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Global News Trump gets royal welcome during 'tremendous' Saudi Arabia visit
Author: 0 Trump gets royal welcome during 'tremendous' Saudi Arabia visit

National oil giant Saudi Aramco was also expected to sign $50 billion of deals with US companies on Saturday, part of a drive to diversify the kingdom's economy beyond oil exports, Aramco's chief executive Amin Nasser said. The comments drew the significant ire from Saudi Arabia's highest officials, who were eager to re-establish U.S. -Saudi relations under Trump. Later, he said that " the Russia thing " was a factor in his decision, referring to the FBI's ongoing investigation into the Trump ...

Global News Talks Begin on Evacuating Rebels From Syria Capital
Author: 0 Talks Begin on Evacuating Rebels From Syria Capital

The evacuees will head toward the rebel-held province of Idlib in northwestern Syria and the town of Jarablus in the northern countryside of Aleppo province. Even if the agreement is enforced, it is unlikely to end the conflict. Despite several rounds of United Nations -mediated negotiations in Geneva, the government and opposition remain at odds over Assad's future role in Syria.

Author: 0 Kurds Trump Turkey in the Fight Against ISIS in Raqqa

Monitors on Saturday reported that SDF forces had advanced within four kilometers of Raqqa, and an SDF spokesman predicted an all-out offensive on the city within the next several months. The YPG does have Arab allies in its ranks, and the Pentagon should insist that Arabs take the lead in Raqqa. Last week, Erdoğan said he would show Trump pictures and video footage showing American flags and YPG banners flying side by side, while U.S.

Author: 0 Russian, South Korean presidents hold telephone conversation

President Donald Trump congratulated Moon on his victory in Tuesday's snap election and invited South Korea's new leader to visit the White House. In a speech at the National Assembly, Moon pledged to work for peace on the Korean Peninsula amid growing worry over the North's expanding nuclear weapons and missiles program.

Global News Trump faces diplomatic hurdles during 28 hours in the Holy Land
Author: 0 Trump faces diplomatic hurdles during 28 hours in the Holy Land

Fink says many Israelis are anxious that the American president will offer a take-it-or-leave-it deal to the Palestinians and Israelis, minus any nuance. diplomat's comments that the wall was in West Bank territory. "We have not yet made a final decision about my visit to the Western Wall", Trump told the Israel Hayom newspaper in an interview Thursday.

Author: 0 Saudi Arabia king awards Trump with country's high civilian honor

Trump plans to deliver a speech on the topic of Islam. During his first stop in Saudi Arabia, the president will meet with Saudi officials, as well as members of the Gulf Cooperation Council . The White House says President Trump will not make those issues a focus of his visit . The speech envisions new partnerships with America's traditional allies in the Middle East.

Author: 0 Democratic Texas congressman calls for Trump's impeachment

The next day he gave Russians classified information in the Oval Office. A handful of Democrats have floated the idea of impeaching Trump following a New York Times report that Trump allegedly urged former FBI Director James Comey to discontinue an investigation of former national security adviser Gen.

Global News Rape probe dropped for WikiLeaks' Assange; uncertainty ahead
Author: 0 Rape probe dropped for WikiLeaks' Assange; uncertainty ahead

Assange still faces arrest in Britain, however, for failing to surrender to a court in London in 2012, when he lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden and took refuge in the embassy. Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek, speaking in Sydney earlier, said Assange still had questions to answer, but Mr Barns said there were no outstanding issues and he would welcome a call from her.

Global News OBOR: In major blow to China, Europian Union endorsement unlikely
Author: 0 OBOR: In major blow to China, Europian Union endorsement unlikely

India has persistently raised its concerns over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. A high-level European Union diplomat, who spoke to The Guardian on condition of anonymity, said that for Europe, the Belt and Road initiative can only be a success if it's based on transparency and co-ownership.

Global News Macron calls for countries' support in fighting extremism
Author: 0 Macron calls for countries' support in fighting extremism

However, security in Mali has deteriorated recently. According to French scholars Emmanuel Todd and Hervé Le Bras, zombie Catholicism is commonly seen in areas of France such as Macron's Brittany, where the religion appears to have fallen dormant but still remains active in the collective consciousness.

Global News Germany, France Plan Roadmap to Develop EU
Author: 0 Germany, France Plan Roadmap to Develop EU

Speaking as the new president prepared to name the rest of his government later in the day, Francois Baroin, leader of The Republicans (LR) party which is being torn apart by Macron's divide and conquer tactics, said on BFM TV Philippe had "made a choice which is not ours".

