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Author: 0 Two Kenyan runners finish on top at Boston Marathon

Rupp, also running his first Boston , trailed by 21 seconds. Fifty years ago, women were considered too frail to run marathons, and were thus not allowed to run in the Boston Marathon as official entrants. She finished the race despite a marathon official's infamous attempt to push her off the course. "I was afraid, because you know, if you miss water it can affect you".

Author: 0 Jimmy Fallon joins 'SNL' Trump White House as Kushner

Before the big showdown, Baldwin's Trump boasts to VP Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) about dropping the " mother of all bombs " on ISIS, "so big and fat it nearly looks like me in my golf clothes". The skit opened with Baldwin's Trump and Beckett's Pence in the Oval Office, recapping a list of Trump's accomplishments, which included just one item: nominating Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

Author: 0 India, Australia Ink 6 Pacts; To Boost Counter-Terror Cooperation

Australia's total investments in India stand at US$7 billion. Modi also said that the Australia-India Research Fund of almost $100 million has focused on collaborative research projects in areas such as nanotechnology, smart cities, infrastructure, agriculture and disease control.

Author: 0 Zola resigns as Birmingham slip close to drop zone

They sit just three points above Blackburn Rovers who occupy the last spot in the relegation zone with just three games to play. Zola has endured a tough run since taking over as Birmingham manager in December, as he has only won two of his 23 games at the helm, but he believes strong discussions, like the one between Nsue and Shotton, could actually prove beneficial as the Blues bid to preserve their Championship status.

Author: 0 Macron ahead of the other 10 candidates in French election

There are certainly many similarities between Marine Le Pen's National Front in France and Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom in the Netherlands. The first-round vote is set for April 23. Fillon, once considered the favorite of the vote before corruption allegations break in French medias, is now struggling to survive in the race. "Otherwise, the French will have the choice only between two globalists", she added, referring to Macron and conservative challenger Francois Fillon .

Global News 'Acid attack' in east London nightclub leaves 12 injured
Author: 0 'Acid attack' in east London nightclub leaves 12 injured

Police believe that an argument between two groups of visitors led to the substance being sprayed by a male suspect. Isobella Fraser, a Sydney model, was in London visiting her sister who lives there. They added: "It was like a war - the police were everywhere". One witness said that the suspected acid appeared to have been thrown over the face and arm...

Global News President Duterte tops Time's
Author: 0 President Duterte tops Time's "most influential" reader poll 2017

The poll had asked readers who should be included on this year's TIME 100 - an annual list of the world's most influential people, a report published in the magazine said. Back in December, Duterte boasted about killing drug deals - an act that was condemned by the Obama administration. But his penchant for stirring controversy started long before he was sworn into office.

Author: 0 Opposition to challenge votes on expanding Erdogan's powers

Sadi Guven, the chairman of the Supreme Election Board (YSK), was speaking after the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) cited irregularities, including the use of unstamped ballot papers, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported. Erdogan served as prime minister from 2003 until 2014, when rules were changed to hold direct elections for the office of president, previously a ceremonial role elected by parliament.

Global News Pence calls US commitment to South Korea 'iron-clad'
Author: 0 Pence calls US commitment to South Korea 'iron-clad'

McMaster told ABC's "This Week" on Sunday that the USA was not now considering military action against the North but was working on peaceful solutions. North Korea's KCNA news agency on Monday carried a letter from leader Kim Jong Un to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad marking the 70th anniversary of Syria's independence.

Author: 0 Hundreds march against far-right French presidential hopeful

Conservative Francois Fillon was just behind on 21 percent, having recovered some ground since being hit by a scandal over hundreds of thousands of euros of public money he paid his wife while employing her as his parliamentary assistant. "It has been a bit of a slap in the face because we weren't expecting it". Scuffles briefly broke out between 60 to 80 anti-FN protesters and police near the Zenith concert hall in north-east Paris ahead of the rally.

Author: 0 Russian Federation warns USA against 'Syria-style' actions in N. Korea

President Trump's Administration is talking tough on North Korea, as Vice President Mike Pence visits the region and the hermit state attempted a missile launch early Sunday. In a United Nations meeting in response to the March North Korea missile test, South Korea's ambassador Cho Tae-yul said, "This is not the time for us to talk about freezing or dialogue with North Korea".

