Cohen Lied for Lenient Deal, Should Serve Full Sentence


On Tuesday Mueller's office is expected to recommend sentencing for President Donald Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn in a new court filing. But his lawyers, in a sentencing memorandum filed late Friday night, offered the fullest explanation yet for Cohen's motivation in switching sides and joining the government team, as prosecutors like to say. The sentencing guidelines for Flynn's offense suggest 0 to 6 months of incarceration. He will be sentenced in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on December 18.

Trump has continually railed against the special counsel investigation and Russian Federation has denied interfering into the 2016 election, though Putin admitted at a joint appearance with the US president this past summer that he had hoped Trump would prevail over Clinton.

The Mueller-Cohen deal also involves cooperation with federal prosecutors.

Cohen's lawyers, meanwhile, submitted a sentencing memo on his behalf last week that contained a slew of bombshells about Trump and his interactions with Cohen past year and before the 2016 election.

Russian Federation denies election meddling and Trump describes the investigation as a political witch hunt.

But according to memos penned by Comey, President Trump tried to protect Flynn by asking Comey to let the investigation into his false statements go.

Flynn's sentencing will take place on December 18, more than a year after he pleaded guilty.

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He has instead spent considerable time with his family and worked to position himself for a post-conviction career.

He later pleaded guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation over his relationship with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It points to a conversation Flynn had with the Russian envoy, Sergey Kislyak, after then-President Obama had announced sanctions against Russia for its interference in the USA elections.

Flynn, who turns 60 on Wednesday, is among a number of people in Trump's orbit who have pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

Department of Justice veterans told INSIDER that they had never heard of a cooperator maintaining contact with the potential target of an investigation after striking a deal with prosecutors and that such communications could tank a cooperation agreement.

According to court papers, in mid-December 2016, Kushner directed Flynn to reach out to several countries, including Russian Federation, about a U.N. Security Council resolution regarding Israeli settlements.

The government notes that Flynn "falsely stated that he did not ask the Russian ambassador to refrain from escalating the situation in response to the sanctions" and further, "falsely disclaimed any memory" of his subsequent conversation with Kislyak, in which Kislak told Flynn that Russia had complied with Flynn's request.