Google removes 2 popular Android apps that enabled click fraud


According to Google, the primary benefits of Flutter are fourfold.

Background: As already mentioned, Google does this every year, and same as before, you can access all of the content that we've mentioned here via the company's "Best of 2018" section in the Google Play Store that is linked above. The fraud scheme, which Google calls 'install attribution abuse', involves a developer claiming a share of the revenue generated by app downloads despite playing no role in guiding users to install the app.

BuzzFeed News first reported the alleged ad fraud citing Kochava, an app analytics firm last week and since then Cheetah Mobile, one of the biggest Chinese Android developer company voluntarily removed two apps- Battery Doctor and CM Launcher from Google Play.

Since its launch in beta last February, Flutter has been used by early adopters to create hundreds of lovely applications.

Tim Sneath, group product manager for Flutter, wrote in a blog post that the platform is designed to help average people and companies create simple apps that are powerful, fast, and easy to edit. With Flutter, Google could see similar dynamics, as developers building their apps on Flutter might be more inclined to choose Google Cloud to power their infrastructure. "We want to enable designers to deliver their full creative vision without being forced to water it down due to limitations of the underlying framework".

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Flutter is a cross-platform development toolkit which today allows for apps to be written for Android and iOS, and is planned for use with Windows, OS X, Linux, and in browsers in the future. It also supports stateful hot reload, making it possible to change code in the app without requiring the app to restart or losing the app state, for more efficient testing and debugging. The open source platform gives you the option of taking advantage of plugins and other work from developers across the world.

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"I was blown away by the speed of all the animations and transitions in production builds".

In its early days, Flutter focused on building new apps from scratch, but since it has become too popular, developers now want to squeeze in codes to the existing apps and modernize them.

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