Arts&Culture Erendira Wallenda plans helicopter stunt over Niagara Falls
Author: 0 Erendira Wallenda plans helicopter stunt over Niagara Falls

She'll perform tricks and dance moves, at points during the performance she will hang from her toes and her teeth. Erendira Wallenda spent her Thursday morning hanging 300 feet over Niagara Falls , New York. Follow along with updates from our staff at Niagara Falls . You might remember seeing Nik walk across Niagara Falls , the Grand Canyon, or between two skyscrapers in Chicago.

Author: 0 Palestinians deny IS claim for deadly attack on Israeli

Israeli media reported that in one of the incidents, close to Damascus Gate, the attackers rushed at a group of border guards, with one brandishing a homemade submachine gun, which jammed. Netanyahu was also considering sealing off the Damascus Gate area to the public. A road leading to Damascus Gate full of stalls opened especially for Ramzan was closed off by police, and a shopkeeper said this would normally be one of the busiest nights of the year.

Author: 0 US President Donald Trump confirms he's being investigated over Russian meddling

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) echoed Lieu's sentiments, saying that Congress would come together to make sure they overrule Trump's authority on the matter. Rosenstein finds himself in a spot as he could face the President anger or answer questions about his own future role supervising Mueller when he could become a witness in the special counsel's probe.

Arts&Culture Bodies of missing sailors found on stricken Navy destroyer
Author: 0 Bodies of missing sailors found on stricken Navy destroyer

WASHINGTON - The US Navy said Saturday that "a number" of missing sailors on the USS Fitzgerald were found in flooded berthing compartments. RESCUE crews searched into the early hours on Sunday for seven American sailors missing after a USA destroyer collided with a container ship in the pre-dawn hours off the coast of Japan.

Arts&Culture Cuba Denounces Trump Move To Roll Back Obama-Era Opening
Author: 0 Cuba Denounces Trump Move To Roll Back Obama-Era Opening

On Friday, US President Donald Trump announced that he was rolling back parts of the March 2016 deal between the administration of then President Barack Obama and the island nation. Trump signed a memorandum on Friday directing the Treasury and Commerce departments to start issuing regulations under the revised policy within 30 days.

Author: 0 LA Will Light the Bat-Signal to Honor Adam West

The iconic Bat-signal, used to alert the Dark Knight to trouble in Gotham City, will soon shine in the City of Angels, when the mayor and police chief project it onto City Hall's tower. After serving in the Army, he went to Hollywood and changed his name to Adam West , and began appearing on a number of television series, including "Bonanza", "Perry Mason" and "Bewitched".

Author: 0 Judge O'Neill Declares Mistrial in Cosby Sex Assault Trial

McMonagle, in his closing argument, pointed out that Constand telephoned Cosby dozens of times after the alleged assault. Constand alleges she then became incapacitated and was led to a couch, where Cosby is alleged to have fondled her breasts, put his hands inside her trousers, and penetrated her vagina with his fingers.

Author: 0 Cosby's lawyer, judge clash as jury pushes patience, clock

On Saturday, the jury once again declared to the judge that they're still deadlocked, which was followed by a motion for mistrial by Cosby's lawyer. Though the case has ended in a mistrial, prosecutors have stated that they will be retrying the case immediately.

Author: 0 Witch Hunt! : Trump tweets he is under FBI investigation

Last month, Rosenstein sent a memo to Trump raising concerns over FBI Director James Comey - concerns the White House then cited as a central reason for Comey's firing . Tensions are building inside the Justice Department as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein contemplates whether he will become a witness in the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S.

Author: 0 Twitter is Roasting LeBron James For His Post-Game 'Super Team' Comment

This is also the third time the two sides will be meeting in the Playoffs final as they lost out to the Cavaliers last season after wasting a whopping 3-1 lead in the series. Draymond, nobody wanted him. He felt like he needed to reassemble and reassess his career and come here. "When he turned that corner, we became nearly unbeatable".

Author: 0 After jury deadlocks, Bill Cosby faces 2nd sex assault trial

Regardless of how that plays out, the road ahead is murky for Cosby. But prosecutors immediately said they would seek a second trial, which O'Neill suggested could start within four months. "It's way too early to celebrate, Mr. Cosby", she said, adding that "justice may be just around the corner". Cosby attorney Martin Singer called that accusation a "fabricated lie".

Arts&Culture Bill Cosby sex case jury to resume deliberations
Author: 0 Bill Cosby sex case jury to resume deliberations

Cosby , the famed comedian, did not testify in his own defense, and his defense rested after calling just one repeat witness for further questioning. Constand maintained during her testimony that the calls were to discuss Temple basketball, but McMonagle argued otherwise."I'd love to sit here and be quiet for 49 minutes and let you see how long they were talking on the phone", McMonagle told the jury brought in from Allegheny County.

