didn't really even talk' to ex-Trump adviser Flynn

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday denied having compromising information on U.S. President Donald Trump , calling it "nonsense". "This is just another load of nonsense", Putin said . Putin simply dismissed the Kremlin's have compromising information on Trump, saying, "Are you all... You created a sensation out of nothing". When Kelly told him that sounded like a "justification", he argued that it was a "statement of fact".

Author: 0 NSA: Russian Military Intelligence Tried Hacking into US Voter Systems

Reports quickly emerged following the Justice Department's issuance of a press release in the case that victor is allegedly the source of a leaked NSA report published Monday afternoon by The Intercept documenting Russian military intelligence attempts to hack a US voter registration software company and more than 100 local election officials.

Author: 0 Narendra Modi meets French President Emmanuel Macron

Speaking on the Paris climate agreement, Modi said that it's a shared responsibility. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the Paris Agreement is a shared legacy of the world. "France will stand by India in the fight against terrorism", he said. The two leaders, who met for the first time, announced no contracts or new initiatives.

Global News India shows off space prowess with launch of mega rocket
Author: 0 India shows off space prowess with launch of mega rocket

The premiere space agency has already developed critical technologies for a human space mission. The Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO's) Geosynchronous Satellite released the Vehicle MK III (GSLV-Mk III). Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre Director S. Somanath, told IANS that the inputs of the 2014 mission enabled the ISRO to reduce the rocket load by around 20 per cent.

Global News Korea Launches Scud-class Ballistic Missile
Author: 0 Korea Launches Scud-class Ballistic Missile

The missile was tracked for six minutes until it landed in the Sea of Japan, according to Pacific Command. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters that " North Korea's provocation by ignoring repeated warnings from the global society is absolutely unacceptable".

Author: 0 YouGov sets out methodology for British election model

The Lib Dems would get 10 (up from nine), the SNP would get 50 (down from 54), the Greens would keep their one seat and Plaid Cymru would keep their three. The study, which entailed thousands of interviews with a panel of participants over a week, was the same approach used by YouGov to gauge sentiment about the referendum on withdrawal from the EU.

Global News White House defends Trump's taunting of Sadiq Khan after London Bridge attack
Author: 0 White House defends Trump's taunting of Sadiq Khan after London Bridge attack

Authorities warned after the bombing that a further attack could be imminent, and police said their efforts to find out if the bomber had accomplices could be compromised. A YouGov poll said a clear majority of Londoners still trusted to keep the city safe from terrorists by a margin of 51 to 30. "I haven't got time to respond to tweets from Donald Trump".

Global News Isolated US Lashes Out at Climate Critics
Author: 0 Isolated US Lashes Out at Climate Critics

South Africa also said the adoption of the Paris Agreement , 15 years after the withdrawal of the United States from the Kyoto Protocol, is a victory for multilateral effort to curb climate change. French President Emmanuel Macron is doing a bit of, shall we say, diplomatic trolling on President Donald Trump . Trump ignored the question when asked by journalists during an unrelated event with law enforcement officers, although he did joke that Thursday's decision had proven ...

Author: 0 Canadian killed in London terror attack: Trudeau

British authorities say that have identified the three attackers but have not revealed that information publicly. The three men, who wore fake suicide vests, were shot to death by police. Security services catch far more would-be-attackers than they miss. The matter can be dropped or if the complaint seems warranted, police and security officials can open an investigation.

Author: 0 59% Indians feel ban on loose cigarettes will help cut smoking

But Chinese and global health officials argue that more is needed, including a nationwide public smoking ban, higher cigarette taxes and more aggressive health warnings. The WHO posits that money not spent on tobacco can be channeled to other essential uses, including the purchase of healthy food, healthcare, and education.

Global News Trump U-Turns On Climate Change: Top Aide States POTUS Is A Believer
Author: 0 Trump U-Turns On Climate Change: Top Aide States POTUS Is A Believer

The announcement drew sharp reactions from world leaders who criticized President Trump , while they affirmed their commitment to protecting the planet. "The Turnbull government is disappointed that the United States has notified that it will withdraw from this important global agreement", the ministry said in a statement .

Author: 0 Ireland elects openly gay prime minister

Varadkar, who at 38 will also be Ireland's youngest-ever prime minister, won the contest with 60 percent against his rival Simon Coveney on 40 percent. Amid jubilant scenes in Dublin's Mansion House, the current social welfare minister was carried aloft by supporters to a stage where he declared the significance of his victory.

Global News China defends Pak on terrorism
Author: 0 China defends Pak on terrorism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif are scheduled to attend the summit. Sushma said New Delhi's policy towards Pakistan has been "clear and consistent" and there has been no "flip-flop" in dealing with Islamabad.

