One child killed in deadly bus crash


The bus was returning to Memphis, Tennessee from a championship game in Dallas, Texas when it crashed west of Benton, Arkansas, the state police said.

Troopers say a charter bus traveling from Texas to Memphis, Tennessee left the roadway and overturned. The hospital said it has set up a family centre so parents can reunite with their children.

At least 45 other people were injured when the bus tumbled down the embankment.

Little Rock-based Arkansas Children's Hospital, which is approximately 25 miles from the site of the crash, received 25 injured children, all of whom are now listed as stable.

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Hailey said he doesn't know what caused the bus driver to lose control. One child was reported as dying in the accident, while some 45 other people were reportedly injured in the crash. Two were airlifted, Sadler said.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences said the hospital received one adult patient who has not been discharged. Thirteen went to Saline Memorial, and information about the condition of those patients isn't available. The bus in Monday's crash was a charter bus.

The community was created after the Civil War by and for African-Americans, and black-owned businesses flourished there until desegregation enabled residents to live elsewhere. The youth football players were all elementary school aged, according to the Associated Press.

The victims of the crash were team therapist Dayna Brons; players Parker Tobin, Logan Schatz, Jaxon Joseph, Stephen Wack, Adam Herold, Logan Hunter, Logan Boulet, Evan Thomas, Conner Lukan and Jacob Leicht; head coach Dary Haugan; play-by-play announcer Tyler Bieber; driver Glen Doerksen; assistant coach Mark Cross; and intern Brody Hinz. He was convicted in March this year on six counts of criminally negligent homicide, 11 counts of reckless aggravated assault and seven counts of assault.