Global News Nearly £140m wasted on free schools - National Union of Teachers
Author: 0 Nearly £140m wasted on free schools - National Union of Teachers

The NUT delegates passed a motion calling for internal ballots of members over a possible boycott of Sats next year. "We have to stand tall and actually produce something to protect the mental health of our students from the excessive pressure of these demoralising and destructive Sats tests".

Author: 0 Korea displays new types of ballistic missiles

Kim Jong Un, wearing a suit and tie, was greeted with thunderous applause, but did not speak during the parade. An official from South Korea's Defense Ministry couldn't immediately confirm whether the rocket was a new ICBM. There had been concern North Korea might decide to mark the occasion with a nuclear or missile test, but it never materialized. "However, North Korea has a habit of showing off new concepts in parades before they ever test or launch them", Hanham said.

Global News Quick fix coming for buckled highway in Atlanta
Author: 0 Quick fix coming for buckled highway in Atlanta

He was hospitalized with multiple broken bones. Spokeswoman Natalie Dale says fix crews are using ground penetration radar to make sure the area is safe. The pressure the pavement to rise and break apart, creating a mound as high as six feet (two meters) or more in the High Occupancy Vehicle lane. Officials said the buckled highway is causing a traffic "nightmare" for westbound travelers.

Global News Opposition calls for Turkish vote annulment after Erdogan wins powers
Author: 0 Opposition calls for Turkish vote annulment after Erdogan wins powers

Turkey voted on Sunday to switch to a presidential system, greatly increasing Erdogan's powers. Global election observers have slammed the handling of Turkey's constitutional referendum. The pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), which has had two of its leaders imprisoned under President Erdogan, said the result would not be legitimate until an appeal was finalised.

Global News Pence visits DMZ amid high tensions with North Korea
Author: 0 Pence visits DMZ amid high tensions with North Korea

The White House foreign policy adviser travelling with Pence told reporters that the type of missile that North Korea tried to fire on Sunday was medium-range , and that it exploded about 4 to 5 seconds after it was launched. The high-profile failure came as the North tried to showcase its nuclear and missile capabilities around the birth anniversary of the North's late founder and as a US aircraft carrier neared the Korean Peninsula.

Author: 0 Blue Jays place RHP Sanchez on 10-day DL with blister

Machado entered his final at bat of the afternoon with just two hits in his last 24 at-bats before going the opposite way on a 1-0 offering from Dermody that hit off the right field foul pole for a two-run homer. He remained on the ground writhing in pain for several moments, but slowly got back to his feet and stayed in the game. He was placed on the disabled list the following day with a lower back strain.

Author: 0 Tillerson: U.S.-Russia relations 'at a low point'

He added that Mr Assad had presided over more than 50 attacks, using weapons such as cluster bombs and chlorine bombs "intended to main and kill in the most horrific ways". But Tillerson repeated the administration's new belief that "the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end". But he also appeared to rule out deeper involvement, saying: "Are we going to get involved with Syria? No".

Author: 0 Marine Le Pen blasted by Israel over Holocaust comments

They were then deported to concentration camps, including Auschwitz. Jamie Kirchick, foreign policy expert and author of "The End of Europe" spoke with Business Insider about why he thinks French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen could win the 2017 election.

Author: 0 Pence warns North Korea 'era of strategic patience is over'

Acting South Korean President Hwang Kyo-ahn went as far as promising to punish North Korea if it continues " provocations ", while praising alliance with the United States as a " pillar of peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia ".

Author: 0 Susan Rice responsible for unmasking intercepts of Trump associates

Rice asked for the identities of those Americans picked up during surveillance of foreign nationals when it was deemed important context for national security, and she did not ask that the information be disseminated broadly, according to this former official.

Author: 0 Stockholm truck attack suspect 'confessed to terrorist crime'

The Uzbek construction worker had an asylum request rejected by Sweden a year ago and was arrested several hours after the attack, in the Stockholm suburb of Marsta. Police have earlier said the investigation could "take up to a year to finish". Akilov was previously known to Swedish intelligence services. Swedish police chief Dan Eliasson told a news conference that "we are sure that we have the driver of the truck", and Stockholm regional police commander Jan Evensson said that ...

Author: 0 Trump explained US position on THAAD to Xi - South Korea

But as lawmakers called on Trump to consult with Congress on any future military strikes and a longer-term strategy on Syria, Trump administration officials sent mixed signals on the scope of US involvement. And that means the new United States administration must shape a coherent and pragmatic policy regarding Syria as soon as possible. Still, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he believed that Trump didn't need to consult with Congress.