Author: 0 London fire: Protesters swarm Downing Street, demand May's resignation

Although the police and fire service expect the number to rise significantly, they are following their usual procedure of only raising it as they confirm deaths. Similar demonstrations are being held across the United Kingdom and Ireland in answer to a call from the residents in Grenfell urging people to help demand justice for the victims who perished in the fire, their families and all those affected.

Arts&Culture Statement from Cosby's wife assailing judge, prosecutors
Author: 0 Statement from Cosby's wife assailing judge, prosecutors

Cosby faced three charges of aggravated indecent assault. Spokesman Andrew Wyatt said Saturday that "Cosby's power is back". "And for all those attorneys who conspired, like Gloria Allred , '" he added, referencing the attorney who is not Constand's principal attorney, but is representing many of Cosby's accusers, "tell them to go back to law school and take another class".

Author: 0 London fire: Grenfell Tower debris fear shuts Tube lines

A massive fire raced through the 24-story high-rise apartment building in west London early Wednesday. "Sadly at this time, there are 58 people who we have been told were in Grenfell Tower on the night that are missing and therefore sadly I have to assume that they are dead", a police spokesman told reporters.

Author: 0 Bill Cosby faces 2nd sex assault trial after jury deadlocks

She called the judge overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. "We hope that doing this and moving forward in this case sends a strong message that victims of these type of crimes can come forward and can be heard", he said .

Author: 0 Student freed from North Korea suffered 'severe neurological injury'

On Thursday, they described 22-year-old Otto Warmbier (WORM'-birz) as in a state of "unresponsiveness wakefulness". The coma has led to "profound weakness" in his muscle tissues, according to the doctors. When asked whether he believes the Obama administration could have done more to secure Warmbier's release, he replied, "I think the results speak for themselves".

Author: 0 Mayweather vs McGregor fight date announced

When Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor head to Las Vegas for their much-anticipated boxing pay-per-view bout on August 26 , the expectations for a circus atmosphere and straight cash for the participants will be large. When asked about the figures both fighters will earn from the super-fight, White was unwilling to share any secrets. "We have actually tapped into the audience that doesn't really follow either sport", said Stephen Espinoza, vice president of the fight's broadcaster ...

Author: 0 Gloria Allred to Bill Cosby: "Round 2 is coming"

Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt delivered a message to Gloria Allred , who represents several Cosby accusers, "For all those attorneys who conspired, like Gloria Allred - tell them to go back to law school". Back then, she was manager of the women's basketball team at Temple University - where Cosby was a major booster and member of the board of trustees.

Author: 0 Pens look for answers as series is now tied

They've played over 200 hockey games in the past two seasons, they're missing one of the world's best defenseman and they got embarrassed in Game's 3 & 4 of the Stanley Cup Final against the 16th seeded team in the playoffs. The way Gaudreau has, scoring three goals in four final games. Tops on that list are the 1982-83 New York Islanders, who won the Stanley Cup final in a sweep despite being outshot by an average of 6.3 shots per game.

Arts&Culture Jury deadlocks in Bill Cosby's criminal trial
Author: 0 Jury deadlocks in Bill Cosby's criminal trial

The jury's latest note, the ninth they have sent since deliberations began Monday evening, asked to rehear trial testimony from both Constand and her mother, Gianna. While Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by dozens on women, only Constand's allegations resulted in a criminal trial. Cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault .

Arts&Culture Tower Block Fire Survivors Storm London Town Hall
Author: 0 Tower Block Fire Survivors Storm London Town Hall

Queen Elizabeth II declared a "sombre national mood" after the deadly apartment tower fire in West London killed at least 30 people as doubts mount about Prime Minister Theresa May's handling of the crisis. The search for remains had been paused because of safety concerns but has resumed. "She should have been there with the residents". "It is hard to escape a very sombre national mood", she said in a message marking the event.

Author: 0 10 still in critical condition after London fire

Sixteen bodies have now been recovered from Grenfell Tower and taken to a mortuary. Mrs May has been criticised for not going to talk to victims until Friday, with furious locals shouting "coward" and "shame on you" following her visit with survivors at a west London church.

Arts&Culture Carnage at US Open as world's top three sent packing
Author: 0 Carnage at US Open as world's top three sent packing

Compatriots Jason Day and Adam Scott are both set to have the weekend off. It was only previous year at Oakmont that Andrew Landry, who had to make it through two stages of qualifying to get into his first U.S. Open. I definitely hit it better off the tee. NOTEWORTHY: A 94-year-old man stopped breathing while in a grandstand on the sixth hole and died of what officials said appeared to be natural causes.

Arts&Culture Sergey Kovalev: Net worth (presumed), purse for Ward rematch
Author: 0 Sergey Kovalev: Net worth (presumed), purse for Ward rematch's not the first time the Russian fighter has been accused of racism, but he has said in the past that cultural misunderstandings were to blame for the controversies. "It's not what it's cracked up to be, but I give him his respect". "Everybody is talking about this very bad event that's going to take place and that's fine, you'll talk about it when the time comes, but I wish you wouldn't talk about it now because what we have here is a great event".

