Goodbye to Allo: Google confirms it should shutter its short-lived messaging app


Furthermore, Google Duo is another high quality messaging app from Google which is one of the highest rated mobile application across iOS and Android as well.

Google Allo, the messaging app it launched back in September 2016, is being shut down. For active users of the program have been published with detailed instructions to export the history messages after the specified period are deleted from the servers of the Corporation. The post also announced that Allo, which had its development "paused " earlier this year in favor of Messages, would be shut down in March 2019. He says that Hangouts is not going to be killed, at least not for all, but Allo is definitely dying. Even if it hadn't been a superfluous addition to the many default Android messaging apps, a raft of privacy issues, confusion, compatibility, and usability issues kept it from becoming all it could be.

Rather than viewing Allo as the mistake and waste of time that many people saw it as, Google appears to view the service as a testing ground for features.

Google's announcement of its quintuple-app strategy comes on the heels of a report from 9to5Google, which claimed that Google Hangouts would shut down sometime in 2020.

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Duo, the video-calling app has been much more successful and will continue to remain in existence.

All of which is to say - there's a little bit more of an overarching vision now that ties Google's messaging properties together. This year the company launched Duo support for iPad, Android Tablet, Chromebook, and Smart Displays.

Also, Google is rebranding its Google Hangouts as Google Hangouts Chat, meant for enterprise users, and then there is the video conferencing solution Meet, again, to facilitate organisations holding meetings across different venues; both will be made available soon.

The company will focus on more popular programs. For some time now, the SMS app has also been able to send messages via the RCS protocol and is to be set up as an Android counterpart to Apple's iMessage.