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Global News Venezuela sets date for delayed regional elections
Author: 0 Venezuela sets date for delayed regional elections

Regional gubernatorial elections, meant to have been held previous year, would take place on December 10, he said. Venezuela's prosecutor-general announced on Tuesday four people have been killed in the western state of Barinas during protests against President Nicolas Maduro , taking the death toll since April 1 to 53.

Author: 0 Macron says France, Russia agree on need for Ukraine peace talks soon

Mr Putin emphasised the need for closer co-operation between Russian Federation and France, two nuclear-armed permanent members of the UN Security Council. Monday's visit came seven months after the Russian leader cancelled a trip to Paris amid a row over Syria with Macron's predecessor Francois Hollande, who had said Russia's bombing of Aleppo could amount to war crimes.

Global News US takes 'full responsibility' for inquiry leaks
Author: 0 US takes 'full responsibility' for inquiry leaks

On Thursday, British Prime Minister Theresa May raised the issue of the leaks with US President Donald Trump at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting in Brussels. British police stepped up their investigation into a suspected network behind Salman Abedi , a 22-year-old British-born man with Libyan parents who blew himself up on Monday night at the Manchester Arena indoor venue after a concert by United States singer Ariana Grande.

Author: 0 Trump delays decision on Paris climate agreement at G7 summit

I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week! Our egotistical President can't stand not being in the spotlight, regardless of the issue, and the biggest issue, next to the Russian Federation probe for many citizens around the world is Trump's stance on climate change .

Author: 0 Germany foreign minister slams Trump administration

Germany and other European Union nations were left fuming with Trump after he criticized their alliance payments at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels , and then refused to support the Paris climate accord at the G7 meeting in Sicily the next day.

Global News USA likely to expand electronic devices ban on flight from Europe
Author: 0 USA likely to expand electronic devices ban on flight from Europe

The meeting came hours after the International Air Transport Association sent a letter to U.S. Homeland Security Chief John Kelly and EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc , making the case for alternatives to requiring passengers to check their laptops and many other electronic devices as part of their luggage.

Global News Manchester attack: Police appeal for information on bomber's blue suitcase
Author: 0 Manchester attack: Police appeal for information on bomber's blue suitcase

Police believe Abedi was in possession of this case in the days before the attack at Manchester Arena on Monday 22 May. Numerous victims were either young concert-goers or parents waiting to take their children home. She added: "There's a lot of information coming out about what happened, how this occurred, what people might or might not have known". On Sunday Home Secretary Amber Rudd said she would "not rush to conclusions" that agents "somehow missed something".

Global News Friend Says Manchester Bomber Was Upset About Stabbing Of Muslim
Author: 0 Friend Says Manchester Bomber Was Upset About Stabbing Of Muslim

The bomb used in the Manchester attack was made of TATP, a "classic explosive device used by terrorists", that was featured in the 2015 Paris attack and the 2016 Brussels attack, according to U.S. Since the attack, Abedi's older brother, Ismail, has been arrested in Britain, while his younger brother, Hashem, and father have been detained in Libya.

Author: 0 Europe can't rely on US, says Merkel

A spokesman for UKIP said in a statement that the European Union "has relied on the commitment of the United States and the UK through North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to defend it". German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday urged European Union nations to stick together in the face of emerging policy divisions with the US, Britain's decision to leave the bloc, and other challenges.

Global News Duterte makes rape joke after ordering martial law
Author: 0 Duterte makes rape joke after ordering martial law

Most of the 200,000 residents of Marawi , one of the major Muslim cities in the mainly Catholic Philippines , fled the city because of the fighting as the military used air raids and engaged in street-to-street battles to flush out the militants.

Author: 0 Philippines forces make gains in southern city under siege

Soldiers have taken control of about 70 percent of Marawi , where the gunmen have been fending off the army for a week, military chief of staff Gen. Eduardo Ano said. In a security message, the US Embassy in Manila said it has received information that the Philippine government has placed the Philippine National Police on full alert throughout Metro Manila.