Global News UNSC condemns North Korea's latest missile launch
Author: 0 UNSC condemns North Korea's latest missile launch

It has carried out two atomic tests and dozens of missile launches since the beginning of a year ago in its quest to develop a missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the continental United States. "U.S. officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the test did not demonstrate a new capability, or one that could threaten the United States directly, Reuters reported Tuesday".

Global News Business leaders express concern about promises in BC NDP Green agreement
Author: 0 Business leaders express concern about promises in BC NDP Green agreement

The ambitious deal, which was signed by NDP Leader John Horgan and Green Leader Andrew Weaver at the legislature Tuesday, will formalize a deal to give both parties a 44-seat majority of votes in the legislature and be given to Lt. A speaker of the legislature must be chosen and if that person comes from the ranks of the NDP or Greens, the government and opposition would be tied with 43 seats each.

Global News Conflicting stories about Kushner's meeting with Russian banker
Author: 0 Conflicting stories about Kushner's meeting with Russian banker

Kislyak, who has been embroiled by local media in a scandal over alleged Russian contacts with Donald Trump's camp during the 2016 presidential campaign, said Moscow had patience to wait it out. Kushner's security clearance. The Washington Post reported last week that Kushner allegedly proposed setting up a secret "communications channel" between the Trump transition team and the Kremlin.

Author: 0 Putin on Dinner With Flynn: 'I Didn't Even Really Talk to Him'

Putin took the opportunity to completely deny all Russian involvement in the 2016 elections, which US intelligence agencies say he personally tried to disrupt by hacking into Democratic computer systems and releasing embarrassing info about the party's nominee, Hillary Clinton .

Author: 0 'SpongeBob' will make a splash on Broadway

The hit animated series that inspired the " SpongeBob SquarePants" musical can lay claim to a sweeping fanbase of all ages: The second feature film based on the property, "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water", was the top-grossing film that weekend it opened.

Author: 0 London Mayor Sadiq Khan Says Donald Trump Will Not 'Divide Our Communities'

Three jihadis drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge on Saturday night before running into the bustling Borough Market area where they slit people's throats and stabbed them indiscriminately. The Met Police said their names would be released "as soon as operationally possible" as officers work to establish if they were part of a wider network, BBC reported.

Global News Cuomo: NY state will keep Affordable Care Act protections
Author: 0 Cuomo: NY state will keep Affordable Care Act protections

Cuomo, a Democrat, has directed state regulators to prohibit insurers from discriminating against customers based on pre-existing conditions , age or gender. Cuomo said. Insurers must comply with the new regulations as a requirement of their license in NY. Cuomo has long said he would take steps to assure health care is available for all New Yorkers, so his announcement wasn't new or unexpected.

Global News Saudi Arabia shuts Al Jazeera office amid row with Doha
Author: 0 Saudi Arabia shuts Al Jazeera office amid row with Doha

Likewise, United Arab Emirates and Egypt also stated that Qatar is disrupting their territory's stability. Qatar denies it interferes in the affairs of other countries. The Qatar economy relies heavily on migrant labor, resulting to a high number of expatriates that outnumbers its natives. Political risk consultancy Eurasia Group says the "risk of a coup is significant".

Global News Man jumps into moving car to save driver having a seizure
Author: 0 Man jumps into moving car to save driver having a seizure

He then got as close as he could to the moving vehicle and was able to get in through an open window on the passenger's side. After stopping the auto, Tompkins stuck his fingers down the driver's throat to make sure he didn't swallow his tongue during the seizure, Saukvalley writes .

Global News Trump accuses London Mayor Khan of 'pathetic excuse' over attack statement
Author: 0 Trump accuses London Mayor Khan of 'pathetic excuse' over attack statement

Following Trump's first barrage of tweets Sunday, the London mayor's press office said Khan had more important things to do than respond to the U.S. "We will never let these cowards win and we will never be cowed by terrorism". "London stands in defiance against this cowardly attack and our city and our people and our values and our way of live", he said.

Global News WH says Trump won't block Comey testimony
Author: 0 WH says Trump won't block Comey testimony

Comey was leading a Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into alleged Russian meddling in last year's United States presidential election and possible collusion by Trump's campaign when the president fired him last month. Yet Trump may have weakened that argument by publicly disclosing elements of his conversations with Comey, including during an interview in May with NBC News and via Twitter , where the president said on May 12, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes of our ...