Author: 0 Iran Re-elects The Man Who Helped Implement The Nuclear Deal

In what many had predicted was going to be a closely contested election, Rouhanni won 57 percent of the vote, nearly 20 points more than the 38 percent his main challenger, hardline judge Ebrahim Raisi, received . "There has been some stagnation and an economic downturn but I am sure that the next four years will be very flourishing", one shopper said. The victory reverberated in seats of power across the globe, on the Iranian streets and at the highest level of Iranian power.

Author: 0 Comey to testify on role in FBI's Russian Federation inquiry

That flies in the face of the White House's public insistence that Comey's dismissal was not linked to his ongoing investigation. But after news broke this week that Comey had put to paper that the president asked him to drop an FBI investigation of Michael Flynn, it's a question Congress is trying to answer.

Author: 0 President Trump's Meeting With Saudi Leaders

The deal signed included a letter of intent from Washington to "support Saudi Arabia's defence needs" with the sale of military equipment such as naval ships, tanks the sophisticated THAAD missile defense systems, The Washington Post reported .

Author: 0 Quebec floods force 1500 people from their homes

Authorities were still searching on Tuesday for a two-year-old girl who disappeared in the same incident. About 1,650 soldiers were expected to be helping in the flood effort by the end of the day Monday. Near the town of Salmon Arm, a 76-year-old man is believed to have perished when mudslides carried away his home. Even though the water level had reached her front door, Briere was in relatively good spirits.

Global News First lady Melania Trump forgoes head scarf in Saudi Arabia
Author: 0 First lady Melania Trump forgoes head scarf in Saudi Arabia

In the deal, Saudi Arabia agrees to buy military equipment from the United States and to hire American companies to build them in Saudi Arabia, the White House said . Trump, surrounded by Saudi officials, bops back and forth with a smile on his face, while White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, chief of staff Reince Priebus and chief economic adviser Gary Cohn appear more reserved in their moves.

Global News Trump begins nine day overseas tour
Author: 0 Trump begins nine day overseas tour

Air Force One had barely taken off when it was announced late on Friday that James Comey, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief fired by Trump, had agreed to testify publicly about Russian interference in the United States elections.

Author: 0 Foreign woman shot dead by gunmen in Kabul city

All assailants, who attacked a Kabul Bank branch in the capital of southeastern Paktika province on Saturday, were killed, bringing the assault to an end, police said. "After around two hours of stand off, all the attackers were killed". Before that, more than 40 people were killed during a Taliban attack on an NKB bank in 2011.

Author: 0 Trump denies asking Comey to drop probe, decries 'witch hunt'

Trump blasted that decision, echoing his Thursday morning tweets and comments he made over lunch with network news anchors that the Russian Federation investigation is a "witch hunt" that "divides the country". The White House says Comey's contemporaneous recollection of his discussions with Trump are not accurate, while some legal experts say that if true, Trump's efforts to end the Flynn probe could be construed as obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense.

Author: 0 Meghan Markle Was Super Stealthy At Pippa Middleton's Wedding

Her svelte figure, the back of which was captured by many a camera, drew a joke from the Daily Star newspaper, which wrote "Rear comes the bride". The tearful young prince gets rare a public scolding from Kate at aunt Pippa's wedding. Charlotte served as a bridesmaid and George as a page boy.

Author: 0 Kushner family tells Chinese property investors: Welcome to America

Kushner's sister Nicole Meyer promoted One Journal Square , a Kushner Companies' development in Jersey City, at an event Sunday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai, according to participants. The Kushner family held an event in Beijing, China, with the message, "Invest $500,000 and immigrate to the United States", according to an article by Emily Rauhala and William Wan for The Washington Post .

Global News Trump Presented With Gold Medal In Saudi Arabia
Author: 0 Trump Presented With Gold Medal In Saudi Arabia

With controversy surrounding alleged ties between his campaign and Russian Federation looming in the U.S., President Trump arriving in Saudi Arabia where he received a lavish royal welcome. But escaping Washington for the gold-plated embrace of the Saudi royal family - a decor not so unlike Trump's own Manhattan home - appeared to give the president a boost.

Author: 0 Watch Hillary Clinton Practice Avoiding a Hug From Trump

Schiller was among those Trump consulted about Comey and was tapped by the president to deliver a letter informing the director of his firing. He said the post-election scrutiny was making it hard to work with Russian Federation. After Comey's firing, Trump himself has interviewed several potential nominees. Donald Trump's unusual manner mean his short tenure as U.S. president is already well-stocked with awkward political encounters.

Author: 0 United Nations court orders Pakistan to halt execution of Indian 'spy'

Reading out the verdict at The Hague, Netherlands, ICJ President Ronny Abraham said that India has the right to consular access to Jadhav under Vienna convention. He further said that Pakistan questioned the jurisdiction of the court but all the arguments raised by it were rejected. "ICJ has only granted formal stay on the death sentence of Jadhav", he maintained.