Author: 0 White House: Trump, Netanyahu pledge to work together to combat terrorism

A commentary in Israel's centrist Yediot Aharonot newspaper said that after two days of waiting for Trump's keynote address "the only thing we could learn from that speech was how to say nothing with a whole lot of words". But much of the intrigue over Trump's public statements during the trip revolved around what he didn't say. US President Donald Trump has called those behind the suicide bombing in Manchester "evil losers in life" who murdered "so many young, beautiful, innocent ...

Author: 0 North Korea fires third test missile in as many weeks

North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile towards Japan, which reached an altitude of 75 miles and flew for nearly 300 miles. South Korea says North Korea has conducted nine ballistic missile tests this year, including one in which four missiles were launched on the same day.

Author: 0 North Korea fires Scud-class ballistic missile, Japan protests

In the so-called two-plus-two talks, the two countries' foreign and defense ministers are expected to meet in Washington to discuss steps to beef up a ballistic missile defense system and review the duties of the US military and the Self-Defense Forces, the officials said.

Global News Donald Trump blamed for climate chat grinding to halt
Author: 0 Donald Trump blamed for climate chat grinding to halt

He was pitted against the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada and Japan on several issues, with European diplomats frustrated at having to revisit questions they thought had been long settled. Trudeau and the premiers have envisaged", said Colin Robertson, who is now a vice president and fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, in an interview with BNN Monday.

Author: 0 Emmanuel Macron talks tough about chemical weapons in Syria

Putin would certainly invite Macron to pay a visit to Moscow, he said. Macron said he spoke to Putin about LGBT rights in Chechnya and about the rights of embattled NGOs in Russian Federation, vowing he would be "constantly vigilant" on these issues.

Author: 0 Takeaways From Trump's First Foreign Trip As President

Third, NATO's 28 European members need to reevaluate the strategic purposes of greater spending. But many Europeans thought in recent months that he had dropped the most critical rhetoric and was talking more positively about the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the security alliance that rose up during the Cold War.

Author: 0 Another man linked to Manchester attack arrested by police

Salman Abedi killed 22 people, seven of them children, and injured more than 100, minutes after the end of a concert by Disney star Ariana Grande . Some 16 arrests have been made in connection with the ongoing investigation into the suicide bombing .

Global News McConnell Faces Biggest Test in Pushing Obamacare Repeal
Author: 0 McConnell Faces Biggest Test in Pushing Obamacare Repeal

Pennsylvania schools received about $135 million in Medicaid funding a year ago to cover programs for preschoolers and special education students, the Scranton Democrat told reporters at Northeast Middle School. The Affordable Care Act funneled hundreds of billions of dollars to states that chose to expand Medicaid . Many GOP senators have already expressed reservations about the American Health Care Act , making it clear it will go through significant changes if it ever reaches ...

Global News Dead, 1 Missing After Climbing Mount Everest
Author: 0 Dead, 1 Missing After Climbing Mount Everest

An estimated 60 climbers made the summit in Nepal on Sunday alone, authorities said. Two other climbers also died climbing the mountain over the weekend. Yearwood was married to Amrita, also a doctor in Alabama, and leaves behind two university-aged children. He completed hospital training in London and New York City before moving to south Alabama 20 years ago, the hospital's website showed.

Author: 0 Trump on Kushner: 'I have total confidence in him'

But Kelly said such back-channel communications don't bother him and would not be harmful to USA security interests. "It's both normal in my opinion and acceptable", he told ABC News on Sunday. Just back from visiting the Middle East and Europe, Trump on Sunday dismissed recent reports as "fake news". The President focused on news reports that include the words "sources say".

Author: 0 "Atlanticist" Merkel rams home frustration with Trump after summits

Unlike Merkel, May is determined to have a healthy and productive relationship with Trump's America, which is extremely wise because Britain is almost as dependent on the the rest of Europe. Thanks to a quirk of scheduling, before she met Trump in Brussels last week, she spent a morning with former USA president Barack Obama , who is still broadly admired in Germany .

