Friends officially leaving Netflix on January 1


Hope everybody enjoyed the four years of Friends on Netflix! To this day, Netflix is the sole platform in which Friends can be streamed (although it remains widely syndicated on real TV). Once the clock strikes midnight on 2018, Friends will be removed from the streaming service.

The holiday armadillo has granted your Christmas wish early: Friends is staying on Netflix!

The Warner Bros. produced comedy will be leaving the streaming service when the year turns over on January 1, 2019, according to the show's page on Netflix, which is exactly four years to the date when the former NBC comedy was originally made available.

As many know, the show follows three men and women who start off as best friends (while some end up dating) as they all deal with the trials and tribulations of finding a job, maintaining a relationship and more in New York City. The show is reportedly moving back to the new Warner Bros. streaming service when it launches.

The day Friends fans feared is coming: the beloved sitcom is leaving Netflix on January 1.

Disney is also launching its own service late next year called Disney+, and the effects of that are already being felt on Netflix, as well.

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This is going to keep happening as other companies develop their own streaming platforms and pull their content from Netflix.

"Friends" aficionados took to social media to complain about Netflix's potential loss of the show and threatened to cancel their subscriptions - something that routinely happens when popular content leaves any service.

As of right now, it looks like the hit series will remain on Netflix Canada and Netflix UK, according to the report.

So no one told you life was gonna be this way...

"Friends" won't be there for much longer for Netflix subscribers.