Author: 0 Theresa May pledges £5M for Grenfell Tower victims

The fire has left the building nearly completely charred, and there were concerns about the tower's structural integrity, as it appeared to lean slightly to one side. A message from The Queen on Her Majesty's Official Birthday. She was accompanied by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. But she sidestepped questions over whether she had failed to judge the public mood.

Arts&Culture Stephen Furst, Flounder in 'Animal House,' dies at 63
Author: 0 Stephen Furst, Flounder in 'Animal House,' dies at 63

Born Stephen Fuerstein in Norfolk, Virginia, Furst's big break came in 1978's raunchy " Animal House " where he played "real zero" Flounder. "Elsewhere" (1983-1988), and Vir Cotto in the sci-fi series " Babylon 5 " (1994-1998). "He was known to the world as an brilliant and prolific actor and filmmaker, but to his family and many dear friends, he was also a beloved husband, father and kind friend whose memory will always be a blessing".

Author: 0 Cosby case ends in mistrial

After a preliminary hearing, a judge decided there was enough evidence for him to stand trial . Cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault that could put him in prison for the rest of his life. The jury informed Judge Steven T. O'Neill it was " deadlocked on all counts" in a note Saturday morning. On Saturday, they came back and told O'Neill they were hopelessly deadlocked .

Author: 0 Cuba Rejects New Trump Policy

A pro President Donald Trump supporter chants slogans, Friday, June 1, 2017, in Miami. For ordinary Cuban citizens, the announcement from the US President Donald Trump was a shocker. And the US government will police other trips to ensure travelers are pursuing a "full-time schedule of educational exchange activities". The changes will not go into effect until regulations are drafted by the US Treasury Department and other agencies, officials said.

Author: 0 Cosby jury wants to review lawsuit testimony

Jurors have asked four questions amid their deliberations. The jurors in the trial are Pittsbugh-area residents, who have been brought to the Norristown courthouse at the order of Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Steven O'Neill.

Arts&Culture Gal Gadot's Husband Expresses Admiration for His Wife With Perfect T-Shirt
Author: 0 Gal Gadot's Husband Expresses Admiration for His Wife With Perfect T-Shirt

Wild, right? The thing is, when Bustle reached out to reps fordirector Patty Jenkins for comment, we found out that a different classic film influenced the moment in question. Wonder Woman is a really great movie, and it makes even more sense when you hear about its connection to another really great movie. Wonder Woman is now playing in theaters.

Author: 0 Alleged victim's mother: Cosby said he was a 'sick man'

As Mark Seal wrote for Vanity Fair , Constand's case-one of the few in which the statute of limitations has not run out, and the only one that has been brought to trial-is the one that could "bring Bill Cosby down for good". Her testimony continued to say she had trouble standing up after taking the pills and that Cosby led her to the couch to lie down and gave her a pillow before she became unconscious.

Author: 0 Deadlocked Cosby jury asks about 'reasonable doubt'

Despite her disappointment over the outcome, Allison struck a hopeful note, saying she hoped bringing Cosby to trial would encourage other sexual assault victims to step forward. The defense tried to block the deposition from trial , but since there was no written agreement in 2005 with then D.A. Bruce Castor not to charge Cosby, he agreed to the deposition.

Author: 0 Gloria Allred to Bill Cosby: 'Round 2 is coming'

O'Neill said: "I remind everyone that this is not vindication or victory". "These are God's tears". More than 50 women claim Cosby sexually assaulted them in incidents dating back to the 1960s, when he emerged as a major comedy star. He was charged shortly before the statute of limitation was set to expire. This story has been corrected to show that an associate of Andrew Wyatt , Bill Cosby's spokesman, read Camille Cosby's statement, not Wyatt himself.

Arts&Culture London tower block fire protesters storm town hall
Author: 0 London tower block fire protesters storm town hall

Police said Friday they had identified the place where the fire started, adding that it was unlikely to have been ignited deliberately, CNN reported . "Frankly, the support on the ground for families who needed help or basic information in the initial hours after this appalling disaster was not good enough", she said.

Arts&Culture Would-be gunman launched into Trump tirade before shooting
Author: 0 Would-be gunman launched into Trump tirade before shooting

They said he told his wife earlier this week he was heading back to IL; he canceled his YMCA membership a day before the shooting; and had talked to a local garage about getting his van ready for the trip. But Hodgkinson was alleged to have abused Putnam, who took the couple's last name eventually. He always drank Budweiser from a can and drank alone, barely speaking to anyone, including the bartenders.

Author: 0 Cosby side declares victory, goes on attack

Lena Dunham has spoken out about the Cosby mistrial in a series tweets. However, within minutes of the mistrial , the Montgomery County District Attorney's office declared that they will retry the case . Cosby forged a special connection with children, dispensing laughs and wisdom from a cartoon junkyard in 1970s Saturday morning staple "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids", and even in commercials for Jell-O.