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Author: 0 In shadow of deadly attacks, British election campaign resumes

As counter-terrorism police units and security services launched a huge investigation for the third time in a matter of weeks, officers arrested 12 people in raids on flats in Barking, east London , where residents said they believe one of the terrorists may have lived.

Global News Russia's Putin denies having compromising information on Trump
Author: 0 Russia's Putin denies having compromising information on Trump

Associates have said Comey wrote memos describing certain interactions with Trump that gave him pause in the months after the election, including details of a dinner in which he claimed the president asked him to pledge his loyalty, and a request to shut down the investigation of Flynn.

Author: 0 China rules out renegotiation of Paris Climate Deal

The message echoes criticism from the leaders of France, Germany , and Italy - and European Union and United Nations officials who branded the withdrawal "a major disappointment". Trump cited a study by the National Economic Research Associates - funded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Council for Capital Formation - which said the accord would cost 2.7 million jobs and a loss of almost $3 trillion in gross domestic product.

Author: 0 China will take the lead as Trump scores climate change own

If a country needed "arguments with which to convince states on other deals at climate talks [could] be convincing". The announcement by President Donald Trump that he would be taking America out of the 2015 agreement on fighting climate change is therefore of note.

Author: 0 Philippine Police Identify Resort Attacker As Indebted Gambler

An armed man who killed 37 people when he set fire to a casino in the Philippine capital was a father-of-three from Manila motivated by heavy gambling debts and not terrorism, authorities said Sunday. PCCI Presaident George T. Barcelon said that, while he supports the increased visibility of the police following the incident, it does not warrant the extension of martial law to Luzon or Metro Manila .

Global News Mattis presses China on North Korea, South China Sea
Author: 0 Mattis presses China on North Korea, South China Sea

The resolution adopted by the council adds four entities, including banks, and 14 North Korean officials to the United Nations sanctions blacklist, meaning that they can not travel overseas and all of their assets have been frozen. "Economical restrictions should be a kind of tool to invoke North Korea to a peaceful process of resolving the dispute and conflict, and not to once again deteriorate the economic solution in North Korea ", he said.

Author: 0 Duterte invites Muslim rebels to fight against ISIS

Below, another doctor tends to a man who was also trapped in the same village. "If it didn't rain we had no water and we didn't eat", said Sedrome's younger sister and fellow teacher, Jane Rose Sedrome, 25. So far, 95 terrorists have been killed in the ongoing gunfight with the military. According to a statement on a social media group used by Maute fighters, the group wants to cleanse Marawi of Christians, Shi'ite Muslims, and polytheists - who believe in more than one God.

Author: 0 May's Conservatives send new mixed message on tax as election nears

Mr Corbyn, a long-standing advocate of nuclear disarmament, struggled and was accused of "dodging the question " by veteran host David Dimbleby as he refused to say what he would do if Britain was threatened with a nuclear strike. The truth is that the presidential-style campaign does not suit Theresa May . May will have to counter the impression that she is weak on empathy. She has always been known to work in small, close-knit circles in which she is more comfortable.

Author: 0 Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn grilled by voters

One YouGov poll put the Conservatives on 42% and Labour on 39% , a result that could lead to a hung parliament in June. She told voters that it was her party's "firm intention to reduce taxes for ordinary working families". Afterwards, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faced the same audience and his own tough questions over his party's manifesto of spending promises - which one audience member called a " letter to Santa Claus" - and his record on defence.

Global News Corbyn Backs Brexit But 'With a Deal' in TV Debate
Author: 0 Corbyn Backs Brexit But 'With a Deal' in TV Debate

Jeremy Corbyn , the leader of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, denied reports that in 2014 he had honored a Palestinian perpetrator of the 1972 massacre of Israeli athletes in Germany. Following the deadly attacks in Manchester on May 22, Corbyn said that Britain had to undergo a change of foreign policy, but the Labour leader refused to be drawn on whether he would authorise a drone strike against a terrorist plotting overseas to attack the Britain.

Global News President Trump's Campaign Announces a 'Pittsburgh, Not Paris' Rally in DC
Author: 0 President Trump's Campaign Announces a 'Pittsburgh, Not Paris' Rally in DC

The climate deal, signed by every nation except Nicaragua and Syria, was made an agreement than a treaty to allow the White House to avoid having to seek congressional approval. "That's where our focus has been the last several weeks". He questioned whether global warming is an "existential threat", but did say that "global warming is occurring, that human activity contributes to it, in some manner".

Author: 0 Vladimir Putin claims 'patriotic hackers' framed Russian Federation for United States election interference

Petersburg , Russia. "Help us to restore a normal political dialogue", Putin said in a speech to senior U.S. business representatives during an economic forum in St. I would like to note and underscore that the increase in investment is now outpacing GDP growth, which is another sign of what I have already mentioned: "our economy is entering a new phase of growth, and the foundations for its future growth are taking shape", Putin said .