Global News Net Widens in Search for Accomplices in London Bridge Attack
Author: 0 Net Widens in Search for Accomplices in London Bridge Attack

There were also five people who were killed when Islamist extremist Khalid Masood drove a vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge on March 22 and then stabbed a police officer outside the Palace of Westminster. The family of the first London Bridge attack victim who has been publicly identified urged those touched by her death to help the homeless. The prime minister called for action at home where extremism may be tolerated.

Author: 0 Some Palestinian ex-prisoners in Gaza say their salaries withheld

Israel remained in control while Palestinians, who had fled the Israelis in 1948, have remained in place and challenge Israel's occupation. Senators advanced this measure just after US President Donald Trump formally deferred - at least for now - his campaign pledge to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize the city as Israel's capital.

Global News Trump vows to do everything to achieve Israel-Palestine peace
Author: 0 Trump vows to do everything to achieve Israel-Palestine peace

Trump arrived in Bethlehem in a motorcade, crossing a checkpoint at Israel's controversial separation wall , and was greeted by Abbas and other dignitaries outside the presidential palace, The Washington Examiner reported . But in Israel, Trump was not almost as direct. The two leaders discussed ways to advance negotiations and considered how Arab states might support those negotiations.

Author: 0 4 nations cut diplomatic ties to Qatar as Gulf rift deepens

Several of West Asia's biggest airlines on Monday said they would suspend all flights to Qatar's capital Doha, after the governments of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain , the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Egypt broke off diplomatic relations with the country accusing it of supporting terrorism.

Global News Oil price wobble amid Qatar diplomatic rift
Author: 0 Oil price wobble amid Qatar diplomatic rift

SPA, a Saudi state news agency, said the kingdom cut ties because Qatar "embraces multiple terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at disturbing stability in the region , including the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and Al Qaeda, and promotes the message and schemes of these groups through their media constantly", according to Reuters .

Global News Majority Of Americans Don't Like GOP's Health Care Plan, Poll Finds
Author: 0 Majority Of Americans Don't Like GOP's Health Care Plan, Poll Finds

The Senate has been at work on its version of a healthcare bill since the House of Representatives passed its version in May. Last week, a Republican House candidate in Montana put his candidacy in serious jeopardy on the eve of Election Day when a reporter from The Guardian pressed him about an unfavorable Congressional Budget Office analysis of the GOP health care bill.

Author: 0 Qatar's falling out with its Arab neighbors

The UAE's Etihad Airways, FlyDubai and the Middle East's largest carrier Emirates have suspended flights to Qatar. Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen made no demands of Qatar as their decision plunged the global travel hub into chaos and ignited the biggest diplomatic crisis in the Gulf since the 1991 war against Iraq.

Global News Canadian victim of London terror attack died in fiance's arms
Author: 0 Canadian victim of London terror attack died in fiance's arms

Three attackers in a van veered into pedestrians on London Bridge before going on a stabbing rampage in Borough Market. Police stand guard near floral tributes at the entrance of Southwark Street a day after the London terror attack. Twelve others have been arrested in the investigation. Three women and a man, all of whom were living permanently in London, are among the French nationals hurt.

Author: 0 Chaos in Qatar as Arab states cut travel links

Qatar's Foreign Ministry said that the country regrets the decision of Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , the United Arab Emirates' and Egypt to cut off diplomatic ties with it. The statement added Qatar is sheltering the leaders of the Brotherhood who have targeted the security and safety of Egypt by conducting terrorist operations.

Author: 0 Uber is refunding customers caught up in London terror attack

Another attacker, 30-year-old Rachid Redouane , went by the alias Rachid Elkhdar and claimed to be Moroccan or Libyan, police said. A police spokesman declined to say how many locations are being fortified, but at least three of the of the dozens in the capital are already visibly altered.

Author: 0 New drugs show promise in fight against cancer

A combination of two existing prostate cancer therapies could extend lives of men with advanced, high-risk prostate cancer , a study showed. In addition, James said that this survival benefit seems to be for the whole trial population, regardless of metastatic status.

Author: 0 Putin on Trump-Russia: 'You Created a Sensation Out of Nothing'

Clips were played from the event that showed Kelly asking Putin in front of 4,000 guests about Russia's role in the hacking of the 2016 USA presidential election. According to Kelly, 90 percent of Russians support Vladimir Putin . It also claims that people close to then-candidate Trump were in contact with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.

Global News At least 35 dead in Philippines resort attack
Author: 0 At least 35 dead in Philippines resort attack

ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack Friday at a casino in the Philippine capital that left 37 people dead; however, police continue to deny what happened was terror-related. "He had taken his own life by setting himself on fire followed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound", the statement said. He stuffed a backpack with gambling chips, fired his assault rifle at TV screens and set tables on fire by pouring petrol on to them from a 2-litre bottle, Mr dela Rosa said.

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