Global News Turkey targets opposition newspaper over suspected coup links
Author: 0 Turkey targets opposition newspaper over suspected coup links

The action against Sozcu , a secularist title with sales of 270,000, was announced by the Istanbul prosecutor's office yesterday. The paper's managers are reportedly accused of publishing on its website the address and pictures of the Marmaris hotel accommodating President Recep Tayyip Erdogan just a few hours before the failed coup last July.

Author: 0 US Summons Turkey Envoy Over DC Clashes During Erdogan Visit

Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC said he wants "people prosecuted". Washington police said they were checking reports that two men who were arrested were among the Turkish leaders' guards, adding that other suspects were being sought. The militia associated with the PYD, the People's Protection Units (YPG), are allies of the United States, while the Turkish government considers them a terrorist organization.

Author: 0 US Summons Turkey Envoy Over DC Clashes During Erdogan Visit

Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC said he wants "people prosecuted". Washington police said they were checking reports that two men who were arrested were among the Turkish leaders' guards, adding that other suspects were being sought. The militia associated with the PYD, the People's Protection Units (YPG), are allies of the United States, while the Turkish government considers them a terrorist organization.

Author: 0 Assemblyman to host town hall meeting in Rome on health care proposal

According to Dr. Oliver Fein, chair of the New York Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Plan, it would provide quality health care with no copays or deductibles. Certainly not the voters - who will be doing some heavy thinking about whether we want to send these representatives back for another term in 2018. "General 'cause they're similarly sized hospitals", he states.

Author: 0 UK Conservatives' support slips in YouGov poll

Labour's salvo on pensioners comes after Mrs May unveiled her election manifesto on Thursday . Yesterday's official publishing of the Labour Party Manifesto , has done little to convince political punters that Jeremy Corbyn is the man to back for the 2017 UK General Election (8 June).

Author: 0 Sen. Graham: Russia Probe Now 'Criminal' After Mueller Tabbed

Asked Thursday at a press conference if he had ever asked Comey to not investigate his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, Trump issued a blanket denial: "No, no, next question". In a statement, he said that Comey had put unnecessary pressure on the president's ability to conduct diplomacy with Russian Federation on matters such as Syria, Ukraine and the Islamic State group.

Global News Paul Ryan on 2018 Election: 'Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah'
Author: 0 Paul Ryan on 2018 Election: 'Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah'

The calls for a special counsel grew after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was previously overseeing the probe, and after reports that Trump had pressured Comey to drop the probe before firing him. The request came after The New York Times revealed on Tuesday the existence of a memo Comey had written showing Trump's attempt to obstruct the FBI's Russian Federation investigation.

Author: 0 US protests intercept by Chinese jets; China blames US

Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted a United States military aircraft over the East China Sea, NBC News reported on Thursday, citing two U.S. military officials without revealing their names. The planes came within 305 meters (1,000 feet) of one another in the vicinity of the Scarborough Shoal. The collected samples can be analyzed to determine exactly what occurred.

Global News China ready to normalise ties with S.Korea: Xi
Author: 0 China ready to normalise ties with S.Korea: Xi

According to the official Xinhua news agency, Xi told Lee: "China is willing to strengthen communication with the new South Korean government..." South Korea and the U.S. For his part, Lee said Moon asked him "to express his thanks to President Xi for his message of congratulations after our election". Moon expressed satisfaction in strategic ties with the European Union and thanked Tusk for the EU's continued support for the dismantlement of North Korea's nuclear program.

Global News China cripples CIA operations, kills informants
Author: 0 China cripples CIA operations, kills informants

The problem began to emerge in 2010, when the USA intelligence agency began receiving high quality information about the Chinese government from sources deep inside the government. The Chinese government killed at least 12 of the sources, one of whom was executed by gunshot in front of colleagues outside a government building. The breach predated a 2015 hacking that gave Beijing access to thousands of government personnel records, including intelligence contractors.

Author: 0 Led coalition hit 'Iranian-directed' convoy in Syria

The United States said on Friday it believed forces in a convoy targeted by US military aircraft in southern Syria on Thursday were Iranian-directed, in a possible sign of increased tension between Washington and Tehran in the Syrian war.

Author: 0 Callers threaten Texas lawmaker who seeks Trump impeachment

Still, it's unlikely that Green's call for impeachment will go anywhere. "We'll give you a short trial before we hang your [N-word] [expletive]". Queries ranged from why the process takes so long to how many votes are needed, to what voters can do to help.

Author: 0 State Calls in Turkish Ambassador Over Violence Against Protesters

Video footage of the clash on Tuesday showed men in suits charging past police to kick and punch protesters. "We should throw their ambassador the hell out of the United States of America ", said McCain on MSNBC's " Morning Joe ". McCain and his Democratic colleague Sen. The declining to say whether the security agents were granted diplomatic immunity or under what conditions they were released.

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