Author: 0 Trump Aides Defend His Decision to Exit Paris Climate Accord

In addition, the EPA director said the president is still committed to work internationally on combating climate change. It affects every element of life on this planet, from ecosystems and food production to cities and industrial supply chains.

Global News Ariana Grande Plans Manchester Blast Benefit:
Author: 0 Ariana Grande Plans Manchester Blast Benefit: "We Won't Let Hate Win"

While details surrounding her Manchester benefit concert are still to be announced, Grande has promoted a crowdfunding campaign run by Manchester Evening News, which has now raised £1,736,696. "We ask at this time that we all continue to support the city of Manchester and all those families affected by this cowardice and senseless act of violence".

Global News Mayors to Trump: We'll enforce Paris accord without you
Author: 0 Mayors to Trump: We'll enforce Paris accord without you

However, prior to Mr Trump's announcement , China said it will work with the European Union to uphold the global agreement even if the U.S. withdrew. Governors from New York , California , and Washington have signed onto the effort, according to media reports . The US is now one of three countries in the world, along with Syria and Nicaragua, to not be part of the agreement.

Global News Nikki Haley Defends Kushner, Says He Will Continue 'Doing His Work'
Author: 0 Nikki Haley Defends Kushner, Says He Will Continue 'Doing His Work'

Sean, has the president been meeting with lawyers specifically about defending himself in the special counsel investigation into Russian Federation? Another reason, according to Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation, to dispose the theory regarding collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation is "Actually if you look at the, in fact, the policies of the Trump administration, towards Russian Federation, they're significantly tougher than the ones put in place by the Obama ...

Author: 0 US hackers could have framed Russia in election hack: Putin tells NBC

They can even be hackers, by the way, in the United States who very skillfully and professionally shifted the blame, as we say, onto Russian Federation. "This sums up my entire acquaintanceship with Mr Flynn". President Putin also explained that in the US "Presidents come and go" and that Russian Federation does not care who is/was President, saying it "would not make sense" for them to interfere with elections.

Global News TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership to continue without United States
Author: 0 TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership to continue without United States

The 12-nation TPP covered 40% of the global economy before Trump abruptly abandoned it in January as part of a campaign pledge to save American jobs he said had been sucked up overseas. Mexico Secretary of Economy Ildefonso Guajardo was present at a meeting with the press, during which 11 member countries expressed their full commitment to promoting the implementation of an agreement, even though United States President Donald Trump chose to withdraw earlier this year.

Global News Trump Makes America Covfefe Again on 'Full Frontal' With Sam Bee
Author: 0 Trump Makes America Covfefe Again on 'Full Frontal' With Sam Bee

A NY driver claimed the personalized license plate bearing the letters " COVFEFE " a little more than an hour after Trump tweeted the "word" from his Twitter account after midnight Wednesday, only to remove the tweet six hours later. When asked in the past about other Trump tweets, White House spokesman Sean Spicer has said the posts speak for themselves. One user tweeted that New York's hottest nightclub is #Covfefe .

Author: 0 General Election: Labour continuing to close gap on Tories new poll shows

Then challenged by an audience member over why he had "never regarded the IRA as terrorists" he responded saying "I have deplored all acts of terrorism by anybody in Northern Ireland or anywhere else" before facing a barrage of further questions of his discussions with members if the group at the time .

Global News London police unsure if attackers still on the run, report says
Author: 0 London police unsure if attackers still on the run, report says

Police said shots were fired and urged people to flee the area. They did not say if officers fired the shots. The force has tweeted a warning telling people in the area to run to safety, hide and then call police if it is safe to do so. A taxi driver told the BBC that three men got out of the van with long knives and "went randomly along Borough High Street stabbing people". Metropolitan Police said the incidents were terrorism and appeared to be connected.

Author: 0 12 arrested in London's night of terror; IS claims attack

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the latest attack to hit Britain and Europe. Social media giants Google and Twitter have responded to British Prime Minister Theresa May's statement that internet companies are complicit in terror attacks by giving extremist views "the safe space it needs to breed".

Author: 0 Trump calls London attacks 'evil slaughter,' says bloodshed must end

Forensic investigators were working on the bridge, where buses and taxis stood abandoned. This is the third attack in Britain in as many months. Warner said Trump has had more than 90 days to review the procedures for admitting people from certain countries.

Author: 0 Did Russia Interfere in the US Election — Putin Interview

In the midst of a political battle, by some calculations it was convenient for them to release this information so they released it, citing Russian Federation. Kelly also asked Putin if he has any "damaging" information on Trump. "There wasn't anything to talk about", Putin said through an interpreter. "If it had been important, the minister would have reported it to me".