Author: 0 Pence: Era of strategic patience with North Korea over

Warning against additional North Korean provocations, the No. 2 man in the Trump administration said that "we will be with you (South Korea) 100 percent" whatever happens in the presidential election here slated for May 9. It would be the first set of talks since the launch of the Donald Trump administration seeking to put more pressure on Pyongyang for its development of weapons of mass destruction.

Author: 0 Afghanistan: Massive US bomb kills 36 Islamic State fighters

The bombing triggered shock waves in Afghanistan, with some condemning the use of Afghanistan as what they called a testing ground for the weapon, and against a militant group that is not considered a threat as big as the resurgent Taliban.

Global News North Korean medium-range missile test fails, USA says
Author: 0 North Korean medium-range missile test fails, USA says

Washington sees North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles as a threat to world security and to its Asian allies, Japan and South Korea. A United States military spokesman, confirming the launch, said the missile blew up nearly immediately. "We had good intelligence before the launch and good intelligence after the launch", the adviser told reporters on condition of anonymity.

Author: 0 Pence Tells North Korea: 'The Era Of Strategic Patience Is Over'

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 183.67 points, or 0.9 per cent, to 20,636.92, the S&P 500 gained 20.06 points, or 0.86 per cent, to 2,349.01 and the Nasdaq Composite added 51.64 points, or 0.89 per cent, to 5,856.79. "But the era of strategic patience is over", Pence said. The North Korea threat has puzzled leaders for decades, and it continues to do so. Pence will be tasked with explaining the policy in meetings with leaders in South Korea and Japan during the trip, which will also ...

Author: 0 USA berates Syria at OPCW meeting on Syrian chemical attack

The White House accused Russian Federation of attempting to "cover up" Assad's use of chemical weapons after the veto motion, after Russian Federation claims there was "no evidence" that Assad forces had carried out the attack. The strikes came after a chemical attack killed 89 people in the opposition-held Idlib Governorate . Jens Stoltenberg, who heads up the 28-member North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance, said that "any use of chemical weapons is unacceptable.

Author: 0 A look at the missiles North Korea displayed at parade

In a separate appearance on the Fox Business Network, Trump said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was "doing the wrong thing". "We will respond to an all-out war with an all-out war and a nuclear war with our style of a nuclear attack", Choe said.

Global News Multi-state search targets suspect in Facebook video murder
Author: 0 Multi-state search targets suspect in Facebook video murder

His goal was to raise $20,000 "and help the family cope", he wrote. Philadelphia is a more-than-six-hour drive from Cleveland. "Social Media never ceases to amaze me", Alexander wrote on Facebook . Understandably, Godwin's family is devastated by the loss. "GoFundMe has vetted this campaign and it's authentic", he added. Godwin Jr. could not immediately be reached by Reuters to comment.

Author: 0 Turnbull works on strategic ties in India

Australia is a member in both these agreements. Both sides have asked their chief negotiators to schedule an early meeting to get the process moving. Since then, India has signed nuclear cooperation agreements with several countries. After the talks, PM Modi said, "Our bilateral mechanisms on counter-terrorism and transnational crimes are functioning well".

Author: 0 Japan PM Issues Sarin-Gas Warning About North Korea

And with U.S. -South Korean wargames ongoing, North Korean has intensified rhetoric warning it would retaliate strongly against any aggression. The United States has warned that a policy of "strategic patience" with North Korea is over.

Global News Lavrov to Tillerson: US Attack in Syria Plays Into Terrorists' Hands
Author: 0 Lavrov to Tillerson: US Attack in Syria Plays Into Terrorists' Hands

If Trump needs to do more in Syria to oppose Assad, "he will do more", Haley said , adding that other USA priorities in Syria are defeating the Islamic State and getting "the Iranian influence out". Syria's army had earlier said six people were killed in the attack, without specifying if they were military personnel or civilians. "It is in our vital national security interest to prevent the spread and use of chemical weapons", the BBC quoted Haley.

Author: 0 Israel slams Marine Le Pen over Vel d'Hiv roundup claim

Emmanuel Macron, an independent centrist, was among many presidential candidates criticising Ms Le Pen's comments on Monday. Marine Le Pen, French National Front (FN) political party leader and candidate for French 2017 presidential election, addresses supporters during a political rally in Metz, France, March 18, 2017.

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