Global News Trump makes personal appeal for Mideast peace
Author: 0 Trump makes personal appeal for Mideast peace

NPR's Tamara Keith is traveling with the president. Israel Hayom reported Thursday that Trump told Abbas during their private meeting in Bethlehem on Tuesday that his peace initiative will be based on the Saudi plan for a normalization of ties between Israel and Arab countries in the region, which would then lead to negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Global News Magnitude quake hits Indonesia's Sulawesi
Author: 0 Magnitude quake hits Indonesia's Sulawesi

The epicenter was about 49 miles southeast of Palu in an area northwest of the town of Poso, the USGS said. "People are panicking here". "The shakes of the quake were felt strong, but so far there is no initial report of damages from our branches offices in Sulawesi", the official said.

Author: 0 Brazil's President Refuses to Resign Amid Corruption Scandal

Less than 24 hours after an explosive report in O Globo newspaper that Temer was caught on tape agreeing to bribe the jailed politician, he faced three formal requests for his impeachment . Because the case involves a sitting president, the process is different than in any other kind of criminal case. Ironically, the legislature that now holds Temer's fate in its hands is itself riddled with corruption scandals uncovered by "Car Wash" investigators.

Author: 0 SDF Awaits Weapons, Says Final Push on Raqqa in Early Summer

At the same time, the party is expected to warn the governing party to avoid putting Turkey in the position of North Korea by antagonizing the global community. A senior American official said the USA will step up joint intelligence-sharing with the Turks to help them better target terrorists. After a national referendum last month that strengthened Erdogan's presidential powers, European leaders and rights advocates criticized Turkey for moving closer toward autocratic rule.

Global News Trump has 'weakened' the West, hurt European Union interests: German FM
Author: 0 Trump has 'weakened' the West, hurt European Union interests: German FM

Digging into the details of what Merkel actually said, where she said it and the context for those comments you will find a far less inflammatory campaign speech.Trump, who has routinely referred to global warming as a hoax, was the only leader from a G7 country not to sign off on enforcing guidelines agreed to in the 2015 Paris Agreement.Trump did not hold a news conference after the summit but later tweeted that he would make his "final decision" on the Paris accord this week.

Global News Iran accuses USA of 'Iranophobia', arming 'dangerous terrorists'
Author: 0 Iran accuses USA of 'Iranophobia', arming 'dangerous terrorists'

Iran's president added that Iranians are waiting for Trump and his administration to " be civil " and "settle down" so the nations could better understand each other. The United States and other critics in the West accuse Tehran of sponsoring global terrorism and destabilizing the region, and Iran is still targeted by US sanctions over its weapons programs and perceived rights violations.

Author: 0 Trump tells advisers U.S. will scrap Paris accord

Implementation of the accord by Washington is crucially important, as the United States , along with China, are the largest producers of carbon emissions in the world. And according to Axios , he has told confidants he plans to leave the landmark global agreement. Barack Obama signed the U.S. up in September 2016, and members of the G7 are keen for the United States to continue to back it, not least because the country is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gasses after China.

Author: 0 Goods and Service Tax rates: 83 services exempt, 13 in 5% slab

Entertainment tax will be merged with service tax under the GST and a composite 28 per cent tax will be levied on cinema as well as gambling and betting at race course. "Ideally, few products should have been put in 28 per cent bracket and 18 per cent should have been a miscellaneous schedule (to cover all balance products)".

Global News Black Box of IAF's missing Sukhoi-30 found
Author: 0 Black Box of IAF's missing Sukhoi-30 found

One of the search teams has reached the crash site located in a forest along the Assam- Arunachal Pradesh border and recovered the black box. The wreckage of the Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft with two pilots, that had gone missing on May 23 after taking off from Tezpur airbase, has been found.

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