Author: 0 ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Terror Attacks That Killed 7

Police say three men drove a van over London Bridge on Saturday and struck pedestrians before crashing the vehicle outside a pub. "The recent attacks are not connected but we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face", she said after chairing a meeting of the government´s emergency Cobra committee.

Author: 0 Scotland must have a choice, says Sturgeon

A " sweetheart deal " between Labour and the SNP after the June election could result in a " government in chaos", Theresa May warned, as Scotland's First Minister said she would use such an agreement to get as much of her nationalist manifesto implemented as possible.

Author: 0 Cabinet Members Testifying on Trump Budget on Capitol Hill

But that assumption has already become a baseline of the administration's budget math. Trump's budget assumes the historically yuge tax cuts will not lose any revenue for this reason - the added growth it will supposedly generate will make up for all the lost revenue.

Author: 0 This man's moustache won the BBC Question Time debate

Mr Corbyn said: "It is staggering that just six days from polling day millions of pensioners still don't know what's in store for them if they are unlucky enough to get dementia or any other condition that needs care in the home. May has made much of Brexit in the election campaign, pitching herself as the only leader capable of delivering a successful divorce. Corbyn said Britain's democratic values must be maintained.

Global News 'Unexpectable' Trump makes Netanyahu, and Adelson, very happy
Author: 0 'Unexpectable' Trump makes Netanyahu, and Adelson, very happy

Although he stressed exerting efforts to achieve peace, the U.S. president did not mention the two-state solution as a result for these efforts. "So many people I spoke to here ... It promised Arab recognition of Israel in exchange for a Palestinian state. Bethlehem also holds deep significance as the site where Christians believe Jesus was born and welcomes thousands of pilgrims each year for Christmas.

Global News Tories intend to cut taxes for working families, Theresa May says
Author: 0 Tories intend to cut taxes for working families, Theresa May says

Campaigning in West Yorkshire, the prime minister stopped short of repeating a promise by Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon that there would be no rise in income tax for high earners. Jim Messina, a polling and data adviser for the Conservative Party who worked on Barack Obama's campaign, said the YouGov numbers were stupid and that he had spent the day laughing at them.

Author: 0 Trump is going back on a big Israel campaign promise

Israel on the other hand expressed disappointment, with the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu releasing a statement maintaining the American embassy "should be in Jerusalem, our eternal capital". Trump made this decision to better negotiate in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, according to a White House statement. US Congress approved the move in 1995 but every US President since has issued waivers every six months.

Global News Bongmusa Mthembu: From bricklayer to Comrades glory
Author: 0 Bongmusa Mthembu: From bricklayer to Comrades glory

Mthembu embraced his son after becoming the first South African runner to win two titles since Bruce Fordyce in 1990. Herron becomes the first American woman since 1997 to win the Comrades Marathon . "That was when I started thinking about taking part in the Comrades Marathon, but in my mind I already had the dream of winning Comrades one day". Having failed dismally in the 2015 edition, when he could not finish in the top 10, Mthembu paced his race perfectly while watching the likes of ...

Global News British police release three men arrested in connection Manchester attack
Author: 0 British police release three men arrested in connection Manchester attack

Russ Jackson, head of the police Northwest Counterterrorism Unit, said analysis of surveillance camera footage and other evidence had shown that "Abedi himself made most of the purchases of the core components" of the bomb. He appears to have returned to the United Kingdom from a trip to Syria and Libya just days before the attack. No further details about any of the arrests have been released.Hopkins confirmed on Thursday that eight men remain in custody and a woman who was arrested ...

Author: 0 Manchester Police release man arrested after concert blast

The Manchester Evening News said the arrest took place at a petrol station not far from the Manchester Arena, where Salman Abedi carried out the suicide bombing on May 22. As a precaution, people were being evacuated from the nearby Ronald McDonald House , which offers accommodation for families with children who are being treated in the hospital.

Author: 0 Donald Trump slams Sadiq Khan In tweet

Officers fired 50 bullets to kill the men because they believed they were wearing suicide belts, although the canisters tied around their waists later proved to be hoaxes. Trump tweeted that it was time to "stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people", and also poured scorn on Khan.

Author: 0 Macon, Georgia honors rocker Gregg Allman at his funeral

Director Cameron Crowe, who based the movie Almost Famous on his experiences of following the Allman Brothers Band for a Rolling Stone profile, also praised the star.Their best-known hits include Whipping Post, Midnight Rider, Melissa and Ramblin' Man and their southern rock sound is credited with inspiring groups such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Marshall Tucker Band.

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