Rockstar Games announce updates for in-game economy balancing


Rockstar has confirmed that Red Dead Online won't wipe progress and stats once the final version rolls out.

"Thanks to everyone who has participated in the beta so far, we appreciate your help in testing the game!" Players have indeed discovered the experience to be less-than-optimal in some areas, one of which is the in-game economy.

The main issue Rockstar wants to address is to ensure that all activities in Red Dead Online are appropriately rewarded, in addition to ironing out any pesky bugs that still linger within its sprawling, Wild West-flavoured setting.

Rockstar says it developed the game in such a way that it can make timely adjustments based on feedback received. The rate that cash and gold bars are earned at is also coming under fire, along with claims from Rockstar customer support that in-game prices are created to give a "realistic feel" of the time period. A specific bug that the patch will be addressing is one which has been reportedly randomly kicking players out of the online beta.

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The pricing is also coming under fire, with Reddit user ConvictedWaffles reporting that a gold wedding ring sells for less than a can of beans. In addition, microtransactions will also be available within the Red Dead Online store at a later date. Several bars are often required for a purchase.

Thankfully, Red Dead Online is here, and even though it's in a beta stage right now, there's a lot to be excited about.

It is now unclear whether this reworking will extend to Red Dead Online's gold bar system.

Some players feel the time cost of earning gold bars is prohibitive because developer Rockstar would prefer people spend real money on them.