New CAPTAIN MARVEL Poster Portends New Trailer MONDAY Night


While Marvel themselves are yet to confirm Wednesday is the day we'll finally get a glimpse of the post-Snap world of the Avengers, it's been reported by many, many reputable MCU outlets who haven't got it wrong in the past, including MCU Cosmic, SuperBroMovies and The DisInsider.

CAPTAIN MARVEL brings us back in time to the 1990s before all of the events we have seen in the MCU. As expected, it features Brie Larson front and center, along with the requisite list of actor names floating above her. You'd think a company with it roots in an art-based medium would be able to employ better poster artists, but I guess that's too much to ask for. There's a lot riding on Captain Marvel, to be sure, given that it's the studio's first female-led movie and all, but something tells us they'll be able to deliver. Here's the first trailer of Captain Marvel. Is it something you'd like to see?

Who appears in Captain Marvel?

As in, tonight - during Monday Night Football on ESPN.

A reliable unnamed source has revealed to Screen Geek that the "first Avengers 4 trailer is now scheduled for release on Monday Night and that a new Captain Marvel trailer is likely coming Wednesday morning on Good Morning America".

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Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel sidesteps the traditional origin-story template, and when it begins, Carol already has her powers.

Three Marvel Studios titles are set to release in 2019: Captain Marvel on 8 March; the final chapter in the Avengers saga on 3 May; and Spider-Man: Far from Home on 5 July.

It also showcases a number of Air Force planes on her right and a number of Kree spaceships on her left.